#WIPjoy // Crown of Thorns

Hi guys! I recently saw Katie (who you should check out, because, she’s awesome) do this challenge type thing and I thought it looked like a really fun way to share my WIP with you guys! It’s originally a Twitter challenge, where you answer each question a day for a month. But I thought I’d pick out some of my favorites of the questions and just answer those in one, simple blog post. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Describe yourself and your WIP!


I’m a Christian, homeschooled, geeky, bookworm and musician who loves to write! 🙂 As for my WIP, it’s a brother story, in the fantasy genre, about a pair of twins, magic, nightmares, and darkness, and discovering what lengths you would go to for the safety of your world. (Wow, that sounds…heavy. XD It’s not all gloom and doom, I promise!)

Your 1st inspiration for this WIP.

paco castillo.

My first inspiration came from an early morning thought. (Ever had those? Like, half-dream, half-thought?) I was picturing two guys on a journey, and they had just been resting for the night, and waking up in the morning to find that one of them had thorns protruding from their body! ‘Dream thorns’, is what I called them. And the idea just took off from there. First it was a short story, then a novella, and now…it’s a full-fledged novel. That happens to me a lot. XD

What parts of this WIP are drawn from personal experience?

This book is a lot about dreams and fear, two things I’ve dealt with often in my life so far. I’ve always had really vivid dreams, always been able to remember them really well. And that’s not always a good thing when they’re nightmares. I remember those ones only too well. And that’s where fear comes in. Fear is one of my biggest struggles. From little fears, like anxiety and stress, to bigger, more frightening fear, I feel like I’ve dealt with it all.

In this story, my MC, Jerrick, because of his special abilities, has very, very bad nightmares. Early on in the book, he has to deal with insomnia, because he’s so afraid of falling asleep. But even though fear is such a big part of this book, there’s still hope and light. Fear can be conquered! *nods determinedly*

Describe your MC’s personality with a GIF.

 im fine GIF

What’s something you’re still figuring out with this WIP?

Um…how about everything? XD Mostly I’m trying to figure out the middle part. I’ve got a pretty good beginning, and I know exactly how I want it to end, but…that darn middle part. Can’t it just write itself?

WOULD YOU RATHER: have tea with your antagonist, or be stuck in an elevator for 3 hours with your MC?

NEVER. I WOULD NEVER HAVE TEA WITH MY ANTAGONIST. *gulps* Jerrick would be a great guy to be stuck in an elevator with! I mean, he probably wouldn’t know what in the world an elevator is, but we could pass the time away, easily.

Your MC’s aesthetic in 7 phrases.

Broken. Bursting with compassion. Heart of solid gold. Persistent till the end. Braver than a lion. Afraid of the dark. So, so tired.

3 books that go nicely with yours.

Hmm…I would probably say Illusionarium by Heather Dixon, Jackaby by William Ritter, and Six of Crows by Leigh BarDugo. They all have a similar feel that I think compliment my story quite nicely. 🙂

Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink, and music to go with your book.

Let’s see! The best spot would definitely be by a windowsill on a rainy day, light thunder, and the gentle patter of rain on the windowpane. A warm oatmeal scotchie with a glass of milk. And this playlist.

Well, there you are. I hope you’ve gotten to know my latest WIP a bit better. Are you intrigued? Bored? Let me know in the comments below!



Character Conversations // Gavin

Character Conversations

Hello! Today, I have a bit of a shorter interview for you. Which I guess makes sense, since this is a very disgruntled, huffy character. So…I’m sorry? I guess? XD (Also, this is my second to the last post of TD characters! I’ve so enjoyed sharing them with you! ^_^)

Gavin Mahr

Me: Morning, officer Mahr.

Gavin: Yes, it’s morning. Are you interviewing?

M: …Yes. Is that okay?

G: Well sure it’s okay! What do you want to know?

M: Um…let’s see, what can you tell me about being the head of the police station?

