The Many Problems Of A…{Violinist}

The Many Problems Of A...

Hello all! Today, I have a post for all those violinists out there. I only play a little, but in the time that I have, I’ve come to some frustrating conclusions…

4th Finger Is The Bane Of My Existence

Sherlock Frustrated

It’s like it’s only purpose in life is to bring me endless frustration. If I can nail the note, then I can’t reach the next note. MY PINKY CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS.

Squeaky Strings

forever darling lucille ball gif

Whatever the song, there’s always that one part that just can’t be helped. It sounds like a cat is crying out in pain. (Fun fact: whenever I play violin, my cat leaves the room as fast as humanly (cat-ly?) possible.)

When A Note Is Just Barely Off Key, But It’s Still Just A Bit Too Noticeable To Ignore

…I mean, who can nail all the notes, am I right?


How many times do I have to tell people NOT to touch the bow hair? IT’S NOT MADE FOR TOUCH. It will get greasy finger oil on it and then make the violin sound even worse when I play it. 😄

Rosin. Everywhere.

Chewbacca No

Rosin + black clothes = BIG NO NO. Not to mention it’s one of the stickiest substances on the planet.

Packing Up Your Violin Only To Find You Forgot To Put The Bow In

*insert eye twitch*

spongebob squarepants frustrated gif

Trying To Find The Perfect Spot With Your Shoulder Rest

transparent hahaha no gif

My shoulders are evidently really boney, because a shoulder rest on my collar bone feels like someone is shoving an oddly shaped rock into my skin. It’s not a pleasant experience, to say the least.

Any violinists out there? Do you struggle with any of these? Are there any problems I missed? Let me know down below!


Character Conversations // Lena

Character Conversations

Hello guys! So, I have some exciting news! These coming characters are from a new trilogy I’m working on! 😀 I love them all so much (they may or may not be mostly made up of villains/anti-heroes 😄 ), and I can’t wait to introduce you to them! This week’s character is my main character, Lena.


Me: Hiya Lena!

Lena: Hey! So, this is an interview?

M: Yeah, I’m so glad you could come. I have so many questions!

L: Well…*looks a little worried* I can’t promise to answer all of them.

M: *nods* I understand. More than anybody, believe me. Okay, so you live with your parents, right?

L: Yeah, we live in a little apartment above our bookstore, The Book Stop.

M: *sighs dreamily* I would love to live above a bookstore. It must be great working there, all the books, coffee shop, interesting people…

L: *smiles* It’s a nice job, definitely. I work the weekends and nights there whenever I can. Mom runs it fulltime. It’s a really relaxing atmosphere for me.

M: Bookstores have that effect. Okay, so I’m dying to ask…What’s it like being a superhero?

L: *looks very uncomfortable* Um…I…I’m not really a hero. Really.

M: *frowns* You are too. Just because it’s not a huge public thing doesn’t mean you’re not. But I was more asking about superpowers.

L: *chokes on hot chocolate* How do you know about this? Who told you?

M: It’s okay, I know things like this. Your secret’s safe.

L: *looks hesitant* Well, I guess the easiest way to put it would be that I was born with. *mutters* Well…Most of them, anyway…

M: You’re talking about the Elementia, aren’t you?

L: Do you have superpowers or something? Are you reading my mind. I know a guy who can do that, so it’s totally plausible.

M: *holds back a laugh* If that’s the easiest way for you to understand it, then yes. I am. But back on topic…What are your superpowers?

L: They’re…actually kinda generic, now that I think about it. Super strength, flying, and then the whole Elementia thing…

M: Elemental control seems like the coolest one out of those! I’ve always wanted to be able to control the elements. *sighs* If you were an element, which one do you think you’d be?

L: Ooh, well, Jake would probably say I was fire. *laughs* Which, I guess I can’t disagree with. I’ve always loved wind though.

M: I’m partial to water, myself. Who’s Jake?

L: He’s…just a kid from school.

M: Mmm-hmm. Just a friend?

L: Oh hush. Yes, just a friend.


M: You totally like him, don’t you?

L: *blushes furiously* Okay, so maybe I like him a little. So what?

M: Nothing. Just an observation of mine. What do you do besides saving the city from time to time?

L: I’m on my school’s soccer team. I also love running, reading, and self defense.

M: *eyes widen* You take self defense classes? That’s so cool! I took some as an extra curricular type of thing and…well, I’m not the best at it. But I bet you’re awesome at it. You know, with the whole vigilante thing you got going.

L: *sighs* I kinda have to be good at it. This city is a dangerous place. Mom forced me into so I’d know how to defend myself from strangers. And yeah, it does come in handy with ‘the whole vigilante thing’. *smiles*

M: *smiles back* I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. The idea of getting to help people, and in a super cool way? It’s so neat. If you don’t mind me asking a kind of…personal question, why did you choose to become a hero instead of a…villain?

L: *looks down* I…I don’t really know, honestly. It…just seemed like the right thing to do. I’ve always admired the superheroes from the movies, and when I figured out I had powers, well…it just kinda clicked.

M: So…why do you think so many people who are gifted with powers choose to be villains?

L: *eyes harden* Well, that’s an easy. Supers are illegal.

M: *raises an eyebrow* But…all of your news channels are always broadcasting hero/villain fights. Are you saying…?

