Character Conversations // Jason

Character Conversations

Hello guys! And oh my goodness…this is the last character from The D trilogy I have to share with you! This was such a fun thing! I know a lot of you liked these posts, so…I may have to take characters from another story I’m working on. *sly smile* But anyway, thanks for all of you likes and comments. They make me smile. 🙂

And now, on to the final character!



Me: Welcome, Mr. Meredith.

Jason: Just call me Jason please.

M: Okay, Jason. Tell me about where you work.

J: Well, I work at the FIBS. As a banker.

M: I’m told that the FIBS is both a bank and also a museum of sorts?

J: Yes, it is. We have lots of different artifacts found from all over the world. The FIBS is the safest place for them so we keep all sorts of things in the vaults. *whispers* Though…not many people know that we keep this stuff. It’s not common knowledge to the public.

M: Really? What kinds of things are kept there?

J: *freezes* I can’t tell you that.

M: *frowns* Fine. What can you tell me then?

J: About the bank? We have over a hundred employees. It’s one of the safest banks in the entire world. That’s why villains are always trying to break in.

M: Makes sense. If there’s hidden treasures in there, they’re sure to want it. So I know your family. Lena is your daughter, right?

J: Yes, Lena is my daughter. She’s a brilliant girl. Stubborn, but very smart. And my wife, Susan, is a wonderful woman.

M: So you don’t have any other family?

J: No. Just Lena. Why?

M: Just curious. So do you find working at the bank challenging?

J: It…definitely proves challenging. I’m the head of the entire building. It’s a very stressful job. But I have help from my three other heads of the city.

M: You mean Gavin and Brett?

J: Those are the ones. We all work in together as one entity, in a way. And we all the same boss.

M: Aidan Coel.

J: Right. I think I keep in better contact with her than Gav or Brett. She’s nice. Really persistent. Strong. I admire her diligence.

M: Hmm. So your wife runs The Book Stop, right? Do you help her in that area?

J: Susan is a very good businesswoman. In fact, when I first met her, she already had the book store up and running. She doesn’t need my help. *smiles*

M: How did you meet?

J: I had just been called to become head of the Bank. I was ecstatic, so I left my apartment in North Dakota and moved right into Fallcoast. Only a few days after I’d been settled in, I was wandering the streets when I saw a quaint little book store. Well, I love to read, so I stepped in and there she was. We got to know each other, and now we’ve been married for nearly ten years.

M: How sweet. But my records say here that you used to live in New York before you moved to Fallcoast.

J: Yes, I did, when I was very young. I moved from New York, to North Dakota, to Minnesota. Inching my way closer, you could say. *laughs*

M: Do you know the Kauffmans?

J: Tony Kauffman? Yes. He’s in charge of the tech firm outside of Fallcoast. Why?

M: So you know Jake, then, right?

J: Yes, Lena’s friend. They study together sometimes. But why are you asking?

M: I’m just curious. Do you like it here in Fallcoast?

J: Yes, very much. As you said, I used to live in New York. I had a lot of bad stuff happen to me there. It was good to move away from it. Get it out of the way.

M: Right. Okay, so a few more questions before I let you go. What’s your favorite food?

J: Susan’s lasagna. It’s an old Italian family recipe.

M: Do you have any hobbies outside of your work?

J: Like I said before, I do like reading. I also enjoy helping Susan cook meals.

M: That’s nice. *hesitates* Do you have an opinion on Supers?

J: *frowns* Um…I do. I…tend to get a bit longwinded though, so I’ll…spare you.

M: *cocks head* Well, thank you for coming.

J: Sure. I’m glad I could.

He seems like a nice guy, right? Or maybe not. It’s hard for me to say because…well, I know his backstory. But what do you think? Let me know below!

P.S. Also, again, this is the last CC post for a while. Until I have more characters to share with you, these posts will have to be put on hold. Thank you again for all of your comments! ^_^



Character Conversations // Gavin

Character Conversations

Hello! Today, I have a bit of a shorter interview for you. Which I guess makes sense, since this is a very disgruntled, huffy character. So…I’m sorry? I guess? XD (Also, this is my second to the last post of TD characters! I’ve so enjoyed sharing them with you! ^_^)



Me: Morning, officer Mahr.

