Movies I Haven’t Actually Watched Yet // (Please Don’t Kill Me)

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Hello all! So, I LOVE movies. Like, a LOT. But funny enough, I haven’t watched some pretty big name movies, even though I want to. I just don’t get around to it. XD So, just to get some reactions, I thought I’d list all of the movies that I haven’t watched. (Also, please don’t hurt me. I know it’s ridiculous that I haven’t watched some of these, but I’m trying okay?! XD )


I reeeeally want to watch this one, but nobody will watch it with me because it’s to…confusing. XD I think it looks awesome, with the dream invasion, and evil companies…Plus the score is EPIC. But I can’t convince anyone to watch it with me. -_-


It’s a Wonderful Life

This is, like, super sad that I haven’t watched this, but I’m allowing myself the excuse that it’s a Christmas movie, so it seems a bit odd to watch it any other time besides…Christmas.

Pride and Prejudice

The newer, 2005 version. With Matthew Macfayden. Yass. Why haven’t I watched this? I dunno. It’s kind of long, and you really need to be ready to watch these kinds of movies. *shrugs* I hear Mr. Darcy is wonderful.

Star Wars

*hoard clambers after Madeline, stomps on her angrily, then leaves, leaving her beaten and ashamed*

Okay, so…I really want to watch these movies, but I would need to MARATHON THEM PEOPLE. Otherwise with longer series like these, I just totally forget what’s happening, (granted I know the Star Wars story and all the characters pretty perfectly, but still.) So sue me. Or just make me watch the movies.

Back to the Future

Oldies but goodies. I wish I would’ve watched them on the day Marty went into the future, back in 2015. That would’ve been awesome.

Harry Potter

Okay, so I’m really iffy on these. I kinda want to read the books too, but I…I just don’t know. I think they’d be really good, but my family…they’re not into the whole HP thing. It’s tough dilemma. I don’t know. We’ll see. I do know that I’d read the books before I watch the movies. Because that just seems right, you know?


WHICH ONES TO WATCH. I’d love to see the originals with Toby Maguire, but the new Amazing Spider-Man movies look good too. And, of course there’s Homecoming. (I’m totally going to see that one, no one can stop me.)

Pirates of the Caribbean

I just need to watch these. Jack Sparrow is weirdly entertaining and…Will Turner, guys.

Now You See Me

MAGICIANS. THAT ARE CON ARTISTS. I require this in my life. And they have a whole bunch of cool actor/essesΒ in them, so…there’s that.

Star Trek

I love stories in space, what can I say? I need me some Spock. Vulcan’s are awesome. Live long and prosper.

The Hunger Games

When this first came out, I was super curious about it. But, then I heard that it was really dark and gory? Bloody?Β I don’t know, but I shied away, because I’m super squeamish about that kinda stuff. I might consider watching them now, though.

So there’s my list. Go ahead, attack me. I can take it. XD What are some popular movies that you haven’t seen? Please tell me I’m now alone…Let me know down below!


10 thoughts on “Movies I Haven’t Actually Watched Yet // (Please Don’t Kill Me)

  1. To be honest, your list isn’t a ‘watch or die’ kind of list. You’re safe lol! I mean, “It’s A Wonderful Life” Is on every channel for weeks in December, so you got lots of time then. Just put it on while you’re doing all the xmas crap you have to do. πŸ™‚ Also, in my humble movie-obsessed opinion, some of those movies are overrated. If I had to ‘make you’ watch at least one out of that list it would probably be “Back To The Future.” The others have a gazillion sequels or equal number of remakes you can eventually see! Or read some of the books (Hunger Games is great if you’re a teenager). So don’t sweat it, you’re doing fine!

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  2. Ooh, how intriguing! πŸ˜€ I love your list!

    -Inception’s kind of dark, but I loooove all the dream stuff too, yes, and it’s complicated for your brain which I love. XD
    -Actually, the Matthew Macfayden P&P isn’t long! It’s the BBC one that’s 5 hours; this one’s like 2. πŸ™‚ And it’s great fun! πŸ˜€
    -The original Star Wars is fun too! I agree marathoning them would be great too. XD And you’re not the only person who hasn’t seen it, so you’re safe. XD
    -Pirates is fun! YES! Watch it! πŸ˜€ (Particularly the first one. ^_^)
    -The Hunger Games didn’t strike me as all that bloody? But it is intense. XD I’m mixed on ’em because dystopian isn’t my favorite but they were kinda interesting; but I didn’t read the books. *shrug*

    You can watch It’s a Wonderful Life this Christmas, then. πŸ˜‰ (I enjoyed it though it’s not my FAVORITE; but I have fond memories of watching it with my Grandpa)

