The First Tag // +FACE REVEAL!!!

Hello peoples! Well, just so you all know, I’m getting properly terrified about going to Realm Makers. HOW CAN IT BE SO SOON ALREADY?! AAAGGGHHH. O_O

Ahem. Anyway, today, I have a tag for you guys! I saw that Kate had invented this tag and then when Kenzie tagged me, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

Here I go, revealing all of my deepest, darkest secrets to you guys. Be prepared.

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Who was the first character you ever wrote?

Hmm. That’s a tough one! My first stories always included me as the main character, as lame as that is. XD

So my first original character would have to be a villain named, wait for it…


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Yep. That’s his name. I’m so creative guys, didn’t you know? And was he ever a villain, that Villan. He had the evil laugh down to a science, he was always trying to kidnap the main character (a.k.a. ME), had lots of evil weapons, and was always trying to take over the world. Classic.

What was the first story you ever finished?

That depends on what you mean by ‘story’. Like, a novel, or just a story? I have quite a few horrifying short stories from my youth. I will spare you guys and refrain from sharing them in their entirety, but I will share a snippet with you. This was for a school writing assignment my mom gave me:

“Class,” Mr. Williams declared, knocking Piper out of her thoughts, “We will be having someone to sub as principal while Mr. Porter is on vacation.”

No one said a word.

“His name is Mr. Jamison, and I hope you will be on your best behavior for him,” he concluded, “and don’t forget your reading assignment needs to be finished Friday!”

Piper ran to her locker and fiddled with the lock, scowling. She was still getting used to her new life at Hamelin High. I hate being the new girl…No one will talk to me…

First of all, a substitute principal? Is that a thing? Also, the not so subtle Pied Piper references are just so intriguing. And it’s honestly just a boring writing style. 😛

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What was the first piece of writing advice you ever heard? Or what was the first bit of advice you used and it actually worked?

I don’t remember anything specific, but my first encounter with advice was when I read Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine. It really inspired me and helped me as a budding writer. I think it also helped me become a touch more refined and serious about my writing.

Who was your first villain?

See the answer to the first question. XD My first villain that I was actually proud of (or, I should say, am still proud of to this day, because one is always proud of their work in the present), would have to be an anti-hero named Hypnesia. He could hypnotize people (no duh), and he was very crazy, which I thought added such a layer of depth to him.

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Since then, he’s become a very prominent character in my stories. You might recognize the name Drilidric. He was heavily inspired by Hypnesia. In fact, he even goes by that name in Dangerous Minds, funnily enough.

What was the first storyworld you ever built?

That would be Paramythi. It’s the first place I drew a map of, and I remember just having so much fun thinking of the names for places and drawing the rivers and forests. It’s actually still a place in my Imprint trilogy. It’s the county where the capital of the country is. 🙂

What did your first attempt at worldbuilding or mapmaking look like?

Well, let me just show you a picture!

061418 039
You can’t see it very well, but you can totally tell all the effort I put into it, right? 😉


When was your first crush-on-your-own-character? I know it happened, don’t lie to me.

Well… That’s a bit of a revealing question, wouldn’t you say?

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Alright, alright, my first character crush was with Jake from Dangerous Minds. He was the first guy character with depth that I had ever crafted. And, well, he was my age, and… it was bound to happen. I still kinda crush on him, even now. 🙂

What was the first character death you ever had to write and how did you handle it?

Um. Would you guys believe me if I said I haven’t killed off a character yet? I mean, I haven’t written their death, like on paper or keyboard? I mean, there have been plenty dramatic, heart-wrenching deaths in my head, but I haven’t had to deal with the stress and anguish of writing them down yet.


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When did you first decide that your book needed a full-blown series?

It kind of just decided itself, honestly. I liked the idea of writing a trilogy, and so I just decided my story would be a trilogy. (Okay, I confess; in all honesty, I wanted to make my readers suffer by having to wait for the next book to come out. No joke. I am that evil.)

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I guess thanks, Jafar? XD


When was the first time you stepped out of your comfort zone to write a new genre?

I haven’t gotten there quite yet! I have a sci-fi idea that I want to get around to writing, and Dangerous Minds is kind of out of my comfort zone, with it being kind of contemporary (but, superheroes, and powers, and evil villains. How contemporary is that really?)

So mostly all of my writing has been in my safe zone: fantasy. I feel like if I tried to branch out, it would just end up as a horrible mess. So for now, I’m sticking with the stuff I know.

What was it like using a prompt for the first time?

