Pitiful Prose // The Beautiful Princess


Hey guys! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done this segment! But I’ve scoured my old notebooks and found even more of the best, most cringe-worthy “stories” that little author me wrote many, many years ago (and by many, I mean like seven). 😀

Also, I apologize for the shortness of this post. I’m working on some future posts that will be longer, so you can look forward (or dread, if that’s more your thing) to those! 🙂

Alright, you know how this goes, I didn’t edit anything, I’m simply typing out what I wrote. Oh, and there’s new a new commentary feature!

Once their* was a princess. She was no ordinary princess.

*I see we’re off to a great start, using the improper use of ‘there’. Super.

She was Princess of Albion*.

*Fun fact: that’s the name of the township I live in. I’m so creative, right?

She had black hair that shimmered in the sunlight. Lips red as cranberrys, Piercing black eyes and beautiful copper skin.

She wore a dress of cotton. It had long sleeves that tickled her finger tips* and was adorned with Glittering beads.

*Guys I was so proud of that line. You don’t even know.

Her feet were muddy from running. She was always on the run. She had to, to get away from him.* The evil man who had left her Fatherless, Who had taken her mother, who had destroyed her home.

*Really just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it it? -_-

She promised to get him back but she never could. She was to pure, to loving and Kind*.

*Where is pure? Where is loving and kind? Is she going there?

No, she couldn’t, but one fateful day was about to change all that.*


Well. I forgot how painful this is. XD Do you guys like my commentary? Or would you rather enjoy it in it’s purest state? XD Also, are you guys cold? You can be totally jealous of me. It’s a balmy 34° here! Yeah, I can FEEL your jealousy. XD



My 2017 Recap


Well guys, it’s that time. 2017 has come to an end and 2018 looms ahead. Anyone else shocked at how fast this year has flown by? No? Just me?


The writing scene has been interesting this year, to be sure…

// I finished editing Imprint and gave it a few close friends and family for a prescreening. I’ve only gotten feedback from one person so far, but hopefully the others will be able to finish and tell me what they think.

After that, I’ll go through their notes, do a teensy bit more editing, and then I’ll be sending it to some beta-readers!! *confetti, cheering, merriment* 😀 I don’t know for sure when I’ll be ready, but let me know down in the comments if there is the slightest bit of interest reading it over. 🙂

// I did JuNoWriMo for a third (fourth…?) time! It was really fun because I decided to go rebel and work on several different projects. I wrote a total of 36,227 words that June! Even though I didn’t win, it was still really great finally getting some of these ideas in my head into rough outlines. 🙂

// I also attempted to do NaNoWriMo again! Though I fared much less successfully than JuNo. I had been going back and forth about what idea to go with, so I ended up deciding on writing a Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood Press Contest.

Well. That didn’t work out.

I think I was just so burned out from work and other matters that I just didn’t have the motivation. So I quit. Still a bit sad about that, but what’s done is done, right?

// Over the course of the year I came up with not one, not two, but FOUR NEW FULL FLEDGED IDEAS. And now I’m drowning in ideas help. XD

bunny rabbits bunny island
Plot bunny invasion. Spoiler alert, that girl is ME. XD

Two of these ideas I shared with you back in June. Crown of Thorns and Pickpocket. They were only baby ideas then. Ha. Ha. Haha. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The other two ideas will remain a mystery for now, though I will tell you that I’ve tentatively titled them The Ink Slinger and They Sit in Darkness. I’m so excited about them guys. But I should also probably work on all the things I’ve already started first. Just maybe. XD


RIP: The Novel, Literature, and Everything Else via Bookriot :: a tragic loss.

