Silmaril Awards // Voting Round!


Hey guys! Okay, I just have to say it…WOW. WOW WOW WOW.


And now, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for the results, so I won’t delay any longer!

Coming up with the most nominations, we have…

Fern from The Girl Who Could See (by Kara Swanson)

Fern has a strong spirit and caring heart. Her bravery in the face of danger and her own fears – along with her relentless determination – certainly sets her apart as a very epic heroine. Also…she can see into other worlds and has an imaginary warrior friend.

Next we have…

Aravis from The Horse and His Boy (by C.S. Lewis)

Descendant of the great god Tash, Aravis is fearless, willing to kill herself rather than be married to her evil suitor. She survives lion attacks, avoids capture by sneaking out of Tashbaan and escaping to the Tombs, and treks through the blistering desert sun to reach her destination. Throughout her journey, Aravis has shown herself to be a strong and capable heroine, brave, loyal, and resourceful.

Up next we have…

Jill from The Silver Chair and The Last Battle (by C.S. Lewis)

Though bullied at school in England, Jill blossoms as a hero in Narnia. From her journeys through Underworld to save Prince Rillian, to her stand with the last king of Narnia in The Last Battle, Jill proves to be tenacious adventurer and a fierce friend.

Our next nominee is…

Leeli Igiby from The Wingfeather Saga (by Andrew Peterson)

Though she’s a young lass, Leeli Igiby carries herself with poise, and her compassion is nigh unrivaled. Her crippled leg doesn’t hinder her from joining her brothers Janner and Tink in wild escapades, and her small stature belies her fierce nature and ever-present courage. Chief among her skills is her deft touch on the whistleharp, from which she can spin songs that can quiet the most ferocious soul and penetrate the hardest heart. Her devotion to her family and her dear dog Nugget, her strength in the face of the ghastly Fangs of Dang, and her gentle attitude toward the mysterious Peet the Sock Man make her a true inspiration.

And finally we have…

Cress from The Lunar Chronicles (by Marissa Meyer)

A shell, born with no abilities and immunity to deceptive magic, Cress is the most incredible hacker in the known galaxy. Though she lived in a satellite by herself for most of her life, and is perhaps unfamiliar with some common customs and social cues, that only makes her all the more sweet and innocent. She is there for her friends when they need her, is brave when it counts, loyal, kind, and never gives up, even when it seems all hope is lost.

HERE is the link to the voting form. Let me know which of these heroines you want to win! And may the odds be ever in your favorite characters’ favor! 😀

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3rd Annual Silmaril Awards Ceremony // Nomination Round! (CLOSED!)



Hello friends! So, I feel really bad for being such a bad blogger and not posting as frequently as I feel I should be. But hopefully this post makes up for it!


*drum-roll please*

IT’S SILMARIL TIME! That’s right, it’s finally here! And I can’t wait to see you all go wild in the comments!! 😀

This year, I will be hosting The Most Epic Heroine Silmaril! This award should go to the heroine who is brave in the face of danger. Who isn’t afraid to risk her life for her friends. Who is smart. Resourceful. Wise. Kind. And an all-around amazing person.

Before you scurry over to the comment section, there are a few things you need to know:


• Authors may not nominate their own characters. Sorry guys. 😦 But you are more than welcome to encourage your fans to nominate them!

• Anyone can second any character, even if it’s their own! The more seconds a character gets, the more chances they have of making it into the big-five voting round!

• Nominations are allowed for FANTASY BOOK characters only! Movie characters aren’t allowed unless the book came FIRST (e.g. The Princess Bride). We DO give a bit of leeway in the fantasy/sci-fi spectrum. If a good argument can be made as to WHY the book is technically fantasy, we will allow it (e.g. The Lunar Chronicles. Since they are actually fairy-tale retellings, and they have an element of magic, they are allowed).

• Characters who have already won a Silmaril in previous years are not permitted to win the award again. They are instead part of the “Lifetime” Hall of Fame for that specific award. (Lucy Pevensie won last year’s awards, so she will not be eligible.)

• Characters from any of Tolkien’s books (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, etc.) are NOT allowed to be nominated, as most of them will be presenting at the awards ceremony. How awkward would it be for them to have to present themselves with the award?



We also have a snazzy new website this year, courtesy of DJ Edwardson. Go check it out, it’s seriously amazing! We have past winners, a list of the bloggers who put this together, and much more stuff to come!

And lastly, here are the links to all the other presenters’ nomination posts! Be sure to go nominate in all of their categories too!

