Character Conversations // Randy

Character Conversations

Whew, it’s been so long, and with all the Silmarillion festivities, I knew it wouldn’t work to post last Saturday. But I’m back! And I’m very pleased to introduce one of my favorite geniuses to you guys! XD



Me: Hello, Dr. Berke.

Randy: Evening, Madam.

M: I’m glad you could make it for an interview. I’m very eager to talk with you.

R: Before we begin, may I clear something up?

M: …Sure?

R: I am a tad…scatterbrained. If I interrupt you, or appear to be not listening, it is not because you aren’t interesting. It is merely my own fault.

M: …Well, that’s…that’s good to know…Thanks for-

R: I’m sure you’re wondering about the scar.

M: …?

M: Yes. I was going to ask about that. Aren’t you known as-

R: Dr. Scar? Yes, people think it’s hilarious. Insensitive, all of them.

M: Yes, so insensitive. I wouldn’t call you that. I like the name Randy. But to stay on track, how’d it happen?

R: I was at work, when suddenly people began running, fleeing something horrible. I never did figure out what it was, but I have the scar to prove it happened.

M: That sounds awful! *sadness*

R: Later, when I had semi-recovered from my wound, I vowed to get my revenge on that monster that destroyed me. *laughs derisively* Well, now I’m just a bitter old man with no wife or daughter.

M: I’m…so sorry. That’s horrible. What happened to your family? Or is that too-

R: Gloria died to lung cancer. Jovie ran away from me, afraid of what I’d become. I’m sure she’s safe, wherever she is now…

M: *bites tongue to keep from crying* This is a heavy topic. Let’s move away. Tell me about your life here in Fallcoast.

R: It’s a nice, quiet life. Lonely, but when that happens, I go out and I feel better. Doing the most menial things can make everything so much better.

M: Strange how that works, huh? You don’t have trouble with the police, do you?

R: Sometimes. I try to keep my past quiet, but things can happen. I never thought emotions had such a powerful effect on people. Killing them essentially kills the person with them.

M: …Wait, what? Killing…emotions?

R: Yes, that’s usually how I get in trouble. But I usually escape. But I only ever stay in jail for a few days at a time, depending on the crime.

M: What does killing emotions mean? *subconsciously backs away*

R: It’s quite self-explanatory, wouldn’t you say? It all happened with this jewel I found…The day Gloria was brought in for a check-up…

M: *sighs* Can’t you focus? Do you kill emotions all the time? What does it feel like?

R: It makes people like robots. I take away people feelings. It’s useful for getting what you want, but it’s not a good feeling you get when you’re doing. Lots of Supers say they get a rush of joy when they use their abilities. I don’t.

M: …That sounds dangerous.

R: Well, like I said, it’s often how I get into trouble.

M: Quick question: do you know Jake? Kauffman?

R: Yes, he’s nice. Very smart, though his parents aren’t kind to him. Wouldn’t make sense if you had a family you would treat them with all the love you could ever muster?

M: So you must know Lena, then?

R: Yes, she’s Jake’s girlfriend. She seems nice, personable, not that I’ve ever spoken to-

M: *snickers* Jake’s girlfriend? *laughs* Don’t say anything to Jake about that. But we’re nearing the end of this interview, so I have a few more questions for you. What is your favorite food?

R: Hmm…I haven’t had a good, homey meal in such a long time. I do enjoy a good steak and potatoes.

M: Are you…actually a doctor?

R: Not a doctor in the traditional sense. I’m a scientist doctor. I work with chemicals, various poisons, and genetics.

M: …Those things…*shakes head* Never mind. I don’t even want to know.

R: Why not?

M: Last question: do you plan on living like this…forever?

R: *frowns* I hadn’t planned it, but it seems it was planned for me.

M: Things will work out. I promise. *winks* Thank you for the interview.

R: Surely. *nods*

So…maybe he’s a bit strange…But I LOVE him, guys! I’d describe him as a sweet, slightly crazed, tough guy. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!



4 responses to “Character Conversations // Randy”

  1. He sounds awesome!! I’d love to hear more about him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! He’s super sweet, I love writing him. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such an interesting (and frightening) power!
    Poor Dr. though. That’s a rough backstory. I like how you end the interview on a hopeful note.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, isn’t it?! It’s so interesting to write.
      Yes, the poor thing. XD I’m such an evil author. But his story does end happily, don’t worry. 😉


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