The 2nd Annual Silmarillion Awards // Nomination Round! {CLOSED}



Hello friends! Have I got a big surprise for you all! (Well, it’s not really a surprise since you probably read the title of this post…)

We are hosting our 2nd Annual Silmarillion Awards Ceremony!!! 😀

*cue applause, confetti, and general merriment*

I am so excited for this years ceremony! Many of the previous bloggers have returned to share in the festivities, but we also have two new bloggers joining us this year! Welcome Savannah and Kyle!

In case you’re new to this ceremony, here’s a little explanation:

The Silmarillion Awards have been created by DJ Edwardson and Jenelle Schmidt as a way to honor J.R.R. Tolkien as the Father of Modern Fantasy, open up a discussion about some of our other favorite fantasy works, and to have a ton of fun this summer.

When we started thinking about creating a sort of “Fantasy Oscars,” we found it difficult to fathom any award that wouldn’t be won by a character or item from The Lord of the Rings… so, to make things a bit more interesting, we decided to call them “The Silmarillion Awards” and have characters from LOTR and The Hobbit present the awards as examples of the ultimate standard for each award. Hopefully that will even the playing field a bit.

And here’s a gorgeous graphic done by the marvelous Deborah:



Nominate characters in the comments of each blog post. If someone has already nominated the character you would have nominated, you may either second that nomination, open a new nomination, or do both. We will be picking the 5 characters with the most “seconds” for the final voting period, so you may also “third,” “fourth,” “fifth,” etc any nominations you particularly like.

Here are the other bloggers links:


Wisest Councillor – Tracey

Least Competent Henchman – Kyle

Silver Tongue – Me!

Most Epic Hero – Abbey

Strangest Character – Savannah

Most Epic Heroine – Deborah

Most Mischievous Imp – Elise

Most Magnificent Dragon – D.J.

Most Loyal Friend – Zachary

Most Nefarious Villain – Jenelle


This year, I will be hosting the Silver Tongue silmaril here on my blog. Here is the criteria I’m looking for in this character:

The winner of the Silver Tongue silmaril should go to a character who held you rapt with their words. Their voice is full of riddles, wit, and a magic all their own. They hold you spellbound with their clever speech, leaving you wanting more. They are blessed with the gift of a silver tongue, and they wield it well.

The award will be presented by an individual who may be small, but his quick wit and clever riddles have helped him out of more than a few sticky situations.

Something new we’re doing this year is a GIVEAWAY! Here’s the link for you to enter your name in the drawing:

These are the lovely books you could win! However, the giveaway is only until July 9th, so enter soon!

Elle BurtonSongweaver's Vow


Just a few rules before I leave you to your nominating:

  • The Silmarils are LIFETIME awards, so previous winners cannot win them again. They may win them in a different category than before, but not the same. Since this is a new addition to the original lineup, there are no restrictions here.
  • No nominating LOTR or Hobbit characters. It would be quite awkward for them to have to present for themselves.
  • No nominating characters from your OWN books (if you’ve written any 😉 )!
  • In your nomination comment, if you could say what book the character is from, that would be very helpful to us.
  • And lastly, these are Fantasy awards, so nominations are only open to Fantasy characters. However, there is a bit of gray line running throughout all spec-fiction, so if you have a valid argument as to why your character is, actually, from Fantasy, I’ll allow it!

I think that about sums everything up! I can’t wait to see you go wild in the comments below! XD Just remember to have fun! GO FANTASY! ❤


93 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Silmarillion Awards // Nomination Round! {CLOSED}

    1. I second Eanrin and Leonard!! (I almost forgot about Leo….which is weird since I’m rereading his story right now. lol So glad you nominated them!)


  1. I nominate my favorite bards and poets: ^_^

    Kiernan Kane the Minstrel from Minstrel’s Call series by Jenelle Schmidt

    Fflewddur Fflam the Bard from Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander

    Curdie from The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald

    Gummy from The Gammage Cup by Carol Kendall

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I nominate Puddleglum from Narnia! Even though his wit is undoubtedly dry and sarcastic, he definitely has it, and he has talked himself and his friends out of bad situations many times. He has a strange but undeniable charm. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEES!!! Seconding the Florid Sword!!! (I was really starting to get worried about the state of fantasy readers as I continued scrolling and didn’t see his nomination anywhere! *Internet highfive* Sarahtps!! XD)


  3. I nominate Merlin from the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis. His riddles and prophecies held me spellbound for sure.


  4. I nominate Migmar the Gnome from Batson and Hopper’s “The Berinfell Prophecies”!! Yes, he does talk backwards, and yes, maybe he is a bit, er, ‘stinky’, but cummon! I almost cheered every time that little guy came on the page, his dialog is awesome!! =D


  5. I nominate Koren from the Dragons of Starlight books by Bryan Davis. She can captivate dragons by telling stories, so I’d definitely say she has a silver tongue!


  6. I nominate Sage from The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer Nielsen! Unlike some of the characters present, he does not speak in rhymes or eloquent speech. Instead, he is one of the wittiest characters in the entire realm of fantasy. (And if sass could kill, everyone in that series would be dead long ago. XD)


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