Gavin: Yes, it’s morning. Are you interviewing?

M: …Yes. Is that okay?

G: Well sure it’s okay! What do you want to know?

M: Um…let’s see, what can you tell me about being the head of the police station?

G: It’s an interesting job, for sure. Dealing with criminals, Supers, miscreants…It makes you feel important.

M: You mentioned Supers. I’ve heard that Supers are treated differently from non-Super criminals.

G: Yes, they are. Because they’re so much more dangerous than your run-of-the-mill criminal, we have to deal with them in different ways.

M: I…don’t think I wanna know what those ways are. How long have you been chief?

G: Nearly five years now. I started when I was young. I had a thirst for justice.

M: Hmm…Do you work well with your co-workers?

G: For the most part. We dispute, but it always gets sorted out. Not to drop any names, but Robert Pierre is the one I fight with most. *shakes head* Stubborn as a mule, he is.

M: Yeah, that’s…true. Do you have a family?

G: Me and my wife are having our seventh anniversary this year.

M: Aw, congratulations. I’m so happy for you.

G: We don’t have kids. We’ve decided we just don’t have the time to raise them.

M: *sad face* Oh. I suppose that’s understandable. But you like your job, right?

G: Yes. I’ve always thought that if I hadn’t become a cop, I’d have become a lawyer.

M: *murmurs* That would’ve been interesting…*shakes head, then straightens* I know you’re chief of the station, but I understand that you have a boss of your own?

G: Yes, Aidan Coel is the only person I answer too. She’s a little rough, but I like that. Straight to the point, no dithering.

M: I see. You’ve been a cop for a good amount of time. What’s it like? Wrangling Supers?

G: Why are you so fascinated with Supers? They’re dangerous and should be taken care of.

M: Who told you that?

G: Are you back-talking me?

M: Just never mind. It’s obviously a touchy subject.

G: My brother died because of a Super!


M: …Oh. I…I didn’t know. I’m-

G: Sorry? You’re sorry? That’s what every says. But it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t bring him back.

M: *swallows* I…I think it’d be best if we wrapped this interview up. *hesitates* What’s your favorite food?

G: *sighs* I like chips and hummus. My wife makes good hummus.

M: What’s your favorite season?

G: Winter. When things are quieter.

M: *nods* Okay, last question. What was your brother’s name?

G: *glares, gets up, and leaves without another word*

Gavin has a somewhat tragic backstory…It’s so interesting, digging deeper into his story. What do you think? Do you like him, or is he too blunt? Let me know down below!


Character Conversations // Diana

Character Conversations

Hello! Welcome to this week’s installment of Character Conversations! Today, I’ll be interviewing a hero! Or so the world thinks…



Me: Hi Diana! Take a seat.

Diana: Oh, thank you. *sits*

M: So…tell me. What’s it like being a Super hero?

D: *blinks* Oh, so you must know then. Well…it’s, really not all it’s cracked up to be. It does feel great helping people, but…It’s hard.

M: *frowns* I can imagine. I’ll bet it’s harder in more ways than one. But anyway, you must know Trick-Track?

D: Yes, I do. He’s my archenemy. Always causing trouble for me to clean up.

M: Remind me of you powers again?

D: I have a form of light manipulation that allows me to work it and use it to my advantage.

M: Cool. Were you born with it?

D: Um…no. I wasn’t. I don’t remember how I became Super. The memories were washed away after the accident.

M: So there was an accident? That’s what gave you your powers? Huh. Oh, and love the name, by the way. Ruby Wolf. How’d you come up with it?

D: It’s…kind of embarrassing. I loved the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood when I was younger. The name just sprang from that.

M: It’s the perfect name for a hero. *sips tea* Where do you work?

D: I work at the T&S Tech Firm. I’m an assistant to Mr. Kauffman.

M: *blinks* Mr. Kauffman himself? How’d you land that position?

D: Oh, luck, I guess. *smiles* I’ve always been interested in computers, so it seemed natural that’d I’d end up working with them.

M: Does anyone know about your being Super?

D: No one. Except for…a few people. I’m not very trusting.

