Quick Update // Schedule Change


Hey friends! Just a really quick post today. I know I didn’t post last week, things have just been a bit crazy, and they’re only going to get crazier.

So I’m announcing my new schedule change. Instead of once a week, I’m going to post once every two weeks. It takes a lot of stress off my back and I’ll be able to give you guys better content instead of just quick, thrown-together posts.

I hope you guys understand this change. I’ve still been reading your blogs, too, even though I haven’t commented very much!

Also, who wants to stay glued to a computer screen when outside is so beautiful? 😉 How are you guys enjoying spring? Let me know down below!

New Until Next Time!


The Get To Know Me Tag // Writer’s Edition

The Get To Know Me Tag Writer's Edtion [post title image]

Hello friends! What do you think of the new design? Pretty snazzy? No? Let me know what you think in the comments!

So, I was floundering about for a post idea, when I saw this super fun post by Mary. I found that the original post had been thought up by Savannah and it just looked like SO MUCH AWESOME, so I decided to steal it.

And now I’m presenting it to you today. ^_^

The Rules //

• Link back to the person who created the tag (done!)

• Thank the person who tagged you (um…ehehe, well, thank you Mary, for bringing this tag to my attention? Even though I technically wasn’t tagged? Well, actually, I was tagged, because she tagged anyone wearing socks, so. Yeah. XD)

• share the tag graphic (see above!)

• tag eleven bloggers (oof…I’ll try!)

Vital Stats and Appearance

(pen)Name // Madeline J. Rose 😉

Nicknames // Most everyone IRL calls Maddie. I’ve also been called Madison, Madge, Mathie, Margaret, Mad-Dog, Miss Maddie, and a horde of other names that my brother calls me, which I will not list here for the sake of time. XD

Birthday // July 28th, 2000

Hair Color and Length // Light-ish brown and a little bit past my shoulders

Eye Color // Brown

Braces/piercings/tattoos // No piercings or tattoos, but I do have braces. I get them off at the end of May though! 😀

Righty or Lefty // Righty

Ethnicity // A mish-mash of Norwegian, Irish, English, and probably a few others thrown in there. All European. 🙂

Firsts //

First Novel Written // That would be Imprint, when I was about 14. I cringe just thinking about it…XD That first draft…*shudders* XD

First Novel Completed // That would also be Imprint! So far, it’s the only completed novel of mine…But I’m hoping to remedy that!

Award for Writing // Gosh…I don’t know if I’ve ever won an award for writing… I’ve entered quite a few contests, but I never got an award.

First publication // I won a MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators)short story contest, and it was published in the monthly newsletter. Does that count?

Conference // Last year, I went to a local writer’s conference in the cities, and it was a really great experience! I wrote a post about theme, using the info I learned from Wayne Thomas Batson’s class.

Query/Pitch // Not yet… 😉 I did have Shannon Hale read a few pages of my prologue from Imprint, which was SO FREAKY AND OH MY GOSH. I’ve since edited the prologue, and looking back is a wee bit embarrassing. I can’t believe I let her read that… XD

Favorites //

Novel (that you wrote) // That’s like asking to choose your favorite way potatoes are cooked. It’s DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. O_O I love them all for different reasons! Though, I am really fond of Give or Take Your Time. The main character (Dril) will always have a special place in my heart.

Genre // FANTASY. All kinds of it! From urban fantasy and magical realism to epic, high fantasy, I love it all. <333

Author // Oh dear. Do I have to pick? Can I list like my top three? Okay, thanks.

Marissa Meyer

Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Heather Dixon

There’s about a dozen more, but these are definitely high on the list.

Writing Music // Wow…I…I listen to so much different music, I could never, ever choose my favorites. Just, listen to my Spotify story playlists, then you’ll know.

Time to Write // I would say in the afternoon. I feel most relaxed and inspired then.

Writing Snack/Drink // I don’t really eat or drink while I write, it’s too much of a distraction, but once in a while, I’ll take a cup of hot chocolate or some cold raspberry tea with me.

