Character Conversations: Queen Kako

Hello dear bloggers! I am sad to say, but today is my last character conversation for a little while now. *sniff* But don’t worry! I’ll have plenty of other posts and such up. And when I’m ready, I’ll definitely be posting more CC posts again. 😉


The Evil Queen



Tries to kill Snow White


Has a magic mirror

Queen Kako of Nanova


Still beautiful

Is afraid of Snow White

Giving and generous

Can travel through mirrors


Me: Hello, your Highness.

Queen Kako: Oh, just call me Kako, please.

M: Alright, Kako, thank you for allowing me to interview you today! To start off, tell me a bit about your family.

K: Well, I live with my Mom and my brother, O, in a giant castle. Mom is nice, she cares for me. Almost to much. She plans everything out for me. She does the same to O…

M: It seems that your mother is a bit…pushy. Bossy? I can’t quite find the right word.

K: *sighs* Yes, she is both pushy and bossy. But I can’t complain. She keeps us safe.

M: I heard from your brother that you enjoy painting. He says you’re up in your room all day. Is that true?

K: Yeah. It’s kind of my escape from all the trauma of the royal life. But sometimes, I’ll spy on people through the mirrors. That way, I know what’s going on without ever having left my room!

M: …Explain?

K: Well, I can travel around through the mirrors and reflections. My Mom has a giant mirror in the throne room and O has one in his room too. Plus there are many more scattered all over the castle.

M: Sounds fascinating. Does that also mean…?

K: Oh yes, I can be in different places at simultaneously. Of course, there needs to be light and reflection around in order to do that.

M: What else do you do around the castle? When you’re not up in your room?

K: We have a big art gallery on the east side. I love wandering around in there. Someday, I hope to have a painting hung in there. Not just a picture of me. *makes a face*

M: *laughs, then pauses* You seem…I don’t know how to put it…lonely?

K: *looks away* I…I try to hide it. I can’t let Mom see or she’ll force me to another party. She knows I don’t like them. It’s a kind of punishment.

M: You have O though, don’t you?

K: He’s been acting strange lately…ever since his journey to Woodcrest Wood. He seems…off.

M: I’m…sorry to hear that. I hope you get that sorted out soon. *mumbles* It may take a while, but…

K: Did you say something?

M: Oh, no, I just talk to myself sometimes is all. So, I’ll leave you with some parting questions. What is your favorite food?

K: Poached quail eggs with red sauce.

M: Sounds…tasty. Do you like music?

K: Yes, I love music. The few times I actually want to go out are when we go to the symphony. So beautiful…

M: Can you sing?

K: *laughs* Only when I want to upset anyone nearby.

M: *smiles* Thank you Kako. It’s been a pleasure.

K: The pleasure is all mine.


There you go! She’s a really sweet character, but terribly shy sometimes… Thank you so much for reading! And if you’ve been following these posts, I thank you too for all your likes and comments! This has been such a fun segment, and I can’t wait to share more characters someday soon!

Until next time! ❤


Character Conversations: Prince O

Hello bloggers! Today’s interview is with a very generic character…Or is he?


The Prince of a Fairytale (take your pick of which one!)



Usually saves the damsel in distress

Sometimes arrogant

Usually boring, if we’re being honest

Prince O of Nanova

Still brave and handsome

Bored of his life

Arrogant and challenging

But deep down, sweet

Anything but boring


Me: Welcome, Prince O!

Prince O: Thank you fair lady! I am pleased to meet you. *smiles flashing grin*

M: To get down to business, who exactly are you? And can I call you O?

O: *hesitates* I am crown Prince Olistair Oleander Octavious Oakenragemanrivergaze. The III. And yes, just call me O.

M: *bursts out laughing* I couldn’t quite catch that last name…*pants* Could you repeat it?

O: *rolls eyes* Hilarious. And no. Moving on?

M: *wipes tear* Okay, so. You’re royalty, right? So what’s it like?