Least Competent Henchman

Silver Tongue

Most Nefarious Villain

Wisest Counselor

Most Mischievous Imp

Most Epic Hero

Most Magnificent Dragon

Most Loyal Friend

Strangest Character

Remember; nominations are open until September 7th, so get your favorites in quick! And don’t forget to have a blast! I can’t wait to see all the epic heroines! ^_^

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Realm Makers // Tips for Newbies! (AKA, Things I Wish I Had Known)

Wow. Look at me, I’m so on top of things, aren’t I? Posting every two weeks, giving you guys quality content. Go me.

Monkey Smh GIF by PG Tips



I had such an amazing time, meeting all of you guys (and wishing some of you guys were there ;( ), taking a notebook full of notes in all the classes, book buying, dressing up for banquet night, the Nerf war that may or may not have happened. 😉

In short, it was such an amazing experience, and since I can’t accurately sum everything up, I’m going to throw some of these other bloggers posts in your face. Jenelle, Tracey, and Christine have some lovely recaps you should go read right now (you’ll find a couple pictures of me, if you look hard enough. 😉 )

So, as a writer, this was a totally worthwhile experience for me. I would go again in a heartbeat. But…there were some things that I wish I had done, and some things I wish I hadn’t done. So, if you’re planning on going some time in the future, or you just want some of my advice for next year, I’m going to list some pro tips that will help you be the best Realmie you can be. 😀

Tip 1 // Take as many pictures as humanly possible!

This is one of those things were I can see my quietness really makes itself known. I’m not the type of person to just walk up to somebody and say ‘Hey, mind if I take a picture with you?’ No, no, no, no, no, that is not me. If you come up to me and ask for a picture, I will gladly pose and smile. But it’s just not in my nature to ask.

But I wish I had. I so wish I had.

Because now I have no pictures of the event (except for the ones Christine sent me, THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤ ). It’s all mostly memories for me. And that’s totally fine. If you don’t care about the pictures, no big deal. But I know for me, pictures help keep events alive in my mind. And I do have the memory of a goldfish, so…

forget finding nemo GIF

Also, part of the reason I didn’t take any pictures is because I didn’t have a nice camera. I had my phone with me, but any pictures I attempted to take on it were always blurry and/or grainy. So I gave up on that. I do have a little digital camera, but it’s not the easiest to use. And I also forgot it. So.

In conclusion: get yourself a good camera, and don’t be afraid to snap a ton of photos! You’ll be so glad you did.

Tip 2 // Consider if you want take notes on paper or on your laptop/device!

This kind of depends on how good at note taking you are. I know I kind of wished I have used my laptop (even though it’s big and bulky and weighs a half a ton XD ). Instead, I had a notebook with me. Which definitely worked just fine, I filled it up with a ton of great notes and it felt really great just carrying my little notebook and pencil to each class.

But I’m not the fastest note taker. There was a lot of stuff that I missed because I couldn’t write fast enough. (Most of the people giving classes were willing to send their slides out, though, so that was nice. 🙂 ) Typing is just much easier and more convenient for me.

Anna Kendrick Typing GIF

But it’s also a pain to lug around a gargantuan laptop. In my case, I probably won’t end up carrying my computer around, but if you have a tiny, easily portable device, I would highly suggest using that, if you’re more into typing than pencil and paper.

Tip 3 // Bring business cards!

I so wish I had made some and brought them! Every time someone handed me there business card I would have to accept it and then…awkwardly not give them anything in return because I had nothing. XD

Awkward French GIF

After I got home, I started designing some on Vistaprint, had them finished within a day, and then ordered a pack of a hundred. They’re super cute and I’m really excited about them. ^_^

So if you want to be professional and you have the money, it’s a great way to promote yourself and your business (editing, writing, blogging, etc).

Tip 4 // Book appointments!

I don’t know if they do this every year, but lemme tell ya, I definitely regret not meeting with an agent or editor or even a mentor.

The nice thing about it is that they have people you can talk to for each stage of writing you’re in. All polished up and looking to pitch? Go with an agent. Feeling pretty confident, but still feel like your manuscript could use a little more work before it’s ready? Try an editor. Still in the writing stage and just looking for general guidance and encouragement? Book a mentor.

I probably would’ve booked a mentor, if I hadn’t gotten around to it too late (go me. XD) I know a lot of my fellow bloggers had meetings with agents and editors and they said it was invaluable, talking with a professional.