// I haven’t really announced this, I think I’ve mentioned it a few times in other posts, but towards the end of the summer I got a job at my local library! I work as an aide, shelving mostly, but also checking in books that come in the book drop and putting requested books that come from other libraries on the shelves. Some days are slow, while other days are WOW PEOPLE. XD I’ve gotten to know a lot of the regulars who come in though, and that’s nice. 🙂

// I got two new cousins this year! Two weddings last year, and now two new friends! 😀 For privacy, I won’t give their full names, but their first names are Jason and Jameson. They’re both boys and they are both adorable. ❤

// I watched a bunch of good movies this year! Some old for the first time and some new! A quick rundown:

Cars 3 | This was really, really good! I thought it was a perfect closing for the Cars trilogy. 5/5.

Spiderman Homecoming | GAH. I JUST. THIS MOVIE. TOM HOLLAND. *flails* SO. GOOD. 5/5.

Jumanji (1995) | I’ve always liked the book, but I hadn’t seen the movie up till now. Robin Williams did SUCH a great job! It was a really entertaining watch. 5/5.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Though I didn’t like this one as much as the first, it was still REALLY GOOD. It moved Peter’s storyline along nicely and I can’t wait to see these guys in Infinity War! 😀 4.5/5.

Thor Ragnarok | EASILY MY MOST FAVORITE MOVIE THIS YEAR NO JOKE. Though Spidey gets a close second. JUST. THE BANTER. LOKI. THAT EPIC DOCTOR STRANGE SCENE. *screams for 564984 years* 5/5.

tumblr_otipygVsWj1tberpco2_500.gif 500×259 pixels

The Phantom of the Opera (2005) | I was recommended this movie by one of my coworkers and though there was too much singing for my taste (what was I expecting though, really?), it was still a solid movie. Phantom is so creepy… 3/5.

Divergent (2014) | Can you believe I hadn’t seen this movie yet? It was awesome. Four is awesome. Everything was just awesome. Yeah. XD 4/5.

Arrival (2016) | SO. FASCINATING. I loved this movie TO BITS. The atmosphere, the characters, the setting, it was all just so…fascinating. That’s the best word I can think for it. 5/5.

Nearly All the Bourne Movies (various release dates) | I’ve been watching these with a friend and they are SO. INTENSE. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. My favorite one so far has been the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner. SO GOOD. 😀 4.5/5

Also, I just started watching Merlin and OH MY GOSH WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO. I just started season two but GOSH THAT SEASON ONE FINALE. EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO TO MELT INTO A PUDDLE. O_O

I love that gaius just let's him walk out when he says this!!!

// Reading scene was a bit weak this year. I read a grand total of thirty books this year. Sad, I know. But I’m not disappointed! Goodreads tells me that my average rating for the year was 4.5 stars. THAT’S PRETTY GREAT. It was the year of good books, I guess. XD

I won’t list all of the books, but here are a few high lights of the year:

Five Magic Spindles by various authors | LITERALLY SO GOOD. All the stories were so creative and AMAZING. 5/5.

Wires and Nerves by Marissa Meyer | I mean. It’s about Iko. And it has the whole Lunar Chronicles cast. What’s not to love? 5/5.

The Bright Empires series by Richard R. Lawhead | THIS SERIES GUYS. So beautifully descriptive and complex and witty and just EPIC IN GENERAL. 5/5.

Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans | So I’ve read the first three books so far and THEY’RE SO ADDICTING HELP ME. I’m itching to finish the rest of the books. SOON. O_O 5/5.

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine | On Goodreads this book has really been looked down upon for not being all that great. But I just LOVED IT. The twists were scream-inducing and the characters were so COOL. I don’t know why nobody likes it?? Like?? -_- 5/5.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Shannon Hale | Okay, if that title doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will. There are footnotes. Three whole pages dedicated to names of squirrels. Text conversations with the Avengers. Still not convinced? 😉 5/5.


I haven’t even started watching Sherlock, but I love this so much. XD

Here are some nerdy stats you are all probably dying to see. XD

I wrote 70 posts this year! (Well, 71 counting this post. 🙂 )

My three most popular posts are my three Silmarillion posts which you can read here, here, and here.