O: *sighs* Horrible. Mother makes me wear these ridiculous outfits and pushes me to attend all these balls and parties and…Ugh!

M: Well…you are the most eligible man in all of Paramythi.

O: Oh really! Poppycock. The princes of Nell and Omorfia and Gorgona…All of them are just as fine as me!

M: *shrugs* Well, you kind of are… The prince.

O: Just because I rescued a girl from a poisoned apple doesn’t make me a better hero. And I won’t lie, she was super cute…

M: So if you don’t enjoy all the finery and such, what do you enjoy?

O: I’d much rather go on an adventure with my horse, Haypenny, and meet damsels in distress than attend all those stupid parliamentary meetings and junk. Just the other day, actually, I was thinking about heading over to Prink. I hear Princess Orinthia is more beautiful than they’re letting on…

M: *rolls eyes* You seem kind of…obsessed with all these girls…

O: What’s wrong with a girl or two? It’s not like I’d actually consider marrying them. Mother’s already arranged that.

M: *stares in disgust* Don’t you care?

O: I suppose I care a little…but as long as she’s nice and pretty, I think I’ll manage.

M: *shakes head* Moving on…Do you get along with your family?

O: Oh, well enough I suppose. Kako’s always up in her room, painting away, avoiding everyone. And mother…well…She’s not not unkind.

M: *tries to decipher sentence and gives up* Okay. Do they know of what happened in Woodcrest Wood?

O: *looks choked* Huh?

M: You met a…fairy was it? Of the ruder sort and you with your arrogance somehow made her mad and she cursed you and…

O: Are you trying to make me angry?

M: *eyes widen* No! I was just…saying…

O: No. They don’t. And I don’t plan on telling them. Let’s keep it that way.

M: *gulps* Fine by me. Parting questions now. Can you cook?

O: I’m a prince! I’ve never had the need to learn!

M: *glares* Have you ever been outside of Fanastasia?

O: Not that I remember…the farthest I went was Woodcrest Woods.

M: *looks away* Sorry. Do you dread being first in line for the throne?

O: *shrugs* I’m perfectly fine with it. I don’t look forward to the responsibility, but I’ll be married by then, so I’ll have a wife to help me.

M: Alright, thank you, O, for answering my questions!

O: *smiles* You’re most welcome.


He’s been a really fun character to write! He’s kind of laid-back but still mysterious… What do you think? Thanks for reading! Until next time! ❤

Character Conversations: Fasaria

Hello all! We’re getting close to the end of my character list for my Imprint series…*sniff* But never fear! I have many more characters from other stories… 🙂


Master of the Genie of the Lamp

Kind and generous

Adventurous and brave

Loves the princess

Grants the Genie his freedom


Master of Tizini (or at least used to be…)

Quiet and thoughtful

Accident-prone but can be brave

Doesn’t ‘have time’ to be in love

Lost the genie in a dangerous portal-collapse


Me: Hello Fasaria. Would you mind if I interviewed you today?

Fasaria: I suppose not. But it really depends on what kind of questions you’ll be asking.

M: Um…regular ones? What other kind could there be?

F: Deep, intellectual, life-changing questions about the world around us and life in essence. Or small talk.

M: I don’t really know any…life-changing questions…But can I start off by asking you to tell a bit about yourself?

F: I was born in Alldinia as a poor boy. My mom died when I was four and I never knew my father.

M: So…you live alone?

F: I prefer it that way. Alone with my own thoughts and reasoning.

M: …How do you eat? And where do you sleep?

F: *glares* I’m not a punk who wanders the streets begging. I earn my keep by doing odd jobs when they’re asked of me. I can usually find work in the market square, moving crates, displaying fruit or trinkets, and stuff of that sort.

M: Being much of recluse (which I can understand!), how did you stumble upon the lamp?

F: *narrows eyes* How do you know about that?

M: I heard it through the grapevine. So, how?

