JuNoWriMo Update // Week 3


Hahahahaha look at that I’m late AGAIN. -_- Anyways, I just have a short update for you today.

Outlines – 23,825 total words

Yeah, not very impressive, but I’m having fun! That’s all that matters, right? And writing outlines is nice because I don’t have to feel guilty doing my research instead of actually writing. Because 90% of an outline is facts and straight-forwardness. So…yeah.

  • Outline with most amount of words – Crown of Thorns: 16,057

  • Outline with least amount of words – Pickpocket: 1,100

Blogging – 4,320 total words

Blogging has been FUUUUUUN. I’ve nearly got July covered post-wise, and I’m starting to spill into August. So get excited for some fun posts! 😉

Yeah, so that’s the gist. Told you it was short. 😉 I may not win this JuNoWriMo, but it’s been a blast so far! How are you and your writing doing? Well, I hope. Let me know down below!


Adventures at the Writer’s Workshop // +Writing Update


I got the wonderful opportunity to go to a Young Writer’s Workshop in Minneapolis this week, and I thought I would share with you my great experience! (That’s also my reason for posting late this week. I’ll give a little update, but I’m tired, guys…It was a busy week. 😉 )

It was no Realm Makers, but it was still a lot of fun! I now have a notebook chockfull of helpful notes, and I plan on turning a lot of them into posts with tips about writing, for you lovely bloggers. 🙂

Another highlight, was that I got a one-on-one critique with…guess who? Shannon Hale! She was so sweet, and I was so grateful that I got the time with her. She read the first three pages of my prologue from Imprint and she told me I was a skilled writer. Yeah, I was happy for most of the day. ^_^ (Of course, I wasn’t picked to have the editors look over my work, but hey. I’m not mad.)

Other fun things were listening to Wayne Thomas Batson talk in a class about themes in your novel, which was super enlightening and helpful because I’m horrible at working those into my books. XD

I was also in Sabaa Tahir’s writing sessions and I learned a lot about story structure, worldbuilding, and how to get your book published, (hint, you need an agent.)

And lastly, I was in a wonderful critique group with four other writers and we wrote notes on each others writings and it was extremely insightful and I feel I got a lot out of it.

Anyway, that was my experience in a nutshell. But since you’re all probably dying to know…

Crown of Thorns – 16,053 words

Yeah…I fell behind quite a bit. You wouldn’t think a workshop on writing would distract you so much from…writing. But it did. And now I have to deal with the consequences. XD

Pickpocket – …

How about we don’t speak of this. I don’t really know where I was planning on taking this, so I’m only at like…1,000 words? Maybe more? I don’t know, it’s fallen a bit to the wayside. But I’m okay with that, because I’m having a lot of fun with the other outlines, and that’s really all I wanted to do. To have fun. 😉

Wanted for Time – 2,426 words

Still painful to write, but I’m loving it all the same. Drilidric is my little precious but I just…*dons evil authoress crown* It must be done.

Breakthrough – 3,459 words

This one’s made a wee bit more process. It’s been fun, these backstories, but also kind of sad and…painful. XD Whatever, it all works out in the end. I just have to keep reminding myself. 😛

All other projects have yet to be started. Still. But it’s cool. I gave myself permission to work on them, but that doesn’t mean I will. I probably will eventually, but this week is not that week.

Yeah, so that was a little smidgen of an update. Are any of you going to any writer-related events this summer? (*cough*Realm Makers?*cough*) I hope you’re all having a lovely June thus far! ^_^


JuNoWriMo Update // Week 1


Hello to all! So, here’s a bit of a weekly update for you. You know. In case you were curious where I’ve been.

Crown of Thorns – 15,139 words

This outline is going quite swimmingly, actually! I love the characters so far, and the setting is a lot of fun. And hey, there are only a few near death experiences so far! So…that’s good.* Jerrick, my MC, is an absolute darling to write, and Rayven, my li’l princess, is a sweetie. Everton, my mean, huffy commander-in-chief, is…interesting. XD

*It doesn’t matter there are only more to come…right?

