Christmas Time is Here // A Smattering of Poems


I will love Christmas songs forever.

Forever I will sing songs. I will have a Christmas love in my heart.

Love is forever a Christmas tradition that I will sing with songs of joy.

Songs I love will forever be remembered and I will never not love Christmas time.

Christmas songs I love shall I sing forever with a passionate will.

Will Christmas be around forever? So I may sing songs of love?

Forever will I treasure them. I love Christmas songs of love and joy.


Gingerbread sensations tingle on your tongue,

The smell of warm sugar and familiar spices

Sweetening an icy interior.



There’s a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy.

When smiles are genuine and the world feels lighter.

There are colored lights spread across the town, and life feels merry.

When gifts are situated under the tree, shiny with bows and ribbons.

There are hearts all aglow, filled with love and joy.

Christmas time is here. Fun for all. The most wonderful time of the year.



Quiet heart. Careful hands.

Rosy cheeks. Soft embrace.

Peaceful night. Touching scene.

Wondrous sight. King of kings.


Just a bit of Christmas poetry for you. It’s nothing fancy, but I think it’s kind of nice. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday! ❤

New Until Next Time!

Know the Novel: Part 3 // Writing and Beyond {NaNoWriMo 2018}

Hello guys! It’s been a good while since NaNo, and I’ve enjoyed my guilt-free solace of reading books and watching movies so far. Plus, CHRISTMAS IS COMING. How is it upon us ALREADY?!

Christmas Party The Office GIF

Anyway, today’s post is a writer’s link-up created by Christine, and I…unfortunately, missed out on the second part of this challenge. I had taken a little hiatus during the month of November, and so I didn’t get the chance to answer the fabulous questions about the writing process.

But! I’m here now! And I can’t wait to answer these questions!

Firstly, how did writing this novel go all around?

For the most part, I think it went really well. It had its crazy up and down moments, but I’d call it a successful NaNo. And it’s my FIRST TIME WINNING. So yeah. Still pretty stoked about that. 🙂

Happy Dance GIF
That’s my novel in the background. XD

Did it turn out like you expected or completely different? And how do you feel about the outcome?

It mostly went according to plan. I had my outline all typed up and ready to go, and the first half went really great!

But then, as the month ambled on, new ideas started springing up out of nowhere. And by the time I reached the ending, there were choppy, cut-up bits of story, text pasted in random spots, trying to piece the story together, and my main character had basically gone insane. (Okay, not really, but she took the strangest turn, let me tell you.)

I don’t regret it too much. I got the general ideas down, and now they just need to be rewritten and polished so it all goes smoothly. And I probably need to cut…a lot of stuff in the climax. But other than that, I’m very happy with how it turned out!

What aspect of the story did you love writing about the most? (Characters, plot, setting, prose, etc.)

Characters for sure. I always love my characters the most. They’re what motivate me to keep going. Plus over the years and years of writing about them, I feel like I’ve come to know them so well. They feel like old friends. I know exactly how they’ll react to things, what they love. It’s a good relationship. (I sound like I’m crazy…XD)

Crazy The Office GIF


How about your least favorite part?

…I hate to say the plot…but I’ve gotta say, it was probably the plot. My project was to rewrite Imprint, which I’ve been working on for years. I was proud of my outline, and I was really excited about it…until I started finding little plot holes.

sarcastic luke skywalker GIF by Star Wars

Those put little ruts in the whole process, which was kind of frustrating. I wish I could spot those little suckers easier, and before I take the leap into writing the story for the whole month. But I kept track of them, and I’ll just have to go back and fix them, along with some rewriting and editing, hopefully in January.

What do you feel like needs the most work?

Well, I kind of just answered that in the question above. XD But rewrites and edits aside, I really think what this novel needs…is a voice.

I’ve always had a hard time with finding my ‘writing voice’, and I still don’t know exactly what that is. I’d like to say I’ve gotten better with practice, but when I read over my work, I notice how devoid of personality the prose tends to be. It’s almost robotic.

Rude Star Wars GIF

I could really use an editor…

How do you feel about your characters now that the novel is done? Who’s your favorite? Least favorite? Anyone surprise you? Give us all the details!

Oh man, such a hard question. XD Of course I love them all, even the villains. My favorite character is probably one of my main characters, Markus. He’s hilarious, and tends to goof off, but also really caring and unafraid to have an optimistic attitude.

I don’t think I could choose a least favorite, honestly. I love all my characters too much! I will say, Zyke, a side character, has been a bit of a challenge for me. It’s not like I don’t like him, I love him… It’s more like I can’t figure him out. He just won’t let me into his head. I’ve been trying to find his motives and stand on things for a long time, but he remains a mystery to me. 😛

A character that really surprised me was actually my villain, Zedidiah. He’s so much more than your typical villain. He’s human. He cares about things. He just wants what’s best for people. Sure, he’s out to rule the world, and he’ll stop at nothing to get to the seat of power, but it’s only because he doesn’t want to see people suffer. (…Even though…he’s the one making them suffer…)

What’s your next plan of action with this novel?