G: It’s an interesting job, for sure. Dealing with criminals, Supers, miscreants…It makes you feel important.

M: You mentioned Supers. I’ve heard that Supers are treated differently from non-Super criminals.

G: Yes, they are. Because they’re so much more dangerous than your run-of-the-mill criminal, we have to deal with them in different ways.

M: I…don’t think I wanna know what those ways are. How long have you been chief?

G: Nearly five years now. I started when I was young. I had a thirst for justice.

M: Hmm…Do you work well with your co-workers?

G: For the most part. We dispute, but it always gets sorted out. Not to drop any names, but Robert Pierre is the one I fight with most. *shakes head* Stubborn as a mule, he is.

M: Yeah, that’s…true. Do you have a family?

G: Me and my wife are having our seventh anniversary this year.

M: Aw, congratulations. I’m so happy for you.

G: We don’t have kids. We’ve decided we just don’t have the time to raise them.

M: *sad face* Oh. I suppose that’s understandable. But you like your job, right?

G: Yes. I’ve always thought that if I hadn’t become a cop, I’d have become a lawyer.

M: *murmurs* That would’ve been interesting…*shakes head, then straightens* I know you’re chief of the station, but I understand that you have a boss of your own?

G: Yes, Aidan Coel is the only person I answer too. She’s a little rough, but I like that. Straight to the point, no dithering.

M: I see. You’ve been a cop for a good amount of time. What’s it like? Wrangling Supers?

G: Why are you so fascinated with Supers? They’re dangerous and should be taken care of.

M: Who told you that?

G: Are you back-talking me?

M: Just never mind. It’s obviously a touchy subject.

G: My brother died because of a Super!


M: …Oh. I…I didn’t know. I’m-

G: Sorry? You’re sorry? That’s what every says. But it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t bring him back.

M: *swallows* I…I think it’d be best if we wrapped this interview up. *hesitates* What’s your favorite food?

G: *sighs* I like chips and hummus. My wife makes good hummus.

M: What’s your favorite season?

G: Winter. When things are quieter.

M: *nods* Okay, last question. What was your brother’s name?

G: *glares, gets up, and leaves without another word*

Gavin has a somewhat tragic backstory…It’s so interesting, digging deeper into his story. What do you think? Do you like him, or is he too blunt? Let me know down below!


Old-Fashioned Is… {A Poem}


riding the buckboard, square dances abound,

big dresses, apple cider, and holding doors for girls.

fiddle music, peppermint sticks, singing in the rain,

gentlemen giving ladies such lovely chains of pearls.


letters coming in the mail, praying you son will be home soon,

kneading bread, hopscotch, running through the woods,

playing make-believe, you, a princess, him, a knight,

sitting in church, being quiet, was your childhood.


rocking chairs, lemonade, popcorn around the tree,

simple skirts, fine-pressed doilies, reading the morning news,

flowery wallpaper, leather furniture, Louis Armstrong on the air,

sitting ’round the fireplace, hot casserole, finding a book to peruse.


soda fountains jukeboxes, triple scoop cones,

Chuck Berry singing, twirling in your poodle skirt,

the smell of a candy shop, chocolate only a dime,

ponytails, white high-tops, and turtleneck sweatshirts.


getting your picture taken, browsing old photo albums,

playing at the park, marbles, tag, and jump rope.

a longing face turned upon the toy shop, all the goodies inside,

cooking meals, sitting together, saying grace, in hope.


picnics in the shade, laughter, games of croquet,

happy reunions, playing cards, telephones ringing,

climbing trees, dangling on swings, swimming in the creek,

watching the sunset, the stars come out, leaving you wondering.


Saturday morning cartoons, your favorite cereal,

your parent’s old Elvis records playing loud,

jeans, tie-dye shirts, platform shoes, disco music blaring,

imagining, i wonder if my ancestors would be proud.