Pickpocket* a.k.a Magic Trench Coat – 1,100 words

This one is one is…a bit slow going. It’s just an underdeveloped little plot bunny, so I’m having trouble working on the outline when I…don’t really know what’s going on. At all. XD But Sydney’s a hilarious, snarky MC, so that’s fun. I’m trying to work out some form of a storyline, so we’ll see how much progress on make on this outline.

*Yes, I have a real name for it now! And it goes so. perfectly. with what the elements of the story!!

Wanted for Time – 1,956 words

This book…It’s killing me, I’m pretty sure. It’s just so hard, because it’s a prequel kind of thing, so I know what’s going to happen to these characters later on and I just… -_- HOLD ME. *sobs* I’m torturing myself. Help.*

*Yes, I’m that evil of an author that I manage to torture myself. Pretty amazing evil authoress skills, huh?

I have yet to start on Sciamachy or Not Found, so that’s that. I’m sure I will eventually. The nice thing about writing a bunch of things at once, is that when you get stuck in one story, you can jump to another one and let the other be pushed aside for the moment! It’s quite nice. 🙂

As for the two short stories…

Breakthrough – 2,825 words

I’ve started on this one, so you can be proud of me. It’s taking all of my willpower not to turn all my short stories into novels, so…yeah. I don’t think this one in particular will turn into a novel, thankfully. However, I’m scared Addicted will and I don’t know if I can deal with the responsibility of another novel…So, I haven’t started it yet. XD

Blogging – 492 words (a.k.a. this post)

Well. I got this post up. Is that good? XD I haven’t focused too much on scheduling posts yet, but I have some great ideas, so we’ll see how many I get ready.

Finishing/Editing Imprint.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA let’s not talk about this. This should probably higher on the priorities list but, LET’S NOT INSTEAD.

So, that’s my little update for you. I hope you found it slightly amusing and/or interesting. I’m a little behind on my word count (if you added up all the numbers) but, hey. I’m working on it. What are writing this June? Let me know down below!


Pitiful Prose // Robots and Nonsense


Hello bloggers! This month’s installment of Pitiful Prose is here! Fun fact: this was actually the story that inspired The D trilogy. Very hard to tell, I know. XD But it was based on a dream I had and then wrote out in elaborate detail. I hope you get a laugh. 🙂

Why had he smiled? Why did he say thank you? Wait, was he just throwing me off? he, was, I’ll bet.

Right? I couldn’t help but notice…

“May I have your ID.”

Huh? “Um, I’m not old enough.” I said turning around. It was a police man. I looked at his name tag. He didn’t have one.

“May I have your ID.”

“Look sir,” I said backing away slightly, “I don’t have one, so good-bye.” I start to walk away, but the man grabs my arm.

“May I have your ID.”

“NO!” I scream and run, but he’s still holding on.


“Get away! Is that all you can say?! ‘May I have your ID?!'” I push his arm away and he falls flat on his face. I gasp. The man looks up, but half his face is off! Half his face is off?

The other half looks like a robots’.

“May…..I….” and then he’s out.

He was a robot. Where did it come from? I looked around. Nobody. I move closer to the robot and see sparks coming out the back.

Panic! I have to hide it! Should I take it to the police? That could raise suspiction. But what other choice do I have?

I drag the robot all the way to the police station. Not an easy task. Especieally when you’re trying to go unoticed.

Finally, I get there.”Mr….Hanson?” I say, trying to look exhausted. “This man, er, robot was in the streets impersonating a police man!”

“And you dragged him all the way here?”

“um, well, it was close by,” I stutter.

“I’ll have him, er, it, sent to the science lab immediately.” he said. “Thank you, Alicia”

The police tem know me. Shocker.

I walked out feeling a littler better, but who was that guy, er, robot, er ARGH! Sciborg? yes, Sciborg, we’re good. Phew…

The Cringe™…*shakes head* This is actually really fun sharing these little snippets with you guys! At first, I thought it might be a little too embarrassing and boring, but you all seem to enjoy them! Let me know what you think of this snippet down below! 🙂


Lightporter by C.B. Cook // Cover Reveal!

Books and Such (1)

Hello guys! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you. C.B. Cook’s new book Lightporter HAS A COVER!! 😀

And I’m here to share it with you!