Movie // Seriously Savannah, THESE QUESTIONS. Well, I am a huge MCU fan, so…any and all of the Marvel movies. 🙂

Writing Memory // Ooh, this is an interesting questions! I think mine would have to be when I was still really young, like 9, and I had this beat-up notebook with my list of ideas all written up nicely. And I would take that notebook and a pencil out to my backyard and sit on our play set swing and just swing and think about stories for hours. Good times. ❤

Childhood Book // Princess Academy was my absolute favorite book when I was younger. Still is, actually. When I learned she had written more books, well, I was ecstatic, to say the least.

Currently //

Reading // Right now, I’m reading Cold Summer by Gwen Cole. It’s about a boy with PTSD and a sad girl and it’s so adorable basically. ^_^

Writing // This post! 😀 But for a real answer, I can’t say that I’ve been working at something specific. I’ve been looking through old writing, deciding if I should start rewriting it, or do something new.

Listening to // Right this very second, I’m listening to Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra from Indiana Jones. 😀

Watching // I just recently watched The Phantom Menace for the first time! I know, sad right? I actually really enjoyed it! Jar Jar Binks is slightly (*ahem*VERY VERY*ahem*) annoying, but other than that, I really liked it! Qui-Gon Jin though. </3

Learning // That no matter what the weather outside is, you can still be joyful. (For a little context, last Saturday, we had a blizzard rip through our area. It was cold and snowy and icy and just all-around unpleasant. IT’S SPRING FOLKS. NOT WINTER. Very depressing. -_-

Future //

Want to Be Published // Abso-positively! I don’t know how far away and lofty that goal is, but it’s still my goal! 🙂

Indie or Traditional // I would prefer traditional (seeing my book in the bookstore has always been my dream!), but I wouldn’t be against indie publishing.

Wildest goal // Become a best-selling author, be able to make a living off of writing alone, and have an awesome fanbase!! (Seriously though, I would LOVE a fanbase. I cansee it now, ‘the Madeline fandom’… Hey, I can dream, right? XD)

That’s the tag!

And now, to tag some peoples //

Elise @ E.E. Rawls | Gail @ A Gail Made a Blog | Jenelle @ Jenelle Schmidt | Laurel @ We’ll Be Fine | Lisa @ Lisa Pickle | Liv @ Liv K. Fisher | Kenzie @ Smudged Thoughts | Lissa @ An Attempt to Be Classic | To Be A Shennachie | Abbey @ Regarding Reading and Writing | any one else who thinks this looks fun! 😉

Thank you Savannah for this super awesome tag! If you decide to do this tag, leave me a link below, I would love to see it! 😉

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No Post This Week // But Exciting Changes!


Hello friends! So, unfortunately, I don’t have a post for you guys this week. 😦

shocked oh my god GIF by PG Tips

But I do have some a little splattering of news for you! Very soon, you will start to see some changes I’m doing to my blog design. The owls and fun, bright colors have served me well these past years, and I will miss them, but I’m ready to move on.

I will also be updating my ‘books’ page along with a few other little things.

I hope you guys will like what you see!


Pitiful Prose // The Dragon Mystery


Hi guys! Okay, so I was literally so confused as to what to do for this week’s post. Do I do an Easter-themed post? April Fools-themed? Pitiful Prose? You can see my problem. So, I finally decided on an unusually long Pitiful Prose. Let’s get cringing! 😀

I am a servant to the Queen of the west. And I am in the back-yard trying to round up the dragons with the other servants, but one of the servants, Mutton*, is just trying to hurt them.

*Yep, that’s legit his name. Why? I don’t know.

I try to explain to him, but suddenly, the dragons all start to fly to the south. Several* of the men try to catch them, but they Keep flying. The tell us they are going after them, so now us girls are left to ponder what the dragons are running away for.