L: *nods* They’re fake. Real powers are illegal. *gives a weak laugh* Real villains aren’t though. And they know that. So they try to cover it up.

M: Why do you think they outlawed powers in the first place?

L: *shrugs* Fear? I don’t know. Nobody really talks about it.

M: Your parents seem to think it a riveting topic. They’re always arguing about it, aren’t they?

L: *blinks* Yeah. They hate Supers. *eyes fall*

M: *gives a sympathetic look* Surely they don’t hate you. They’re you’re parents!

L: *avoids eye contact* I try not to think about what would happen if they found out.

M: I’m sorry, Lena. Let’s wrap this interview up with some parting questions. What is your favorite food?

L: *thinks a moment* I love chicken cordin bleu. Mom makes it homemade and it’s sooo good.

M: Do you play any instruments?

L: *cringes* I play flute for school, since Mom insists. I sound terrible.

M: *laughs* Do you have any pets?

L: *sighs* I wish. But my parents won’t let me get any.

M: Alright, thanks for the interview, Lena!

L: You’re welcome. *smiles*

That’s a wrap! So…What say you? She’s a pretty sweet character, and I love writing about her. Let me know what you think about her down below!



Pitiful Prose // The Impossible Bedroom


Hello all! If you remember, a while ago, I shared with you a bit of my old writing (very, very cringe-inducing), and I thought it was so funny, I would post another piece of writing I started writing.

I wrote this when I was about nine-years-old and around that time we were getting ready to move to the countryside. I was really worried and nervous about it, so I dreamt about it a lot. This is one of those dreams that I rewrote to make more sense (which…it still doesn’t anyway… 😄 ). It’s totally unedited, so I hope you find it somewhat amusing. 🙂

I sighed as dad walked up the driveway.

“I wish we wouldn’t have moved.” I thought.

Just then dad showed up. and Said “Aw, Honey, why do you look so sad?.”

I shrugged “I guess I’m just not used to it here yet.”

dad gave me a hug “let me show you the house. Its really nice now.”

“Oh well, why not.”

We walked up to the garage door and dad opened it. The garaged looked pretty much like a garage, boxes everywhere, meat freezer, and of course, a car.

Dad opened the door to the house and we were in the entry room. There were to sets of stairs one leading up and one leading down. I looked at the stairs. I had a weird feeling about this house.

“Why don’t you go explore your room?” Said dad.

“Ok.” then I looked quizzcally at dad when he stopped me and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small type of remote. He pushed a button and then the stairs started moving! They moved in a down direction, Towards the first floor.

“Go on, Go!” said dad acting as if nothing was weird about this, then walked into the kitchen (which is on the second floor) to help mom.

When I finally came to my senses, I stood on the stairs and waited in amazment for the ground to come. It was like an escalator.

When I reached the bottom, it was a hallway in front of me. I walked down, Checking all the doors, seeing what was in them, until finally, I came to the end of the Hall.

At the end was a door with a sign on it that said |Madeline and Nathaniel’s Room|

“Great.” I sighed “I have to share a room with my big brother, Oh well.” I opened the door and peered inside and saw the coolest room I had ever seen.

Nathaniel’s side had posters of bands, and a drum set! Also I saw a bed (duh!) and a tire swing hanging from the ceiling!

It wasn’t fair! I stomped in. Nathaniel wasn’t home yet, I could walk around on his side.

“Wow!” I thought sadly, “this is so cool.” I went over to my side. A bed and a wall willed with posters.

“Ok so the posters are Pretty cool, but a tire swing?!”

Just then the Sun caught a door knob in front of my bed. A door knob? I was curious, so I turned the knob and Saw a thing you would never ever expect in a house like this.

I mean some fancy houses might have escalator stairs and might have tire swings haning from the ceiling, but this?


In this house on the 1st floor in MY room was another world.

I slowly stepped in to the door and was in a Grocery Store! I looked around and saw, it had everything a Grocery Store would have, but what got me the most was when I tried to step out the Stores’ door, I couldn’t.

It was locked, and there was nothing outside, just black.

“What is this place?!” I said aloud. Shoppers looked at me like I was crazy.

I couldn’t believe it! A secret door in my room, leading to a grocery store that people thought was out in town, with apparently no way out! This was amazing!

Soon, My Stomach started rumbling. Mom and dad probably had dinner ready, but where was the door? Oh yeah, by the check out.

When I came to the door, I wondered, “What if its gone before I get back?” but still, I went out.

When I was in my room again I smelled chicken and rice.

“Come eat!” said Mom. I hurried up, my stomach grumbling, my mind raceing at top speed.

How did that happen?

I’ll go back tonight I thought, “And figure this out.”

A bit cringe-worthy. Okay, maybe a lot. 😄 Let me know down below if you ever rewrote your dreams when you were younger (or even now!)


Character Conversations // Maggie

Character Conversations

Hello all, and welcome to the next installment! This week’s character is a bit shy, but she’s super sweet and I loved interviewing her. 🙂

Site dedicated to finding Zooey Deschanels's outfits from New Girl. This is why the internet exists! ;):

Me: Hi Maggie!

Maggie: Hey! I’m so excited to get this interview started! Usually I’m the one giving the interview, so, you know, it’s kinda nice for a change.

Me: *smiles* I’m glad you could come. Now, if you’d have a seat, I can begin with the questions. Great, now, what can you tell me about your family?