So, without further ado, here it is!

Um, where is it? I thought I put it right here…

Oh, here it is!

lightporter cover


I know I’m excited for this book! You just don’t see many superhero novels around, especially ones that are clean, but C.B. Cook gives us just that with her IDIA series!

And if you haven’t read the first book in the series, Twinepathy, the e-book version is currently on sale for $0.99 on Amazon! You should definitely go check it out. It’s AMAZING.

Here’s all her linky-links:

Lighterporter on Goodreads

Twinepathy on Goodreads

Twinepathy on Amazon

C.B. Cook’s Blog

C.B. Cook on Pinterest

C.B. cook on Goodreads

IDIA Group Board on Pinterest

And be sure to share this fabulous new cover with all of your friends with this handy-dandy banner.

lightporter banner

Thanks for joining me today for this cover reveal! Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! For sticking it out this far, here, have a bacon cookie. (Heh, heh, inside jokes are fun. 😉 )


My JuNoWriMo Game Plan // I’M GOING ROGUE?!


Hello guys! This is that reason I hinted at when I said there wouldn’t be any CC posts in June. IT’S JUNOWRIMO TIME. *gulps*

Okay, so, originally, I had planned to write a first draft of my newest plot bunny, Crown of Thorns, but…well, that kinda fell through because I didn’t finish my outline in time. I wasn’t even close, actually. *face-palm*

So, I came up with the wonderful idea of working on several plot bunnies aside from just one. (Which is probably a good idea, considering they’re all very close to eating me alive…I FEED THEM. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT.) So, I’m going rogue this year and writing a bunch of outlines for my novels instead of…the actual novels. *heh-heh*

I’m trying to go with a way more laidback feel, so as not to get too stressed out this summer. (I got a volunteer job at the library! So I’m trying to get my license and…yeah, it’s going to be an interesting summer. XD ) I’m super excited about it, and I thought I’d give you guys a bit of an overview of what I’m working at this June:

Crown of Thorns


My poor little story. First it thought it was going to be a nice and simple short story. HAHAHAHAHA nope. Okay, so maybe it would’ve adjusted to being a novel, but then I actually started getting the intense, emotional FEELS about it, and then, well…Let’s just say I’m not the nicest author to this book. BUT IT WILL END WELL I PROMISE. *slaps hand over heart*

Here’s a little blurb thing, I don’t know:

All of Jerrick’s life has been him being overshadowed by his slightly older twin, Merrick, the high prince of Lauderdale. Outbreaks of a strange thorny disease have been taking people’s lives in their sleep. After a particularly dangerous accident, the king and Merrick set off to warn the Ruler of Fanastasia.

But when the king returns, Merrick is missing. The whole kingdom goes into uproar. Everyone except Jerrick. He has a feeling something is up.

So with his sharp intellect and unusual weapons, he sets off to find his brother. But the longer he’s gone, the stranger things seem. And soon, things become more dangerous than Jerrick could ever have imagined.

That probably didn’t make sense. I’m still trying to figure this thing out myself, so…

Magic…Trench…Coat…(It just sounds silly typing it out… XD )


Oh goodness, guys, I don’t even know with this story… XD Well, I guess there’s a little backstory. I once had this really weird nightmare about a creepy old house that I was trapped in and people were chasing me. Afterwards the next morning I didn’t really think anything of it. But then, almost a year later, I had it again. I don’t know why. But this time, I managed to rein a little more control and it didn’t turn into a nightmare. At least, it wasn’t scary. And so the dream turned into this story.

That was really boring. But anywho, I don’t really have a blurb, so here’s a…little tidbit of what the story’s like:

Sydney (our main character) bumps into a man while invisible. They talk a bit.

“How come I haven’t seen you around?” he said.

Sydney said nothing.

“Oh, right, stupid question.”

“Oh, and it’d probably best if you didn’t tell anyone about me. They might think you’re…” Sydney spun a finger around her head and then realized Howard couldn’t see her.

He evidently got her meaning though. “Oh, I won’t.”