Let it settle for a bit longer, then rewrite, edit, do whatever needs doing to get it polished, and then…let my family read through it, consider their edits, revise, and send it to some beta-readers. And then after that…maybe considering pitching? idontknowimscared. :S

Scared Kermit The Frog GIF

If you could have your greatest dream realized for this novel, what would it be?

I want to share this story with the world. I write what I want to read, and if I love this story, then I know at least one other person will too. And if it ends up in bookstores, has a sizable fan-base, and people absolutely love it and want more…that’d be great too. XD

Share a snippet of one of your most favorite scenes!

*wades through trash to find something suitable*

Here’s a conversation between my two favorite reaper boys. It’s nothing much, but it’s really a testament to their relationship.

“You’re an actual idiot.” Celthic slammed his dagger down on the tile. It left a jagged mark, right where Paige and the boy had been.

Me?” Zyke shouted indignantly. “It was your idea to try to snag them here!”

“What a load.” Celthic whipped around to glare furiously at his friend. Though right now, he would’ve rather referred to Zyke as colleague. Or maybe associate. Definitely not friend, by any means. “This was your idea that I agreed to. I never said it was good.” He crossed his arms. “This is why I don’t let you lead.”

“Well aren’t you just the king of clever,” Zyke said scornfully. “You think you’re so amazing, Celthic. I’m surprised you even fit through that door with your head being so big.”

Celthic scooped up his dagger and held it dangerously close to Zyke’s neck. “Look, I’m done arguing. Either we do this together, or we don’t do it at all. And that’s not going to cut it.” He nimbly slid his blade into his scabbard. “So stop being mouthy and let’s get this stupid thing over with.”

Zyke whipped out his scythe, leaning gently on it and examining his nails. “You’re something, Cel,” he muttered.

Celthic ignored the statement. He ignored a lot of things. Life was easier that way. “We’ve given ourselves up. They know what we look like now. From now on, we work discreetly. In, out, done.” He wind-milled his arms, opening a gaping violet portal. “We’re splitting up. Let’s go.”

They’re two huge dorks, in case you were wondering. And I love them.

Did you glean any new writing and/or life lessons from writing this novel?

Never think that your work is stupid. Even if it is. XD Because if you don’t have confidence in your own work, why would anyone else? Own your novel, and don’t worry about it being perfect, because we all know that’s not possible. In fact, imperfections are sometimes what makes a novel great.

And also, don’t slack off on the last week of NaNo and in a fit of panic, barely make the 50,000 mark on November 30th, 11:45 PM. Really wouldn’t suggest that. Not a smart choice.

rip do not want GIF by nog
This was me at the end of the month. XD

There you go! A little glimpse into my newly rewritten Imprint! Thank you again for this awesome link-up, Christine! Tell me about your NaNo experience in the comments! And also MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Look out for a special little post on Christmas Eve! 😉

New Until Next Time!

Pitiful Prose // The IM Conversation

Pitiful Prosenew

Hello guys, and welcome back to the latest installment of Pitiful Prose, the segment where I belittle and bemoan my younger self’s writings.

I wrote this little ditty back in…2013, I think? Phones and texting were really becoming this huge thing, and I was eager to try my hand at writing an IM chat log. (For…some reason that I don’t know…)

It’s quite cringey, it will possibly make you laugh, and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Dis Gon B Gud GIF


MaddieGladdie* –  R U coming 2 Mi house?

*This was back when I self-inserted myself into my stories. I changed her name to Madel, and gave her my nickname, so this was…really not that subtle.

JackinaBox* – I’ll be there @ 6. Kay?

*I actually kinda like this one for a username? It’s kinda cute. XD

MaddieGladdie – Sounds good. Is any1 else online?

JackinaBox – dont know.*

*Can I just say, it took a lot of willpower to make myself misspell words on purpose. So. Give me a round of applause.

MelMel – Hello??

MaddieGladdie – Mandy! u’re here!

MelMel – u’re here 2!

JackinaBox – any1 else?

MelMel – ummmmm….*

*Who writes an ‘um’ that long? Seriously? >_>

SmartCookie – Im here.

MaddieGladdie – hey Anna!*

*Why are you even bothering to use usernames if you’re just going to call each other by your names?

SmartCookie – hi. Sorry Im late.

MaddieGladdie – no big.

CoolKate – Hi!

MaddieGladdie – hey kate! Is Lia there with U?*

*…Why did you capitalize Lia…but not…Kate…?

CoolKate – just a sec, BRB*

*…where are you going?

JackinaBox – So… R U all coming 2 Mad’s house?*

*Nobody shortens Madeline, or even Maddie, to Mad. Literally nobody has ever done that to me.