*Okay, this has nothing to do with the story, but I just thought I’d share: For the longest time, I thought the word ‘several’ meant seven. Like ‘once’ means one, and ‘twice’ means two. Yeah. Please tell me I’m not alone. XD

I go to the Kitchen to help Mason, who is usually working there.* “Haven’t you heard? The dragons have all gone missing.”*

*Why is there a male scullery maid/person?
*How could word have gotten around that fast? That was LITERALLY LIKE FIVE MINUTES AGO.

I wanted to say that they had just flown to the south, perhaps for the winter. But I am not of rank to correct another of the servants.* I am looked upon as strange and not normal, so I don’t get quite any respect.

*Well, that’s just sad. How lowly can you get? Apparently this lowly.

So I just said, “Wow, what intrigue.”

“I know quite mysterious, hm?”

As I wiped the table down, I got an Idea.* “Mason, doesn’t Glinda*, the good witch, live to the east of us?”

*That’s idea with a capital I, Idea™
*This may or may not have been when I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.

“Why, yes, but why?”

“Well, suppose she knows something about dragons that could help?” I wouldn’t have been worried about them, but I recently heard that gold is buried somewhere in the south, and I fear someone is trying to use our dragons.*

*So the dragons can like sniff out the gold or something? Huh…that’s kinda cool, actually. *applauds younger self*

“Thats not a bad Idea™ for once in your life. I’ll call the Queen and the princess.”

In our kingdom, there is only a Queen who rules. And of course her 12 daughters.* The King died many years ago.

*Wait, so is this a Twelve Dancing Princesses kind of retelling or what? Or is it a Wizard of Oz retelling? MAKE UP YOUR MIND STORY.

I crept to the throne room to see if Mason would give me any credit for my Idea™. He didn’t.* “Your Highness, I propose an Idea™ to help the dragons.”

*The jerk.

“And what is that?”

“We shall ask Glinda, the good witch to help us.”

“That is an excellant Idea.”

Just then, Grace, the youngest princess, popped into the room. She had obviously been eavesdropping. “Oh! Mother may I go? Pretty please?”

“of course dear, whatever you want, but you must remember, you are but 12*. And visiting the east Kingdom is quite dangerous for your age. You must have one of the servants with you.”

*For real? This is a good Idea™? You’re going to have a 12 year old negotiate with a witch? Super duper.

Mason made a heroic pose.*

*Just when I thought I couldn’t like Mason any less.

Before I was spotted for eavesdropping, I pretended I was cleaning the walls.* Grace scanned the room and then, she pointed at me.

*’Cause apparently they did that? Cleaning walls? Really?

Mason laughed and the Queen looked shocked, “You want…her?”*

*You know, honestly, I would much rather have this hitherto fore unnamed girl guide Grace rather than Mason. He seems like the oblivious type.

Grace nodded.

“But dear, why don’t you pick one of those strong men to help you?”

Grace shook her head, “No, I want her.”

The Queen looked loathe*, but she agreed finally. “You may take the horses.”

*How does one look ‘loathe’? Isn’t that a verb?

And so we were off.

I really wanted to know why she had wanted me so bad.* I dared to ask. “Your Highness,”

*I really want to know why the queen is letting her 12 year old be a dignitary to a foreign kingdom ruled by a witch. But we don’t always get we want, okay?

“Just Grace.”* She said and smiled.

*Ooh, how cute!!! *thick sarcasm*

“OK, Grace… why did you want me so badly?” I clenched my jaw shut tight, waiting for the answer.

“Oh, I’ve seen you in the yard, practicing your sword fighting*, and…” she paused a moment, “…I just wanted to get to know you.”*

*Wait WAHT? This little servant girl can wield a sword but is too timid to speak up against having a 12 year old sojourn to a dangerous foreign kingdom?
*And we couldn’t have done that back at the palace where it’s safe?

My mouth went dry.* “That’s, very, nice, of you…” I felt a wall that was once around me collapsing.* I felt used and dried up.* What she knew? What if she wanted to use me?

*Definitely not how I would have reacted, but sure, whatever.
*What are trying to hide, like? What??
*FOR REAL? How does Grace wanting to be your friend make you feel used? Are you kidding me right now?