Yeah, it’s basically nonsense. But it’s fun nonsense, so I’m sticking with it. 🙂

Wanted for Time (The Six Thieves #1)


This is one of those ideas that keeps you up at night because it plays like a movie in your head, and you HAVE. TO. FINISH. IT. O_O Needless to say, I’ve been wanting to write this thing for a long time, but I kept putting it off (because I’m a professional procrastinator. Email me for tips). So, I’m FINALLY writing the outline! It follows one of my favorite characters of my creation. He’s a character in three of my other trilogies, so I already know him pretty well. This is his backstory, of sorts. How he came to be the way he is. And it’s a very interesting story… XD

Here’s a blurb of sorts:

Drilidric lives with his family in a small village in Fanastasia. It’s a nice life, living there, going to school with his friends, and causing mischief with his unusual amount of Gifts.

When Drilidric and his friends are excepted into the prestigious school known as The Gifted, they’re ecstatic. This is what Dril always wanted, the perfect way to show his family that he’s really a good boy.

But one night, after a peculiar encounter, Dril finds a book sitting on his bed. Never before had he seen a book. They weren’t real, Dril had always been told. But there one sat before him. Curious, he takes it the librarian, who then cautiously shows him a dangerous secret. Before he knows it, Dril is spiraling deeper and deeper into a scheme he never dreamt possible. But what’s one little theft? Especially to save time?

More things that don’t make sense.

Moana Yourewelcome GIF - Moana Yourewelcome TheRock GIFs

I’m also giving myself permission to work on these two as well:



Not Found


There’s also a couple Wattpad stories I’m considering too. Look at me, writing maniac here. 😛


This one’s about a guy named Drew who has a bunch of friends who like to go out and…*ahem* drink. So. Not the most pleasant setting, but it’s good, I swear! Things get interesting when a new bar opens where you can get a mysterious new substance called vuvine. Hint: it’s not good. Things start happening, and well, Drew has to fix things with the help of a man called Mr. Doctor. I may or may not have stolen this from Doctor Strange. DON’T JUDGE ME OKAY.

Who's on first? Doctor Strange!   Let’s Talk About Doctor Strange’s Terrific Vaudevillian Joke:



This one’s about my boy Jake (from The D). It’s a little backstory and it’s basically heart-wrenching, but I love it anyway. Because I apparently love having my feels punched in the gut. Am I alone? Okay. It’s hard to explain without being spoilery, but there’s a car accident, and thankfully Jake survives, but…things are different now. Yeah.


I’m going to try and schedule a bunch of fun posts ahead of time, so I’m not scrambling this summer to get you guys content. I have lots of ideas, so there’s something.

And I’m also going to be sharing my experience and possibly some horribly unedited snippets this JuNoWriMo.

I also plan to post about my time at the Young Writer’s Workshop that’s being held in Minneapolis. I’m super stoked, because one of my all-time favorite authors is going to be there…Shannon Hale!! 😀

Finishing and Editing Imprint

Yes. I need to do this at some point in my life. Let’s hope it’s this June. XD I’m so close, and yet I keep putting it off. Like I said, professional procrastinator here.

Yeah, so those are my June plans. They’re really loose, so hopefully I’ll feel more relaxed about it, since I’ll be busy working at the library this summer. Wish me luck, and I hope you have a fabulous June! ❤


Character Conversations // Bastien

Character Conversations

Hello all! This week’s character is a…well, he’s an interesting character. You’ll have to see what I mean. XD (Also, it might help if you know a little Spanish. 😉 )


Me: Hello, Mr. Edaurdos.

Bastien: Hola, senorita. Just Bastien is fine.

M: You speak Spanish, then?

B: Si, I grew up in Texas, but my roots are in Mexico. I speak Mexican Spanish.

M: Interesting…I…I can’t help noticing…

B: Mi ojo, si? It was an accident. I was trapped outside in a lightning storm and I was struck in my left eye. It’s forever green and does strange things.

M: Um…cool. What kinds of strange things?

B: It sees through the lies of this world. I know when people don’t speak the whole truth to me. I know them as they truly are.

M: *slightly freaked out* That’s…nice. So, you’re a Super, then, right?