So I am definitely booking sooner rather than later, if I go next year. It sounds like it was worth it.

Tip 5 // Don’t be afraid to take breaks when you need to!

This is probably the most important tip, in my opinion. Don’t tire yourself out, trying to do everything. It’s okay to step back and take a breather. Head to your room for a little nap. Do a little exploring on your own during break periods. Grab a snack and just sit and relax.

I came with my family, and we stayed on site most of the time. It was so nice being able to just head to my room if it was too much noise and people. I could hang with my family, watch a little TV, eat some of the food we brought. It worked out really well.

So if it’s getting to be too much, and you need to catch your breath, don’t feel bad about it. If the majority of us there are introverted, we’ll understand. (I don’t know if that was true, but nearly all the bloggers I knew who were there are introverted, so I’m just making up data. XD)

Not Listening No Way GIF


Well, those are my tips for you future Realmies. I hope you heed my advice and come to Realm Makers next year! It was such a blast meeting you guys and for those of you who couldn’t make it I HOPE YOU CAN COME NEXT YEAR. Although, I don’t even know if I can go next year… Well, fingers crossed, I guess.

Have you ever been to Realm Makers before? If so, what are some of your favorite memories? I’d love to swap experiences with you! And if you haven’t been to Realm Makers, are you planning to go next year? ‘CAUSE YOU NEED TO. SERIOUSLY. Maybe you’ll see me there next year… 😉

New Until Next Time!

The 777 Writing Challenge

Hey friends! So, I’m kind of scrambling to get stuff done for Realm Makers, so I haven’t been focusing too much on blogging.

BUT. I do have a little tag thingy for you. (Thanks for the tag, C.B. 😉 ) I’m technically not even putting any effort into this post, because, well, all I’m doing is copying and pasting into the text box, but ANYWAY. Here we go.

Rules //

  1. Open your WIP to the seventh page
  2. Scroll past the seventh line
  3. Copy the next seven paragraphs and paste them on your blog for THE WORLD to read
  4. Tag seven people



Imprint //

“Because of your rash decision of condemning me to life as a prisoner in my own home, I sentence you to prison in the world of Rorrim.”

Drilidric licked his lips, feeling dizzy. His head felt drained of any sense and his eyes continued to water. The pain in his arm throbbed uncomfortably.

“Should you choose to renounce this act of yours, I will let you go, under the condition that you never come into my presence again. What do you choose?”

Drilidric blinked up at Zedidiah. It took a moment to find his voice, but once he did, it was hoarse and cynical. “I will not renounce my command. Not today, not ever.”

Zedidiah’s mouth turned down in a furious scowl. “So be it,” he hissed through gritted teeth. Raising his staff, he furiously smashed the mirrors to bits. Glass shards flew through the air, scattering across the floor.

And Drilidric watched with a weak smile. The destruction was almost beautiful, all of the shards glittering with their reflections.

Zedidiah stopped amid the wreckage, standing before Drilidric. “I am disappointed in you,” he said.


I have absolutely no idea who has done this challenge and who hasn’t, so I am going to leave it open to whoever would like to do it. Drop me a comment below and tell me what you think of this snippet!

New Until Next Time!



The Language of Worlds // May~June Edition

Hello guys! If you haven’t heard about it yet, I suppose I’ll have to be the bearer of bad news. Beautiful People, the monthly link-up hosted by Cait and Sky has unfortunately come to end. *cue sadness*

But! Fear not! Liv K. Fisher has come up with a new bi-monthly link-up to cure our blues! It’s called The Language of Worlds and I am SO EXCITED to just jump right into these questions! Let’s go!

Introduce your character and his/her story!

I’m going to be focusing on a new character/story that has recently been taking up most of my brainpower:

Dietrich Glimar (Trich)


Trich was born without any abilities, so he has trained himself in martial arts and has an arsenal of weapons he’s mastered, including a very special deck of cards he uses as throwing stars. People call him The Magician, because he also has a few magic tricks up his sleeve (and he finds it ironic because he can’t use real magic).

What does he/she look for in a friend? Consciously or subconsciously?

I would definitely say loyalty. He feels like he’s been betrayed by all his past friends, so he’s really afraid to try to connect with anyone now. If there was someone who he could easily trust and feel comfortable around, that would be so good for him.

If he/she could study any foreign language, what would it be?


Ooh, he would probably enjoy ancient Greek. Much of his world (Nore) is inspired by Greek mythology, especially the capital, Ora, where he went to school.