MelMel – I am!

SmartCookie – me 2.

MaddieGladdie – Kate?

CoolKate – Im back! and Lia is logging in right now.

MaddieGladdie – kay!

XOLiaOX* – hey every1!

*Could I be more creative with these names? XD

MaddieGladdie – hey Lia! so is every1 here?

MelMel – yep.*

*Why are you taking the time to use punctuation, but still not capitalizing words and misspelling them?

MaddieGladdie – ok, great I need all of U @ mi house. can U make it?

CoolKate – Im free.

XOLiaOX – me 2!

MaddieGladdie – SO U’ll all come? CYA there!*

*I think my eyes are bleeding.


*{Insert graceful cut here}

I log off and race to the door. as usual, Lia is here first. “hey Madel! Whats so Important?”

“I’ll wait till the other are here.” I say.*

*Ooh, who is the other? Are they the bad guy?? :O

Its just after dinner so everyone has to ‘wash up’ and clean themselves.*

*Wouldn’t you do that…before dinner? I’m so confused. -_-

Confused Lego Batman GIF

There you go, my first chat log! I don’t think I’ve ever written one since then…probably because even I thought it was cheesy and…pretty much pointless, plot-wise. Like, what even is happening in this scene? This whole thing could’ve taken less than a paragraph if I cut out all the ridiculous filler. XD

Does this look like a realistic text exchange to you? Or like an automated robot trying to be hip wrote it? Let me know in the comments!

New Until Next Time!

NaNoWriMo 2018 in a Nutshell // I DID IT!!!


Hello guys! Wow…it feels like ages since I last wrote a blog post…or even interacted with the outside world…XD But I’m back, and currently swimming in tons of other blogger’s posts that I need to catch up on.

Don’t let anyone tell you NaNo doesn’t take over your whole life. They are liars.

College Accuse GIF
Has anyone did their yearly re-watch of this one yet? *raises hand*

But anyway, I am SO STINKING EXCITED to announce that…


Excited Matthew Perry GIF

That really doesn’t seem like much, when I see other writers hitting word-counts up into the 100ks…Seriously, you guys are speed demons. XD

BUT. This will mark my first ever year of actually winning NaNo! I’ve been doing WriMos since the year 2015 (or 2014? My memory is foggy…), and I have NOT ONCE completed the challenge. I’ve come SO. SO. CLOSE. But those last 10,000 words were always out of my reach.


Dance Dancing GIF by The Dude Perfect Show

I’m definitely going to be setting my mess of a novel aside for the month of December and focusing on some more casual writing (like blogging 😉 ) for the rest of the year.

It was such a crazy time, let me tell you.

I started off pretty strong, staying far ahead of the daily word goals for the first couple weeks. But then it’s like a massive wave of nothingness flooded through the rest of the month. I was 10,000 words behind schedule, at one point. That was a terrible feeling.

I stayed fairly low, wordcount-wise, through the Thanksgiving weekend and fretted that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

But those last few days…oh my gracious. I was pounding out as many words as possible, not quite caring if they even made sense or not. I just had to get these words on the page.

Keyboard Working GIF
Does anyone else remember this short? XD

And so, at no later than 11:45 on November 30th, I hit 50k.

The Dark Knight Thumbs Up GIF
Batman approves.

And then I immediately went to bed, my brain half-dead with exhaustion, half-hyped-up on the fact that I had won.

So…yeah. That was my experience. And now I have this dandy little badge to prove that I did it.



Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL??

I would share some snippets, buuuut…I haven’t dared to look through my manuscript just yet. XD I’ll probably do an aesthetic post with some of them sometime in the middle of December, but for now, I’m glad to just let it rest.

Over It Im Done GIF

Sorry if this is kind of a shorter post, I’m still kind of reeling from last month’s insanity. XD CONGRATULATIONS to all you writers who completed NaNo!! Tell me a bit about your experience down below! I’d love to hear I’m not the only one who kind of went a bit crazy… 😛

New Until Next Time!

Important Update // I Am Not Dead!

Hello guys! This is just a quick update to let you know


Halfway through the second week, I realized, oh darnit, I never announced I was taking a hiatus ARGH. So…it’s a bit late, but…I’ll be taking a hiatus this month. XD

Im So Alive One Direction GIF

As far as NaNo goes, it’s been moving along fairly well for me. I’m trying to keep my word count above the required amount of words for the day, and I’ve actually been doing it, which is so shocking to me. XD

So, yeah. I’ll have my next real post out early December. (MY WORD HOW IS DECEMBER COMING SO FAST >_>) How is NaNo going for all you other writers so far? Have you died yet? Are you doing better than you thought you ever could? Let me know down below!

New Until Next Time!