M: *purses lips* Well, I didn’t really know them. Like…at all. All my memories from childhood are just…not there. I can’t remember anything from before I was ten.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure they miss you, wherever they are…But it’s no good dwelling on sad thoughts. Tell me about your job.

M: *frowns* Well, former job. *crosses arms sulkily* My boss fired me.

Me: Really? Why?

M: Apparently I had some footage that he didn’t like. And it would’ve been a great story too! I could’ve started climbing the social ladder! But nope. The high and mighty Brett Snider won’t have any of that.

Me: You…seem very upset about it.

M: *sighs* Yeah. It’s just…I loved that job, and I really wanted to prove myself. *glare* I still think it’s all that boy’s and girl’s fault.

Me: Markus and Paige? I…don’t understand. Oh, wait, I’m forming an idea. That footage was of something they didn’t want the world to see. But you were going to use it anyway. And that wasn’t even before the whole elf and minotaur attack…

M: *eyes wide in fear* Look, I know some strange things are happening, but I didn’t sign up for anyone reading my mind.

Me: I’m not…Never mind. What strange things do you mean?

M: *swallows* I mean weird creatures and magic and other things I have no idea about, that’s what. The girl came into my apartment with this crazy dude with a bow and arrow and a giant monster, and she wanted to hide there! But then they got in and…there were arrows flying and glass shattering and then…Well, I guess the boy saved us, but, if she hadn’t barged into my home in the first place…!

Me: Take a breath, please. Don’t go spoiling the whole story…

M: *stares* What?

Me: Just never mind. So, yes, they barged in. But you agreed to help them, right?

M: I did say I would…But I’m kinda rethinking it now…

Me: Understandable. Really. But I think you’re going to learn a lot more about yourself than you ever knew.

M: Are you trying to make me feel better or something? Because that’s kind of a weird thing to say.

Me: How about we talk about your interests. What do you like to do?

M: I like taking videos, writing news stories, and baking. They’re the only things I’m really good at.

Me: *whispers* I beg to differ.

M: Are you talking to a ghost or something? ‘Cause of all the things that have happened up until now, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe at all.

Me: No, I’m not. Sorry. So do you…did you work more in the newspaper or the news show?

M: I was working for the newspaper and I was enjoying it very much, aside from my boss. But I wanted to move up, so when I saw that fight in the alley…I had to bring it to the table.

Me: *nods* I get it. So, do you have somewhere to go since you’re out a job?

M: I can always get work at the strip mall in town I suppose. *sighs and brushes hair behind ears* It’s a bit of a step down.

Me: *is sympathetic* You shouldn’t worry about it. Believe me, in these next coming days, finding a job is going to be the least of your concerns.

M: *shrugs* I don’t know. Everything is all out of whack.

Me: Right now, maybe. But in the end, it will all work out. Trust me. *smiles*

M: Well, you can obviously read my mind, so…why not trust you, I guess?

Me: *laughs* If you’ll allow me a few parting questions?

M: Sure.

Me: Alright, what’s your favorite color?

M: The age old question. Not one I really like answering though…*blushes* It’s kind of embarrassing.

Me: What is it?

M: …Pink.

Me: Why be embarrassed? I like pink too! Don’t feel silly. You said you liked baking before. What do you like to bake?

M: I love baking all kinds of cakes. Cupcakes, bundt cakes, cheesecakes, spice cakes…I love them all!

Me: I am all for cake, to be sure. Okay, last question…It’s a little personal.

M: What?

Me: Are you seeing anyone?

M: *face turns into a strawberry* Um. No.

Me: *smiles gleefully* Okay, good. *whispers* I have someone in mind… Anywho, thank you for the interview!

M: *still a bit shaken* Oh! You’re welcome.

Maggie’s such a funny character to write. I love her quiet but spunky spirit. 🙂 What do you think of her? Do you have any characters like her in your stories? Let me know down below!until-next-time-1

Awards and Tags and Fun, Oh My! // The Sunshine Blogger Award and The Blue Sky Tag


Hello guys! I was recently nominated by Tracey over at her blog and Elise at E.E. Rawls and I thought all these questions looked like so much fun! Thank you again for nominating me, Tracey and Elise!

The rules are pretty simple:

The Sunshine Blogger Award ~

Answer 11 questions from your nominator, then tag 11 other bloggers, and ask them 11 new questions.

The Blue Sky Tag ~

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their post. Answer the 11 questions. Tag 11 people. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

Let’s get to it!

The Sunshine Blogger Award ~

1. What’s the most addicting app on your phone?

iPhone 6:

I don’t actually have a phone (unless you count a flip-phone as one 😉 ), but I do have a Nook full of stuff. I would probably have to say the most addicting app right now is CrossStitchWorld. Yeah…I know. Kinda seems like a grandma game, but it’s really fun! I love seeing the picture come together in the end. 🙂

2. What’s a song that speaks to your life right now?

My music moods are different every day, so it’s hard for me to pick just one song. But, if I had to pick just one, it’d be Higher by Unspoken. It’s not only a really cool song, but it also reminds me that I should live my life to glorify the One who gave me this life. Even in the rough times. Especially in the rough times. ❤

Confesiones de una chica que fue adolescente durante el 2000:

3. Do you have a book or movie that’s your “happy place”–a fictional world into which you retreat when you need a breather? What is it?


