Writing is Addicting // A Small Poem


Hello guys! And whoopsies… Kinda took a little hiatus there. Well, I’m back and I have a little something for you. Next week should be back to normal with a longer post. 🙂

writing is addicting

these are the symptoms

• a delicious sensation of coming up with a new idea

• a tingly feeling you get when you tell others about your work

• a buzzing in your head when everything starts to come together

• purposely scrolling through the internet, looking for pictures to set you off on a creative high and get the cogs of your brain churning

• hearing a song, and special notes making you fall into the world of writing

• staring out the window of a moving car, and imagining characters interacting in your head

• misspelling words because you’re typing so fast, the inspiration feeding your drive

• falling in love with your characters and feeling everything they feel, even if it’s pain

• exploding with happiness thinking of the perfect wording of a sentence

• a crushing ache in your heart watching your characters suffer

• a villainous sector in your brain that relishes in watching your characters suffer

even when you’re tired,

even when you’re sleeping,

your words follow you into your dreams

they consume you until all you can think about is words, words, words

if this is you, get help because

writing is addicting.

Do you think this makes writing sound appealing? Or fanatical? Or scary? Let me know down below!



Pitiful Prose // A Most Awkward Meeting


Hello friends! You know what time it is…CRINGE TIME! XD This week’s installment features a stalker, a weirded-out girl, and lots of grammatical errors!


In walked a man about 20, tall, brown hair, typical but striking blue eyes*….

*Could this be a more horrible description? I think not.

“Hello, Miss! Welcome to my, er, “our” home*.”

*And right from the beginning, we can tell this man is not someone you want to be living with for any amount of time.

I stared blankly at him, not knowing what to do. The servant grabbed my arm. “Let me take you to your room, miss….”

“Anya*,” I finished.

*Yes, I did steal that name from Anastasia, in case you were wondering.

“No, no,” said Milo, “I’ll take her myself*.”

*Seriously?! Does this not spell ‘bad idea’ to anyone?

“Very well.”

Milo walked over and grabbed my hand. It felt rough, and warm*. “Come.”

*That just…seems like a weird thing to include. Are you attracted to him? Or is it just an observation?

We walked through the great hall in silence. When we reached the door, Milo let go of my hand and ran right out the door.*

*You weren’t in the room, how could you have run out the door?

“I’ll be right back!” he shouted.*

*Oh good. He’s gone.

I observed my surroundings. Bed, table, window, and closet. The only thing I would probably use is the bed.*

*A little background, Anya lived in the forest for most of her life, so she isn’t familiar with societal norms and stuff. Like…what a table is, I guess?

“I’m back!” said Milo through puffs of breath. He sounded like he was trying to hold back excitement. “Well, here you are,” he said.

“yeah,” I said back.

“What do you think?”*

*Of what? You? The house? WHAT?

I glanced at the bed. “OK, I guess……”

“Great! now, would you mind if I examined you a momement?”*

*Wha…What now? Also, momement? Really?


“Great! Thanks!” Milo said preoccupied, whipping out a note book and pencil.

“um,” I began awkwardly, “what do I do?”

Milo looked up from his notebook. “What did you say?”*

*Okay, this is super awkward, bordering on weird.

“Did you just invite me here to stare at me?”

“no,” he replied, “I didn’t even now you were here,” he said gesturing around. “until I got a call from one of my spys,”*


“You were spying on me!?”

“No! Miss, please.” And he went straight back to work.*


I sighed. “you still never answered my question.”

“Hold still, please. Oh, what did you say?”*

*You sir, are a jerk. Just sayin’.

He’s been living with hiself to long.* “I said, did you just send me here so you could sit and doodle all day?”

*YES. THANK YOU ANYA. Although, your grammar concerns me…

“hey, these are very sientific measerements and proseures* I’m taking and no, I did not send you here so I could examine you all day, althought I would have liked to,”

*Very sy-en-tih-fic meh-sir-eh-ments and pro-soors, in case you’re wondering. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are.

“You don’t even know my name, do you?”


*Come on, man, really? She literally said it a few paragraphs ago.

“Anya,” I said annoyed. “And just so you know, I was very excited to be invited here until now.”* I headed for the door.

*Hmm…excited? I guess if you had lived by yourself in the forest for all your life, human interaction, even with a weirdo, would be nice…

“Wait! Miss! uh, Anya!” he shouted and ran for the door.