Probably the Scariest Story You’ll Ever Read // Spooky Story Link-up 2018

Trick Or Treat Halloween GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

Hi guys! I have a spooky story for Jenelle’s contest! I think it will properly send a little shiver down your spine…It will probably be the scariest story you’ll ever read, so…be prepared…*ominous music begins to play*

The trees spindly fingers snapped in the wind, an eerie tune that whispered in the back of one’s head, inescapable.

It prickled across Grace‘s skin, making her shudder. Her heart thumped viciously. She stood quietly, fearfully on the porch, nervously twiddling with her apron strings, watching as a man kneeled in the cemetery, his cloak fluttering in the gale, his pale skin illuminated by the moon’s glow.

The wind fluttered crisply through her fair hair, blowing it into her face, obscuring her vision. She felt a hand on her shoulder and whipped around to see George.

“George,” she said, quivering. George said nothing, but gripped her harder. She imagined his knuckles to be white as snow.

They both watched as the man stood abruptly and slowly ambled away. They promptly lost sight of him.

“Why did you bring us here, George?” Grace cried indignantly. “Why couldn’t we have picked a better home? Somewhere far away from any cemetery or mysterious man?”

George sighed shakily. Though it was dark, Grace saw the fear in his eyes. “You know why, dear one.”

Annie and Alice slowly crept out from their hiding place beside a potted plant that had been long dead. “Mother? Father?” Annie whispered. “What is the matter? Are we in danger?”

The wind picked up, whistling angrily, clouding the world in a dark, confusing blur. It swept through the gravestones, singing its eerie song under the moonlight.

“Get in the house immediately,” George snapped, his fingers like ice.

The ladies shivered and whimpered as they hoisted their skirts up and hustled inside.

George followed closely behind them, and then locked the door behind him when they were all safely inside. The night was growing darker and the moon seemed to focus on the graveyard, giving it a ghostly spotlight. The wind howled, begging to enter the house, rattling the half-shattered windows.

A sudden, ferocious clabber at the door pierced through the irritated wind.

Annie and Alice screamed, and Grace snatched their wrists and dragged them away from the door, holding them tightly. Her face was pale as death.

George seized his pistol from a small drawer in a rickety old nightstand, cocked it carefully, quietly, and slowly made his way to the door.

“I don’t like this place,” Alice cried, her voice shaking with sobs. Grace hugged her daughters firmly.

The door burst open, filling the house with the cold, angry wind. The man from the graveyard stood in the entrance, furiously rubbing his hands across his arms, shaking violently from the cold.

George roared and pointed his gun at the man’s heart.

The man’s head shot up, and his screech overwhelmed the drone of the wind.

The Taylors vanished without a single sound.

The wind continued to pound against the windows, filling the house with a haunting symphony.

The graveyard looked distant and watery, like a dream.

Brian unsteadily took his cellphone out of his pocket and dialed his friends’ number.

“Come and pick me up.” His voice was barely above a whisper. “Now.”

“What? What’s wrong, I thought you were visiting your grandpa’s grave?”

“I saw…I saw…”

The world faded to black.




“…Hello? Brian? You still there…?

Quite spooky, right? O.O On a lighter note, what’s your favorite Halloween candy? Let me know down below!

Know the Novel // Part One: Introductory

Hello guys! So…I have an announcement!

I’m doing NaNoWriMo!!!

Happy Joy GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
I just really love this GIF. XD

It’s going to be a little different from my previous novel writing attempts though, since I’m going to be rewriting my novel that I wrote waaaaay back in 2014, my very first month-long writing experience (I was inspired by Mirriam way back when, so I did it for JuNoWriMo, rather than NaNoWriMo).

You might know about this novel, I’ve been calling it Imprint forever, but currently, I’ve titled it Rewritten, which I think is quite fitting. XD I’ll probably keep referring to it as Imprint, because I can’t help myself, but on my NaNo page, it says Rewritten.

I’ve been slowly working on this book for nearly FIVE YEARS now, and…well, I’m putting my fist down. This will be THE FINAL REVISION. THE REVISION TO END ALL REVISIONS. Maybe not, but I am going to be done with this book after the month of November (I mean, I’ll probably still do SOME editing, but nothing huge).

I’M SO EXCITED GUYS. *does a little happy dance*

guardians of the galaxy dancing GIF

You may have seen Christine’s new linkup on her blog, or from other bloggers, and since I think it looks like the coolest thing since Liv’s linkup, I’m going to give it a shot!

Basically, it’s a three part challenge October through December, this first part being an ‘introductory’ type of deal, where one can acquaint others to their novels through a series of ten questions.

Let’s jump in!

• What first sparked the idea for this novel?

I’ve always loved fairytale retellings, they were my main source of inspiration for my stories when I was younger. I liked the idea of a girl being able to travel into books, fairytales specifically, and what would happen if she messed up the story.

That was when I was ten, and though the story has morphed incredibly since then, I’ve still kept the idea, though very loosely.

• Share a blurb!