F: *sighs* I was walking alone down the streets when an old man came up to me and asked if I could help him. I said yes, and he led me to a dark alley that somehow ended up in a cave. It still confuses me…How could I’ve walked right into a cave if I were in the middle of town?

M: Sounds like that man had some form of magic.

F: Ugh, magic…I hate the stuff. Not that it’s above my skill level of understanding. It is after all the most difficult gift to cultivate, and…

M: So how did you find Tizini?

F: In the cave of course. Then the old man trapped me down there with him. But I tricked him and stole the lamp before he could swipe it from me. The barbarian… And that’s when I met Tizini, who is not very nice, if I’m being honest.

M: Oh I know. Trust me. So he must’ve granted your wish, then, right?

F: I’m sitting here aren’t I?

M: You didn’t happen to lose him on purpose…did you?

F: Believe me, I’ve thought about destroying the lamp several times over, just so he would shut up about his ‘horrible circumstances’. But no. Losing him was an accident.

M: Huh…Well, thank you. I’m going to ask a few parting questions now. Do you like cats?

F: What kind of ridiculous question is that? And no, I hate them in fact. They’re always hissing from inside abandoned alleyways, and-

M: Were you born with any type of gift, such as magic?

F: Yes. The one thing I remember my mom telling me was how I had an incredible capacity of intellect.

M: Which is…?

F: *rolls eyes* Worlder…It has to do with the mind. I chose never to develop it very much though, only choosing a few skills to practice.

M: Okay…last question. *smiles* Do you enjoy inventing?

F: Oh, I love it! I’m working on a steam-powered hot-air balloon right now. Well, I’ve written the plans, but I don’t actually have any of the parts to build it yet, but I’m going to-

M: Alright, thank you Fasaria, for answering my questions!


Well…he’s quite a talker for a ‘recluse’… 😉 I hope you enjoyed! Until next time! ❤

Character Conversation: Pyrallis

Hey all! It’s a little late, but here’s another convo with a very curious character of mine…


Robin Hood on a rock photo RobinHoodonarock.jpg:

Robin Hood

Robs from the rich and gives to the poor

Generous and thoughtful

Skilled in archery

Loves Maid Marian

Travels with his Merry Men



Still gives whatever he can to the poor

Bubbly and outgoing

Skilled in archery as well as hand-to-hand combat

Loves no one (yet 🙂 )

More of a loner


Me: Hello, Pyrallis!

Pyrallis: Hey! How you doing?

Me: Good, thank you. So, I’m here to interview you today. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

P: Oh, let’s see…hmm…I live alone in the woods. *shrugs* Well, I guess not entirely alone. My mom comes to see me every now and again. Other than that though, I work alone.

M: Sorry to interrupt, but you said you work. I…I know for a fact you’re more into…

P: Stealing? Yeah, well it feels like work, so that’s what I tell people. And I’m pretty sure if I ever told anyone, besides you of course, that I steal for a living, I would get in huge trouble.

M: Yeah…*blushes* Sorry, I…I just can’t stop staring at that bandana. Covering your eyes. Why…why is it…?

P: *smiles* It’s definitely a conversation starter, huh? Keeping you safe is its main purpose.

M: *stares* Keeping me…safe? And how do you…see?

P: *sighs* I don’t. See, that is. I can’t really explain to you why it’s keeping you safe, but it is. Trust me.

M: *mumbles* It’s kinda awkward to have a conversation when you can’t make eye contact…

P: What?

M: Nothing. Anyway, so you steal for yourself, I know. But do you give to others?

P: Oh of course! It’s what keeps me from drowning in guilt. *grins*

M: *crosses arms* Well maybe you shouldn’t do it if it makes you feel guilty.

P: Hey, it’s what keeping me alive. Nobody will hire me because of stupid cross-genre laws-

M: Cross-genre? What’s that?

P: *sighs, evidently annoyed he let that slip* It’s what happens when two people from different realms marry and have…

M: *blushes* Ohhh…*looks away awkwardly* Um…sorry…

P: *sighs again* It’s fine. It was going to come out one way or another.