We rode in silence the rest of the way. When at the edge of the Kingdom of The east, I realized how beautiful a kingdom could really be. When there, I parted from Grace and went to explore.*

*Aaaaaand you’re just going to walk away from the 12 year old. Smart move.

I soon found some little baby animals and cuddled with them.* Then the baby lamb started biting and chewing at my sleeves. I tried to run away, but he kept following me. He sort of guided me through the busy streets and lead me straight to Glinda herself.*

*Because that’s a good way to spend your time.
*Just FYI, I really dislike the ‘animal-friend-guides-you-to-just-the-right-person/place-you-needed-be. Ick.

“I see you’ve meet Scout.”* she said scratching the lambs head.

*This woman can’t even speak properly and she’s running a kingdom?

“Your Highness,” I curtsied low. “Have you talked to Her Highness, Princess Grace?”*

*”Because I’ve been wandering around sniffing roses and completely ignoring the reason we came here in the first place.”

“Yes, I did, and I understand Grace is to young to know anything about such things.”*

*But I mean really, did anyone think Grace had a scrap of knowledge about the missing dragons? Was the queen expecting her daughter to come back with answers? Because if she was…then I have nothing to say.

My cheeks flared a bright red.* “Please forgive her Your Highness, she merely wanted some fun.”

*I’m going to pretend that’s second hand embarrassment.

She just smiled. “Perhaps you could carry the message?”*

*And you think the queen is going to listen to you? Based on your position, nobody is going to believe or listen to you.

“Of course Your Highness.”

“Well, I know a man who rules the Northern Kingdom. He has a few tricks up his sleeve may have taken your dragons for his benefit. His name is Oz.”*

*Again with the Wizard of Oz obsession.

I’d heard of him before, always trying to rule all of Nore.*

*Aayy, look at that! I don’t know if I’ve every mentioned this on the blog, but this is where I got the name for my fantasy world in Imprint. Fun fact for you.

“If your Queen of the west could reason with him, you may get your dragons back.”

“Allow me to interpose*, but the dragons flew south, and Oz lives in the North.”

*I think it would sound better if you said “Permit me to interpolate.” No?

“You are very right. But he has ways of imposing and using.* Do you think you can bring this message to the Queen of the West?”

*What does that even mean? ‘Imposing and using’? Hypnosis? Mind control?

“Most certainly, Your Highness.”

“Child, what is your name?”*


No one had ever asked me that before. “My name is Zophie.”*

*That is…not what I picturing you as. More of a Memily. Or maybe Jarah. Or maybe even Yzabella. What do you guys think?

“What a lovely name.” and she smiled at me. Oh, how I wished I could stay forever!* But I had to give a message. I said good-bye, found Grace*, and went home.

*Wow. That…escalated quickly.
*Yeah, how long did that take you, stupid? -_-

When we got there, I found the Queen in her library.

And there we have an example of when we realized this story was not even remotely good enough to continue, so we ended it quite abruptly. And wowza, that was a really long post. If you made it to the end…I applaud you. And give you a giant chocolate bunny. XD I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter, and, oh I don’t know, maybe pull a prank or two? 😉


Writerly Spring Cleaning Challenge


Hello guys! Recently, Deborah came up with this genius writing challenge which I was so generously tagged for! It’s not too long, so let’s get right into it!

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you (done!)
2. Share the picture (done!)
3. Answer the questions (naturally…) or even pick and choose which ones you answer (see below! 🙂 )
3.5. Tag 3 other writers and inform them that you tagged them (via comment/message/email or hey, even carrier-pigeon or smoke signal; I’m not picky) (will do!)

1. Dust-bunnies and Plot-bunnies: Reorganize Your Writing Goals (Or Make New Ones)

Alright, let us see. As you may remember from my 2017 recap, I didn’t really give myself very specific goals. I told myself that I wasn’t going to pressure myself so much, since I feel like this year is really going to be a busy time. But here are my goals (roughly):

  • Outlining my novels A TON.
  • Possibly do either JuNo or NaNo, but probably not both
  • Not being afraid to take hiatuses and rework blogging schedule

As for how I’m doing on those goals, I’d say I’ve got a pretty good start. I’ve started planning posts ahead of time again, and I believe I’ve taken at least one minor hiatus since the beginning of the year.