Since a young age, Paige Turner has been able to read herself into books. She never thought it would get her into trouble. One day while she’s at the bookstore, a cloak-wearing man tries to slit her wrists. Things only grow worse after that. Soon Paige and her friend Markus are caught in the middle of deadly feud between a vengeful wizard and a mysterious man. If they want to make it out alive, they’re going to have to have to use more than their booksmarts…

Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects about the setting?

Half of the time it’s in a contemporary world, much like in real life. The other half takes place in my own little fantasy world, Nore.

I think my favorite part about Nore is that there are so many opportunities to spin things on their head it’s modeled after book genres, with realms like Contemporalis, Fanastasia, Mythologia, and such. To us, it appears to be the world of books, but to the inhabitants there, it’s just everyday life. Every realm is unique, and playing with different literary tropes found in different genres to give the realms their customs and culture is so, so fun. 😀

Tell us about your protagonist.

Paige is a bookworm all the way. She loves reading in all genres, but fantasy and science fiction in particular. So…I mean, I kind of love her just for that? XD

read beauty and the beast GIF by Disney

She’s a tad reserved, quiet, but can be feisty if she’s really worked up. I’ve classified her as an ISFJ, if that means anything to you. She likes things just so, and she can get really anxious about things that don’t really need worrying about. She’s very empathetic and compassionate, which can (often, actually XD) get her into trouble, especially when it comes to the villains she has to deal with. She also has a major crush on the other main character Markus. They’re a cute couple, in my opinion, which doesn’t really count for anything, but… XD

Who (or what) is the antagonist?

There are a few different villainous persons in this story, which is revealed more in the next books. The main antagonist is an evil wizard named Zedidiah.

He has crippling OCD, to the point where he’s willing to (and does) murder his own brother to be on the throne, since he thinks his brother ‘wasn’t doing a good enough job ruling the realm’. He’s a vengeful control freak who has very little feelings toward anyone (at least that’s what he tells himself. He has a… very, very sad but interesting backstory).

What excites you the most about this novel?

I would have to say the characters honestly. I’ve fallen so deeply in love with them and their snark and sarcasm and painful pasts and I could just hug all of them (including the villains) to bits and pieces. ^_^

Is this going to be a series? Standalone? Something else?

This will be a trilogy. Hopefully. That’s what I’m shooting for and what I’ve always imagined it would be since the very beginning. We’ll see!

Spongebob Squarepants Waiting GIF

Are you plotting? Pantsing? Plansting?

I will be plotting. I have my shiny outline all finished and just waiting to be implemented. It’s actually a mess of a thing and I’m SO SCARED about what on earth is going to happen during November. But I think I’ll be okay. Kind of. For the most part. Maybe. Pray for me, guys. XDDD

The Big Bang Theory Panic Attack GIF

Name a few things that makes this story unique.

Ooh, I like this question! It really makes you think what will make your story stand out to editors and agents. My novel, in a way, is magical realism, since a good portion of the story takes place in our world, and that’s not something you see very often.

It bends lots of genres, especially once you get into the second and third books. Though…I’ve heard editors don’t particularly like that, unless it’s done crazy well… It makes it harder to market or something like that… O-O But it does make it unique!

Share a fun “extra” of the story (a song or full playlist, some aesthetics, a collage, a Pinterest board, a map you’ve made, a special theme you’re going to incorporate, ANYTHING you want to share!).

Ooh!! I have a playlist on Spotify, a Pinterest board, and a collage!


That’s all, guys! This is such a great idea, Christine, thank you for coming up with it! 😀 Are you guys doing NaNo this year? What’s your novel going to be about? (And if you want to be one of my writing buddies, just look me up, Madeline J. Rose and add me! I think I’ve friended a lot of you already, but if I haven’t, send me your link, please!)

New Until Next Time!

6 Sci-Fi Movies I Actually Like (Wow, Right?)

Hey guys! If you’re still here after my ridiculous schedule changes that have so far led into a pit of unmet deadlines and despair, then good for you! *thumbs-up*

My summer was really long and tiring, and only just this past September have things been slowing down. I really want to get back in the swing of things, so, like the genius that I am, I’ve come up with a schedule. A REAL SCHEDULE THIS TIME GUYS.

  • Week #1 // Pitiful Prose

  • Week #2 // A List of Some Sort

  • Week #3 // Freebie Post (Discussion, Tips, Rant, whatever doesn’t fit into the other categories)

  • Week #4 // Creative Writing (Micro-Fiction, Poems, *whispers* Character Conversation post (maybe…if I can get myself together XD ))

  • Week #5 // Tag

Don’t be surprised if I completely disregard this schedule, but this is roughly what I’m planning for. Let’s hope I can pull myself together and actually start being a blogger again! 😛

Anyway, let’s get to the actual post now.

New Movies and Such

I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I am NOT a science fiction kind of girl.