I love escaping into any fictional world! But my favorite happy place would probably have to be any of the Pixar movies. I grew up loving them and I can remember watching Monsters Inc. in particular over and over again. They always put a smile on my face and I love them all so dearly! ❤

4. What’s a book you were (or are) looking forward to so much you’re scared to read it, for fear it won’t live up to your expectations?

Right now, I’m incredibly nervous to read The Fatal Tree, the last book on the Bright Empires series. I just cannot prepare myself for what’s going to happen, so I’m just going to have to take the plunge… *gulp*

Stephen R. Lawhead - The Fatal Tree / #awordfromJoJo #ChristianFiction:

5. If you had to have all of your past memories wiped except for one day, which day would you choose to remember?

Oh dear, that’s a toughie! Let’s see…I might choose a day out of one of my family vacations, the trip we took to South Dakota in particular. That was a really, really fun trip, and we were all together, having a great time with each other. I would never want to forget how close me and my family are. 🙂

6. What question would you like to ask one of your favorite authors?

These questions keep getting tougher and tougher! 😛 I’ve always wanted to ask Marissa Meyer a question, but I feel like I would just kinda go into fangirl mode and not be able to talk. 😄 Hmm…I think I’d ask Anne Elisabeth Stengl what helped her in keeping track while writing a series. That’s something I struggle with, and I think Anne does a good job of it.

Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (Tales of Goldstone Wood book 1):

7. If you had to describe yourself as one of the four seasons, which would it be?

im screaming ?? i literally love fall so much:

Definitely fall. Or autumn, if you’re British. 😉 There’s just so much to love about it! Apple pie, pumpkin spice, hayrides, colorful leaves, cool, crisp air, the beginning of a new school year… It’s a wonderful time of year! ^_^

8. What’s your personality type? (Myers Briggs, DISC, whichever test you prefer.)

I’m a full on INFJ, according to the Myers Briggs test. Everything I’ve read about INFJs just fit me to a tee. Which is hard sometimes because I feel a bit lonely, being so rare and such… But I don’t mind. Too much, anyway. 😄cough it out. the front bottoms.:

9. An envelope containing $500 shows up on your doorstep. On what do you spend it?

❀ pinterest: @anamx14 ❀:

Well, books, duh. 😄

10. Would you rather be trapped in a lamp, a tower, or an enchanted sleep?

Ooh, I think I would pick a lamp! Wouldn’t I be a genie of some sort then? At least in my imprisonment, I would be able to help some poor souls instead of just wallowing miserably in my prison. 😛


11. Which Disney villain(ess) do you find the most scary?

Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil   Printed on natural white matte paper with ultrachrome archival inks, this art print is ready for framing and is shipped in a protective tube. Large prints will be signed by the artist.  *frame not included  For more artwork please visit my shop ------------------------------------

When I was younger, I was absolutely terrified of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The part where she turns into a dragon? We always skipped that part. 😄 Now that I’m older, I would probably say either Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or Scar from The Lion King.

The Blue Sky Tag ~

1. What is your first reaction when someone knocks on your door?

I usually jerk my head up and stare confusedly at my siblings because…we never have unexpected visitors. 😄


2. Whose name makes you smile as soon as you hear it? Care to share why?

A little bit of love for Friday!:

Well, any of my family’s names make me happy. And the name of Jesus Christ, of course. 🙂 I love hearing my characters’ names too, when I’m out and about and I overhear someone say one of their names. I love that when it happens. ❤

3. What exotic animal is your favorite?

I’m not sure if this counts as an exotic animal since it’s not technically real, but I’ve always thought phoenixes were super cool. A new bird rising from the ashes of the old, fiery wings, all that neat stuff. Or, you know, a dragon.

The Heat of Illusion by on @DeviantArt:

4. If you had to go on a trip to the moon, what book series would you take with you? (It can only be one!)

Comment below if I should read this. I'm not that sure if I want to so I need some suggestions.:

Well…I can tell you right now, I would try my hardest to get out of going on a trip to the moon. 😄 The stars from afar are good for me. But, I suppose if I had to, I would pick The Lunar Chronicles…Though, that may not be the best idea, since scary moon people are a involved…

5. Fairy tales or super heroes?

This is sooo hard! I love them both equally! I couldn’t possibly choose!

The Avengers~ love this poster!:

6. What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

A Singular and Whimsical Problem: Congrats to the Five Magic Spindles Winners!:

It’s actually the one I’m reading right now, Five Magic Spindles by various authors. I’ve loved all the stories so far and I’m so sad I’m on the last one! I’m going to be putting up a review of it pretty soon. 😉

7. Are you more like a Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Ent, or Orc?

I’m definitely more like a Hobbit. They live in their cozy Hobbit holes and drink tea and read books. If I had a Hobbit hole, I would probably be labeled a Hobbit. 😄

In a hole in the ground                                                                                                                                                     More:

8. Since warm weather is coming, what is your favorite summer activity?

Celebrate summer with Costes en maak jouw eigen travel bord in Costes sfeer. Ter inspiratie kan je deze beelden gebruiken en jouw favoriete items vanaf pinnen. Geef jouw bord de naam #COSTESTRAVEL. Het meest inspirerende bord wint €100 shoptegoed en een travel pakket van Brainy Days! De actie loopt tot 1 juli. Let’s pin and be creative!:

When I was younger I loved swimming a LOT. But after a…traumatic experience that involved a lake and some itchy bugs…well, it made me a little wary. 😛 I love basketball, rollerblading, and swinging most. ❤

9. Name your best childhood memory.

winterfold | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

*tries to remember childhood* I’m…kinda drawing a blank here, which is really sad. 😄 But I do remember we used to have a tire swing in our backyard at our old house. I would love to just sit in there and swing or have Dad push us as high as it could possibly go. Those were fun times. ^_^

10. What were you like as a kid? (good, bad, artsy, funny, etc…?)

Well, I suppose I should be honest…I wasn’t a very good kid. I’m told I was really naughty, and I had a hard time focusing. But I think I was also really creative and curious, which inspired my interests of writing now. I read my favorite books over and over again and I would write down all the good dreams I had in a special notebook. (Really, what’s changed? 😄 )

So this should say CocoNMore, I love work, I really do. Unique things interest me.  I have a project to do, that I started.  I am waiting for the second part to come...:

11. If you could invent anything, what would it be?


Hmm…A special device that when you connected it to your head, it wrote down exactly what you were thinking? I could go for one of those! 😄

Alright, that’s a wrap!

Here are my questions:

  1. What is your oldest memory? How far back do you remember?
  2. If you could have a super power/magic ability, what would you choose?
  3. If someone was going to play you in the movie of your life, who would you want cast?
  4. If you could learn any instrument instantly, which would you choose?
  5. If you were so famous you got mobbed every time you went outside, what would be your go-to disguise?
  6. If you had an animal sidekick, what animal would it be? Could it talk? Fly? Shapeshift?
  7. What book/series would you love to be made into a TV show/movie?
  8. What villain from a book or movie would you most love to see transformed into a good guy?
  9. What’s the theme song of your life?
  10. Iron Man or Captain America? Superman or Batman? Marvel or DC?
  11. What is the most shocking plot twist you’ve ever read in a book? (You don’t have to say what it is, just what book it’s from! 🙂 )

Okay, so I don’t really know who’s received these awards, so if you’ve already done either of them, don’t feel obligated, but my nominations are as follows:

Winter @ Winter’s Falling Fast

Deborah @ The Road of a Writer

Jenelle @ Jenelle Schmidt

Elise @ E.E. Rawls

Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings

Lisa @ Pickle’s Pen and Trinkets

Bernie @ Bernie’s Musings and Doings

Kate Marie @ Story and Dark Chocolate

C.B. @ The World of the Writer

Madi @ The Book Owl and

Faith @ The Writer’s Song

I can’t wait to see who answers these questions! ^_^

That was so much fun! Thanks again to Tracey and Elise! 🙂 What about you? Do you have any addicting apps? What were you like as a kid? Let me know in the comments below!until-next-time-1

Character Conversations // Drilidric

Hello all! It’s so nice to be back with this segment! You all seemed really excited about it, so without further ado, here is one of the most interesting characters I’ve managed to come up with yet!

Matthew Gray Gubler twitter - "my head photographed by John Michael Fulton for @theroguemag":


Me: Hello Drilidric! I’m so grateful to have you for an interview today!

Drilidric: You are quite welcome, miss. I couldn’t be more delighted that you chose me for your first interview of the year!

M: I figured you would be the perfect character to kick it off. And first and foremost I’d like to put a little rumor I’ve been hearing to rest. So…is it actually true that you’re in multiple stories at the same time?

D: …Um, I’m not quite sure what you mean by that, but, I’m going to answer best I can. I do know lots of different people, from different walks of life, and I’ve been involved in many peoples lives. Does that answer your question?

M: Oh, yes…*whispers* He’s somehow managed to squeeze himself into four of my ideas! And he’s not what I would call a minor character…

D: I can hear you, you know.

M: …Right. I knew that. Anyway, what can you tell me about your family?

D: *panicked look spreads across face*

M: *shuffles vehemently through papers* Okay, sorry, that was a stupid question, forget I even said it. *gulps* Okay…I’ve heard from most everyone that you’re a very powerful wizard. Is that true?

D: *looks slightly less uncomfortable* Well, yes, you would be right. I am. I don’t feel as such, but I’m often told so.

M: Does that make you…somewhat of an outcast?

D: *smiles sadly* Yes. I was banished from Nore on several occasions and all my friends have turned on me.

M: *eyes widen* Um. Well. That’s…I’m so sorry…

D: *shrugs half-heartedly* It’s partially my fault, you know. I made everyone upset with me. Grant it I was being forced to do so by… *stiffens*

M: Please, just forget I ever said anything. *shakes head at how horrible this interview is going* Let’s move on to a lighter topic…*has to think a long moment* Tell me about your childhood.

D: *looks slightly relieved* Oh, yes, my childhood. It was a nice time. Peaceful. Nothing to worry about except if the girl next door ever noticed me. *smiles nostalgically*

M: Did she?

D: *laughs* No, of course not. But it didn’t matter, because I had my best friend, Zed. *eyes grow distant*

M: *eyes nearly pop out of head* Zed as in Zedidiah? The mad wizard behind all of the uproar in Nore?!

D: *looks sadly at me* Yes. The very same. *crosses arms* He didn’t always used to be that way. We lived across from each other in Fanastasia, went to school together. But…then I moved away and I didn’t see him for a good five years. We still wrote to each other, though. I still have some of the letters actually.

M: Didn’t you meet Vasi during your years away from him?