I got 1,064 visitors, 134 followers388 likes, and 640 comments. (Also, a shout-out to my top commenters, Laurel, Deborah, Faith, and Abbey! You guys ROCK! ❤ )

I also have an announcement! This site is going to be going through a bit of renovation. Though I have grown to love the owls that I use as a profile picture and on my banner, I’ve decided that it’s time to retire them and bring in something new. I’m not entirely sure what that thing is yet, but it will be good, trust me. 😉

I’m also going to be redoing some of my pages at the top of the site, throwing some away and adding new ones.

And I’m learning to be very careful to only use stuff that is copyright-free, or that I’ve created on my own. I recently read an article (of course I can’t remember who wrote it now… XD ) about a blogger getting sued for copyright infringement, even though she had given credit and it put things in a whole new light for me. I’m going to step lightly now.

Goals for 2018

I really wouldn’t even call these goals, but I have to have something to go off of right?

My loose plans are to work on outlining a TON. I don’t think these ideas can stay in my head for much longer. I need to write them all out so my brain isn’t so strung up on details. XD


I have no plans to do JuNo or NaNo, but I’m not against it. I’ll have to see how open my schedule is at the time and decided from there.

And as a last goal, I really want to try and not put too much pressure on myself. I’ve found that I am VERY hard on myself and I don’t know when to stop. So if I need to take a hiatus, then I will. If I need to rework my blog schedule, then I will.

And that’s not just for blogging. Reading, writing, and life too.

We’ll see how well this works out. XD

Happy New Year, bloggers! I hope you have a wonderful 2018! Do you have any resolutions? Goals? Let me know down below!


A Spot of Christmas Poetry


Cookies baking in the oven, sweet smells wafting,

Happy faces waiting eagerly for the delicious treats.

Retro holiday melodies pouring from the radio,

Inciting dreamy waves of nostalgia.

Shiny bulbs dot the tree with sparkling color,

Treasured ornaments dangling from the branches.

Merriness fills our hearts, flooding us with joy and gratitude for

A child in a manger, our Lord and King,

Savior of the world, our first Christmas gift.


Christmastime is here.

The lights all aglow.

When all anger and hate disappear.

Christmastime is here.

When people are full of good cheer.

When Love was born a long time ago.

Christmastime is here.

The lights aglow.



Cold. Snowy.

Blowing. Howling. Stunning.

Whimsical. Magical. Grand. Glistening.



Beautiful paper

Covering a big box that

Holds a perfect gift.


Christmas is filled with candy canes, caramels, cookies,

carefree carolers, hot cocoa,

Christmas trees, covered in crystalline colors,

cranberry sauce, countless crowds,

cold, Christmas cards, candles at night,

candy if you’re caring, coal if you’re cross,

and Christ our King, Creator of kings.


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I won’t be posting the week of Christmas, so I’ll see you all in the coming year! ❤


NaNoWriMo 2017 // Week One


Hello friends! Just a brief update from me today. Because of things happening in my personal life, and just being a bit overwhelmed, my word count is not very exciting:

1,930 Words

I’m not too worried though, since I set a 20,000 word goal for myself this year (the maximum word count for the Rooglewood contest), so I will hopefully be able to get that down, plus maybe a bit of rewriting!

I’ve been scrolling through my second book, Rewrite, recently, and I’m just remembering how much this story means to me and how much I love it. So I’m considering doing a bit of revision there as well.

That’s where I’m at so far! How are you guys doing? Based on what I’ve seen on the NaNo site, all you guys are doing an AWESOME job! And if you’re not doing NaNo…What writing adventures are you pursuing? Let me know!


Beautiful People // My Snow White Retelling

beautiful books

NaNo is coming up fast, and I’ve been wildly flailing to get ready. But it’s kind of hard to get ready when you don’t know what you’re writing yet. XD

I was trying to determine between two novels, but it was really getting me worked up and I just couldn’t choose one. Plus the outlines weren’t finished, and I there was no way I’d finish them in time.