The main reasons usually fall into one or more of these categories:

a.) I’m really confused or super unimpressed with the technology

b.) it’s super cheesy, e.g. Star Wars (I’m not bashing this series, but you have to admit, it is pretty darn cheesy)

c.) aliens. Just. No. They’re usually either too creepy looking, or too ridiculous looking for me to take seriously. (Which is super hypocritical of me, because half of the movies on this list have aliens…whoops. XD )

So that being said, there are a few sci-fi movies that I actually enjoy and I think you might enjoy too. (One of these movies is arguably NOT sci-fi, but it’s the genre that I think fits it best, so I’m including it anyway. 🙂 )

Edge of Tomorrow

So I just watched this one recently and OH MY GOSH. It was crazy and amazing and I have so many things I could say about this movie, about how clever it is, how great the characters are, how amazing the premise is… The twisting, turning path this movie leads us down had me satisfyingly stunned. The end will leave you spinning, and possibly outraged, but in a good way, you know?

Basically, it’s about this guy, William Cage (Tom Cruise), gets talked into fighting these aliens who are attacking the planet. He soon dies, but instead of…staying dead, he ends up reliving the same day over and over again, every time he dies. If that doesn’t sound cool, then you should probably still watch this movie anyway.

The Martian

Matt Damon in The Martian (2015)

This is another movie I watched fairly recently (I guess I’ve been attempting to broaden my one-track fantasy mind. XD ). This would be defined as hard sci-fi, meaning it’s based on relatively believable things that could happen in the future. IT’S GOOD. REALLY GOOD. There’s a lot of good suspense and tension, the kind of tension that has you staring wide-eyed at the screen, literally sitting on the edge of your seat. Plus the characters, especially our main guy, Mark, are really well-done and relatable.

But I think my favorite part about this movie is that it was just so interesting. It was so fascinating seeing how Mark handled himself and watching all the things he had to do just to stay alive. It managed to be incredibly informative and extremely entertaining at the same time. A++, really well thought out.

The premise is a pretty simple idea. A Mars mission goes wrong, and Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead. But he’s not dead. And not only that, but he’s now stuck on Mars with no way of communicating with his space station. And so he tries his best to survive and figure out a way to phone home. (Little E.T. joke for ya.)


Inception (2010)

This totally counts as sci-fi, right? This is totally sci-fi. Fight me. Possibly my favorite movie on this list, (and no, I did not write this post for the sole purpose of fangirling about this movie, how ridiculous would that be, shut your face.)

I think my favorite part about sci-fi movies in general is they always have interesting premises. You know what to expect when you watch a superhero movie, there will usually be bad guys, and the good guys will beat them up. You know what to expect when you watch a fantasy movie. There are usually forces of evil and good, with some magic, talking animals, and epic battles thrown in.

But with sci-fi, it’s kind of a mystery. It could take place on other planets, or on Earth. There could be aliens. It could be about shady governments. It could be an apocalyptic premise, where humans are trying to survive, like Hunger Games (dystopian, I know, but it’s an off-shoot of sci-fi, okay?). Or it could be goofy space opera like Star Wars. You never know what to expect. And I love surprises and plot twists, so I don’t know why I haven’t watched/read more sci-fi. I should do that.

Anyway, you know what this movie is about. It’s epic. It’s scary. It’s astounding. It’s all the other synonyms for ‘good’. You should watch it, if you haven’t already, which you probably already have, because apparently I live under a rock and don’t watch good movies.


Forest Whitaker, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner in Arrival (2016)

Faith is actually the one who got me to watch this one. AND I’M SO GLAD SHE DID. This was an AWESOME movie. I mean, I’m kind of a Jeremy Renner fan, you know, Hawkeye and all, but all the other characters were so amazingly done! And even though this is a TOTAL alien movie, I just really loved it. Which is so strange, because I don’t like alien movies. There were so many elements of the story I loved, but if I say anything about them, I’ll spoil the movie. So you’ll just have to trust me and watch it.

It’s about a linguist, Louise (Amy Adams), who is asked by the military to talk to the aliens that have landed on Earth. That’s really all I can say about this movie without spoiling some major stuff. But it’s good. Really. Really. Good.


Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Divergent (2014)

This series gets a lot of hate for some reason. Granted, I haven’t seen the second or third movie, (which I probably won’t, because I don’t want them to ruin it for me), but if you step back and just look at it as just a sci-fi movie, it’s actually a really great movie. The characters are really good, with interesting motives. The setting is a really neat dystopian future, with factions, a sketchy government, prejudiced people, all that good stuff. And a pretty cute guy, which I mean, is always a plus. XD

It’s about Tris (Shailene Woodley), a girl who doesn’t fit into any factions, and so is labeled Divergent (hence the name of the movie). When she realizes there’s a plot against the Divergents, she teams up with a mysterious dude and they set out to figure just what makes Divergents so dangerous. You probably knew that already though. It’s a pretty big movie. And usually that means it’s either highly overrated, or it really bombs. This movie’s somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Try it. You might agree with me.