Which person from the Bible would he/she be besties with? Why?

I would say either Timothy (from the NT) or Elijah (from the OT). I feel like he could easily relate to Timothy, since both of them struggle with doubts and anxiety. But he would also get along with Elijah because they both have sarcastic senses of humor. 😀

If he/she were to visit you for a week, what would you do together?

I…don’t know. I feel like we could just talk together for hours. XD Maybe we would just head into town and wander around and chill and stop at coffee shops. I think I would mostly be trying to not freak out because it’s MY CHARACTER STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME TALKING TO ME LIKE WOW. XD

Happy Amy Adams GIF

What is his/her ideal future?

I think he would like to find a companion, raise a family. He would like to be accepted into the Emperor’s Guard again (yeah, he got kicked out), and maybe start talking to his old friends again. But he feels like his future is very bleak and that there couldn’t be a good outcome, even if he tried to make it happen. (He also suffers from depression, so…)

Sad Charlie Brown GIF
Just like Charlie Brown.


If he/she were to spend a weekend alone, what sort of pastimes would he/she pursue?

Trich is alone most of the time anyway, and he usually spends it visiting different towns and seeing if he could find work there. He sometimes stays with his parents, but he doesn’t like visiting them and they don’t like seeing him. He’ll practice his weapons and learn new moves and tricks often too.

If you could send your character a care package, what would be in it?

Ooh, that’s a good question! I would include:


A few packets of hot chocolate (the kind that comes with little marshmallows already mixed in)

A nice deck of cards (Get it? Cards? Magician? I’m so hilarious.)

Some fuzzy socks

A box of granola (no raisins 😛 )

Some Twix bars

And a music box that plays Fur Elise 🙂

Is there a song that describes your characters journey?

I don’t know if there’s a certain song that describes his journey, but there is a song I like to think works well as his ‘theme song’. 😀 When I first heard, I was like ‘Oh yeah, that is totally Trich. If he was real, he would love this song.’

What is your character’s place in the story (hero, antihero, villain, sidekick, etc.)?

I think Trich’s place in this story would be somewhere between hero and antihero. People see him as an antihero, even though his actions are for a just cause. It takes a while before people see him for who he really is.

That was so much fun! Thanks again to Liv for creating this new link-up! What do you think about Trich? He’s been in the back of my head for years, but only just recently have I fleshed him out a bit. Let me know down below!

New Until Next Time!

The First Tag // +FACE REVEAL!!!

Hello peoples! Well, just so you all know, I’m getting properly terrified about going to Realm Makers. HOW CAN IT BE SO SOON ALREADY?! AAAGGGHHH. O_O

Ahem. Anyway, today, I have a tag for you guys! I saw that Kate had invented this tag and then when Kenzie tagged me, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

Here I go, revealing all of my deepest, darkest secrets to you guys. Be prepared.

the oc GIF

Who was the first character you ever wrote?

Hmm. That’s a tough one! My first stories always included me as the main character, as lame as that is. XD

So my first original character would have to be a villain named, wait for it…


Clapping Applause GIF

Yep. That’s his name. I’m so creative guys, didn’t you know? And was he ever a villain, that Villan. He had the evil laugh down to a science, he was always trying to kidnap the main character (a.k.a. ME), had lots of evil weapons, and was always trying to take over the world. Classic.

What was the first story you ever finished?

That depends on what you mean by ‘story’. Like, a novel, or just a story? I have quite a few horrifying short stories from my youth. I will spare you guys and refrain from sharing them in their entirety, but I will share a snippet with you. This was for a school writing assignment my mom gave me:

“Class,” Mr. Williams declared, knocking Piper out of her thoughts, “We will be having someone to sub as principal while Mr. Porter is on vacation.”

No one said a word.

“His name is Mr. Jamison, and I hope you will be on your best behavior for him,” he concluded, “and don’t forget your reading assignment needs to be finished Friday!”

Piper ran to her locker and fiddled with the lock, scowling. She was still getting used to her new life at Hamelin High. I hate being the new girl…No one will talk to me…

First of all, a substitute principal? Is that a thing? Also, the not so subtle Pied Piper references are just so intriguing. And it’s honestly just a boring writing style. 😛

Bored Spongebob Squarepants GIF by Nickelodeon

What was the first piece of writing advice you ever heard? Or what was the first bit of advice you used and it actually worked?

I don’t remember anything specific, but my first encounter with advice was when I read Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine. It really inspired me and helped me as a budding writer. I think it also helped me become a touch more refined and serious about my writing.