So, I veered off in a totally different direction. Some of you may know about the Rooglewood Press Contest. This year’s challenge is writing a Snow White retelling. And so that’s what I’m doing. The story has to be under 20,000 words, so I’ll have to do some extra to make up for that, but that aside…


So today is a Beautiful Books. It will probably be incoherent and vague since I don’t even exactly know what I’m doing with this retelling yet, but enjoy nonetheless!

What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

I’ve thought about this contest since I first learned what fairytale we were challenged to retell. So…About five months? Me and my family came up with numerous ideas, but I finally decided on this one and I’m really excited to dive in!

Describe what your novel is about!

I’ve surprised myself by writing something with more of a historical fiction feel. I never write that, but hey, who can know the mind of a writer? It takes place in the 1920s in New York. There is much swing music, fedoras and suits, mystery, fun slang terms, and a mafia family (hint, hint, that family is the seven dwarves 😉 ). While I haven’t nailed down the plot yet, I already have my characters, and a basic direction to go in. More details to come!

What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!

snow white

Mystery. Black and white. Pearls. Mafia. Mirrors. A dash of magic.

Introduce us to each of your characters!

Well. That could take a while. XD But here are my main three:

Gwyneth // Snow White


Nathaniel // The Prince


Rhiannon // The Evil Queen


How do you prepare to write? (Outline, research, stocking up on chocolate, howling, etc.?)

Lots of flailing. Mild doses of panic. Much screeching.

Hahahaha, totally kidding. *nervous sweating* I usually write some sort of outline (both my favorite and least favorite part of the process) and then just pound it out.

But this year, I’m going for more a different approach. I’m still a total planner at heart, but this NaNo, I’m going to be partially winging it.

I know that sounds crazy coming from me (if you’ve known me any amount of time), but it’s not like I won’t have some sort of notes. I figure, it’s a novella. It’s short and I can play around with it. If I don’t like something, it’s a relatively simple fix.

I’ll probably be eating my words here soon. XD

What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

I’m really excited about the characters. I’m always excited about the characters. Sure, it’s great coming up with a super awesome idea, but it’s the characters that I’m always excited about. I can’t wait to see how I can tie in the classic tale with something of my own, while still making it original. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge. But it should be a good time. 🙂

List 3 things about your novel’s setting.


New York city in early 20s

New York

New York City.  - Times Square in the 1920s


New York City, Palais Royal 1920s.:

What’s your character’s goal and who (or what) stands in the way?

Gwyneth’s goal in this story is to find her dad who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She discovers a mafia family, who she starts to become friends with. But little does she know, she’s being hunted. By someone much stronger than any mafia family.

How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

Um…spoilers? *nervous smile because I don’t even know yet*

What are your book’s themes? How do you want readers to feel when the story is over?

I want readers to feel like they’ve been transported back in time to the Roaring Twenties, but to also, I want them to feel encouraged. Just because your small doesn’t mean you can’t do big things. ❤

Well, peoples, that’s it. Do you think this idea sounds interesting? Am I crazy? Are any of you doing NaNo this year? Maybe we can panic together in the comments below. ^_^


Once Upon a Time… // The Best Ways to Begin a Story

Once Upon a Time...

Beginnings are such an important part of any story. They’re what hook your reader, making them want to continue on, and possibly stay up past bedtime, flipping pages.

But beginnings are hard.

For my book Imprint, I totally rewrote the beginning prologue/chapter nearly five times. And to this day, I still don’t think it feels right.

In the beginning of your story, there is so much to be expected. I know I’ve put down tons of books just because the first few pages didn’t capture my attention. It’s a sad thing, but it’s true. And it hurts me even more, because I know how hard it is, coming up with a good beginning.

So, to save some of you writers the heartache of rejection by readers, here are five of the best (in my opinion) ways to start your story.

Strong emotions

It’s the beginning of everything. Absolutely anything could happen. But it needs to be something your readers are going to care about. I know for me, hitting me in the emotions is the best way to get me interested. As a reader, I like to be so emotionally vested in the characters, that they feel real.

 feels frozen anna feel better right in the feels GIF

Right in the thick of the moment


Starting in the middle of action scenes is a great way to begin your story, but only if you can do it well. If you drop your reader into an uber intense moment and they can’t figure out what’s happening within the first few paragraphs, then they will most likely become frustrated and drop the book.