Treasure Planet

Okay, okay, this doesn’t really count, BUT I JUST HAD TO INCLUDE IT. It’s too wonderful not to! All of the characters are so memorable, their dialogue is so witty and fun, the setting is AGH SO PRETTY, the plot is exciting, whimsical, and adventurous, and it’s just an animated masterpiece. Also, IT’S TOTALLY UNDERRATED. Why is this movie not talked about? It’s delightful! It’s an epic adventure, with romance! Action! Great lines–!

*scrolls to Box Office gross income*

Oh. Hm. That’s why. 😦

Alright, those are my favorite sci-fi movies! Wow, I didn’t even mention Star Wars or Star Trek…oops. Although, I’m still not entirely sold on the Star Wars franchise. I should watch the newer movies at some point in my life… -_- Do you like the sci-fi genre? Please let me know of some good movies/books in the comments! I’m really trying to break out of the fantasy genre a bit and sci-fi seems like a good first step. 🙂

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Pitiful Prose // The Beginning of Something Terrible

Pitiful Prosenew

Hello guys! Guess what’s baaaaack?

happy jonah hill GIF

You know, when I was younger, I never would’ve thought that I would have thought I would get to where I am now. I was just content to write my little stories, without a care in the world. And now here I am, posting those little stories on my blog, making fun of how ridiculous they are.

In a sense, it’s kind of cruel. Sorry little me. XD

But anyways, let’s get right into this one. I wrote this weird little thing in ‘play’ form, for some reason. So the stuff in parentheses are the actions. Why? I don’t know.

Let’s go.



Because I told you so!” (snaps fingers and Magali sits down immediatley)*

*Wow, so spoopy. Woah.

“What’d you do?”

“I put an obedience spell on you.”

“When will it go away?”

“When I want it to.”

*bored doctor who GIF

(Magali sits motionless in the dark tower)*

*Can I just say, I am so confused right now. Who’s talking? Who is this other person? Someone’s name is Magali, but who is it?

“I see you were out playing with the village kids,”*

*How old is this guy? Who says ‘village’? And if you’re old enough to say ‘village’, then wouldn’t you say ‘children’ instead of ‘kids’? -_-

“yes they’re very nice, and….”

“you are not to play with them!”

“but, why?”

“because I said so.” (Magali sadly looks out the window)*

*I feel like I need to clarify, that dialogue doesn’t go with the action next to it, it should be on a separate line, but…I wrote it like that for some, confusing reason? What even, little me?

7 years later……*

*That’s a lot of little periods. Wowza.

(Magali is hanging out with friends when suddenly)*

*Suddenly…what? Is that supposed to be like a stupid narrator cut to the action?

“Ha! yeah! Magali you’re so funny!”*

*Who says that?

(crash of lightening)*

*A lightbulb illuminates the area! XD

“What are you doing here?!”

“Zedidiah?! what do you want?!”*

*I think these are supposed to be the friends speaking, but at this point, I just really don’t know anymore.


(Other kids run away screaming leaving Magali all alone)*

*Sarcastic Season 3 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

“What was that for!?”


*What the heck, he’s so blunt. ‘Magali.’ ‘Come.’ ‘Because I said so.’ Like, what’s your problem, dude? XD

(back in the tower)*

*Classy scene cut.

“Magali, I would like to share a secret with you, but first, meet Nells and Xab.”*

*Seriously, what kind of names are those?? Nells? Xab? Did I think I was cool?

(Magali waves nervously) “hi.”


(Xab looks at Magali carefully)

“She will do.”*



“You will become one of us.”


“Yes, I’ve been waiting for this day to come.”

*Just Who The Heck Are You And What Is Your Problem GIF

“No! I’m not like you guys, I don’t want to be evil.”


*Yes, I wrote ‘gasp’. Yep.

“And I’m leaving.”

(Magali jumps out of the tower)*


“You will regret greatly for choosing this, Magali!”*


“uh, should we go get her?”

“No, I’ve got a better Idea,” (Smiles evilly)*

*Oh gosh, we’re going there? -_-

(Magali hurts her self jumping from the tower, but still runs away)*


“I’ve gotta hide.”

(runs into a thicket of trees)

(stops to rest) (and think,)

Well. That was…interesting. XD Well, PP posts are back! (At least while I have embarrassing writing in stock, which I do.) Let me know if you think this could be a successful screenplay in the comments!

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The Winner of the Most Epic Heroine Award


Madeline: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, both magical and otherwise, to the Most Epic Heroine Ceremony! I hope you have all been having a good time, seeing the winners of everyone else’s categories, and have been delighted at the outcomes. But I’m sure you’re all ready to see who has won in this category, so without anymore ado I introduce our presenter, Eowyn!