What do you think of when you hear ‘old-fashioned’? Let me know down below!


Character Conversations // Diana

Character Conversations

Hello! Welcome to this week’s installment of Character Conversations! Today, I’ll be interviewing a hero! Or so the world thinks…

Diana Mahlst

Me: Hi Diana! Take a seat.

Diana: Oh, thank you. *sits*

M: So…tell me. What’s it like being a Super hero?

D: *blinks* Oh, so you must know then. Well…it’s, really not all it’s cracked up to be. It does feel great helping people, but…It’s hard.

M: *frowns* I can imagine. I’ll bet it’s harder in more ways than one. But anyway, you must know Trick-Track?

D: Yes, I do. He’s my archenemy. Always causing trouble for me to clean up.

M: Remind me of you powers again?

D: I have a form of light manipulation that allows me to work it and use it to my advantage.

M: Cool. Were you born with it?

D: Um…no. I wasn’t. I don’t remember how I became Super. The memories were washed away after the accident.

M: So there was an accident? That’s what gave you your powers? Huh. Oh, and love the name, by the way. Ruby Wolf. How’d you come up with it?

D: It’s…kind of embarrassing. I loved the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood when I was younger. The name just sprang from that.

M: It’s the perfect name for a hero. *sips tea* Where do you work?

D: I work at the T&S Tech Firm. I’m an assistant to Mr. Kauffman.

M: *blinks* Mr. Kauffman himself? How’d you land that position?

D: Oh, luck, I guess. *smiles* I’ve always been interested in computers, so it seemed natural that’d I’d end up working with them.

M: Does anyone know about your being Super?

D: No one. Except for…a few people. I’m not very trusting.

M: That’s good. It’s good to stay safe. *mumbles* Though the people who know aren’t the best kinds of people…

D: What?

M: …Nothing. So those fights we see on TV all the time…those are you fighting Trick-Track?

D: Yeah. Though, I don’t watch the news often. I don’t like watching myself. It feels weird. *shakes head*

M: Yeah, I don’t like that either. So do you like being a Super, or do you feel like the responsibility was tossed at you and you just had to fumble through with it?

D: *blank* I…don’t know. I’ve never been asked that question. I suppose I like it. It’s definitely an unusual job.

M: With unusual hours and unusual tasks. Do you ever wish you could just be a normal person?

D: Often, yes. *blushes* It’s not that I don’t like that I’m Super…I just…

M: Don’t like it? It’s okay, I know other Supers who feel the same way.

D: You know other Supers?

M: …Yes? I mean, they’re kind of everywhere, aren’t they? Hard to avoid them?

D: Oh. I guess. *shrugs*

M: *raises eyebrow* Well, we should probably wrap this up. Tell me what you’re favorite food is.

D: I like Chinese food. Chow mein, fried rice, dumplings, all of it.

M: Me too! Do you play an instrument?

D: I play the oboe a little. I don’t sound very good though.

M: I bet you sound better than you think. Okay, lastly, do you believe what you see on TV?

D: *swallows* Why wouldn’t I?

M: Hm. Okay. Thanks for coming in.

D: Yeah, sure. Have a nice day.

A bit strange…She’s a sweet character though. She’s relatively new to me, so I’m still getting to know her. 😉 What do you think? Is she nice? Let me know down below!


How to Incorporate Theme Into Your Novel // It’s Easier Than it Theems! (…I’ll Leave)


I got the incredible opportunity to have a class with Wayne Thomas Batson, when I went to the YW Workshop in Minneapolis. It just so happened that he was speaking about theme, which has always been a tricky subject for me. I don’t want to throw it blatantly at my readers, but I still want it to easily found. So, here are some of the tips I learned!

I can’t remember who quoted this (sorry, whoever you are), but she defined theme as this:

(Theme) is a transcending truth that echoes deeply in the human soul.