I’m considering NaNo to be more of an option, rather than JuNo, since my June is going to be CRAZY. If I do NaNo, I will definitely try to make time for it and really work hard at it.

And outlining…well, I’ve been looking over some old unfinished outlines, and I’m having a hard time choosing where to start. But once I figure which ones to continue with, I’m going to try to hammer out three this year.

2. Which Stage Are You At? Expound!

a. Remodeling layouts (planning the story)
b. Painting the walls in colorful hues (writing)
c. Polishing the windows and scrubbing the floors and putting flowers in vases (editing)
d. Blueprints (not to the cleaning or remodeling yet… just drawing up plans for the very beginning inklings of a story)
e. Some combination of those things (cleaning out a closet)

Choice E. is currently what I’m at. With one of my novels, I’m looking at some major editing, but with most others, I’m still in the blueprints stage. I’d like to say some of them are moving past the blueprints and I’m looking into remodeling them, but I’m not quite there yet. 😛

3. Treasure From the Back of the Closet (Share one to three snippets you love!)

Aww, I love this! *scours manuscripts for something suitable* Here you go, these are all from Imprint, (the only decently edited manuscript I have. XD)

“Write residence, Markus speaking,” he said around a mouthful of spaghetti.

“What are you eating?” It was Paige.

“It’s this thing called food.”

He grinned, practically hearing Paige’s eyes rolling.


“What are you doing here?” Paige hissed through clenched teeth. “You’ve taken to stalking people now?” Secretly, she was a bit relieved to have Markus here with her. She was still shaking from what had happened outside the window.

“Stalking is such a strong word…”

“How’d you get in?” She got up and rushed toward him.

“I scooted up the side of the tower like a caterpillar.”

Paige frowned. “Markus. Really.”

“Paige, I’m literally standing by a secret trap door.”


Zedidiah swept over to a mirror in the corner. It was held in a beautiful frame, fashioned from wood, and carved with images of creatures Paige had never seen before. He gingerly pressed his hand onto the glass and she could see a faint red glow under his palm. A figure appeared in the glass.

It was Drilidric. “What now?” he huffed, crossing his arms.

“Since this will be the last time you see any of your friends, I thought to include you in the sharing of my plan.”

“Oh,” Drilidric said, staring through the mirror. “How nice of you to think me. I wouldn’t want to miss this for Nore. Let me just go get some popcorn—”

“Stop talking,” Zedidiah snapped, annoyed.

3.5. Bonus: Do Some Actual Spring Cleaning of Your Writer Self! (and share a picture!)

Here’s a picture of my work space! On my computer screen is one of the outlines I’m reading through and tweaking a bit.

Yes, that is a baby Groot. And yes, he is adorable. 😀


I tag… Faith @ The Writer’s Song | Laurel @ We’ll Be Fine | and Lisa @ Lisa Pickle

That was such a fun challenge! Thank you Deborah, for coming up with this! Are any of you guys spring cleaning? Writing or otherwise? Let me know down below!


Pirates DEBUNKED // Common Misconceptions about Pirates, Ships, and Swashbucklery


Hello guys! So, today’s post is going to be a little different. I’ve been working on a project of mine that you might remember from previous posts called Sciamachy. It’s a fantasy novel with magic, vast icy wasteland, and pirates.

And, being the procrastinator that I am, instead of actually writing the thing, I’m doing research about pirates. Because why not, you know?

So, here are a few interesting factoids I thought you might like to know. Also, enjoy the gratuitous Pirates of the Caribbean gifs. ^_^

Pirates rarely buried their treasure

Pirates knew that their lifespans probably weren’t the…longest, so they usually tried to spend all their money as soon as possible. And sometimes, the loot wasn’t gold or silver, it was clothes, food, or animal hides. Wouldn’t really want to bury that, huh?