Well, there you go. That was one of my very early story ideas that I actually planned on rolling with. I actually still have an about the characters (and don’t worry, I changed the man’s stalker vibe. XD) What’s the most ridiculous part of this whole scenario? Feel free to rip into this piece in the comments below!



February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Elements

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello guys! Well, it looks like February is nearly over! Can you believe it? Time is just whizzing by… This year is going to disappear so fast… O_O But anyway, this week’s questions are all about the elements that make up a fantasy story!


• Favorite magical weapons

I’ve always been fond of swords!

Lord Of The Rings GIF

But I do like the use of magic as a weapon too.

• Fantastical Art/Music

Hmm… Let’s see. I really love Eanrin’s (Tales of Goldstone Wood) ballads and poetry! Does that count as music? XD As for art… Well, I do like how art is described in The Vanishing Sculptor. There are pictures of the sculptures scattered throughout the book and the descriptions are so vivid and beautiful! I also love a gorgeously done map stuck in at the beginning or end of a book. Like this one:


• Epic journeys & quests & lost heirs, Oh My!

Ooh, let’s see!

• The Hobbit has an epic journey

excited the lord of the rings GIF

• The Lightning Thief has a quest (and a pretty awesome one at that) (and hush, Percy Jackson is totally fantasy :P)


• The Lunar Chronicles has a lost heir


There, some recommendations for you. They’re all three of them amazing. Does that sufficiently answer the question?

• Prophecies: Love or Hate?

It’s funny, in movies, prophecies REALLY, REALLY annoy me. But in books…They don’t bug me too much. Maybe it’s because the movie makes it seem really cheesy? Or it just seems overdone? I don’t know.

Mighty Boosh Storm GIF

So I guess it’s somewhere in between love and hate? My favorite prophecy is probably the one in Illusionarium. That was really cool and clever.

• A villain you love to hate

SUCH A HARD QUESTION. Can I list like my top five?

  • Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles
  • The Keeper from Entwined
  • Capricorn from Inkheart
  • Smaug from The Hobbit
  • Queen Irina from The Shadow Queen

All nasty horrible beings. BUT I STILL LOVE THEM. I mean, as villains, not, like… you know what I mean.

the desolation of smaug GIF

• Favorite fantasy hero/heroine

SUCH. TOUGH. QUESTIONS. O_O Okay, let’s see… I’m going to say for hero, definitely Lionheart from the Tales of Goldstone Wood. To me, he’s like the perfect image of a hero. At first he’s reluctant, but then he sets off, and he experiences hardships, which turns him into a stronger person. Such a cool character arc.

For heroine, I’m going to say Cress from the Lunar Chronicles. She’s sweet and gentle, but also strong and brave and knows how to handle things. She’s definitely a character I look up to. ❤

• Share an epic fantasy quote


It’s not really from a book, but I just love it so much I had to share. 🙂 Oh, and a close runner-up…

“Never laugh at live dragons.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Well, that was really fun! Thanks, Jenelle for coming up with these awesome prompts! What’s your favorite fantasy weapon? Who are you favorite villains or heroes? Let me know below!


February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Families

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello friends! Have you been enjoying these posts? No? Well, too bad, because I have another one for you, and this time, it’s center around family!


• Best fantasy family

Ooh, let’s see… You know, I don’t know if I can think of an answer for this one! I’m wracking my brain, but I can’t come up with a whole fantasy family, let alone my favorite one… 😐 If you can think of any, let me know down below!

• Best siblings in fantasy

I’m going with the twelve sisters from Entwined for this one. They’re each unique and really care for each other! Plus, their is much sisterly banter and wit, which I love dearly. 🙂

Siblings GIF

• Best fathers in fantasy

I think that would be a tie between Mo from Inkheart and Verrin Schope from The Vanishing Sculptor, (I just realized I haven’t raved about this book on here in a while! GO READ IT. It’s hilarious and wonderful). Both are trying their best to protect their daughters, but feel as though they’re failing. And they’re both in a pretty bad predicaments. And they’re both witty and charming. Oh my word, the similarities… O_O

• Best mothers in fantasy

I really hate to this, but I’m drawing a blank for this one too! Is it just me, or are there really not very many mothers in fantasy? Hmm… Would Elinor from the movie Brave count? If she did, that would be my answer. She’s half the time frustrated with her unruly daughter, but she’s still patient, and the ending…so lovely. ❤

animated movie kiss GIF by Disney Pixar

• Best fantasy friends

CINDER & CO. FROM THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. They kind of skim the line between sci-fi and fantasy, but SERIOUSLY. THEY ARE THE BEST. Their banter gives me life. ❤

• Best mentors in fantasy

Deborah actually just recently did a post about mentors, and I agreed with her on so many of the ones she listed! Gandalf from LOTR, Cosimo Livingstone from the Bright Empires series, Beana from the Tales of Goldstone Wood…so many good ones! 😀

• Why are there so many fantasy orphans?