I thought that so perfectly described what theme is (in a much prettier way then I could’ve described it. XD )

There are many reasons we like seeing themes in stories:

  • It helps you connect with the readers – For me, I really felt deeply for the characters in the Tales of Goldstone Wood series. I saw the author’s beliefs clearly, but it was done in such a way that it didn’t disrupt the story.
  • The story becomes timeless – Good themes transcend time! If you write them right, they’ll stay with you for years. *ahem*The Chronicles of Narnia.*ahem*
  • It can teach hard lessons – One of my favorite ways to learn is by reading. Even the hard stuff is easier to swallow if it’s done in an entertaining way.
  • You, as the writer, can make a difference through theme – Not only can you connect with your readers, you can inspire them, maybe even change them for the better.

However, there are two things that you most definitely should not do when writing theme:

  1. DON’T smother your reader with the message! That’s not the best way to get your point across, and most of your readers will probably put the book down.
  2. DON’T use the story as a prop for the message. No matter how meaningful and deep your theme is, your story must still be good in order to keep your reader interested.

The area I struggle most with is figuring out what lesson exactly I want to share in my story. Writing from your passions is definitely the best way. What do you believe strongly in? What breaks your heart? What makes you so joyful you could soar? Use those as the base for your theme. Because if you’re passionate about something, chances are, that will come out in your writing.

Finally, here are 6 ways to incorporate theme into your story:

Strategic dialogue

This is when the main character, or another of your characters actually says (or thinks) the theme, so the reader sees it plainly. This can be difficult to pull off, as it can come off as really…cheesy.

Character mistakes

This is when one of your characters does something that the readers knows (or doesn’t know until later on!) is a mistake, thus learning from the opposite inference. Make sure your reader is aware that the ‘mistake’ is wrong. If you don’t make it obvious, it could spell out a bad message.

Character growth

Ah, my favorite! This is similar to mistakes, but instead of learning by opposite inference, the reader learns by watching your character learn and grow over time. I think this adds so much depth to a character and it allows me a chance to dive deeper into my characters personality, which is always fun. 🙂

Wisdom characters

This one can be also be cheesy, but sometimes it’s done really well. Just take Gandalf for instance. I personally haven’t used this way of incorporation, mostly because I don’t think I could pull it off, but wise, elder-type characters can be super fun to write. ^_^

Purposeful character traits

This is when a character is given a positive (or negative) trait and the reader either learns by inferring the opposite (negative) or by learning by example (positive). This is kind of similar to character growth and character mistakes, but on a little smaller scale, with one defining trait that the character struggles with or has throughout the course of the story.

Memorable symbols

This is when the author includes an important object/memory/thing that stands for a meaningful idea. As it keeps getting mentioned, the reader comes to learn that it’s important, and then it can be used to get a point across, making it all the more powerful to the reader. This one might a little tougher to incorporate, but it’s a very interesting thing to explore.

Well, those are my thoughts! Thanks to Wayne for the great class! 😀 How do you guys incorporate theme into your writing? Do you think it’s important to have in stories? Let me know down below!


Character Conversations // Alan

Character Conversations

Hello fellow bloggers! Today’s character is quite the interesting guy. To the world, he is Trick-Track, the evil genius. But to a certain few, he is someone much less…intimidating.

Alan Briggs

Me: Welcome, Alan.

Alan: Thank you, miss.

M: So…*whispers* I’ve finally unmasked the villain.

A: I don’t know what you mean.

M: Of course you do. You’re Trick-Track, the Super villain. Terrorizing Fallcoast, causing destruction, you know.

A: *grins* Scared?

M: No, not actually. I’ve seen way scarier.

A: *frowns* So if I stole your soul with shadow arts, you wouldn’t care.

M: I dare you to try.

A: *annoyed* Never mind. Get on with the stupid interview.

M: *grins* I knew you wouldn’t do it. Wanna know how I knew? *whispers* You’re a fake.