Johnny Depp No GIF

Although, there are exceptions, Captain Kidd, being the most common example.

They had rules and regulations

In order to be a part of the crew, there were usually very strict rules you had to agree to before you were let on. Things like how loot would be divvied up, how to treat your fellow mates, and things that were forbidden onboard the ship.

Johnny Depp Pirate GIF

They didn’t walk the plank

The idea of ‘walking the plank’ was first mentioned in Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe. In reality, pirates almost never made their prisoners walk the plank.

Animated GIF

If they were going to kill their prisoners, they weren’t going to waste any time getting it done…

There were women pirates

Pirates Of The Caribbean GIF

Though rare, there have been female pirates. Just take Anne Bonny and Mary Read for example.

Piracy was better than the alternative

Most pirates became pirates just for the sake of going on exhilarating adventures and because they actually enjoyed being outlaws, right?

pirates of the caribbean no GIF

huge majority of pirates were actually honest sailors who quit their jobs because the conditions were just too awful. Next to no pay, risking your life everyday out at sea, shackled to the ships walls below…  And many men were sailors only because they were kidnapped by the British Navy and were forced to work for them.

So if you were living in these conditions and a band of ‘rebellious pirates’ came to overthrow your ship, wouldn’t you want to join them?

Pirates didn’t say ‘Arrgh!’ very often

All the ‘arrgh matey!’ and ‘avast ye landlubbers!’ is thanks to Hollywood. Pirates most likely spoke in a manner similar to British sailors (since that’s what most of them were).

Guess that kind of ruins Talk Like a Pirate day…

Johnny Depp Pirate GIF

Being a pirate was often pretty boring

Being a pirate wasn’t all sword-swinging and plundering. Most of the time, it was really, really boring. Staying out at sea for days on end, searching for ships to pillage, it got old pretty fast.

So to amuse themselves, pirates drank, gambled (though sometimes that was forbidden), sang, danced, and put on plays.

Pirates Of The Caribbean GIF

Did you learn anything new? I should probably be writing right now, but… Research is important too, right? 😛 Do you think this would make a good series? Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this down below!


Writing is Addicting // A Small Poem


Hello guys! And whoopsies… Kinda took a little hiatus there. Well, I’m back and I have a little something for you. Next week should be back to normal with a longer post. 🙂

writing is addicting

these are the symptoms

• a delicious sensation of coming up with a new idea

• a tingly feeling you get when you tell others about your work

• a buzzing in your head when everything starts to come together

• purposely scrolling through the internet, looking for pictures to set you off on a creative high and get the cogs of your brain churning

• hearing a song, and special notes making you fall into the world of writing

• staring out the window of a moving car, and imagining characters interacting in your head

• misspelling words because you’re typing so fast, the inspiration feeding your drive

• falling in love with your characters and feeling everything they feel, even if it’s pain

• exploding with happiness thinking of the perfect wording of a sentence

• a crushing ache in your heart watching your characters suffer

• a villainous sector in your brain that relishes in watching your characters suffer

even when you’re tired,

even when you’re sleeping,

your words follow you into your dreams

they consume you until all you can think about is words, words, words

if this is you, get help because

writing is addicting.

Do you think this makes writing sound appealing? Or fanatical? Or scary? Let me know down below!


Pitiful Prose // A Most Awkward Meeting


Hello friends! You know what time it is…CRINGE TIME! XD This week’s installment features a stalker, a weirded-out girl, and lots of grammatical errors!


In walked a man about 20, tall, brown hair, typical but striking blue eyes*….

*Could this be a more horrible description? I think not.

“Hello, Miss! Welcome to my, er, “our” home*.”

*And right from the beginning, we can tell this man is not someone you want to be living with for any amount of time.

I stared blankly at him, not knowing what to do. The servant grabbed my arm. “Let me take you to your room, miss….”

“Anya*,” I finished.

*Yes, I did steal that name from Anastasia, in case you were wondering.

“No, no,” said Milo, “I’ll take her myself*.”

*Seriously?! Does this not spell ‘bad idea’ to anyone?