M: That’s good. It’s good to stay safe. *mumbles* Though the people who know aren’t the best kinds of people…

D: What?

M: …Nothing. So those fights we see on TV all the time…those are you fighting Trick-Track?

D: Yeah. Though, I don’t watch the news often. I don’t like watching myself. It feels weird. *shakes head*

M: Yeah, I don’t like that either. So do you like being a Super, or do you feel like the responsibility was tossed at you and you just had to fumble through with it?

D: *blank* I…don’t know. I’ve never been asked that question. I suppose I like it. It’s definitely an unusual job.

M: With unusual hours and unusual tasks. Do you ever wish you could just be a normal person?

D: Often, yes. *blushes* It’s not that I don’t like that I’m Super…I just…

M: Don’t like it? It’s okay, I know other Supers who feel the same way.

D: You know other Supers?

M: …Yes? I mean, they’re kind of everywhere, aren’t they? Hard to avoid them?

D: Oh. I guess. *shrugs*

M: *raises eyebrow* Well, we should probably wrap this up. Tell me what you’re favorite food is.

D: I like Chinese food. Chow mein, fried rice, dumplings, all of it.

M: Me too! Do you play an instrument?

D: I play the oboe a little. I don’t sound very good though.

M: I bet you sound better than you think. Okay, lastly, do you believe what you see on TV?

D: *swallows* Why wouldn’t I?

M: Hm. Okay. Thanks for coming in.

D: Yeah, sure. Have a nice day.

A bit strange…She’s a sweet character though. She’s relatively new to me, so I’m still getting to know her. 😉 What do you think? Is she nice? Let me know down below!


Character Conversations // Brett

Character Conversations

Hi guys! Today’s character is…well, maybe a bit of a jerk. But, as you may have seen from previous conversations, I kinda like writing those kinds of characters! XD



Me: Hi Brett…

Brett: Hi. Is this where you’re interviewing me?

M: Yeah…Is this spot okay?

B: Fine I guess. *sits down impatiently* Are you going to get on with it?

M: I’m sorry, is there somewhere you need to be?

B: Yes, as a matter of fact. I just so happen to run the entire Fallcoast News Center, which includes the paper and TV station. I’m supposed to be there in fifteen minutes. You’re lucky I took this time out of my day to see you.

M: *frowns* Gosh, I hadn’t realized you were this important.

B: Well, now you know. *smiles*

M: *eye-roll* Okay, so what’s it like working at the news center? What does your job entail?

B: I’m the commander-in-chief, so to speak, so I look after every area of the facility. I make sure the paper is being printed, that the journalists and reporters are doing their jobs correctly, and that all of the facts used in our media are right.

M: Hmm…Okay. If I can be frank, I know for a fact that some of the stuff you put into your media is not true. *frowns* Care to explain?

B: *scowls* All of the facts are checked by me personally. Are you calling me a liar?

M: Yes, actually.

B: *indignant* How dare you! *pauses, calms self* Fine. So maybe some things I’ve been a bit…lenient on. But straight facts would never work. We embellish. There’s nothing wrong with having our writers add their own personal flair.

M: Except…It’s not their flair, it’s yours.

B: Madeline, may I explain something to you?

M: *waits*

B: Business is like a big ladder. It creates order, which in the end, is better for everyone, right?

M: Where do you stand on this so called ‘ladder’?

B: I’m second-in-command. I execute my superior’s requests through my employees.

M: Earlier, you said you were commander-in-chief.

B: Irrelevant. But all this business talk must be boring you. Allow us to speak on a different subject.

M: Fine. Tell me about your family? *mumbles* Or do you even have one?

B: I…am not married. Yet.

M: I wonder who the lucky girl will be. *thick sarcasm*

B: You don’t think I could get a girl? Is that what you’re saying?

M: Just never mind. You’re clearly married to your work anyway. Moving right along, do you know the Meredith’s?

B: Yes, I work very closely with Jason Meredith. He runs the FIBS. The bank in town, you know?

M: Yes, I know. So…do you know any of his kids?

B: I thought he only had one girl…Lena? Was that her name? She’s a bit snooty, in my opinion.

M: Your opinion is a bit skewed. But let’s wrap this up. What’s your favorite food?