M: Well, I’ll…I’ll just wrap this up, if that’s okay with you?

P: Sure thing.

M: Where do you live?

P: In the middle of a forest in Kleftis. With lots of animals. Mostly squirrels.

M: Are you musically talented?

P: If you consider whistling musically talented, then yes. I’m practically an expert.

M: *smiles* Are you glad to be in the World now?

P: *considers* It’s an interesting place, a lot like Contemporalis. But I wouldn’t want to live here.

M: Alright, thank you, Pyrallis. *realizes something* Does your name have something to do with…?

P: Would you look at that, I’d better get going. See ya! *races out of the room*


Nice guy, right? Maybe a bit mysterious, but still, nice. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading! Until next time! ❤

Character Conversations: Kokino

Hello all! Today, I’ll be interviewing that friend of Saymeth’s who was mentioned last week. 🙂


Little Red Riding Hood

Brings treats to her ailing Grandmother

Wanders through the woods

Is deceived by the wolf

Likes the color red

Loves her Grandmother very much


Kokino (Koki) of Koufit

Brings weapons to her conniving Grandmother

Lives deep in the woods, alone

Is in cahoots with the wolf

Still likes the color red 🙂

Has a civil hate for her Grandmother


Me: Hi Koki.

Koki: *sighs, annoyed* Hey.

M: Look, I know you’re not terribly enthused about this interview, so I’ll try (key word, here) to keep it as short as I can.

K: *shrugs* Whatever.

M: You’re friends with Saymeth, right?

K: Yeah, he’s pretty nice. Naïve, sometimes foolish, but real nice.

M: *winces internally* So…I imagine you get upset with him pretty easily then, huh?

K: *rolls eyes* Yeah, he can be a pain, but I still keep him around. He helps me with my business.

M: Your…business?

K: Yeah. I run a secret weapons operative with my Grandma.

M: …You deal in weapons? What kinds? And what do you use them for? Do you work for someone?

K: Ugh, too many questions! Yes, secret kinds, secret stuff, and…yes.

M: *thinks for a minute* Okay. Forget I asked about it. How’s your family life?

K: What? I don’t have a family. Both my parents are dead.

M: *ouch* I’m so sorry…

K: *shrugs* Eh, I barely knew them. I was only four or so when it happened.

M: *shuffles papers uncomfortably* Um…So, do you like your life, living in the woods by yourself? Or do you live with your Grandma?

K: *snorts* If me and my Grandma lived with each other, we’d both kill each other. And yeah, I do like living in the woods. It’s quiet.

M: I’ve heard you work closely with forest dryads. Is that true?

K: Oh, yeah. We needed more operatives, so Grandma bribed them with arugula.

M: *bites back laughter* Okay… Parting questions. Do you play any instruments?

K: I can’t even play a kazoo.

M: *internally shakes head, distressed* Do you enjoy gardening?

K: *laughs* Are you kidding me? I don’t enjoy it in the least. You don’t usually enjoy something you do to stay alive.

M: *gulps* …Do you have any animals?

K: *grins* I’ve got a wolf hybrid.

M: …Thank you so much for answering my questions. Thus concludes our interview.

K: Great. *shoves chair away and swiftly leaves room*


Koki’s an…interesting sort, to say the least. XD I hope you enjoyed the interview! Until next time! ❤

Character Conversations: Saymeth

Hello all! Today, I have a very interesting character for you…


The Big Bad Wolf

Tricks Little Red Riding Hood

Sneaks into Grandma’s house

Hungry beast

Clever and sly

Tries to kill Little Red, Grandma, and the Huntsman


Saymeth of Koufit

Sweet and honest (which is sometimes not the best thing, given his position)

Would never dream of breaking into someone’s house


Clever, but not so sly

Is in cahoots with Red Riding Hood


Me: Hey there Saymeth!