A: *glares* I’m in leagues with some dangerous people. You could pay for anything you say.

M: You’re not denying it. And do you even really know who you’re working for?

A: Of course! I work with the three biggest names in the entire city of Fallcoast! Whatever you say will be used against you in court.

M: Okay, okay, cool it. Tell me about your family instead.

A: Super villains don’t have families. I am no exception.

M: I beg to differ. Nearly all the villains I know have families. But don’t you have a girlfriend or something?

A: Yes. Kathy. She runs the dance class downtown.

M: She must be so proud of your career choice.

A: You really are an idiot, aren’t you? She doesn’t know.

M: A very healthy relationship, to be sure.

A: Are you going to ask me real questions? Or stupid gossip?

M: I am asking real questions. You just keep answering them in a way that leads to gossip. That’s not my fault.

A: What do you even do? Who said you could interview me?

M: Me. So do you, like, have an alter-ego, or something?

A: Obviously. My name is Alan. Alan Briggs.

M: So what do you do when you’re not being a villain?

A: I work at the Fallcoast News Center. With Mr. Snider.

M: That sure explains a whole lot…*rolls eyes* How do you like that job?

A: It’s interesting working in the news business. I work in the newspaper department. I write stories with the information found by the journalists.

M: I write stories too! Do you like writing?

A: I do. I try to be brutally honest in my stories. People like to know the truth.

M: *mumbles* It’s a shame they don’t get it…But anyway, let’s wrap this up. What’s your favorite food?

A: I like dark, dark chocolate. The more bitter the better.

M: Yuck. Do you have any pets?

A: Goodness, no. I hate animals.

M: O-k-a-y. When did you decide to become a villain?

A: *blank faced* I…I…don’t know.

M: Hm. Well, thanks for coming in.

A: Just be lucky you’re even talking to me.

Welp. That’s Alan. He’s a bit of a mystery, but I like writing him. I feel like I say that about all my characters. XD What do you think of him? Let me know down below!


The Many Problems Of A…{Writer}

The Many Problems Of A...

This is a post I feel like most of us will relate to. I could be wrong, but most you amazing peoples that follow me are writers. So this one’s for you! 😉

That amazing plot twist that you CANNOT find a way to incorporate into the middle of your story for the life of you.

 reaction angry frustrated upset pissed off GIF

It’s going in, one way or another. Even if I have to shove it haphazardly between chapters so it ends up making no actual sense, IT’S GOING IN.

You have like have your document open, but…the internet.

 internet computer spongebob squarepants technology GIF

YouTube and Pinterest are evil, blood-thirsty time-suckers.

Subtle nuances that only make sense in MOVIE FORM.

 angry mad furious jeff sessions GIF

I have legitimately considered giving up my writing career to go on and produce movies. No joke.

Falling in love with characters, but…you’ve already planned their deaths.

 spongebob squarepants sad reactions crying cry GIF

Okay, so…maybe I don’t kill him. *sighs sadly* But what must be done must be done. *grabs sword-pen*

Doing important research…


What? Looking up info about the first time people discovered mincemeat is totally important to my story! Really!

That brilliant story idea you get…right before falling asleep.

I guess a plus is that you get really good at writing in the dark. But then again, it usually doesn’t make sense…

 reactions wtf muppets ineedthisforreactions freaking out GIF


Making the weirdest facial expressions while writing, so you know what it looks like and how to write it.

I have a secret fear that someone is going to walk in on me making faces at my computer screen and then think I’m a total nut job.

 weird GIF

When you absolutely LOVE with that one character, but s/he doesn’t do anything in the story, and you have no literal idea why you love them so much.



What name have I not used yet?

 what kids sweet child i dont know GIF

There are millions and millions of names and I apparently have managed to use every single one of them at least once. HELP ME.

Well, those are some of my writing troubles. What about you? Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!


Pitiful Prose // My Name?