B: I mostly live off of coffee and ramen noodles.

M: I said favorite food. But, okay…Do you play any instruments?

B: I don’t. Though I’m sure I would be great at it.

M: I’m sure. And lastly…Do you know Aidan?

B: Aidan? Coel? She’s…my boss. How did you know that?

M: There was a big welcoming party in her honor? She was in the paper? She’s kind of hard to miss. But anyway, thanks for coming out, Brett. I appreciate it.

B: I’m glad you enjoyed my company. *gets up and struts away in a hurry*

So…Yeah. A bit jerky. But you’d be surprised how fun it is to write these kinds of characters. XD Let me know what you think of him down below!



Character Conversations // Abner

Character Conversations

Hello guys! Sorry for the late interview, I was gone all day yesterday, so I’m giving you one today instead! I hope you like him! ^_^



Me: Hi Abner!

Abner: Good to see you. *shakes hand*

M: So, I know you’re a cop, like Robert. Do you know each other well?

A: You bet. When I was moved from home in Brooklyn to Fallcoast, I met him the first day. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break. His whole day was going messy, so I invited him and his wife over for dinner. Then we were friends.

M: You said you lived in Brooklyn before. Brooklyn as in, New York?

A: Yeah. I’d served there since I was 20 years old, then when I was 34 I was asked to come down to Minnesota.

M: Do you like it here?

A: Your summers are brutal, lemme tell ya. Up to your ears with mosquitoes. Surprised you haven’t all died from malaria.

M: *internally dies laughing* We’re kinda famous for our mosquitoes. So since you’re friends with Robert, when did he tell you about his special talent?

A: That was only a few days after we invited him to dinner. I know what you’re talkin’ about. *grins* How he does stuff with your limbs and body. It’s funny that’d he’d become a cop then, eh?

M: Yeah. He’s really struggling with it…*mumbles* And things are only going to get worse…

A: Whispering is rude you know.

M: I know. So are you a Super then?

A: Nah. Kinda glad about it too. Supers here have nothing but trouble. Pity them, I do. *purses lips*

M: So what’s the most interesting case you ever had to work on, as a cop?

A: That’d have to be the time back in Brooklyn when there was a massive outbreak of Supers. A sudden huge influx of superhumans, you can imagine how the cops were reacting. I was just young and inexperienced at the time. I had no idea what the heck was going on. *laughs* That’s when things started getting more tense between citizens and Supers.

M: Did you have to confront any Supers?

A: Yeah, there were a few creeps I had to deal with. Sure woulda helped if Robert’d been there. *grins* Yeah, there was one kid with some kind of matter control, had to take him out. There was another time where there was a drunk Super destroying the side of a building. That was fun…

M: Didn’t that outbreak end up with the police killing thousands of Supers? I’m not saying that it was bad, it was obviously done for safety reasons, but now that that’s over, the aftermath…Do you think Supers are being treated fairly?

A: Goodness, no! The three big powers here in Fallcoast couldn’t care less about Supers. They want them gone, dead. Too afraid to deal with’em the right way. And with all the stupid staged hero/villain fights they show on TV…It’s plain ridiculous. As if the people feel any better knowing there’s a ‘hero’ out there to help them.

M: I feel you. It’s a good thing there’s people like Lena and Jake, huh?

A: *smiles* You know Lena and Jake. They’re good kids. Can’t help worrying about’em though. Vigilantes have a dangerous job, you know?

M: I know too well. So, a few last questions for you; what is your favorite food?

A: Gotta be thin crust pizza. With the works. Nothing better.

M: Do you have a family?

A: Just me and my wife. So far. *winks*

M: Do you like being a cop?

A: There’s nothing I love better. But when things aren’t fair. *wags finger* Nuh-uh. That’s not cool. Police are all about fairness, giving everyone a shot at redemption. Not all this ‘kill-on-sight’ business.

M: Well, thank you, Abner, for this time.

A: Sure thing, sweets.

Do you like him? He’s a great guy, I LOVE writing about him. What do you think? Let me know below!


Character Conversations // Robert

Character Conversations

Hello guys! Welcome to this week’s character conversation! Today, I have a very sweet character with me. He’s a police officer with a secret…



Me: Hi Robert!