D: Yes! You’re quite perceptive, I must say. Yes, we all went to college together, me, Zed, Vasi, and Trich. It was a grand time, for the most part. But then…things happened…

M: *internal face-palm* Never mind. Let’s move away from the past and focus on the present. You’re working closely with Paige and Markus, right?

D: Yes, I’m trying to help them fight against Zed. And of course I would help them, Mar-


D: Oh. You probably don’t want me to say, do you?

M: If at all possible.

D: *stares at hands* Well. This leaves little to talk about, unless we want to venture into the more spoiler-y topics. Which I’m assuming is off limits?

M: *blinks* Yes. Well. Um, how about a few parting questions then? What is your favorite color? It’s tradition!

D: *tilts head in thought* I’ve always been partial to the color of gold. Though that’s not really a color I suppose.

M: It works. Where do you live now?

D: I live in a little apartment building in downtown Fallcoast. It’s not ideal, but I manage.

M: *feels a bit of pity* Lastly, are you going to stop Zedidiah from killing Paige and Markus?

D: *eyes harden* You can bet on it.


That’s the interview! Ah, it’s so nice to be writing these again! What did you think? He has got to be the most interesting character I’ve written about. Let me know what you think of him down below!


Happy Blogiversary // Two Years!!

Happy Blogiversary!

Oh my goodness, guys. Today, this day, it’s been exactly two years since I started blogging. Can you believe it’s been two years already?! I surely can’t! I’ve had a fabulous time blogging, talking to you guys, and participating in fun events, such as the Silmarillion Awards!

Thank you for making these two years wonderful! Your comments always brighten my day and I’m so glad I’ve come to know you all! ^_^

To celebrate, I have some exciting news…


I have so many more main, minor, and antagonistic characters that I’d love for you to meet, so I’m really excited to share them with you!

I’ll try to be posting every Saturday, but life tends to get in the way, so it’s not a guarantee. But I’ll try my best!

Thank you again, all you followers and commenters! Here’s hoping you have a wonderful April! ❤until-next-time-1

I’m Back! // Describe Your WIP in Three Words Tag

Well, hello, peoples! Wow…I didn’t really anticipate this hiatus of sorts…I guess March had a lot more goings-on than I had originally thought. So, sorry for deserting you, but I’m back! And with a tag too! I saw this a bit ago on Deborah’s lovely blog, and thought it looked like a lot of fun. The original tag was on Twitter, but instead, she did it on her blog.

…I may have had a bit too much fun making these collages…maybe… 🙂

Imprint ~ fairy-tale, written, inky


The D ~ dangerous, deceitful, villainous


You Could Say ~ whimsical, strange, mystical


Sciamachy ~ icy, intense, quiet


Not Found ~ futuristic, pixelated, black


Wanted for Time ~ dreamy, feelsy, insane


Crown of Thorns ~ sleepy, lethal, heart-wrenching


That’s the tag! It was so much fun trying to describe my novels in just three words…I can barely do it with an unlimited amount of words. 😄 Also…Did you miss me? 😛


Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag // Book Photo Shoot!

Hello guys! Just a short post for today, but it was so much fun to do. 😀 I saw this tag a while ago and thought it looked like a fun photo-op. These are all pictures I took and edited using Pixlr. I hope you like them! 🙂

~ Best Color Combo On A Book Cover

I know I’ve gushed over this cover before, but I have to do it again because it’s just so PRETTY. The colors of maroon, gray, and white look just lovely together and the detail work is so neat and intricate.


~ Best Typography/Font On A Book Cover

I love, love, love the title font! It’s so swirly and curly and the contrast with the author’s name is really well put. ❤


~ Best Simple Cover

I’ve had this book since forever. I remember really sympathizing with the MC, who’s a homeschooled girl. 😄 Story aside, the cover is stunningly simple and so delightful! ❤


~ Best Endpages

Okay, so, this is the hardcover edition of Winter. And all the rest of the books I own in the series are paperback. Naturally, this very much annoys my OCD tendencies, but I think I can live with it, considering how cool the endpages are. 😀


~ Best Map

I loooove maps in fantasy books. And this one is no exception. The world of Six of Crows is so cool and we get to see a lot about the culture of each place. And, you know, the sea creatures lurking in the water is an added bonus. 😄


~ Best Naked Hardback

Even though I didn’t enjoy Illuminae as much as I thought I would, I have to give credit where it’s due. This is an AWESOME cover. The dust jacket is suuuuper shiny, which was a bit troublesome during the picture-taking, but it looks really cool with or without it.


~ Best Back Cover

I picked up this book at a local bookstore…I maaay have just bought it because of the pretty cover. I know, shallow, but it can’t be helped. In this case, I think I like the back cover a smidgen more than the front, if only because of the abundance of time-like words. 😀


~ Best Chapter Headers

These headers aren’t the fanciest by any means, but I love them anyway. I adore cogs and clockwork and the like, and it’s just so pretty and simple. I love me some steampunk! 😉


~ Best Illustrations

This is another book I may have bought purely for the cover. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy the story too much, the illustrations are EPIC. All actiony and stuff. 😄 And yes, that is a Loki staff necklace and a mini replica of Thor’s hammer. I am quite proud of them. 😀


~ Best Spine

This book is MASSIVE. But I still love it so much. The spine is so nice and smooth and the font is twirly and fun. And it has that nice, buttery feel to it, so that’s a plus.