Welcome to this month’s installment of Pitiful Prose! I wrote this little bit one day when I was bored and didn’t have any inspiration. It doesn’t really make sense, and isn’t really that thought out. I thought it was pretty funny. I hope you do too! XD

“Why can’t I tell my name?” I ask the strange man.

I had just come from the grocery store and was walking down town. I’m Ava. I live with my adoptive parents and have an OK life.

“No time to explain, just, you can’t tell anyone your name,” he says, then walks away.

That was weird, I though, Oh well, just go home. So I do.

When I get home I hand the grocerys to Martha, the cook and then I run for the stairs.

But my stepmother stops me before I get there. “honey, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.”

Ok, I thought, I’ll introduce my self, and then go up stairs.

Stepmother leads me to the parlor and introduces me to Mr. Swell. He is tall and broad and doesn’t look friendly.

“Hello, my name is….”

I try to say my name but the words wouldn’t come out.

“My name is….”

again, why can’t I talk?

“go on Sugar tell Mr. Swell your name.”

“But I can’t mother.” I say. (I call her mother to her face.)

“Whatever are you talking about, honey?” she asks giggling nervously.

“I can’t. the words won’t come out.” I say surprised.

“nonsense, you are being stubborn. go to your room.” She orders.

I do as I’m told. Then I think. It hits me. Hard.

That guy was right!

I can’t say my name!

Yep, that did actually happen. It’s not surprising that I dropped this idea. I had no idea where I was going with it. XD Let me know what you think down below! ❤


Character Conversations // Brett

Character Conversations

Hi guys! Today’s character is…well, maybe a bit of a jerk. But, as you may have seen from previous conversations, I kinda like writing those kinds of characters! XD

Eric McCormack in Perception  -  Crazy CAN be sexy afterall....

Me: Hi Brett…

Brett: Hi. Is this where you’re interviewing me?

M: Yeah…Is this spot okay?

B: Fine I guess. *sits down impatiently* Are you going to get on with it?

M: I’m sorry, is there somewhere you need to be?

B: Yes, as a matter of fact. I just so happen to run the entire Fallcoast News Center, which includes the paper and TV station. I’m supposed to be there in fifteen minutes. You’re lucky I took this time out of my day to see you.

M: *frowns* Gosh, I hadn’t realized you were this important.

B: Well, now you know. *smiles*

M: *eye-roll* Okay, so what’s it like working at the news center? What does your job entail?

B: I’m the commander-in-chief, so to speak, so I look after every area of the facility. I make sure the paper is being printed, that the journalists and reporters are doing their jobs correctly, and that all of the facts used in our media are right.

M: Hmm…Okay. If I can be frank, I know for a fact that some of the stuff you put into your media is not true. *frowns* Care to explain?

B: *scowls* All of the facts are checked by me personally. Are you calling me a liar?

M: Yes, actually.

B: *indignant* How dare you! *pauses, calms self* Fine. So maybe some things I’ve been a bit…lenient on. But straight facts would never work. We embellish. There’s nothing wrong with having our writers add their own personal flair.

M: Except…It’s not their flair, it’s yours.

B: Madeline, may I explain something to you?

M: *waits*

B: Business is like a big ladder. It creates order, which in the end, is better for everyone, right?

M: Where do you stand on this so called ‘ladder’?

B: I’m second-in-command. I execute my superior’s requests through my employees.

M: Earlier, you said you were commander-in-chief.

B: Irrelevant. But all this business talk must be boring you. Allow us to speak on a different subject.

M: Fine. Tell me about your family? *mumbles* Or do you even have one?

B: I…am not married. Yet.

M: I wonder who the lucky girl will be. *thick sarcasm*

B: You don’t think I could get a girl? Is that what you’re saying?

M: Just never mind. You’re clearly married to your work anyway. Moving right along, do you know the Meredith’s?

B: Yes, I work very closely with Jason Meredith. He runs the FIBS. The bank in town, you know?