Who was your first villain?

See the answer to the first question. XD My first villain that I was actually proud of (or, I should say, am still proud of to this day, because one is always proud of their work in the present), would have to be an anti-hero named Hypnesia. He could hypnotize people (no duh), and he was very crazy, which I thought added such a layer of depth to him.

Crazy Fish Hooks GIF

Since then, he’s become a very prominent character in my stories. You might recognize the name Drilidric. He was heavily inspired by Hypnesia. In fact, he even goes by that name in Dangerous Minds, funnily enough.

What was the first storyworld you ever built?

That would be Paramythi. It’s the first place I drew a map of, and I remember just having so much fun thinking of the names for places and drawing the rivers and forests. It’s actually still a place in my Imprint trilogy. It’s the county where the capital of the country is. 🙂

What did your first attempt at worldbuilding or mapmaking look like?

Well, let me just show you a picture!

061418 039
You can’t see it very well, but you can totally tell all the effort I put into it, right? 😉


When was your first crush-on-your-own-character? I know it happened, don’t lie to me.

Well… That’s a bit of a revealing question, wouldn’t you say?

Embarrassed Snow White GIF

Alright, alright, my first character crush was with Jake from Dangerous Minds. He was the first guy character with depth that I had ever crafted. And, well, he was my age, and… it was bound to happen. I still kinda crush on him, even now. 🙂

What was the first character death you ever had to write and how did you handle it?

Um. Would you guys believe me if I said I haven’t killed off a character yet? I mean, I haven’t written their death, like on paper or keyboard? I mean, there have been plenty dramatic, heart-wrenching deaths in my head, but I haven’t had to deal with the stress and anguish of writing them down yet.


Nervous Season 6 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

When did you first decide that your book needed a full-blown series?

It kind of just decided itself, honestly. I liked the idea of writing a trilogy, and so I just decided my story would be a trilogy. (Okay, I confess; in all honesty, I wanted to make my readers suffer by having to wait for the next book to come out. No joke. I am that evil.)

Aladdin Love GIF
I guess thanks, Jafar? XD


When was the first time you stepped out of your comfort zone to write a new genre?

I haven’t gotten there quite yet! I have a sci-fi idea that I want to get around to writing, and Dangerous Minds is kind of out of my comfort zone, with it being kind of contemporary (but, superheroes, and powers, and evil villains. How contemporary is that really?)

So mostly all of my writing has been in my safe zone: fantasy. I feel like if I tried to branch out, it would just end up as a horrible mess. So for now, I’m sticking with the stuff I know.

What was it like using a prompt for the first time?

I’ve only used prompts a very few times. I like the idea of using word and picture prompts, but they never seem to work for me. I can never just stick to the prompt! I always veer off from the theme of it, (which I get is the point, it’s supposed to be inspiring, but it’s very frustrating to me. XD)

Here is one of my attempts at prompt writing. The prompt was ‘write a paragraph with every first letter of each sentence beginning with the words from ‘sentence”.

Since you’ve gone, things have changed. Everyone is an enemy. No one smiles anymore. The streets are in ruins and people shout and run about in madness. Even the dogs have turned, scratching and biting their owners. Never has this town felt darker, more sinister. Come back, please. Even if you’re unwanted.

Opening line: share your first, your favorite, and your most recent.

Oh boy, let’s see…

First // The wizard sat wearily, leaning heavily over his staff, sweating running profusely down his forehead. His hands trembled as they gripped the staff tight, his knuckles white. His eyes were shut in deep focus.

~ from the first draft of Imprint

Favorite // The place reeked of rotting cheese. The meatballs were scattered across the cheap, red carpet. And all that was left behind of the crook was a slimy note that read —

Meet me at the Bistro tomorrow night and we will settle this.

You know who I am

~ from a silly short story about a garlic ninja (it just makes me smile every time I read it. 😀 )

Recent // “‘Too late’.” An amused puff of air escaped Drilidric’s nostrils. “Too late indeed! You’re an idiot to think that, Zedidiah Alendayl!”

His voice rose. He shook his head. Here he was, talking to himself again.

~ from Rewrite

What was your first ending like?

Ended on a horribly spotty and confusing cliffhanger. It was basically doom is upon us , but we don’t really know why doom is upon us… and then I smacked a big ‘The End’ label on it. So dumb. -_-

What was the first ship you ever wrote and, be honest, did you make them a ship name?