I’ve only used prompts a very few times. I like the idea of using word and picture prompts, but they never seem to work for me. I can never just stick to the prompt! I always veer off from the theme of it, (which I get is the point, it’s supposed to be inspiring, but it’s very frustrating to me. XD)

Here is one of my attempts at prompt writing. The prompt was ‘write a paragraph with every first letter of each sentence beginning with the words from ‘sentence”.

Since you’ve gone, things have changed. Everyone is an enemy. No one smiles anymore. The streets are in ruins and people shout and run about in madness. Even the dogs have turned, scratching and biting their owners. Never has this town felt darker, more sinister. Come back, please. Even if you’re unwanted.

Opening line: share your first, your favorite, and your most recent.

Oh boy, let’s see…

First // The wizard sat wearily, leaning heavily over his staff, sweating running profusely down his forehead. His hands trembled as they gripped the staff tight, his knuckles white. His eyes were shut in deep focus.

~ from the first draft of Imprint

Favorite // The place reeked of rotting cheese. The meatballs were scattered across the cheap, red carpet. And all that was left behind of the crook was a slimy note that read —

Meet me at the Bistro tomorrow night and we will settle this.

You know who I am

~ from a silly short story about a garlic ninja (it just makes me smile every time I read it. 😀 )

Recent // “‘Too late’.” An amused puff of air escaped Drilidric’s nostrils. “Too late indeed! You’re an idiot to think that, Zedidiah Alendayl!”

His voice rose. He shook his head. Here he was, talking to himself again.

~ from Rewrite

What was your first ending like?

Ended on a horribly spotty and confusing cliffhanger. It was basically doom is upon us , but we don’t really know why doom is upon us… and then I smacked a big ‘The End’ label on it. So dumb. -_-

What was the first ship you ever wrote and, be honest, did you make them a ship name?

My first couple was Markus and Paige from Imprint, but I never really shipped them, because, they’re like fifteen, and it just seemed weird to me. My first official ship was Celthic and Maggie, also from Imprint. He’s really dark and sarcastic, and she’s like a ball of energy and light, and they’re so darn cute and squishable together. <333

lady and the tramp date GIF
They could totally be Lady and the Tramp! 😀


I sadly haven’t given them a ship name. Nothing really rolls off the tongue… Celgie? Celmag? Magcel? Melthic? See what I mean? XD

What year was your first NaNo?

I believe it was 2015 and I attempted to write Rewrite. It ended very poorly and left me feeling very discouraged. So I put it on the back burner for a long, long time, instead working on improving Imprint. Just recently, I’ve started looking at it again, and I’m starting to love it all over again. ^_^

Which novel is memorable for being the first one you ever gave up on?

Ooh, hmm… I haven’t given up on any novels I’ve started (though I’ve felt like giving up many times). Short stories, however, are a different story (pun intended). I could give you a list of their titles, and then maybe you could see why I gave up on them:

Who Boy What Fairytale?

Leap, Hide, Flip, Fly


Creepy Hotel: Surfer Queen

Awkward World: Trying to Get Home

Learning From Miss Magic Tricks

The Mermaid Trio Saves the Day

and also, this, which was legit my title for a story,

Quadruplets: I Didn’t Mean To Do It!, Fashion Designer Secret, Weird Houses, Queen That Wanted Me Poisoned, All With Secret Super Powers

These were…not my proudest writing days.

When did you first share your work with someone else and how did they react?

When I had just finished my very first outline for Imprint, I gave it to my mom, for her to read. I’m sure it was absolutely rubbish, but she was very supportive of it, and for that I’m extremely thankful that she didn’t crush a little girls’ dream of becoming a writer someday. Thanks Mom. 😉

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Alright, let’s tag a few peoples! If you’ve already been tagged, well, you’re welcome anyway. I tag… Savannah @ Inspiring Writes | Deborah @ The Road of a Writer | Jenelle Schmidt | and Lisa Pickle.

Well, that’s the tag guys! What are some writing firsts for you guys? Let me know…

Wait. I promised you fellows something, didn’t I? Can’t believe I would forget such a thing. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m sure you’ve been eagerly waiting…


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Just kidding, this is my face. Much to your disappointment I’m sure, I am not a puppy that can type and read.


Get acquainted with it, for some of you will be seeing it this July at Realm Makers! I would hate for the awkwardness of not recognizing a good blogging buddy. Plus, it’s about time, wouldn’cha? If I’m going to be a professional writer, I should have a professional picture, right? 😉

I…guess you could comment about my face. But that’s kind of awkward, so how about we talk about Realm Makers instead? Are you going? Have you been before? TALK TO ME I’M NERVOUS. Also, do you have any fun vacations planned for this summer?

New Until Next Time!