“Very well.”

Milo walked over and grabbed my hand. It felt rough, and warm*. “Come.”

*That just…seems like a weird thing to include. Are you attracted to him? Or is it just an observation?

We walked through the great hall in silence. When we reached the door, Milo let go of my hand and ran right out the door.*

*You weren’t in the room, how could you have run out the door?

“I’ll be right back!” he shouted.*

*Oh good. He’s gone.

I observed my surroundings. Bed, table, window, and closet. The only thing I would probably use is the bed.*

*A little background, Anya lived in the forest for most of her life, so she isn’t familiar with societal norms and stuff. Like…what a table is, I guess?

“I’m back!” said Milo through puffs of breath. He sounded like he was trying to hold back excitement. “Well, here you are,” he said.

“yeah,” I said back.

“What do you think?”*

*Of what? You? The house? WHAT?

I glanced at the bed. “OK, I guess……”

“Great! now, would you mind if I examined you a momement?”*

*Wha…What now? Also, momement? Really?


“Great! Thanks!” Milo said preoccupied, whipping out a note book and pencil.

“um,” I began awkwardly, “what do I do?”

Milo looked up from his notebook. “What did you say?”*

*Okay, this is super awkward, bordering on weird.

“Did you just invite me here to stare at me?”

“no,” he replied, “I didn’t even now you were here,” he said gesturing around. “until I got a call from one of my spys,”*


“You were spying on me!?”

“No! Miss, please.” And he went straight back to work.*


I sighed. “you still never answered my question.”

“Hold still, please. Oh, what did you say?”*

*You sir, are a jerk. Just sayin’.

He’s been living with hiself to long.* “I said, did you just send me here so you could sit and doodle all day?”

*YES. THANK YOU ANYA. Although, your grammar concerns me…

“hey, these are very sientific measerements and proseures* I’m taking and no, I did not send you here so I could examine you all day, althought I would have liked to,”

*Very sy-en-tih-fic meh-sir-eh-ments and pro-soors, in case you’re wondering. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are.

“You don’t even know my name, do you?”


*Come on, man, really? She literally said it a few paragraphs ago.

“Anya,” I said annoyed. “And just so you know, I was very excited to be invited here until now.”* I headed for the door.

*Hmm…excited? I guess if you had lived by yourself in the forest for all your life, human interaction, even with a weirdo, would be nice…

“Wait! Miss! uh, Anya!” he shouted and ran for the door.

Well, there you go. That was one of my very early story ideas that I actually planned on rolling with. I actually still have an about the characters (and don’t worry, I changed the man’s stalker vibe. XD) What’s the most ridiculous part of this whole scenario? Feel free to rip into this piece in the comments below!



February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Elements

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello guys! Well, it looks like February is nearly over! Can you believe it? Time is just whizzing by… This year is going to disappear so fast… O_O But anyway, this week’s questions are all about the elements that make up a fantasy story!


• Favorite magical weapons

I’ve always been fond of swords!

Lord Of The Rings GIF

But I do like the use of magic as a weapon too.

• Fantastical Art/Music

Hmm… Let’s see. I really love Eanrin’s (Tales of Goldstone Wood) ballads and poetry! Does that count as music? XD As for art… Well, I do like how art is described in The Vanishing Sculptor. There are pictures of the sculptures scattered throughout the book and the descriptions are so vivid and beautiful! I also love a gorgeously done map stuck in at the beginning or end of a book. Like this one:


• Epic journeys & quests & lost heirs, Oh My!

Ooh, let’s see!

• The Hobbit has an epic journey

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• The Lightning Thief has a quest (and a pretty awesome one at that) (and hush, Percy Jackson is totally fantasy :P)


• The Lunar Chronicles has a lost heir


There, some recommendations for you. They’re all three of them amazing. Does that sufficiently answer the question?

• Prophecies: Love or Hate?

It’s funny, in movies, prophecies REALLY, REALLY annoy me. But in books…They don’t bug me too much. Maybe it’s because the movie makes it seem really cheesy? Or it just seems overdone? I don’t know.