~ Favorite Cover On Your Shelves

Yes, I came back to Six of Crows. What can I say? IT’S SUCH A COOL COVER. The way the crow’s wing melts into the city, creating an illusion… I LOVE it.


There we go! Wow, it was so much fun taking those pictures! I loved experimenting with props and such. 🙂 Do you have any favorite book covers? Let me know down below!



The Blizzard of Westchester

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello bloggers! Today, I have for a story I whipped up for Jenelle’s Fantasy is February Month short story challenge! (It’s a bit late, but that’s okay, right?) I wrote it in about an hour or two, so it probably won’t be amazing, but I hope you enjoy! ❤



“I am in no way under any obligation to make sense to you.”

Isidora spun her goblet of grape juice, watching it swirl in a tornado of purple. She was sick of dealing with these men and would much rather have called it quits for the day.

“But Isi, we need-”

Don’t…” Isidora’s eyes glared bright with anger, “call me Isi.”

The man dipped his head in acquiescence and tried again. “Isidora, highness, don’t you think we should be doing something about this coming storm?”

“Frederick makes a valid point, highness,” Kiernan put in quickly. “The white is closing in and snow is imminent.”

Isidora cast her eyes to look out one of the long, colored-glass windows lining the great feasting hall. The snow was coming down gently now, but she knew without a doubt that it would only get worse the longer she waited.

“I made myself quite clear, gentlemen,” she said with a sigh. “We shall wait for Felix to come, then sort out the matter. Then and only then.”

The men said nothing for a moment, each too afraid to speak, instead, staring disinterestedly at their plates of turkey and corn mush.

Isidora stood. “I’m tired now, and I will be retiring to my room. You are all free to stay and finishing supping in the dining hall.” She set down her half-drunk glass of juice and stepped lightly from the room.

When she reached her rooms, she quietly bolted the door shut, fell onto her bed, and started to cry.

Why couldn’t the men see? Felix would fix everything. It didn’t matter that he’d been out traveling for some months. When he got wind of the storm brewing, which he surely will, he would come home.

But a little voice in Isidora’s heart told her that wasn’t true. Why after all this time would he come back so suddenly? Despair ate away at any hope that was left.

What if Felix was lost? Or, worse yet, caught in the storm, never to be seen or heard from again? She had no desire to wear her black mourning gown.

Not again.

A small knock sounded on the door. Isidora sat up, hastily wiping her tear-stained cheeks, and hurried to pull the door open.

In the entrance was Ferdinand.

“Isidora? I need to have a word with you. I’m terribly sorry for…disturbing you,” he said, noting her red cheeks.

“No, no,” Isidora said, trying to sound casual. “It’s fine. I’ll meet you in the library.” She turned to her desk, but paused. Turning around she eyed Ferdinand. “It is just the two of us, right?”

Ferdinand looked a bit unsettled, but nodded all the same. “Yes, yes, of course. I could tell you were getting upset by all the men.”

Isidora nodded and hurried to powder her face. She hardly wanted Ferdinand to think she’d only gone to her rooms to cry. Which, she supposed she had, but that was beside the point.

Walking briskly down the halls, she soon reached the massive doors of the library. She tugged them open and saw Ferdinand, back to her, staring out the window. He turned when he heard the doors open. “Hello.”

Isidora nodded and strode up to him. “What was it you wanted?”

Ferdinand nodded his head, as if that answered the question. After a moment he spoke. “We’ve had word from Heimberg.”

Isidora’s eyes widened. Felix was supposedly in Heimberg. “What is it?”

Ferdinand didn’t speak for a moment, then looked fiercely up at Isidora. “Heimberg is snowed in.”

For a moment, Isidora said nothing, too stunned to comprehend what Ferdinand had said. She swallowed.

“Felix…Felix is in Heimberg.” Her voice quavered, try as she might to control herself. I’m not crying in front of Ferdinand again.

For the first time that night, Isidora noticed the bags under Ferdinand’s eyes. He had evidently known this for some time, which made Isidora worry all the more.

“If Felix is really in Heimberg,” Ferdinand said with a tired sigh, “then he is stuck there. For how long, I don’t know.”

A biting wind rattled the glass of the window, causing Isidora to step back in surprise. The storm had started brewing.

Isidora crept toward the window, feeling the icy glass under her hand. But it wasn’t like any cold she’d ever felt. Where the warmth of her hand would’ve melted a patch of ice away, instead only succeeded in sending a chill up her spine. She wrenched her hand away.

“This is like no other blizzard, Isidora,” Ferdinand said, coming up beside her. “It is the work of dark magic.”

A sharp rap at the door sent Ferdinand rushing to open it. A footman stood in the entrance.


“Our scouts have found something…” The footman hesitated. “Someone.”

Ferdinand glanced back at Isidora, awaiting her command. But Isidora had no desire to figure out what to do about the situation. “Who is this stranger?”

“No stranger, I’m afraid, highness,” the footman said, shuffling his feet. “It’s Felix.”


Isidora was at the entrance to the castle in a matter of moments, with all the men trailing her. She poked her head out one of the windows lining the room and saw in the distance a group of men plodding toward the castle.

“Bring him in immediately,” Isidora stated firmly, not dragging her gaze from the little party.

“Yes, highness,” the men replied, gathering their cloaks and rushing out into the unearthly storm.