B: Super? I suppose, si. Ever since I was struck, people treat me different. I get in trouble more. But it is no matter. They do not know the real me. *looks down* Maybe they never will…

M: *sadness* Do you have a family down in Texas? I heard that you’re only here in Fallcoast on a…business trip.

B: Si, mi familia. They live down south. I miss them. Mi hermana, Valeria. She’s the light of my life. *eyes become unfocused* But she doesn’t feel the same way.

M: What is this business trip really for, Bastien? *squinty eyes*

B: *says nothings for a moment* To take care of things so bad things don’t happen back at mi hogar. It is the only way.

M: *curious, but doesn’t push it further* Let’s talk about something…not so depressing. I heard you study meteorology.

B: Si, I do. *eyes sparkle* I have been fascinated with it ever since I was a niñito. I especially wanted to learn more after I was struck by lightning and survived. I learned a lot more than I thought I would.

M: How so?

B: *smiles* After the accident…I think a little part of the weather was stuck inside me. I nurtured it and it became a gift. I learned to control it and use it for myself.

M: You can control the weather? *AWESOME*

B: Si, puedo. Sometimes it is more of a curse than a gift. Like when I was sentenced to jail for three years.

M: …You were what?

B: I escaped though. *mischievous smile* And then I disappeared. For a while, anyway.

M: Wow…Fallcoast must be a dangerous place for you then, huh?

B: Si, lo es. I must be very careful what I do around here. La policia are not too kind here.

M: You can say that again…Okay, here’s a few parting questions. What’s your favorite food?

B: Macarrones con queso.

M: Is that a fancy Mexican food or something?

B: *laughs* No, it’s macaroni and cheese.

M: Oh. *blushes* You speak English well. Where did you learn?

B: Mi madre was Spanish, and mi padre was English. I spent my young life with her, and later grew up in the cities with him. I had to learn it.

M: Huh, interesting…Okay, do you know Jake and Lena?

B: I do, but I don’t think they know me. *mysteriousness*

M: Well, thank you Bastien for answering my questions!

B: De nada, senorita.

So…What’d you think? He’s a nice guy, a little strange, but I like him. 🙂 Let me know down below! And also, just a heads up, I won’t be posting any CC posts in June. I’ll explain in a later post, don’t worry. 😉


The Prettiest Dresses of Fantasy

The Prettiest Dresses of Fantasy

Hello all! Today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite fantasy book covers!

There is so much you can do with the cover of a fantasy book. Though perhaps not my most favorite route, lots of designers use girls in pretty dresses to attract people’s eye.

When I was younger, I always thought it’d be fun to wear a big fancy dress and go to a ball and meet a prince. (Prince Eric, from The Little Mermaid, in particular, in case you were wondering. 🙂 ) Not much has changed, (though, I maybe wouldn’t be too excited about going to a ball…), and princess dresses will continue to make me happy.

So in honor of pretty dresses, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite dresses on fantasy covers. ❤


This book was so fabulous, so it only makes sense that the cover would be gorgeous! I love the autumnal colors and falling leaves. Autumn is my favorite season. ❤ The dress is simple, yet pretty. I love the lacework at the hem, and the loose, flowing fit. It rather looks like a wedding dress! Though, I wouldn’t go barefoot at my wedding, especially if it was in autumn…


I haven’t read this book yet, but I know it’s about Lady Daylily (who always annoyed me…so we’ll see how I like it…) But I have to give her props for her gorgeous dress. It kind of looks like it’s colored in an ombre style, and it looks really cool with the sleeves and train blowing in the breeze.


This dress transports me to a steampunk age, with ruffles and hair in buns. I wouldn’t have minded if there’d been some cogs or clockwork designs somewhere on the bodice or hem. I’M ALL OVER STEAMPUNK STYLE. I think in a previous post, I shared a picture of this book with my pair of goggles wrapped around the pages. Can we modernize steampunk clothes? Please?


The edition of this book that I read looked like this, but Goodreads shows me the paperback version, which I don’t like as much as this one. I love the patterned and loose sleeves. Though, that corset looks a bit uncomfortable. But all for the sake of style, right? Though, knowing our main character, it won’t look that nice for long… XD


These books were recommended to me by Goodreads a looong time ago and I’ve still never read them, BUT LOOK AT THOSE COVERS. What more can I say? They just look so COOL. I believe these are historical fiction type books, and the first one is about the Titanic. THEY LOOK GOOD, both cover-wise and synopsis-wise.