    I haven’t seen Back to the Future or any Star Treks or Spider-Man movies and I kinda feel bad about not seeing any of those? o.o So I feel you on where you’re coming from. πŸ˜› Ooh, I’d like to see Now You See Me sometime…

    Haven’t seen HP either… maybe someday, but like you said, reading the books first on any movie is a must (ignore what I said about not reading HG *cough*), sooo that’s kind of a time-issue if nothing else because the books are so loooong. XD (I also don’t want to get mixed up in the battle of opinions online. o.o I know there’s a big debate about HP and honestly am mixed on the issue, though it’s sometimes good to honor one’s family on some issues even if you don’t feel the same way. Maybe hold off on them for now and try them someday later? πŸ™‚ *shrug*)

    Anyways, I really enjoyed seeing this list! What a fun idea! You should definitely see Pirates, and maybe Star Wars, P&P, and Inception, at some point. And I must watch some of these someday… πŸ˜› Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks! πŸ˜€

      – Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. It looks REALLY interesting!! And I love complicated things, they remind me of myself. XD
      – Oh, really? I might have to have a movie night with my mom then! πŸ˜€
      – Yes, my brother has been getting on me about watching them…I might have to make him marathon them with me. XD
      – I REALLY want to watch PotC!! (Have you seen the new one yet?)
      – Yeah, I figured it’d be really intense. XD I’m not much of a dystopian gal either, but I might give them a shot! πŸ™‚

      Yes, me and my family will have to watch it together. I don’t think my Dad has seen it all the way through either!

      Oh, yay! I’m not alone! πŸ˜€ Yeah, Back to the Future is kind of a classic, so I suppose I oughta watch it. XD And the Star Trek movies just look good. You really can’t go wrong with Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain. XD The only Spiderman movie I’ve seen is Homecoming, and I LOVED that, so…maybe I should watch the others?

      Yeah, I would definitely want to read the books first, and THEN the movies. They’re SO. LONG. though! And thick! If you were ever in danger, you could just pull out a HP book and wonk the attacker on the head with it. They’d be out cold. XD (Yeah, I’m a little wary of that too…I’ll probably hold off on them for a bit. I know my Dad doesn’t exactly like the witchcraft kind of stuff, but I would read them just for the characters and story, you know?)

      I’m glad you liked it! Yes, I will definitely try to get those ones watched. So many movies, so little time…XD Thanks for commenting! ❀

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      • I did see the new Pirates! It was… strange, and I didn’t like some of it, but ultimately most of it was just SO. FUN. πŸ˜€ And I liked how it wrapped up some stuff from number 3, so that made me happy. ^_^

        Yeah, the debate. *sigh* From what I’ve heard/read, HP has some great characters and noble points, and the witchcraft really isn’t like “real” witchcraft, since the characters are born with the ability to do the “magic” and “normal” humans like us can’t do it; plus it seems to be set in an alternate side-part of our world,? Kind of like Faerie? (So, I kinda read the first one and haven’t widely publicized that online because I don’t want to need to have an opinion yet, especially when I haven’t read ’em all. XD) But I can totally understand why it would bother some people, and ultimately if MY dad was specific about not reading it, I wouldn’t. πŸ™‚

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        • Oh, fun! I love closure in my movies and books. ^_^

          Yeah, it has great characters and points, no doubt, and the alternate side-part world is really cool. (Oh, really? I never knew. I understand how you would not want to share about it though, especially if you still have mixed feelings about it. πŸ™‚ ) But yeah, I’m definitely going to wait to read these ones. If I’m still interested in a few years, I might try them out, but otherwise…I’m okay not reading them at all. ^_^

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  3. What is it with people from Minnesota not watching Star Wars?? I have a friend from Austin who’s never seen it either! Lol. But it’s okay. There are quite a lot of Star Wars movies to get through. I’d recommend marathoning the original trilogy if you have a free weekend, and if you like it, move on to the other movies.
    Anyway, I haven’t seen Inception or It’s a Wonderful Life, either! Or Spiderman (well, I’ve seen the beginning and the end of the one with Toby Maguire, but not the middle). And I only watched Back To The Future last year.
    Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic. The Hunger Games was pretty good. I watched that one this year for the first time, and it wasn’t as gory as I thought it would be, if that comfort you!

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    • Really?? :O That’s so funny!! Yeah, I’m definitely considering marathoning them in the near future. πŸ™‚ And I might take your advice and watch the originals first, and then work from there. It’s good to know at least there are a few other people who haven’t watched some of the big movies. πŸ˜‰ Yes, Pirates looks really good!! And I think I might give The Hunger Games a shot too! Thanks for stopping by! ❀


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