Isidora watched and waited, her heart thumping violently in her chest. There was so much she wanted to say. So much she didn’t understand.

Felix had told her he must be away on a business venture, but when he hadn’t returned in the a week’s time, she had known something was very, very wrong.

The letters had stopped coming, people in the neighboring kingdoms hadn’t seen him for considerable amounts of time, and so, Felix had been presumed missing.

Isidora had known in her heart that wasn’t so. Felix wouldn’t leave her to fend for herself. He was still out there. Somewhere.

And now here he was, fast approaching the castle doors.

The wide French doors blew open with a wintry gust, and in stepped four men, all protectively surrounding Felix, who was half-blue and shivering.

Isidora flew into action.

“Get him some hot broth! And a blanket! And perhaps some dry clothes, too.” She tried to shove past the scouts to get to Felix, but they shoved her back.

“Felix has told us not to come near him, highness,” one of them said stoutly.

Isidora pursed her lips. “He is in no condition to make any sort of decision for himself. Step aside.”

Just then, a forceful gust of air burst through the windows, shattering the glass, letting in the biting cold air. Shouts arose as the wind took shape, forming into a swirling tornado of snow.

Eyes wide, mouth hanging, Isidora stared at the wind. She glanced back at Felix, who was backing farther and farther away, fear in his eyes.

“This kingdom belongs to winter,” a deep, echoing voice said. “And I shall be the one to claim it.” The voice was coming from within the swirling tempest. Isidora tripped on her skirt, backing up against the wall. A frostiness had entered her veins, leaving her frozen in place.

She felt an icy hand grip her shoulder, and saw that it was Felix. He was staring up at the wind, though he didn’t look as fearful as before.

“Isi,” he said, his voice quivering from cold. “I need you to get down. This tornado is dangerous.”

Isidora nodded numbly, unsure of what she had just heard. Nonetheless, she slowly lowered herself to the ground. Felix remained upright and pushed himself toward the storm.

“Coldspawn!” he shouted into the wind. “You’re not welcome here!”

“I will rule this kingdom and call it my own,” the chilling voice hissed. “And from then on, I will be known as the Blizzard of Westchester!”

Felix took a dizzy step back. Isidora remembered the feel of his hand on her shoulder. He was freezing cold. A thought sprang to mind. Felix is freezing to death.

Rising to her feet, Isidora called for order. The commotion of the guards and men died down, and she spoke.

“We all need to huddle together to get Felix warm!”

The men stood in stunned silence.

“Well?” Isidora exclaimed. “I’ve finally made a decision. Make it so!”

And so, all of the people in the room grabbed each others’ arms and flocked together, until they formed one giant group of people, all huddled around Felix’s shivering body.

The warmth of their togetherness spread through the room like a physical thing.

Felix’s voice rose from above the storm. “Leave, Coldspawn. You have no power here.”

A hideous screeching sound shocked everyone’s eardrums, and then the storm receded. Frigid silence filled the room, all of the people stood, too afraid to move away from their group of safety.

Isidora finally shoved through the people, dragging Felix along with her. Holding his hand was like holding an ice cube. “What have you gotten yourself into?” she said, looking up at her brother.

Felix shook his head, shivering. “I…It’s just my luck, I guess. I ran into an angry wizard and he cursed me with a blizzard hanging above my head.” His voice shook and his lips were blue. “I didn’t want to come home like this. But I also didn’t know what to do. I was too weak to think.”

Isidora wrapped her brother in a hug, trying to rub some warmth back into him. “I was so worried about you. What were you doing in Heimberg?”

“I was seeing the healer there, to see if he could cure me. But he sent me away because I was causing to much damage to the kingdom.”

Isidora sighed. “I never want you out of my sight again. Come on, we’re getting you into bed with a warm blanket and some chicken broth.”

“Oh, Isi, I’m sure it’s not been all bad. Ferdinand has to have taken good care of you, right?”

Isidora stared up at Felix’s cold blue eyes. Mischief shone bright in them. “You’re still Felix, to be sure,” she said in relief.

After Felix was comfortably settled in bed, Isidora sat by the blazing hearth in his room and stared out the window. Snow was falling gently now, and the moonlight made it appear glittery on the hills.

“He won’t stay away forever.”

Isidora turned to her brother. “What?”

“Coldspawn,” Felix said. “He won’t stay away for long. He’ll be back.”

A rap sounded on the door and then Ferdinand walked in. He bowed to Felix and then Isidora.

“I need a word with you both,” he said, striding up to Isidora and taking her hand. He kissed it gently.

All cold vanished from her as the warmth of Ferdinand’s touch filled her whole body. She glanced at Felix and saw he was politely looking away, yet still smiling with an inane grin on his face.

“What did you need?” Isidora said calmly, since clearly Felix was not going to speak for the both of them.

“The blizzard has moved from Westchester to Rouxley. The people are in distress.”

Felix sat up at this. “This is my fault. We need to stop him.”

Isidora nodded. “As soon as you’re better, of course.”

“I won’t be able to wait,” Felix said with a weak smile. “But I won’t be going alone this time.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Isidora said smiling back.


Well, there it is. If you managed to read through the whole thing, you deserve cake, honestly. And if you enjoyed it, you get cake and ice cream. 😉 Comment down below what you thought of it. And tell me, are you working on any fantasy stories?