Robert: Hi! I’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities. *smiles*

M: Sounds good! Okay, first, I’m told that you’re a police officer. What’s that like?

R: …I do love protecting the people of Fallcoast. But I feel sometimes the other officers aren’t always the nicest.

M: What do you mean?

R: They’re…very prejudiced against Supers. And, well, Supers are illegal. So that doesn’t help. I know they’re just trying to protect the city from things they don’t understand, but…

M: Don’t they realize they’re making more trouble in the process? Crime rates have hit the roof and Fallcoast isn’t as safe as it used to be. *squints eyes* Are you one of those Super-haters?

R: Me? No, no, not at all. But don’t tell my boss I said that.

M: You’re referring to Gavin, right?

R: Yeah…He’s not the…friendliest guy I’ve met.

M: *mutters* So he should be a blast to interview…So what makes you so sympathetic toward Supers?

R: *eyes dart nervously around* Well, um…I am because…I am one.

M: *le gasp* A Super cop?! That sounds awesome! What’s your power?

R: *looks slightly relieved* Oh, I can manipulate the human body. Stop someone from moving, force someone to move…I’m still learning, honestly.

M: So you’re in to anatomy, then?

R: *laughs* Yes, actually. But not just that. Physiology is really important too, in understanding how the body works.

M: Have you ever delved into the brain?

R: No, no, that’s not my area. I’d rather not mess with something so important and…confusing.

M: Wise choice. So, we both know being a cop is a dangerous job. But how does your family feel about it?

R: Sharon, my wife, has told me before that she worries about me every day…But she hasn’t stopped me. *smiles sadly* Especially in Fallcoast, I feel like being a cop is more dangerous than being a cop in, say, Albany, where my friend Abner used to work. It’s hard, knowing you have a wife and little girl at home, and then there’s the possibility of never seeing them again.

M: You have a little girl? *adorable!*

R: Yes, Abigail. She’s my little Shortcake. *grins*

M: Just out of curiosity…do you think Abigail will be a Super?

R: …I don’t know. I’ve thought about it before. I hope she isn’t. That she can live a normal life, like any kid should.

M: You feel bad for Lena and Jake?

R: *sighs* Yes. As a dad, knowing that they’re out there, risking their lives for people who don’t even care for them…It’s hard. *stares at lap*

M: Don’t worry. Things will improve. That’s a promise from me. *wink* But we’re getting close to the end of this interview. So, for a few last questions…What’s your favorite food?

R: Hmm…I think it would have to be a homemade, pepperoni, deep-dish pizza. Abner makes them the best.

M: I love deep-dish! What’s the hardest part about your job?

R: Ooh, tough one…I’d say having to arrest Supers. That’s really, really hard. It’s not like we actively seek them out, but when we see them…we have to detain them. If anyone ever found out about me…*shudders*

M: Okay, last question: do you know anything about the Miss Coel?

R: …She seems nice enough…I’ve never met her personally…

M: Well…Be glad you haven’t! Thank you, Robert, for this interview. It was a pleasure.

R: No, thank you. This was fun. *smiles*

He’s nice, right? I love writing him…Especially because he has to deal with a lot of conflictions and it gets really interesting… XD Let me know what you think of him down below!



Character Conversations // Randy

Character Conversations

Whew, it’s been so long, and with all the Silmarillion festivities, I knew it wouldn’t work to post last Saturday. But I’m back! And I’m very pleased to introduce one of my favorite geniuses to you guys! XD



Me: Hello, Dr. Berke.

Randy: Evening, Madam.

M: I’m glad you could make it for an interview. I’m very eager to talk with you.

R: Before we begin, may I clear something up?

M: …Sure?

R: I am a tad…scatterbrained. If I interrupt you, or appear to be not listening, it is not because you aren’t interesting. It is merely my own fault.

M: …Well, that’s…that’s good to know…Thanks for-

R: I’m sure you’re wondering about the scar.

M: …?

M: Yes. I was going to ask about that. Aren’t you known as-

R: Dr. Scar? Yes, people think it’s hilarious. Insensitive, all of them.