My first couple was Markus and Paige from Imprint, but I never really shipped them, because, they’re like fifteen, and it just seemed weird to me. My first official ship was Celthic and Maggie, also from Imprint. He’s really dark and sarcastic, and she’s like a ball of energy and light, and they’re so darn cute and squishable together. <333

lady and the tramp date GIF
They could totally be Lady and the Tramp! 😀


I sadly haven’t given them a ship name. Nothing really rolls off the tongue… Celgie? Celmag? Magcel? Melthic? See what I mean? XD

What year was your first NaNo?

I believe it was 2015 and I attempted to write Rewrite. It ended very poorly and left me feeling very discouraged. So I put it on the back burner for a long, long time, instead working on improving Imprint. Just recently, I’ve started looking at it again, and I’m starting to love it all over again. ^_^

Which novel is memorable for being the first one you ever gave up on?

Ooh, hmm… I haven’t given up on any novels I’ve started (though I’ve felt like giving up many times). Short stories, however, are a different story (pun intended). I could give you a list of their titles, and then maybe you could see why I gave up on them:

Who Boy What Fairytale?

Leap, Hide, Flip, Fly


Creepy Hotel: Surfer Queen

Awkward World: Trying to Get Home

Learning From Miss Magic Tricks

The Mermaid Trio Saves the Day

and also, this, which was legit my title for a story,

Quadruplets: I Didn’t Mean To Do It!, Fashion Designer Secret, Weird Houses, Queen That Wanted Me Poisoned, All With Secret Super Powers

These were…not my proudest writing days.

When did you first share your work with someone else and how did they react?

When I had just finished my very first outline for Imprint, I gave it to my mom, for her to read. I’m sure it was absolutely rubbish, but she was very supportive of it, and for that I’m extremely thankful that she didn’t crush a little girls’ dream of becoming a writer someday. Thanks Mom. 😉

Spongebob Squarepants Love GIF

Alright, let’s tag a few peoples! If you’ve already been tagged, well, you’re welcome anyway. I tag… Savannah @ Inspiring Writes | Deborah @ The Road of a Writer | Jenelle Schmidt | and Lisa Pickle.

Well, that’s the tag guys! What are some writing firsts for you guys? Let me know…

Wait. I promised you fellows something, didn’t I? Can’t believe I would forget such a thing. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m sure you’ve been eagerly waiting…


Puppy GIF

Just kidding, this is my face. Much to your disappointment I’m sure, I am not a puppy that can type and read.


Get acquainted with it, for some of you will be seeing it this July at Realm Makers! I would hate for the awkwardness of not recognizing a good blogging buddy. Plus, it’s about time, wouldn’cha? If I’m going to be a professional writer, I should have a professional picture, right? 😉

I…guess you could comment about my face. But that’s kind of awkward, so how about we talk about Realm Makers instead? Are you going? Have you been before? TALK TO ME I’M NERVOUS. Also, do you have any fun vacations planned for this summer?

New Until Next Time!

Life Update // Things Have Been Crazy…


Hey guys! So, you may have noticed that I recently changed my blogging schedule to a post every two weeks. I thought I would explain a bit in this post, and also just talk to you about what’s been going on with me.


I recently mentioned in one of my posts that I’ve been wearing braces for about a year and a half now. Well, just yesterday, I was finally able to have them taken off. And I am soooo happy. XD They were such a pain for me and I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about them anymore. Plus, you know, being able to eat caramels and popcorn is exciting too. 😀

Working at the library has been going well. Our summer reading program is starting up soon, so my hours will be going up for the next few months. I’m told it can get crazy busy, so it should be an interesting summer. XD

I’m graduating at the end of June! So…That’s pretty crazy. On the one hand, I’m excited to be done with school so I can focus on other things more, but on the other hand, I’M KINDA TERRIFIED OF WHAT TO DO NEXT.

Panic Omg GIF

I don’t think I’m going to be attending any colleges (but maybe somewhere along the lines?). I’ve been apprenticing under my music teacher, who’s showing me how to give lessons, so at the beginning of the next school year, I’m considering giving piano lessons. It’s not for sure yet, but it seems like the next logical step. 🙂

I’m also going up to be a junior counselor at a camp my cousin lives at. I’ve never counseled at any type of camp before, so I’m super nervous about it…I’m just praying I get a cabin of nice girls and that it’s a good experience. *apprehension*


Nothing much happening in this area at the moment. I’ve been doing a LOT of plotting, i.e. playing scenes out in my head over and over again. XD


Happy Joy GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

I can’t wait to meet all you guys who are going!!! I’m actually kind of nervous about it, honestly, but I still can’t wait! ^_^


I…I watched Infinity War…


That was a month ago.