Now, you don’t have to explain everything within the first chapter. That would be boring. It’s finding the balance of explanation and hook that will really make your action scene impactful.

Beginning at the end

This is a different, less normal way of beginning, but it can work. Using this type of beginning is kind of like beginning a movie with a flashback. And flashbacks can be really, really cheesy. But they can also be epic and set up your novel in an incredible way. (Also, this type is easier to write if your novel is in the first person. I’ve never heard of a third person book starting from the beginning, but you could be the writer to prove me wrong!)

 christmas so it begins seriously were only just in november GIF

A question

Starting with a literal question, either spoken by a character, or stated by the narrator, is a great way to begin. In my novel, the very first sentence is a question, actually spoken aloud by one of the characters. Questions are kind of like a cheat in writing. Of course if you ask a question, you’re reader is going to want an answer. That’s how people are. But if you do this, be sure to answer the question. You don’t want an angry hoard of readers coming at you because you didn’t give them the answer they were looking for, do you?

A metaphorical outlook

I haven’t read many books with a poetic beginning. In fact, if it was, I would probably put it down. I don’t have time for flowery description. (If you do, that’s great! But I don’t.) But that’s not necessarily what I mean by ‘metaphorical’. Maybe the word I mean is ‘symbolic’. Something that sets the story off, and keeps appearing throughout the whole story. It could be anything. A special event, an object, an idea, anything.

 the lord of the rings the one ring ring of power GIF

As I mentioned in a previous post, symbolism will ‘echo’ throughout your whole story, leaving an impact in its wake, thus, holding readers attention.

Well, that’s all I had to say about that subject. There’s no perfect way to beginning a story. I think the most important thing is to just…begin. What kind of beginnings do you like best?


Pitiful Prose // Dan and the Faeries


Hey fellow bloggers! Looks like it’s time to be pitiful… XD This was actually a dream I had, and tried to rewrite. I also started getting into the concept of using sarcasm in my writing, as I blatantly stated in the sixth line. XD

As I walked through the chilly autumn air I started to really think, is school really all that great? are my friends true?, Will the bully ever stop?

I walked up to my house on 5th street. Home.

“hi honey! I have to go to a meeting, so be good and watch your brother, Dinner is in the fridge.” then she zoomed out the door.

Well, my brother won’t be a problem because he’s at our neighbors’ house. I peek into the fridge.


“Oh boy!” I said sarcastically.

I went up to my room, not feeling very hungry. I went straight to my desk to do homework. I also opened the window to get some fresh air.

As I was trying to figure out what the average of 75 was I heard a slight tap on the window.

Huh? I thought.

Just a fly.

I kept working. I was still trying to figure out the average of 75 (math is not my best subject) I heard it again. I slight tap on the window.

Ok, either a bird or just the wind, I’m figuring out what that sound is. I took off the screen and looked around and saw….Dan?

What was he doing here? He was the one throwing sticks at my window.

I got my rope (I keep a rope in my closet) and threw it down and climbed.

I soon came to the bottom.

“I’ve tried to get your attention for 10 mins.!

Oh, sorry. I said What was so important?

I need your help!

Horrible punctuation galore! XD And how do you find the average of 75? If you can figure that out, let me know what the answer is down below! XDuntil-next-time-1

Music Every Writer Should Check Out

Music for Writers

If you didn’t already know this about me, I LOVE music. I play piano and a little violin, and I also listen to all sorts of genres. So, naturally, I would like listening to music when I write. I’ve discovered so many amazing artists because of this, on Pandora and YouTube.

And so, I thought I would share my top favorite artists I listen to while I write. I’ve thrown in a mix of all sorts of musicians, ranging from big names to smaller, but still great, artists. ^_^ Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Lindsey Stirling

lindsey stirling | Tumblr

Okay, so no surprise there. I LOVE Lindsey’s music! It’s so fast and upbeat, perfect for action and chase scenes. She’s also branched out into more vocal songs too.