M: Yes, so insensitive. I wouldn’t call you that. I like the name Randy. But to stay on track, how’d it happen?

R: I was at work, when suddenly people began running, fleeing something horrible. I never did figure out what it was, but I have the scar to prove it happened.

M: That sounds awful! *sadness*

R: Later, when I had semi-recovered from my wound, I vowed to get my revenge on that monster that destroyed me. *laughs derisively* Well, now I’m just a bitter old man with no wife or daughter.

M: I’m…so sorry. That’s horrible. What happened to your family? Or is that too-

R: Gloria died to lung cancer. Jovie ran away from me, afraid of what I’d become. I’m sure she’s safe, wherever she is now…

M: *bites tongue to keep from crying* This is a heavy topic. Let’s move away. Tell me about your life here in Fallcoast.

R: It’s a nice, quiet life. Lonely, but when that happens, I go out and I feel better. Doing the most menial things can make everything so much better.

M: Strange how that works, huh? You don’t have trouble with the police, do you?

R: Sometimes. I try to keep my past quiet, but things can happen. I never thought emotions had such a powerful effect on people. Killing them essentially kills the person with them.

M: …Wait, what? Killing…emotions?

R: Yes, that’s usually how I get in trouble. But I usually escape. But I only ever stay in jail for a few days at a time, depending on the crime.

M: What does killing emotions mean? *subconsciously backs away*

R: It’s quite self-explanatory, wouldn’t you say? It all happened with this jewel I found…The day Gloria was brought in for a check-up…

M: *sighs* Can’t you focus? Do you kill emotions all the time? What does it feel like?

R: It makes people like robots. I take away people feelings. It’s useful for getting what you want, but it’s not a good feeling you get when you’re doing. Lots of Supers say they get a rush of joy when they use their abilities. I don’t.

M: …That sounds dangerous.

R: Well, like I said, it’s often how I get into trouble.

M: Quick question: do you know Jake? Kauffman?

R: Yes, he’s nice. Very smart, though his parents aren’t kind to him. Wouldn’t make sense if you had a family you would treat them with all the love you could ever muster?

M: So you must know Lena, then?

R: Yes, she’s Jake’s girlfriend. She seems nice, personable, not that I’ve ever spoken to-

M: *snickers* Jake’s girlfriend? *laughs* Don’t say anything to Jake about that. But we’re nearing the end of this interview, so I have a few more questions for you. What is your favorite food?

R: Hmm…I haven’t had a good, homey meal in such a long time. I do enjoy a good steak and potatoes.

M: Are you…actually a doctor?

R: Not a doctor in the traditional sense. I’m a scientist doctor. I work with chemicals, various poisons, and genetics.

M: …Those things…*shakes head* Never mind. I don’t even want to know.

R: Why not?

M: Last question: do you plan on living like this…forever?

R: *frowns* I hadn’t planned it, but it seems it was planned for me.

M: Things will work out. I promise. *winks* Thank you for the interview.

R: Surely. *nods*

So…maybe he’s a bit strange…But I LOVE him, guys! I’d describe him as a sweet, slightly crazed, tough guy. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


Character Conversations // Bastien

Character Conversations

Hello all! This week’s character is a…well, he’s an interesting character. You’ll have to see what I mean. XD (Also, it might help if you know a little Spanish. 😉 )



Me: Hello, Mr. Edaurdos.

Bastien: Hola, senorita. Just Bastien is fine.

M: You speak Spanish, then?

B: Si, I grew up in Texas, but my roots are in Mexico. I speak Mexican Spanish.

M: Interesting…I…I can’t help noticing…

B: Mi ojo, si? It was an accident. I was trapped outside in a lightning storm and I was struck in my left eye. It’s forever green and does strange things.

M: Um…cool. What kinds of strange things?

B: It sees through the lies of this world. I know when people don’t speak the whole truth to me. I know them as they truly are.

M: *slightly freaked out* That’s…nice. So, you’re a Super, then, right?

B: Super? I suppose, si. Ever since I was struck, people treat me different. I get in trouble more. But it is no matter. They do not know the real me. *looks down* Maybe they never will…

M: *sadness* Do you have a family down in Texas? I heard that you’re only here in Fallcoast on a…business trip.