The Lord Of The Rings Elise GIF

Immense cheers and clapping fill the room as Eowyn approaches, shocked and delighted at the ecstatic noise.

Eowyn: Thank you, Madeline, for hosting this gathering, and thank you, kind people that your are, for your enthusiasm. I appreciate every one of you. I am so honored to be here with you all and am overjoyed that you would think me such a wonderful hero to present this award.

More cheers sound and feet thump joyously on the ground, vibrating the entire room.

Eowyn: *smiles at the crowd, and then clears her throat* If I could have your quiet attention, I would like to list off the contestants who have proved themselves eligible for this wonderful award. First off, we have…Leeli Igiby!

Leeli uneasily gets to her feet, giving the most elegant bow a lady with a crippled leg can, as the crowd claps in excitement for her. Peet excitedly leaps up, clapping his socked hands furiously. Leeli gently guides him back into his seat, and smiles as he murmurs something eagerly in her ear.

Eowyn: *attempts to keep a laugh in while watching Leeli and Peet* A worthy contender, most courageous and compassionate indeed. Next on the list we have…Fern!

Fern bounces from her seat and gives a graceful bow as the crowd claps eagerly. She glances suddenly to her left with a look of apprehension in her eyes. There appears to be nothing there, but Fern smiles with a glitter in her eyes.

Eowyn: A truly lovely young girl, brave in the face of many dangers, not always seen by others. *gives Fern a kind look* Continuing down the list we have…Aravis!

Aravis swiftly gets to her feet and gives a most splendid bow, smiling at Shasta all the while. From the back of the hall, a couple of loud whinnies are heard, as well as some hoof stomping and loud shouts of approval from Hwin and Bree. A few people turn in surprise, amazed to see talking horses, but then realize that anything can happen at a fantasy awards ceremony. Of course there would be talking horses.

Eowyn: A most brave and adventurous spirit, kind to her animal friends, and loyal to her human friends. Next, we have…Cress!

Cress’s eyes dart away from examining the hall in awe, toward the center stage. She hurriedly gets to her feet as uproarious applause breaks out, giving a clumsy bow, and nearly falling on her face. Thorne quickly steadies her and silently urges her to return to her seat. She does so, her face a bit redder than it was before. Despite this, she gives a shy smile.

Eowyn: *smiles back, and continues with a laugh in her voice* A sweet, loyal friend and amazing lady, always there for her friends. Finally, we have…Jill!

Jill rises from her seat and gives a gentle curtsy, while Eustace sits in his seat, stubbornly not clapping, but smiling at Jill all the same. Puddleglum rolls his eyes and shoves Eustace in the shoulder, prompting Eustace to clap like a proper human being. Eustace finally gives in and gives a slow clap or two.

Eowyn: *lets out a small laugh, watching Eustace and Puddleglum* A fiercely loyal friend and brave explorer, most definitely deserving of this award. Of course, all of these wonderful ladies are more than deserving of the title Most Epic Heroine. I’m sure you are all most eager to here the results, so I won’t leave you to wonder any longer.

The winner of the Most Epic Heroine award is…

The crowd murmurs, suspense filling the room…The suspense fills the room, stealing everyone’s breath, leaving everyone unable to move…Contained excitement buzzes in the room, waiting to be unleashed…


Thunderous applause smashes throughout the room, as people jump to their feet, filling the room with an electric energy that makes the room practically glow.

Lord Of The Rings Hobbits GIF

Aravis rises to her feet, her whole body trembling with excitement, and makes her way to the stage to stand beside Eowyn. Her face is lit up and her heart pounds fiercely in her chest.

Eowyn: On this day, we grant you this award, for your bravery in the face of lions, your loyalty to your friends, your kindness to the Talking Horses Hwin and Bree, your resourcefulness when escaping the Tisroc’s palace, and your unwavering perseverance in the face of troubles and sorrow. Please accept this medal, Aravis, for you surely deserve it.

Eowyn reveals a beautiful gold medallion with a smooth string of pink silk, and places it over Aravis’ head.


Eowyn: Thank you all for coming to this ceremony, thank you for having me, Madeline, and thank you Aravis, for being an inspiration to people everywhere. We could all learn something from you, and I hope your story will live on to inspire many young souls in the years to come.

Madeline: There you have it! The winner of this year’s Most Epic Heroine! Let’s give one last round of applause for Aravis!

Happy cheers and claps fill the hall one last time. Leeli, Fern, Cress, and Jill come up on stage and congratulate Aravis, hugs become contagious, and a grand feast is held afterwards, with Aravis sitting at the front of the banquet table with her dear friends Shasta, Hwin, and Bree.

Send your congrats to Aravis down in the comments! And go read the stories these amazing ladies are in, so you can see them in all their epic-ness! 😀 Thanks for tuning in, and remember to check out the winners of all the other categories as well!

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