If you’re new to her, listen to: Roundtable Rival, Crystallize, Shadows

Zack Hemsey

I think I could write to this... Zack Hemsey "The Way"


He writes amazing, electronic/classical/orchestral music! He has several albums out and though I haven’t listened to all of his songs, the ones I have I’ve LOVED.

If you’re new to him, listen to: Mind Heist, Redemption, Informing the Target

Hans Zimmer

This is film score composer Hans Zimmer. He is one of the amazing film composers and whenever I listen  to his music I am motivated to be brilliant. His music makes me want to write more and master my craft. His excellence is so inspiring.His music also helps me to remember my purpose in life, to just create beautiful work. His work is just that awesome.

A pretty big name, but for obvious reasons. His music pulls at all of your emotions. Every movie I’ve watched that he’s scored I’ve fallen in love with the soundtrack.

If you’re new to him, listen to: Time, He’s a Pirate, Dark Knight Overture

Josh Vietti

Josh Vietti - Pop Violinist. Would love for him to play "lost without you" at my wedding or funeral....makes me tear up every time I hear that song!

He’s a violinist much like Lindsey who writes his own songs. He mixes electric with his violin so amazingly. He also does covers of hip-hop songs too. 🙂

If you’re new to him, listen to: In a Trance, Night in Paris, Toccata

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

A great artist who solely uses electronic instruments to make his music. He used to be a really small artist, but he’s now become a giant in the EDM world.

If you’re new to him, listen to: Spectre, Memories, New Heart

Simply Three

Simply Three


These guys do mostly instrumental covers of songs, but they do them in such creative ways, I hardly realized I’m listening to a lyrical song!

If you’re new to them, listen to: Sweet Dreams, Maverick, Heathens

Jennifer Thomas

Pianist/Composer Jennifer Thomas Photo by Kat Hennessey Ritmuller piano provided by Skelley Pianos, Tacoma, WA Dress by Badgley Mischka #piano #reddress

This is an artist I found while listening on Pandora. She writes her own piano music and occasionally plays the violin. Her music is filled with lots of drama and suspense.

If you’re new to her, listen to: Illumination, Toccata and Fugue, Rainforest

David Garrett

David Garrett    He looks like he really loves what he does. Can't wait to see him in January!

Another violinist! I guess I really like violin…XD David is an amazing artist who does covers and also writes his own music. His songs are intense, fast, and furious.

If you’re new to him, listen to: Vivaldi vs. Vertigo, The 5th, Master of Puppets

Two Steps from Hell

Two Steps From Hell. Will love them forever. Tattoo on inside right ankle. Design top tip of flame longer. Try to get flames closer together. Color and design as real flames.

Don’t let their name fool you! Their music is awesome. They do original orchestral works with lots of emotion and action. Their music has helped me through many rough patches while writing.

If you’re new to them, listen to: El Dorado, Hypnotica, SkyWorld

Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet:  Any of them...to many to mention, and they are all amazing

This group does covers of popular songs and arranges them for strings. They do everything, from old 70s and 80s songs to wedding music. I love their style.

If you’re new to them, listen to: They have soooo many covers, but to recommend a few; Kryptonite, Chandelier, Merry Go Round of Life

Philip Wesley

Philip Wesley   (Solo Piano)

His music is the perfect setting for sad, all-is-lost, moments in you story. He writes soulful, bittersweet ballads that really tug at your heartstrings.

If you’re new to him, listen to: The Approaching Night, Racing Against the Sunset, Tears of the East


Google Image Result for http://img.karaoke-lyrics.net/img/artists/42194/piano-guys-301907.jpg

If you haven’t already heard of these guys (which I’m positive you have), GO LISTEN TO THEM. They mix classical with modern, mix songs, melding them into different genres, and all with the beautiful sound of the cello and piano.