B: Si, mi familia. They live down south. I miss them. Mi hermana, Valeria. She’s the light of my life. *eyes become unfocused* But she doesn’t feel the same way.

M: What is this business trip really for, Bastien? *squinty eyes*

B: *says nothings for a moment* To take care of things so bad things don’t happen back at mi hogar. It is the only way.

M: *curious, but doesn’t push it further* Let’s talk about something…not so depressing. I heard you study meteorology.

B: Si, I do. *eyes sparkle* I have been fascinated with it ever since I was a niñito. I especially wanted to learn more after I was struck by lightning and survived. I learned a lot more than I thought I would.

M: How so?

B: *smiles* After the accident…I think a little part of the weather was stuck inside me. I nurtured it and it became a gift. I learned to control it and use it for myself.

M: You can control the weather? *AWESOME*

B: Si, puedo. Sometimes it is more of a curse than a gift. Like when I was sentenced to jail for three years.

M: …You were what?

B: I escaped though. *mischievous smile* And then I disappeared. For a while, anyway.

M: Wow…Fallcoast must be a dangerous place for you then, huh?

B: Si, lo es. I must be very careful what I do around here. La policia are not too kind here.

M: You can say that again…Okay, here’s a few parting questions. What’s your favorite food?

B: Macarrones con queso.

M: Is that a fancy Mexican food or something?

B: *laughs* No, it’s macaroni and cheese.

M: Oh. *blushes* You speak English well. Where did you learn?

B: Mi madre was Spanish, and mi padre was English. I spent my young life with her, and later grew up in the cities with him. I had to learn it.

M: Huh, interesting…Okay, do you know Jake and Lena?

B: I do, but I don’t think they know me. *mysteriousness*

M: Well, thank you Bastien for answering my questions!

B: De nada, senorita.

So…What’d you think? He’s a nice guy, a little strange, but I like him. 🙂 Let me know down below! And also, just a heads up, I won’t be posting any CC posts in June. I’ll explain in a later post, don’t worry. 😉


Character Conversations // Villane

Character Conversations

Hello all, and welcome to the next installment! This week’s character is a bit snobbish, but that’s just what makes him so entertaining. XD



Me: Hi Villane.

Villane: *sighs* Just call me Vill, okay? Villane is so misleading…

M: Um…Okay. Sure. So when did you first realize you were a Super?

V: *shoves glasses farther up onto face* Back in grade school, actually. I was playing hide-and-seek, and when nobody could find me for over an hour and the police showed up, I knew something was wrong.

M: So, you were invisible?

V: What else? A little while later, I learned that I could also manipulate the shadows into doing what I want. I’m what you would call…special.

M: Really. *rolls eyes* So where’d you get a name like Villane? Sounds kinda…evil.

V: *groans*

M: It says here on this paper that your full name is Villane S. Gye. *chokes* Was that really intentional?

V: Yes, and I don’t want to talk about it. My parents thought’s it’d be hilarious. Well, I’m sure they’re regretting it now. *smiles smugly*

M: You’re living up to your name, then?

V: What else could I do, really? Nobody trusts a guy like me, not with a stupid name like that.

M: So I take it you don’t have a very good relationship with your parents?

V: *scoffs* I hardly call it a relationship. I haven’t talked to my parents in years.

M: Don’t…don’t you even miss them a little?

V: I don’t miss them. *pauses* I miss having a family.

M: *sympathy* You must have other family, somewhere, right? Any grandparents? Aunts or uncles?

V: I have an aunt that lives around here. She says she ‘suffers through’ housing me. Apparently I’m snobby.

M: I wouldn’t have guessed. Do you know any other people in town?

V: I know a few. Mostly other Supers. One in particular I know well. He calls himself Zero. We bond over our strange names.

M: *swallows* Zero? You know him? Isn’t he, like…crazy?

V: *rolls eyes* It’s a farce. He’s totally sane and super smart. Unlike that idiot Hypnesia…

M: Ooookay…Do you have any interests aside from being a criminal?

V: *glares* As a matter of fact, yes, I do. I’m taking an online class in web design. I’m told I excel greatly in it. I even designed Fallcoast High’s site.

