About Me


Welcome! I’m glad you could stop by.

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m passionate about what I do.

I’ve been writing since I was nine and so far I’ve published one book (available here!), I’m working on several more, and plotting many others.

I used to work as an aide at my local library, and now I work as a newspaper proofreader and freelance graphic designer.

I love to read, particularly fantasy. I’m a huge fan of Marissa Meyer, Stephen R. Lawhead, and Anne Elisabeth Stengl, among many others.

I’ve been blogging for over seven years now, and I’ve had a blast doing it.

I love music, both playing and listening to it. I’ve been playing piano for thirteen years and I still occasionally get gigs from it. I listen to pretty much any and all genres of music out there. You name a genre, I probably have several favorites from it. Some steady favorites are Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, and Stray Kids.

Above all, I’m a firm believer in the Lord. Everyday I strive to draw nearer to him and reach others with his love for them.

Fast Facts:
• I taught myself to read.
• I was homeschooled all my life (which made college an adventure, ha).
• I wanted to be a veterinarian or a fashion designer when I was little. I guess a graphic designer is kind of like a fashion designer?
• I’m a pretty quiet, chill person if you meet me in real life, but there’s a lot going on under the hood.
• I live with my family in rural central Minnesota. Yes, it’s cold half of the year.
• I’m not a fan of chocolate and I’m allergic to dairy and nuts. Sad, I know.
• I’m an INFJ. Overthinking everything, ten thoughts at a time™
• If you wanna get into deep lore conversations about children’s shows and video games, I’m your girl.
• I secretly like musicals, but don’t tell anyone in real life.
• I’m very addicted to YouTube. It’s a problem.
• I love to swing dance! But I usually don’t have a partner, ha.


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