If you’re new to them, listen to: Code Name Vivaldi, CeLLOOPa, Cello Wars

Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis--this is the dress she wears in her titanic violin video.

She does arrangements of TV show, movie, and video game songs, and she does them WELL. She also writes a bit of her own music too.

If you’re new to her, listen to: Avengers theme, Star Wars Medley, Megalovania

Helen Jane Long

Awesome My friends, classical music composer Helen Jane Long.

Not very well-known at all, but still magnificently beautiful, Helen writes thoughtful, quiet music that still conveys a number of emotions.

If you’re new to her, listen to: Expression, Release, Doll

Wow, that was a long list…kudos to you if you made it through. I guess I just love music so much. XD Have you heard of any of these artists? What do you listen to? Let me know down below!


Character Conversations // Jason

Character Conversations

Hello guys! And oh my goodness…this is the last character from The D trilogy I have to share with you! This was such a fun thing! I know a lot of you liked these posts, so…I may have to take characters from another story I’m working on. *sly smile* But anyway, thanks for all of you likes and comments. They make me smile. 🙂

And now, on to the final character!

Jason Meredith

Me: Welcome, Mr. Meredith.

Jason: Just call me Jason please.

M: Okay, Jason. Tell me about where you work.

J: Well, I work at the FIBS. As a banker.

M: I’m told that the FIBS is both a bank and also a museum of sorts?

J: Yes, it is. We have lots of different artifacts found from all over the world. The FIBS is the safest place for them so we keep all sorts of things in the vaults. *whispers* Though…not many people know that we keep this stuff. It’s not common knowledge to the public.

M: Really? What kinds of things are kept there?

J: *freezes* I can’t tell you that.

M: *frowns* Fine. What can you tell me then?

J: About the bank? We have over a hundred employees. It’s one of the safest banks in the entire world. That’s why villains are always trying to break in.

M: Makes sense. If there’s hidden treasures in there, they’re sure to want it. So I know your family. Lena is your daughter, right?

J: Yes, Lena is my daughter. She’s a brilliant girl. Stubborn, but very smart. And my wife, Susan, is a wonderful woman.

M: So you don’t have any other family?

J: No. Just Lena. Why?

M: Just curious. So do you find working at the bank challenging?

J: It…definitely proves challenging. I’m the head of the entire building. It’s a very stressful job. But I have help from my three other heads of the city.

M: You mean Gavin and Brett?

J: Those are the ones. We all work in together as one entity, in a way. And we all the same boss.

M: Aidan Coel.

J: Right. I think I keep in better contact with her than Gav or Brett. She’s nice. Really persistent. Strong. I admire her diligence.

M: Hmm. So your wife runs The Book Stop, right? Do you help her in that area?

J: Susan is a very good businesswoman. In fact, when I first met her, she already had the book store up and running. She doesn’t need my help. *smiles*

M: How did you meet?

J: I had just been called to become head of the Bank. I was ecstatic, so I left my apartment in North Dakota and moved right into Fallcoast. Only a few days after I’d been settled in, I was wandering the streets when I saw a quaint little book store. Well, I love to read, so I stepped in and there she was. We got to know each other, and now we’ve been married for nearly ten years.

M: How sweet. But my records say here that you used to live in New York before you moved to Fallcoast.

J: Yes, I did, when I was very young. I moved from New York, to North Dakota, to Minnesota. Inching my way closer, you could say. *laughs*

M: Do you know the Kauffmans?

J: Tony Kauffman? Yes. He’s in charge of the tech firm outside of Fallcoast. Why?

M: So you know Jake, then, right?

J: Yes, Lena’s friend. They study together sometimes. But why are you asking?

M: I’m just curious. Do you like it here in Fallcoast?

J: Yes, very much. As you said, I used to live in New York. I had a lot of bad stuff happen to me there. It was good to move away from it. Get it out of the way.

M: Right. Okay, so a few more questions before I let you go. What’s your favorite food?

J: Susan’s lasagna. It’s an old Italian family recipe.