M: *quickly looks it up on computer* It looks really nice. Simple but complex. I like it. But don’t you work at The Book Stop too?

V: Yes, part time. Whenever Mrs. Meredith’s daughter can’t.

M: *mutters* It’s sure a good thing you don’t work together…

V: Why’s that?

M: Hmm? Oh, you just probably wouldn’t get along. You’re not much of a…people person, from what I can tell.

V: Introvert and proud. In fact, is this interview almost over?

M: I see you’ve been enjoying yourself. Fine, a few last questions. What’s your favorite food?

V: Eggplant parmesan.

M: Of course. Do you know how to cook?

V: Are you kidding?

M: …?

V: No!

M: Sheesh, sorry…Last question. Do you think something strange is going on in Fallcoast?

V: Of course. Something strange is always going on in Fallcoast.

M: Okay, well thank you, Vill, for allowing me to interview you.

V: *nods and leaves without a word*

…Interesting guy. He’s a bit of a pain, but apparently I really like writing these kinds of characters. XD Let me know what you think down below!


Character Conversations // Kass

Character Conversations

Hello and welcome to this week’s installment of Character Conversations! Today’s character is maybe what we would call a bit…commandeering. But there’s a soft-center there, somewhere. It might just take some time finding it… XD


Me: Hello Kassandra.

Kass: Just Kass. I hate Kassandra. My dad calls me Kassandra.

M: …Um…okay? You seem to have a…tense relationship with your father. Why?

K: *laughs mirthlessly* Don’t even get me started on that. He only ruined my life. Give me a different question.


M: Okay. Are you a Super?

K: No. But I could kill you in five different ways.

M: *trembles* How so?

K: Knife, sword, baton…Oh, you mean how, like how did I learn to do that? Dad taught me. I hated every minute of training.

M: You’re really making Alex out to be this horrible monster. He can’t be all that bad, can he?

K: We moved thirteen times when I was growing up. I never had the chance to make friends, become acclimated to my house, even memorize the layout of the city. Not to mention he broke up with Mom. She was the only one who understood. *voice cracks* Ugh, but I’m just ranting now. Next question.

M: *frowns* You seem pretty comfortable here in Fallcoast. Don’t you like it here?

K: Yeah. Who knows how long I’ll be staying here, but yes, I do like it. There’s even this guy I kinda like…

M: Yes, I know. Don’t remind me. Please. *cringes*

K: You don’t even know who it is.

M: It’s Jake Kauffman. It’s pretty obvious you like him.

K: *eyes widen, but plays it cool* Fine. So the secret’s out. I’m pretty sure he likes me too. If that Lena girl would quit following him around…

M: Next question. Are you a criminal?

K: What kind of question is that?!

M: It’s a fair question, I’d say. Your dad is. Wouldn’t that make you one too?

K: *looks furious* I am determined not to walk in my father’s footsteps! He’s a thieving, malicious, coward. Why would I be like him?

M: *cries on the inside* You really don’t like your father, do you? Well, okay, so you’re not a criminal. But your dad trained you for a reason. If that reason wasn’t to steal, what was it?

K: *blushes* Just because he trained me to, doesn’t mean I have to.

M: *smiles* You know, you seem kinda lonely. Do you have many friends?

K: *looks up, angry* What’s it to you?

M: Um, I’m the one interviewing you?

K: *defensive* I have friends. At school. We hang out. At lunch.

M: And pick on everyone else?

K: Well if they didn’t give me so many opportunities, I wouldn’t be tempted!

M: *fights rolling eyes* Okay, fine. How about some parting questions? What’s your favorite food?

K: Mom used to make this chicken noodle soup, when I was sick. *looks distant* It was so good. I miss it…

M: *feels sympathetic* Do you do anything after school?

K: *frowns* Dad insisted I be in sports, so I’m on the soccer team. And I take karate classes.

M: Okay, finally…Do you really think your Dad left your Mom?

K: Well, yes, duh. That’s always what he’s told me! What else could it be?

M: Hm. I was just curious. *shrugs* But anyway, thank you for allowing me an interview.

K: Sure, whatever.

What do you think? She’s a bit harsh, but I still kinda like her. Let me know what you think in the comments down below! 🙂