And I’m still a wreck.

What is wrong with me.

Captain America The First Avenger GIF

I also managed to watch:

The first Star Wars prequel (Yay me. Better late than never I guess.)

The Devil Wears Prada (Ugh, Miranda is a total jerkface)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (This was so funny!! A few iffy parts, but otherwise so hilarious. XD)


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Ehehehe I’m so behind on my Goodreads challenge it’s not even funny. XD The most recent reads I can think of are Wires and Nerves: Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer (SQUEE THE ADORABLE COUPLE THAT IS IKO AND KINNEY. *heart eyes*) and Cold Summer by Gwen Cole (This one was pretty cute, but it didn’t quite pack the punch I was hoping for.)

Right now, I’m reading Renegades by Marissa Meyer and it’s SO GOOD so far! 😀 All of the secret-keeping that’s going on in it is kind of killing me, but in a good way. ^_^


Well, I changed my schedule, as you know. I also revamped my theme so now it has paper airplanes and typewriters and I love it so much. *is happily pleased with aesthetic*

I’m also plumb out of ideas for posts. I’m thinking about starting a bi-weekly series about worldbuilding or possibly character types, but this idea is merely an inkling. Which one would you guys prefer? Worldbuilding or characters?

I’m also working on redesigning my ‘Books’ page to be more easily accessible (all those menus are sorta confusing…) There will be pretty collages, novel stats, little blurbs, all that good stuff. Be on the lookout!

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I don’t what this is from but I love it. XD

Well, that’s all I have for you guys this time. I hope you’ve been having a splendid May, and I wish you a lovely June! ^_^

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Quick Update // Schedule Change


Hey friends! Just a really quick post today. I know I didn’t post last week, things have just been a bit crazy, and they’re only going to get crazier.

So I’m announcing my new schedule change. Instead of once a week, I’m going to post once every two weeks. It takes a lot of stress off my back and I’ll be able to give you guys better content instead of just quick, thrown-together posts.

I hope you guys understand this change. I’ve still been reading your blogs, too, even though I haven’t commented very much!

Also, who wants to stay glued to a computer screen when outside is so beautiful? 😉 How are you guys enjoying spring? Let me know down below!

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The Get To Know Me Tag // Writer’s Edition

The Get To Know Me Tag Writer's Edtion [post title image]

Hello friends! What do you think of the new design? Pretty snazzy? No? Let me know what you think in the comments!

So, I was floundering about for a post idea, when I saw this super fun post by Mary. I found that the original post had been thought up by Savannah and it just looked like SO MUCH AWESOME, so I decided to steal it.

And now I’m presenting it to you today. ^_^

The Rules //

• Link back to the person who created the tag (done!)

• Thank the person who tagged you (um…ehehe, well, thank you Mary, for bringing this tag to my attention? Even though I technically wasn’t tagged? Well, actually, I was tagged, because she tagged anyone wearing socks, so. Yeah. XD)

• share the tag graphic (see above!)

• tag eleven bloggers (oof…I’ll try!)

Vital Stats and Appearance

(pen)Name // Madeline J. Rose 😉

Nicknames // Most everyone IRL calls Maddie. I’ve also been called Madison, Madge, Mathie, Margaret, Mad-Dog, Miss Maddie, and a horde of other names that my brother calls me, which I will not list here for the sake of time. XD

Birthday // July 28th, 2000

Hair Color and Length // Light-ish brown and a little bit past my shoulders

Eye Color // Brown

Braces/piercings/tattoos // No piercings or tattoos, but I do have braces. I get them off at the end of May though! 😀

Righty or Lefty // Righty

Ethnicity // A mish-mash of Norwegian, Irish, English, and probably a few others thrown in there. All European. 🙂

Firsts //

First Novel Written // That would be Imprint, when I was about 14. I cringe just thinking about it…XD That first draft…*shudders* XD

First Novel Completed // That would also be Imprint! So far, it’s the only completed novel of mine…But I’m hoping to remedy that!

Award for Writing // Gosh…I don’t know if I’ve ever won an award for writing… I’ve entered quite a few contests, but I never got an award.

First publication // I won a MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators)short story contest, and it was published in the monthly newsletter. Does that count?