M: Do you have any hobbies outside of your work?

J: Like I said before, I do like reading. I also enjoy helping Susan cook meals.

M: That’s nice. *hesitates* Do you have an opinion on Supers?

J: *frowns* Um…I do. I…tend to get a bit longwinded though, so I’ll…spare you.

M: *cocks head* Well, thank you for coming.

J: Sure. I’m glad I could.

He seems like a nice guy, right? Or maybe not. It’s hard for me to say because…well, I know his backstory. But what do you think? Let me know below!

P.S. Also, again, this is the last CC post for a while. Until I have more characters to share with you, these posts will have to be put on hold. Thank you again for all of your comments! ^_^


#WIPjoy // Crown of Thorns

Hi guys! I recently saw Katie (who you should check out, because, she’s awesome) do this challenge type thing and I thought it looked like a really fun way to share my WIP with you guys! It’s originally a Twitter challenge, where you answer each question a day for a month. But I thought I’d pick out some of my favorites of the questions and just answer those in one, simple blog post. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Describe yourself and your WIP!


I’m a Christian, homeschooled, geeky, bookworm and musician who loves to write! 🙂 As for my WIP, it’s a brother story, in the fantasy genre, about a pair of twins, magic, nightmares, and darkness, and discovering what lengths you would go to for the safety of your world. (Wow, that sounds…heavy. XD It’s not all gloom and doom, I promise!)

Your 1st inspiration for this WIP.

paco castillo.

My first inspiration came from an early morning thought. (Ever had those? Like, half-dream, half-thought?) I was picturing two guys on a journey, and they had just been resting for the night, and waking up in the morning to find that one of them had thorns protruding from their body! ‘Dream thorns’, is what I called them. And the idea just took off from there. First it was a short story, then a novella, and now…it’s a full-fledged novel. That happens to me a lot. XD

What parts of this WIP are drawn from personal experience?

This book is a lot about dreams and fear, two things I’ve dealt with often in my life so far. I’ve always had really vivid dreams, always been able to remember them really well. And that’s not always a good thing when they’re nightmares. I remember those ones only too well. And that’s where fear comes in. Fear is one of my biggest struggles. From little fears, like anxiety and stress, to bigger, more frightening fear, I feel like I’ve dealt with it all.

In this story, my MC, Jerrick, because of his special abilities, has very, very bad nightmares. Early on in the book, he has to deal with insomnia, because he’s so afraid of falling asleep. But even though fear is such a big part of this book, there’s still hope and light. Fear can be conquered! *nods determinedly*

Describe your MC’s personality with a GIF.

 im fine GIF

What’s something you’re still figuring out with this WIP?

Um…how about everything? XD Mostly I’m trying to figure out the middle part. I’ve got a pretty good beginning, and I know exactly how I want it to end, but…that darn middle part. Can’t it just write itself?

WOULD YOU RATHER: have tea with your antagonist, or be stuck in an elevator for 3 hours with your MC?

NEVER. I WOULD NEVER HAVE TEA WITH MY ANTAGONIST. *gulps* Jerrick would be a great guy to be stuck in an elevator with! I mean, he probably wouldn’t know what in the world an elevator is, but we could pass the time away, easily.

Your MC’s aesthetic in 7 phrases.

Broken. Bursting with compassion. Heart of solid gold. Persistent till the end. Braver than a lion. Afraid of the dark. So, so tired.

3 books that go nicely with yours.

Hmm…I would probably say Illusionarium by Heather Dixon, Jackaby by William Ritter, and Six of Crows by Leigh BarDugo. They all have a similar feel that I think compliment my story quite nicely. 🙂

Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink, and music to go with your book.

Let’s see! The best spot would definitely be by a windowsill on a rainy day, light thunder, and the gentle patter of rain on the windowpane. A warm oatmeal scotchie with a glass of milk. And this playlist.

Well, there you are. I hope you’ve gotten to know my latest WIP a bit better. Are you intrigued? Bored? Let me know in the comments below!