Fantasy Oscars! {CLOSED}


Surprise post! πŸ˜€

Welcome to the first ever Silmarillion Awards!

The Silmarillion Awards have been created by DJ Edwardson and Jenelle Schmidt as a way to honor J.R.R. Tolkien as the Father of Modern Fantasy, open up a discussion about some of our other favorite fantasy works, and to have a ton of fun this summer.

When we started thinking about creating a sort of β€œFantasy Oscars,” we found it difficult to fathom any award that wouldn’t be won by a character or item from The Lord of the Rings… so, to make things a bit more interesting, we decided to call them β€œThe Silmarillion Awards” and have characters from LOTR and The Hobbit present the awards as examples of the ultimate standard for each award. Hopefully that will even the playing field a bit.

Joining our team are eight other bloggers and authors who will each be hosting one of these awards, called Silmarils, on their blogs towards the end of July.


But before we get there, we need YOUR help! Starting today, June 20th and proceeding through July 1st, the nomination period for each award will be open. Please visit the participating bloggers (found in the list below), read the descriptions of the awards and make your nominations!

Nominate characters in the comments of each blog post. If someone has already nominated the character you would have nominated, you may either second that nomination, open a new nomination, or do both. We will be picking the 5 characters with the most β€œseconds” for the final voting period that will take place between July 4th – 13th, so you may also β€œthird,” β€œfourth,” β€œfifth,” etc any nominations you particularly like.

Fine print:

  1. Please do not nominate anything from one of your OWN books!
  2. You may nominate a character AND second, third, fourth a character… but please only vote once. (i.e. You cannot nominate a character and then also second that same character)
  3. Please share about the Silmarillion Awards on social media to spread the excitement far and wide across Middle Earth. Use the hashtag: #silmawards2016 wherever possible!
  4. Don’t nominate a Tolkien character for the awards, as the characters presenting the awards are already the standard for each award
  5. Don’t stress if a character you nominate doesn’t win this year. We are hoping to make this an annual tradition, and these awards are LIFETIME AWARDS, meaning that they cannot be won by the same character more than once!

Official Schedule:

Phase 1 – June 20-July 1: Award nominations open

Phase 2 – July 4: the final nominees will be announced and voting will open and last through July 14th

Phase 3 – July 16-28: Presentation of the awards, 1 per day, each award will be hosted on a different blog each day

Phase 4 – Celebration! July 29th was the official publication date of the Lord of the Rings back in 1954. We invite you all to celebrate with us the 62nd birthday of this masterpiece of Fantasy Fiction. Congratulate the winners, take and post a photo of yourselves with LOTR paraphernalia, write a blog post about your favorite LOTR moment, scene, character, quote, or memory… get creative and have fun!

List of Participating Blogs (Be sure to check them all out!):

DJ Edwardson Hosting the Best Friend Silmaril

Jenelle Schmidt Hosting the Most Heart Wrenching Death Scene Silmaril

Deborah O’Carroll Hosting the Strangest Character Silmaril

Abbey Hosting the Most Nefarious Villain Silmaril

JL Mbewe Hosting the Best Redemption Story Silmaril

Tracey Hosting the Riddling and Poetry Silmaril

Jack Lewis Baillot Hosting the Best Fantasy Mount Silmaril

Madeline J. Rose (That’s me!)Β Hosting the Most Epic Hero Silmaril

Zachary Totah Hosting the Wisest Counsellor Silmaril

Rawls E. Fantasy Hosting the Best Fantasy Weapon Silmaril

As you can see, I will be hosting the MostΒ Epic Hero SilmarilΒ here on my own blog. Below are the criteria for the sort of character who ought to be nominated for such an award. Keeping in mind that LOTR characters will be presenting these awards as the ultimate standard of Fantasy Fiction

The winner of the Most Epic Hero Silmaril award should go to a character who absolutely blew you away in their awesome-ness. Who held you captivated from page one, kept you turning pages late into the night, had you thinking about them long after the book has ended.

This award will be presented to the character YOU vote for by one of the most impressive trackers known in Middle-Earth, an individual known by many names, and the rightful ruler of Gondor.

I hope you all participate and let everyone you know in on this fantastic ceremony that I was given the honor of participating in! πŸ˜€


198 thoughts on “Fantasy Oscars! {CLOSED}

  1. I nominate Eugenides from the Queen’s Thief series! He gives the impression of being lazy and snarky, but in reality, he never misses anything and he cares deeply. And even when he has to make gut-wrenching decisions and pretend that he is unaffected by his choices, he doesn’t lose sight of loyalty and love.