Another book/series I haven’t read yet. From what I’ve heard of it, it looks REALLY good. Plus, how could you go wrong with a cover dress like that? I’ve always been a fan of the black and white combination, so I LOVE this dress. Plus bows = cute.


Deborah has mildly flailed over this book over at her blog and I thought it looked SUPER AWESOME, so now it’s on the TBR-pile. I love the warrior-princess type look going on here, with the hefty crown and the shield. I’m all about simplicity, and this dress looks both practical and pretty.

Well, those are my favorite dresses on fantasy covers. What are some of your favorites? What about other books, not just fantasy? Let me know down below!



Character Conversations // Villane

Character Conversations

Hello all, and welcome to the next installment! This week’s character is a bit snobbish, but that’s just what makes him so entertaining. XD


Me: Hi Villane.

Villane: *sighs* Just call me Vill, okay? Villane is so misleading…

M: Um…Okay. Sure. So when did you first realize you were a Super?

V: *shoves glasses farther up onto face* Back in grade school, actually. I was playing hide-and-seek, and when nobody could find me for over an hour and the police showed up, I knew something was wrong.

M: So, you were invisible?

V: What else? A little while later, I learned that I could also manipulate the shadows into doing what I want. I’m what you would call…special.

M: Really. *rolls eyes* So where’d you get a name like Villane? Sounds kinda…evil.

V: *groans*

M: It says here on this paper that your full name is Villane S. Gye. *chokes* Was that really intentional?

V: Yes, and I don’t want to talk about it. My parents thought’s it’d be hilarious. Well, I’m sure they’re regretting it now. *smiles smugly*

M: You’re living up to your name, then?

V: What else could I do, really? Nobody trusts a guy like me, not with a stupid name like that.

M: So I take it you don’t have a very good relationship with your parents?

V: *scoffs* I hardly call it a relationship. I haven’t talked to my parents in years.

M: Don’t…don’t you even miss them a little?

V: I don’t miss them. *pauses* I miss having a family.

M: *sympathy* You must have other family, somewhere, right? Any grandparents? Aunts or uncles?

V: I have an aunt that lives around here. She says she ‘suffers through’ housing me. Apparently I’m snobby.

M: I wouldn’t have guessed. Do you know any other people in town?

V: I know a few. Mostly other Supers. One in particular I know well. He calls himself Zero. We bond over our strange names.

M: *swallows* Zero? You know him? Isn’t he, like…crazy?

V: *rolls eyes* It’s a farce. He’s totally sane and super smart. Unlike that idiot Hypnesia…

M: Ooookay…Do you have any interests aside from being a criminal?

V: *glares* As a matter of fact, yes, I do. I’m taking an online class in web design. I’m told I excel greatly in it. I even designed Fallcoast High’s site.

M: *quickly looks it up on computer* It looks really nice. Simple but complex. I like it. But don’t you work at The Book Stop too?

V: Yes, part time. Whenever Mrs. Meredith’s daughter can’t.

M: *mutters* It’s sure a good thing you don’t work together…

V: Why’s that?

M: Hmm? Oh, you just probably wouldn’t get along. You’re not much of a…people person, from what I can tell.

V: Introvert and proud. In fact, is this interview almost over?

M: I see you’ve been enjoying yourself. Fine, a few last questions. What’s your favorite food?

V: Eggplant parmesan.

M: Of course. Do you know how to cook?

V: Are you kidding?

M: …?

V: No!

M: Sheesh, sorry…Last question. Do you think something strange is going on in Fallcoast?

V: Of course. Something strange is always going on in Fallcoast.

M: Okay, well thank you, Vill, for allowing me to interview you.

V: *nods and leaves without a word*

…Interesting guy. He’s a bit of a pain, but apparently I really like writing these kinds of characters. XD Let me know what you think down below!