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So I guess it’s somewhere in between love and hate? My favorite prophecy is probably the one in Illusionarium. That was really cool and clever.

• A villain you love to hate

SUCH A HARD QUESTION. Can I list like my top five?

  • Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles
  • The Keeper from Entwined
  • Capricorn from Inkheart
  • Smaug from The Hobbit
  • Queen Irina from The Shadow Queen

All nasty horrible beings. BUT I STILL LOVE THEM. I mean, as villains, not, like… you know what I mean.

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• Favorite fantasy hero/heroine

SUCH. TOUGH. QUESTIONS. O_O Okay, let’s see… I’m going to say for hero, definitely Lionheart from the Tales of Goldstone Wood. To me, he’s like the perfect image of a hero. At first he’s reluctant, but then he sets off, and he experiences hardships, which turns him into a stronger person. Such a cool character arc.

For heroine, I’m going to say Cress from the Lunar Chronicles. She’s sweet and gentle, but also strong and brave and knows how to handle things. She’s definitely a character I look up to. ❤

• Share an epic fantasy quote


It’s not really from a book, but I just love it so much I had to share. 🙂 Oh, and a close runner-up…

“Never laugh at live dragons.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Well, that was really fun! Thanks, Jenelle for coming up with these awesome prompts! What’s your favorite fantasy weapon? Who are you favorite villains or heroes? Let me know below!


February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Families

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello friends! Have you been enjoying these posts? No? Well, too bad, because I have another one for you, and this time, it’s center around family!


• Best fantasy family

Ooh, let’s see… You know, I don’t know if I can think of an answer for this one! I’m wracking my brain, but I can’t come up with a whole fantasy family, let alone my favorite one… 😐 If you can think of any, let me know down below!

• Best siblings in fantasy

I’m going with the twelve sisters from Entwined for this one. They’re each unique and really care for each other! Plus, their is much sisterly banter and wit, which I love dearly. 🙂

Siblings GIF

• Best fathers in fantasy

I think that would be a tie between Mo from Inkheart and Verrin Schope from The Vanishing Sculptor, (I just realized I haven’t raved about this book on here in a while! GO READ IT. It’s hilarious and wonderful). Both are trying their best to protect their daughters, but feel as though they’re failing. And they’re both in a pretty bad predicaments. And they’re both witty and charming. Oh my word, the similarities… O_O

• Best mothers in fantasy

I really hate to this, but I’m drawing a blank for this one too! Is it just me, or are there really not very many mothers in fantasy? Hmm… Would Elinor from the movie Brave count? If she did, that would be my answer. She’s half the time frustrated with her unruly daughter, but she’s still patient, and the ending…so lovely. ❤

animated movie kiss GIF by Disney Pixar

• Best fantasy friends

CINDER & CO. FROM THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. They kind of skim the line between sci-fi and fantasy, but SERIOUSLY. THEY ARE THE BEST. Their banter gives me life. ❤

• Best mentors in fantasy

Deborah actually just recently did a post about mentors, and I agreed with her on so many of the ones she listed! Gandalf from LOTR, Cosimo Livingstone from the Bright Empires series, Beana from the Tales of Goldstone Wood…so many good ones! 😀

• Why are there so many fantasy orphans?

That is a very good question. I…honestly don’t know.

Emperor'S New Groove Idk GIF

It’s the easiest option? To get the parents out of the way? A tragic backstory? There are so many ways storytellers can make that trope work. I personally don’t mind this trope, but it does get annoying after a while. Parents have good things to say! They can be such interesting plot devices! They can be mentors, sidekicks, the logical ones who say ‘why-in-the-world-are-you-doing-it-that-way-this-way-would-be-faster-and-a-million-times-easier’, they could even be interesting heroes! :O Or maybe the villains? *evil grin*

Well, there you are my friends. I really think there should be more family relationships in fantasy…It would make everything so much more relatable, you know? What do you think? More families? Better parent/child relationships? Let me know in the comments!