That is a very good question. I…honestly don’t know.

Emperor'S New Groove Idk GIF

It’s the easiest option? To get the parents out of the way? A tragic backstory? There are so many ways storytellers can make that trope work. I personally don’t mind this trope, but it does get annoying after a while. Parents have good things to say! They can be such interesting plot devices! They can be mentors, sidekicks, the logical ones who say ‘why-in-the-world-are-you-doing-it-that-way-this-way-would-be-faster-and-a-million-times-easier’, they could even be interesting heroes! :O Or maybe the villains? *evil grin*

Well, there you are my friends. I really think there should be more family relationships in fantasy…It would make everything so much more relatable, you know? What do you think? More families? Better parent/child relationships? Let me know in the comments!


February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Romance

February Fantasy Month Banner

Happy late Valentine’s day, bloggers! *throws conversation hearts and roses into the air* I hope you got a valentine from someone special. 🙂

I think it’s quite fitting that this week’s prompts are centered around romance in fantasy! Almost like it was done on purpose… XD

On to week two’s questions!


• Favorite fairy tale ending

Hmm…That’s a tough one! I really love all of them! (Well, the Disney endings, anyway…) If I had to choose one, it would probably be either Beauty and the Beast’s or Aladdin’s ending. Beauty and the Beast’s was so romantic, and Aladdin’s just made me happy. It’s a tie!

beauty and the beast dancing GIF

• Romantic tropes you dislike in fantasy

Well, I really hate insta-love. Like, HATE IT. 😛 That hardly ever happens in real life, and it tends to feel like it was added in as an after thought. Blegh.

cary elwes 5k GIF

• Romantic tropes you like in fantasy

I LOVE the forbidden love trope. And the opposites attract trope. Basically, all of these couples that Christine said I ship pretty hard.

• Love at first sight?

Hmm…Maybe if they don’t realize it’s love at first?

• Friendship that turns into romance?

YES. I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS. But, it has to be the right type of characters. Otherwise it can feel a bit stilted and awkward.

• Best/Worst Fantasy Love Triangles

I actually haven’t read a whole lot of books with love triangles in them…Am I lucky? XD

• Favorite Fantasy Couple

AGH THAT’S SO HARD ASDLKFJ. Can I list my top three?

  • Cress + Thorne
  • Imraldera + Eanrin
  • Winter + Jacin*

*Yes, there are two couples from the Lunar Chronicles.

the lord of the rings deal with it GIF

Fantasy romance is the best! What is your favorite couple? How do you feel about love triangles? Let me know down below!


Minstrel’s Call by Jenelle Schmidt // Cover Reveal, Blurb, and Links!

Books and Such (1)

Hello guys! I have some exciting news today…


fangirling reactions gif

I have known Jenelle for a while now, and I have been SO EXCITED for her, reading about her journey writing, editing, and finally publishing this book. *round of applause* The preorder price is $0.99, and is available on Amazon. So GO PREORDER IT. NOW. O_O

Parade of Jenelle’s Links //




Amazon Author Page


But enough with the links, I know what you’re really here for.

You wanna see this gorgeous cover, right?

Well, you’re just going to have to be patient.

You didn’t think I was going to make this easy, did you?

Scroll just a little farther…

…to see this adorable puppy gif!


Okay, okay, I’m done, I’m done. You’ve been patient.

Very, very patient.

Very, very, very patient.

I’m impressed! Alright, I’ll give you your prize.


Minstrel's Call Cover


Blurb //

War threatens. The game board is set. But the Minstrel is missing…

Advancing his growing power, the Dread Prince breaks free of his prison and brings a faction of dragons under his control, stirring unrest and hatred in the newly united kingdoms of Tellurae Aquaous.

When the dragon wards of Kallayohm are targeted in a ruthless attack, the High King travels there to administer justice. But the trial results in a crippling blow that leaves him reeling.