The Writer’s Life Tag

Hey guys! I saw this tag going around a bit ago and thought it looked like so much fun! I don’t remember if I was tagged by anyone…oops. But, if I was, I thank the blogger who did! XD Now, onto the questions…

Write-Fuel: What do you eat/drink while writing?

Um, I don’t usually eat while writing. I wouldn’t get crumbs all over my precious laptop!

But I do like a drink while I write. I’ve been known to have cold tea, hot chocolate, bottled water, and lemonade whilst diddling away at the keys. 🙂

Write-Sounds: What do you listen to while writing?

I LOVE listening to music while I write. I listen to a lot of Pandora, (since YouTube is super distracting to me. XD ), but I have lots of playlists featuring Lindsey Stirling, David Garrett, ThePianoGuys, Alan Walker, and lots of intstrumental covers.

Write-Vice: What’s your most debilitating distraction?

THE INTERNET. YouTube, in particular. Once I enter into there, if I’m not careful and head safely to my playlists, it tends to have a blackhole effect. I may never return. XD Other sites known to keep me from writing are Pinterest, Goodreads, and WordPress. (That’s right. Sometimes, (okay, most times), I’d rather be blogging about writing, than actually writing…)

Write-Horror: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while writing?

One time, I thought my laptop would never turn back on. And this was before I had a thumbdrive, so it was even more panic-inducing. It just wouldn’t turn back on, even though I had thought the battery was full. Luckily, I managed to turn it back on and everything was still there. Thankfully, I haven’t had too many traumatic writing experiences.


Write-Joy: What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you while writing, or how do you celebrate small victories?

Well, to answer the first question, I would have to say when I finished my very first draft. It was SO exciting! (Looking at it afterwards, I felt like cringing, but we won’t dwell on that. XD ) Also, whenever something that’s really been frustrating me, such as a character or a plot point, magically works itself out. That’s always wonderful. 🙂

I celebrate small victories by taking a break. Whatever I feel like doing, watching videos, stepping away from the computer and reading a book. But sometimes when I’m on a roll, I don’t want to stop. (Even though I maybe should…) I just keep writing and writing, words flying onto the paper. That’s an award in and of itself. ❤

Write-Crew: Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing?

I have a desk up in my room, so I don’t usually talk to anybody when I write. (Well, except myself.) I do like talking to people about it when I’m away from the desk. My family doesn’t usually understand what I’m talking about and why I’m so excited though. (Understandable, since I usually don’t exactly know what I’m talking about either. XD )

Write-Secret: What’s your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?

Once I figure out what the secret is, I’ll let you know. 😉

As for hidden flaw…well, I don’t know how hidden they are. XD But I do struggle a lot with imagery and description. I love the characters and dialogue and plot SO MUCH I usually tend to overlook the setting and such. Which is…not good, since that’s kind of an integral part of the story…But I’m working on it!

Also, procrastination is a thing.

Write-Spiration: What always makes you productive?

Hmm…Hearing a really interesting song, or reading a really good book, or watching a really good movie, or having a really interesting dream. It’s not a sure-fire thing, but that usually makes me motivated to write, which, in turn, makes me more productive. 🙂

Write-Peeve: What’s one thing writers do (or you do) that’s annoying?

Clichés like insta-love and ‘the chosen one’ tropes are SUPER annoying to me. Also, grandiose, unnecessary description is super frustrating too.

Write-Words: Share one sentence from a project, past or present.

Ooh, let’s see…

“Celthic?” Paige said, “Remember when I said that you were going to help me? Well…I don’t really have a plan…”

She saw his shoulders stiffen. “You brought me all this way…”

“…Well, technically you brought me…”

“…And you don’t have a plan?” He stopped walking and whirled around. “Are you insane?” he fumed.

“Fine, here’s my plan. We head to the Fortress, break in, rescue Markus, then escape. You can add embellishments where you see fit.”

“You’re infuriating.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

Celthic balled his hands into fists, his breathing shaky. “Why am I arguing with a child?”

“I’m fifteen!”

“I’m an adult!”

“Well good for you!”

From Imprint

That’s the tag! It was a lot of fun answering these questions! Do you listen to music while you write? What’s your writing pet peeve? Let me know down below!