Conference // Last year, I went to a local writer’s conference in the cities, and it was a really great experience! I wrote a post about theme, using the info I learned from Wayne Thomas Batson’s class.

Query/Pitch // Not yet… 😉 I did have Shannon Hale read a few pages of my prologue from Imprint, which was SO FREAKY AND OH MY GOSH. I’ve since edited the prologue, and looking back is a wee bit embarrassing. I can’t believe I let her read that… XD

Favorites //

Novel (that you wrote) // That’s like asking to choose your favorite way potatoes are cooked. It’s DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. O_O I love them all for different reasons! Though, I am really fond of Give or Take Your Time. The main character (Dril) will always have a special place in my heart.

Genre // FANTASY. All kinds of it! From urban fantasy and magical realism to epic, high fantasy, I love it all. <333

Author // Oh dear. Do I have to pick? Can I list like my top three? Okay, thanks.

Marissa Meyer

Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Heather Dixon

There’s about a dozen more, but these are definitely high on the list.

Writing Music // Wow…I…I listen to so much different music, I could never, ever choose my favorites. Just, listen to my Spotify story playlists, then you’ll know.

Time to Write // I would say in the afternoon. I feel most relaxed and inspired then.

Writing Snack/Drink // I don’t really eat or drink while I write, it’s too much of a distraction, but once in a while, I’ll take a cup of hot chocolate or some cold raspberry tea with me.

Movie // Seriously Savannah, THESE QUESTIONS. Well, I am a huge MCU fan, so…any and all of the Marvel movies. 🙂

Writing Memory // Ooh, this is an interesting questions! I think mine would have to be when I was still really young, like 9, and I had this beat-up notebook with my list of ideas all written up nicely. And I would take that notebook and a pencil out to my backyard and sit on our play set swing and just swing and think about stories for hours. Good times. ❤

Childhood Book // Princess Academy was my absolute favorite book when I was younger. Still is, actually. When I learned she had written more books, well, I was ecstatic, to say the least.

Currently //

Reading // Right now, I’m reading Cold Summer by Gwen Cole. It’s about a boy with PTSD and a sad girl and it’s so adorable basically. ^_^

Writing // This post! 😀 But for a real answer, I can’t say that I’ve been working at something specific. I’ve been looking through old writing, deciding if I should start rewriting it, or do something new.

Listening to // Right this very second, I’m listening to Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra from Indiana Jones. 😀

Watching // I just recently watched The Phantom Menace for the first time! I know, sad right? I actually really enjoyed it! Jar Jar Binks is slightly (*ahem*VERY VERY*ahem*) annoying, but other than that, I really liked it! Qui-Gon Jin though. </3

Learning // That no matter what the weather outside is, you can still be joyful. (For a little context, last Saturday, we had a blizzard rip through our area. It was cold and snowy and icy and just all-around unpleasant. IT’S SPRING FOLKS. NOT WINTER. Very depressing. -_-

Future //

Want to Be Published // Abso-positively! I don’t know how far away and lofty that goal is, but it’s still my goal! 🙂

Indie or Traditional // I would prefer traditional (seeing my book in the bookstore has always been my dream!), but I wouldn’t be against indie publishing.

Wildest goal // Become a best-selling author, be able to make a living off of writing alone, and have an awesome fanbase!! (Seriously though, I would LOVE a fanbase. I cansee it now, ‘the Madeline fandom’… Hey, I can dream, right? XD)

That’s the tag!

And now, to tag some peoples //

Elise @ E.E. Rawls | Gail @ A Gail Made a Blog | Jenelle @ Jenelle Schmidt | Laurel @ We’ll Be Fine | Lisa @ Lisa Pickle | Liv @ Liv K. Fisher | Kenzie @ Smudged Thoughts | Lissa @ An Attempt to Be Classic | To Be A Shennachie | Abbey @ Regarding Reading and Writing | any one else who thinks this looks fun! 😉

Thank you Savannah for this super awesome tag! If you decide to do this tag, leave me a link below, I would love to see it! 😉

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No Post This Week // But Exciting Changes!


Hello friends! So, unfortunately, I don’t have a post for you guys this week. 😦

shocked oh my god GIF by PG Tips

But I do have some a little splattering of news for you! Very soon, you will start to see some changes I’m doing to my blog design. The owls and fun, bright colors have served me well these past years, and I will miss them, but I’m ready to move on.

I will also be updating my ‘books’ page along with a few other little things.

I hope you guys will like what you see!