On the heels of defeat, an unexpected message from the erstwhile Minstrel arrives, pleading with his friends for rescue. Together, the High King and his companions must follow the fragile trail, braving peril and darkness that will test the measure of them all…

Author Bio //

Jenelle Schmidt grew up in the northern-Midwest. She now resides with her husband and their four adorable children in the wilds of Wisconsin. Jenelle fell in love with reading at a young age during family story-times when her father would read out loud to her and her siblings each night before bed. Her imagination was captured by authors such as Madeleine L’Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Lloyd Alexander. It wasn’t long before she began making up her own stories and sharing them with her family. To this day she enjoys creating exciting adventure tales filled with poignant themes and compelling characters in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

What do think of that cover? Isn’t it delightful? Give me your opinion in the comments below! And don’t forget to preorder the book!


February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Creatures

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello friends! So, if you haven’t noticed it floating around the blogosphere yet, Jenelle reminded us that this month is FANTASY MONTH! 😀 A whole twenty-eight days, dedicated to the wonderful genre that is fantasy.

I’ve decided to take up her #FantasyMonth challenge, and, perhaps, participate in the short story challenge, posting that toward the very end of the month.

So without anymore dallying, let’s get into week one’s questions!


• Favorite fantasy creature

Oh wow, that’s a hard one! I love so many different creatures! My top three would probably be…

// Dragons

dragon GIF

Surprise, surprise.

// Griffins

Hpmeme GIF
Okay, so this is a hippogriff. It’s all I could find.

There really needs to be more of them…

// Pegasus/Unicorns/Kelpies

Unicorn GIF

Okay, so I’m kinda cheating on this one, because…that’s clearly three animals. BUT I love them all the same! I like to think of them as a triumvirate. One makes you think of the other, that kind of thing. 🙂

• Preference: Sentient or Beast?

I think it depends on what we’re defining as ‘sentient’. Does that mean they can talk? Or can they just understand us? Can they think for themselves, without instincts? Or are they still an animal, but can understand us?

I guess, yes, I prefer sentient. There are so many more possibilities. 😀

• Creature you wish were in more books

Well, looky here, I already answered that question up there! XD Some other creatures that I think deserve more attention:

• Shapeshifters

• Ghosts (not like scary ghosts, just, you know, friendly ghosts, like Casper)

• Phoenixes

• Best fantasy creature on film

Well, the obvious answer here would be Smaug.

smaug GIF

But I do really like Toothless, too! ^_^

• If you could have a fantasy creature…

Technically a genie is a fantasy creature, right? Having a genie would be nice…We could be great friends! A little mini dragon would be pretty epic too though…

Dragon GIF

• Favorite fairy tale featuring fantastic creatures

Hmm… Does Lord of the Rings count? 😛

Not really a fairy tale… I would probably go with either Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin. Beasts and genies are cool. 😀

Robin Williams Disney GIF

• Favorite fantasy creature character

I’d say either Halcyon or Salazar from Paper Crowns! They’re both so awesome!! 😀

Lord Of The Rings Hobbits GIF

Well guys, that was week one! If you guys want to do this challenge, PLEASE DO IT. I would love to see your answers to these awesome questions!


Pitiful Prose // Imagination


Hey guys! It’s the first of the month, and you know what that means!

…It’s time to cringe.

…It’s time to laugh at mediocrity.

…It’s time to regret creating this segment. XD

This was a story I started when I was nine, and I really, really, thought I was going to get somewhere with it. Well, that fell through, but the little bit I did get written is a good indicator that I did the right thing stopping when I did. XD

Alright, let’s do this.


I love my family. Anyone who has one is sure to love them, but just days ago they broke my heart.*

*Okay, not a bad start. Kinda cheesy, but not bad.

They where going to Japan for a year to see if they could find work for Dad.* He’s been having trouble finding work for months.

*So Dad is not even guaranteed a job and he’s asked to up and leave to go to Japan? Okay cool whatever.

I wish they would have taken me with but they said it was to dangerous.* Being so far away from home in Albion MN*, gave me chills but I could not bare to be separated from my family.*

*TO DANGEROUS! Wherever that is…
*There we go again, using the name of my township. Seriously, I was a regular J.K. Rowling. Creativity flowed through my very marrow.
*Also, this sentence doesn’t make sense. You’re comparing two negatives. ‘Being so far away gave me chills, but I could not bare to be seperated’. We’re just all gloom and doom aren’t we?

they said the foster home would take good care of me but I still yearned for home with Mom and Dad and Rose and Sandy, the dog.*

*Fun fact: Rose is MY name and Sandy was the name of our dog.