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  2. ARAGORN!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* Ahem. I’m sorry… *awkward coughing*
    I’m having trouble thinking of one who isn’t a Lord of the Rings character, actually… I think I have to go with David from Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. πŸ™‚

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  3. Nominations:
    Prince of Farthestshore, Tales of Goldstone Wood, by Anne Elizabeth Stengl
    Quentin, Dragon King Trilogy, by Stephen Lawhead
    Cat a.k.a. Griffon Thorne, Pirate Isle Chronicles, by Wayne Thomas Batson

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  4. I nominate Jason Masters from the Dragons of Starlight series by Bryan Davis, and also the Ale Boy from the Auralia Thread series by Jeffrey Overstreet. πŸ™‚


  5. Carswell Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles!! Not your typical hero, but I am a sucker for the bad boy who is really good but doesn’t realize it until his awesome hero-ness is needed.

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  6. I nominate Eanrin from Tales of Goldstone Wood.
    Also Ella from Ella Enchanted.
    Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia.
    And Brant from The Minstrels Song.

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  7. I nominate Seraphina from Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.
    (I also seconded Brant, but my comment didn’t show up… not sure if that’s because you have moderation on or not. I just wanted to make sure that second got through!)


  8. I’d like to nominate Robin Hood from the Adventures of Robin Hood because he can hit a target a mile away and can’t resist an archery contest even though he knows The Sheriff of Nottingham will throw him in prison if he sees through Robin’s disguise. Also, he is completely devoted to his men and Marion, and when it comes to heroes, character counts as much as anything.

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  9. (I keep suddenly thinking of more people… Oops. :P) I also nominate:

    King Mendanbar from Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede


    Dammerung Warwolf from Plenilune by Jennifer Freitag.


  10. I nominate Billy from the Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis.

    I also nominate Bonnie from the same series.

    (And I really want to nominate ALL the characters from those books, but I’m trying to have at least a little self-control…)


  11. OH. And I’m going to have to also nominate Cress from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. She’s such an awkward, precious baby, but steps up to the plate to help her friends when the time comes. I just LOVED her.

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  12. My first thought is the swashbuckling Florid Sword from the Wingfeather Saga, so i’m nominating him. πŸ˜€


  13. I nominate Bill the Boxer from Doug “Earthworm Jim” TenNapel’s graphic novel, “Cardboard.”

    A father-son project made of cardboard, he’s magically (for lack of a better term) brought to life, wants to be human and spends his time decapitating monsters, designing weapons and studying philosophy. If that ain’t a memorable, epic character, I don’t know what is.


  14. I nominate Rand from Robert Jordan’s the Wheel of Time series. Ok, so he made some questionable decisions regarding love interests . . . but that doesn’t make him any less epic!


  15. I nominate Kien Lantec from R.J. Larson’s Books of the Infinite. He’s basically the best ever. <333 And I don't know if he'll get any seconds, because the Books of the Infinite is not a well-known series by any means, but I'm nominating him anyway. ^_^



    BEOWULF FROM BEOWULF – He’s wise! He’s polite! He can rip off Grendel’s arm!
    Sir Gawain from Arthurian myth – especially GREEN KNIGHT and LOATHLY LADY. Much heroism πŸ™‚
    Britomart, Lady Knight from THE FAERIE QUEENE – so beautiful, heroic, and awesome that when she first meets the love of her life it’s in a duel to the death, but he drops his sword and falls to his knees after smiting off her helmet to reveal her face. If that doesn’t sound epic to you I don’t know what does. πŸ˜€
    High King Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia – nuff said.
    William Ashbless from THE ANUBIS GATES by Tim Powers – who has one of the most incredible, mind-bending, awesome-cool character arcs you’ll ever see. You’ve never seen anyone go from being so ineffective to being so awesome.

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  17. I second Sage from the Ascendance trilogy; I second the Prince of Farthestshore from Tales of Goldstone Wood; I second Cat from the Pirate Adventures (or whatever the series is called). I shall nominate:

    -Prince Lionheart from the Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

    -Will Treaty from the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan

    -Adrian Masters from the Tales of Starlight series by Bryan Davis

    -Jason Walker from the Beyonders trilogy by Brandon Mull

    -Arthur Penhaligon from The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix

    -Artemis Fowl from the Artemis Fowl series (duh πŸ˜› ) by Eoin Colfer

    -Nathan Shepherd from the Echoes from the Edge trilogy by Bryan Davis

    I’m wracking my brain, but I can’t think of anyone else at the moment. So this’ll have to do.


  18. Okay, here we go. *takes deep breath* I nominate…

    ~ Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

    ~ Lochlan Stormgarden from The Dark Sea Annals (by Wayne Thomas Batson)

    ~ Elam from Oracles of Fire/Children of the Bard (by Wayne Thomas Batson)

    ~ Jonathan from Illusionarium (by Heather Dixon)

    ~ Lord Bradford from Entwined (by Heather Dixon)

    Aaaand, I should probably stop there before I go too crazy. XD

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