M: Yes, I know. So…do you know any of his kids?

B: I thought he only had one girl…Lena? Was that her name? She’s a bit snooty, in my opinion.

M: Your opinion is a bit skewed. But let’s wrap this up. What’s your favorite food?

B: I mostly live off of coffee and ramen noodles.

M: I said favorite food. But, okay…Do you play any instruments?

B: I don’t. Though I’m sure I would be great at it.

M: I’m sure. And lastly…Do you know Aidan?

B: Aidan? Coel? She’s…my boss. How did you know that?

M: There was a big welcoming party in her honor? She was in the paper? She’s kind of hard to miss. But anyway, thanks for coming out, Brett. I appreciate it.

B: I’m glad you enjoyed my company. *gets up and struts away in a hurry*

So…Yeah. A bit jerky. But you’d be surprised how fun it is to write these kinds of characters. XD Let me know what you think of him down below!



Movies I Haven’t Actually Watched Yet // (Please Don’t Kill Me)

Movies and Such (1)

Hello all! So, I LOVE movies. Like, a LOT. But funny enough, I haven’t watched some pretty big name movies, even though I want to. I just don’t get around to it. XD So, just to get some reactions, I thought I’d list all of the movies that I haven’t watched. (Also, please don’t hurt me. I know it’s ridiculous that I haven’t watched some of these, but I’m trying okay?! XD )


I reeeeally want to watch this one, but nobody will watch it with me because it’s to…confusing. XD I think it looks awesome, with the dream invasion, and evil companies…Plus the score is EPIC. But I can’t convince anyone to watch it with me. -_-


It’s a Wonderful Life

This is, like, super sad that I haven’t watched this, but I’m allowing myself the excuse that it’s a Christmas movie, so it seems a bit odd to watch it any other time besides…Christmas.

Pride and Prejudice

The newer, 2005 version. With Matthew Macfayden. Yass. Why haven’t I watched this? I dunno. It’s kind of long, and you really need to be ready to watch these kinds of movies. *shrugs* I hear Mr. Darcy is wonderful.

Star Wars

*hoard clambers after Madeline, stomps on her angrily, then leaves, leaving her beaten and ashamed*

Okay, so…I really want to watch these movies, but I would need to MARATHON THEM PEOPLE. Otherwise with longer series like these, I just totally forget what’s happening, (granted I know the Star Wars story and all the characters pretty perfectly, but still.) So sue me. Or just make me watch the movies.

Back to the Future

Oldies but goodies. I wish I would’ve watched them on the day Marty went into the future, back in 2015. That would’ve been awesome.

Harry Potter

Okay, so I’m really iffy on these. I kinda want to read the books too, but I…I just don’t know. I think they’d be really good, but my family…they’re not into the whole HP thing. It’s tough dilemma. I don’t know. We’ll see. I do know that I’d read the books before I watch the movies. Because that just seems right, you know?


WHICH ONES TO WATCH. I’d love to see the originals with Toby Maguire, but the new Amazing Spider-Man movies look good too. And, of course there’s Homecoming. (I’m totally going to see that one, no one can stop me.)

Pirates of the Caribbean

I just need to watch these. Jack Sparrow is weirdly entertaining and…Will Turner, guys.

Now You See Me

MAGICIANS. THAT ARE CON ARTISTS. I require this in my life. And they have a whole bunch of cool actor/esses in them, so…there’s that.

Star Trek

I love stories in space, what can I say? I need me some Spock. Vulcan’s are awesome. Live long and prosper.

The Hunger Games

When this first came out, I was super curious about it. But, then I heard that it was really dark and gory? Bloody? I don’t know, but I shied away, because I’m super squeamish about that kinda stuff. I might consider watching them now, though.

So there’s my list. Go ahead, attack me. I can take it. XD What are some popular movies that you haven’t seen? Please tell me I’m now alone…Let me know down below!