As we drove to the foster home I imagined what it would be like to live there for a whole year. I clung to Dad when we walked in. It was a nice enough sitting room with leather furniture and floral wallpaper.*

*That’s not really what I would call nice. I mean, any place with floral wallpaper just makes me shudder.

I thought, “Maybe I will like it here.” I slowly started to drift into thought. “Maybe the other kids are nice, Maybe the rooms are nice, maybe I won’t miss home that much.”

Ouch! that thought hurt my heart. Things got worse as my hopes were falling fast.* the lady, the headmistress did not look at all Kind or polite.*

*Wouldn’t things get worse first before your hopes fell?
*And here we see the beginning of a tale of woe, with an evil headmistress who for some reason hates the protaganist with a passion. *cough*ALITTLEPRINCESS*cough* Seriously, why are you working with children if you hate them so much?


*Ooooooh. Ominous.

Well goodness. That was actually the beginning of a really dismal story. Probably for the best it was scrapped. What is your opinion on floral wallpaper? Let me know down below! XD


Liebster Award // Fun Writer’s Edition

Good day, bloggers! I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by lovely Laurel! She came up with some great questions about writing and I can’t wait to answer them!

(Also, I think I may have done this challenge way back when, but I hardly remember it, so… I’m doing it again. Deal with it.)

“This'll be such fun" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue80QwXMRHg&feature=youtu.be )


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. (THANK YOU LAUREL. 😀 )
  • Answer their eleven questions
  • Ask eleven questions of your own
  • Nominate eleven bloggers and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Should food be written into stories or is that mean because it makes people hungry? (Yes, this is a very important question.)

I wholeheartedly agree that food should be written into stories. I don’t care if it makes people hungry. XD I always love reading foodie descriptions in books (*ahem*Heartless*ahem*), so I’m totally game to put them in!

When in the middle of writing a novel, do you read other books? Or are you scared you’ll copy whatever you’re reading by accident?

Yes, I read books all the time! While I’m writing and when I’m not. I think reading while you write is important, because good books are the best kind of inspiration fuel. I have been a bit worried about copying ideas, but I think all the ideas in the world were meant to be shared. And if your idea slightly resembles an already told story, that’s okay. Nothing is totally original. 🙂 As long as you’re not flat-out stealing the idea, that is.


What is your favorite genre to write? Do you stick only to that genre?

Fantasy is hands down my absolute favorite genre to write in. But I don’t fight dragons all the time. I’ve delved into other genres, like superhero, sci-fi, time-travel, and magical realism.

Do you believe in the whole ‘write what you know’ idea or do you think author’s should just write whatever they want?

I don’t think authors should limit themselves to only writing what they know. But I also think this phrase has been twisted to mean very literally, ‘only write what you know’, when I don’t think that’s what it means at all. Using life experiences and things you know, while writing what you don’t know makes for a great balance. I think it even makes the unbelievable more believable, by including things that we can all relate to.

So no, don’t only write what you know. But don’t forget to include the things you know in your epic stories about things you don’t know. ^_^

What is your favorite book that turned into a movie that you actually liked?

Ooh, tough one! I actually really liked the Ella Enchanted movie, despite what other people think about it. And, (probably losing some followers for this XD ), I…I actually liked the Percy Jackson movie? Like? Please don’t hurt me? XD As far as adaptions go, it didn’t really stick with the book at all, so I didn’t like it in that aspect. But as far as movies go, it was a really good, entertaining film. You know what I mean?

Should people who don’t like reading be forced to read or should they be forced to read? (A third answer is, forced to read, just by the way.) ((No, this is not cruel, it’s necessary.))

Hahaha! 😀 I think people who don’t like reading just haven’t found the right book yet.


Do you share your ideas of further novels or do you keep it a secret?

It really just depends. If I’m pretty sold on the idea and really think it’s going to come together, I’ll share it. But I do have many secret ideas… 😉

What is your favorite writing snack?

I don’t usually eat while I’m writing, but I do love to drink iced tea!

When writing, what form do you mainly achieve? (For example, I am actually a puddle with arms while some people are actually dragons.)

I either achieve the puddle-of-gooey-fangirl state or the make-all-the-characters-suffer-because-I’m-Sauron state. There is no in between.


What’s your least favorite genre, have you ever written anything in that genre?

Definitely horror. I have never, ever written anything in that genre and I don’t plan to. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could. Too scary.

rainbow pixel art GIF by Walter Newton
This is me running away from the horror genre.


What is the aesthetic for the writing project you’re working on right now?

I don’t have anything specific I’m working on right now, but at this moment I’m writing a short story set in the world of Dangerous Minds. There’s high school drama, driving lessons, devious villains, and action. It’s fun. 🙂

I do not currently have the brainpower to come up with eleven new questions, (sorry!), so feel free to use Laurel’s questions.

I tag… Elise @ E.E. Rawls | Faith @ The Writer’s Song | Gail @ A Gail Made a Blog | Grace @ True and Pure | C.B. @ The World of the Writer | Hayden @ Leatherbound | Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings | Mary @ Sunshine and Scribblings | Liv @ Liv K. Fisher | Lissa @ An Attempt to Be Classic | and Elizabeth and Clare @ Lily Orphaned

I apologize if you’ve already done this challenge, and don’t feel pressured to do this! They are really fun questions though!  🙂

What’s your favorite movie adaptation? Or your least favorite genre? Let me know down below!


The Comp Title Challenge // Created by Yours Truly

Hello bloggers! I hope you’ve been having a lovely 2018 so far, and have been eagerly working at your goals! ^_^ I have a something special for you this week…

I’ve created a challenge! 😀

Happy Joy GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

If you haven’t read the title, (which you obviously have), it involves comp titles. You may be asking:

What’s a comp title?

Well, wonder no longer, for I have the answer! (If you weren’t wondering, you may proceed XD) A comp (comparison) title is a book that is similar to your story in either content, genre, format, anything of that sort. It’s most often used as a marketing tool to help authors pique the interests of their readers.

For example, you might say ‘my novel could be described as Harry Potter meets Twilight. Ew, that was a bad comparison…But you get the idea.

Here are some tips on coming up with just the right titles for your stories:

  • Think about the genre of your story. Where does your story take place? When does it take place?
  • Probably don’t take the biggest names and throw them together (like I just did up there ^). Nobody wants to read Harry Potter meets Twilight meets The Hunger Games. (Okay, wait a minute, that might be interesting…XD)
  • Don’t worry about describing your story PERFECTLY. If you find something that you think describes it well, then great, but don’t stress it. It’s just a general idea.

ALRIGHT let’s get to the challenge!

My rules (though they’re really more like guidelines):

  • Pick a few (or all!) of your WIPS!
  • Give them some comp titles!
  • Tag a few peoples if you wish!
  • Have fun! 😉

Here are a few of my WIPS //

Imprint // Merlin meets Inkheart

Anyone else into Merlin? No? Just me?

are you sure bradley james GIF by BBC

*slithers into dark corner*


Dangerous Minds* // Marvel meets Michael Vey

*Previously titled The D


The Avengers GIF

Sciamachy // Treasure Island meets The Snow Queen

That…doesn’t really sound terribly exciting, but IT IS. TRUST ME. XD

Johnny Depp GIF

There’s also pirates, if that entices you at all.

Not Found // Inception meets Undertale

UNDERTALE, amiright? No?

boi GIF

Give or Take Your Time* // Six of Crows meets Harry Potter

*Previously titled Wanted For Time

I haven’t actually made my way into the HP fandom (yet?) so the comparison here is that they both have a school for teaching magical gifts.

hogwarts GIF

This book basically defies genres, so I DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE. XD

Pickpocket // Sherlock Holmes meets Mary Poppins

Sounds pretty cool, right? Like, imagine if they were the same person. That’s Pickpocket in a nutshell.

mary poppins GIF

The Ink Slinger // Peter Pan meets Greek mythology

NEW IDEA ALERT. This is one of those four new ideas I got this year. I’m working on remodeling my ‘Books’ page, and there’ll be a little bit about it there.

This is where I actually got the idea to create this challenge, because, I don’t know ‘Peter Pan meets Greek mythology’ just sounds really epic to me. I would love to read a book like that. XD

peter pan neverland GIF

Crown of Thorns // The Hobbit meets Edgar Allen Poe

So…This makes it seem like a depressing quest story. XD

Bilbo GIF


Now, as I said above, you could choose to tag someone, or you could leave an open invitation. I’m going to be lazy and choose the latter. XD So go forth with this challenge! Do it yourself! (I would LOVE to see what you come up with!) Share it with your friends! (I would LOVE to see that they come up with!)

What did you think of my comp titles? Strange? Interesting? Let me know down below! And if you do this challenge, leave me a link to your post/tweet/update in the comments! ^_^