Saymeth: Oh, hello. Nice to meet you.

M: So, let’s start off, shall we? Tell me about your relationship to Red Riding Hood.

S: Red riding what? Oh, you mean Koki. She does wear a lot of that color, but I wouldn’t call her Red.

M: Do you know her well?

S: Um… yes. I wouldn’t call it a relationship though. Just friends is good. *has a dreamy look on face*

M: You seem to…how shall I put this? Like her.

S: *blushes profusely and turns away* We’re really jumping right into that? I mean, I like her, of course. We’re good friends.


M: *grins* Alright, then. What kind of work do you do?

S: *relief plainly visible on face* Oh, I work with Koki. We help capture miscreants and bring them to…

M: …?

S: …To our boss. He takes care of them then.

M: So…this boss of yours wouldn’t happen to be the same boss who Celthic and Zyke work for, would it?

S: *eyes widen* How do you know them?

M: We’re tight, trust me. So how exactly do you do your work? You aren’t saying you…

S: Kidnap people? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Though Koki’s approach is different than mine. I try to be nice and befriend them before swooping in. But she…she just goes for it.

M: You’re a…villain?

S: *shrugs* Villain is a strong word. I just do whatever I’m told.

M: Huh…Okay, well, you must know Celthic pretty well then, right?

S: *stiffens* Not anymore.

M: *raises eyebrow* How so?

S: Never mind how so. He’s disloyal to his friends. *scowls*

M: Okay then…Parting questions. Do you have any special abilities?

S: Well…*looks uneasy* I’m not supposed to tell you, but since it seems pretty open here, why not? I’m a telepathic wolf animorph.

M: A…what now?

S: *looks nervous* Can’t that be enough?

M: *le sigh* Fine. Do you like music?

S: As long as it’s not high pitched…*shudders*

M: *holds back laugh* Do you have any family members?

S: *looks very sad* Not that I remember.

M: *smiles sympathetically* Thank you for answering my questions, Saymeth.

S: Oh, you’re most welcome. *smiles*


There we are! How’d you like him? Doesn’t seem the villainous type to me. What do you think?

Until next time! ❤

Character Conversations: Tizini

Hello all! It’s nice to be back and blogging. 🙂 Let’s get straight into it, shall we?


The Genie of the Lamp

Grants three wishes to whoever holds the lamp

Proves helpful in times of trouble

Ready (and eager) to serve his master

Usually takes genie form

Kind and generous



Tizini of Alldinia

Still grants the holder of the lamp three wishes

Not so helpful in a crisis

Couldn’t care less what his master wants

Usually takes human form

Snobbish and self-centered


Me: Hello, Tizini

Tizini: *rolls his eyes* Can we get on with this interview? I’m horrible at answering questions.

M: *grinds teeth then whispers* That’s funny, ’cause you always have a snappy answer for everything.

T: Whispering to yourself? Rude.

M: So sorry Tizini. *forces self not to roll eyes in exasperation* Alright, so I know you’re a genie, correct?

T: Yes. Some inconsiderate people call me a djinni, so I have to politely correct them over and over again. It’s so annoying.

M: …How unfortunate. So if I called you The Djinni throughout this entire interview, would you get upset?

T: *glares sharply* Don’t even think about it. Next question.

M: *frowns* You’re very different from what I pictured a genie to be.

T: So I’m a disappointment is what you’re saying?

M: I didn’t say that. Despite your horrible attitude, I find you quite entertaining. Do dji…genies, have families?

T: You’re lucky. And yes, sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. That’s why people are prejudiced against us. They say we come from the bowels of Nore and aren’t human. Which I guess is true.

M: You look like a human.

T: Quite sharp, aren’t I? I don’t like my genie form. But I must say, it comes in handy when I have to sneak around for whichever sorry soul picks up my lamp.

M: Speaking of which…Markus is technically your master, right?

T: *groans* Don’t get me started on him…He’s incredibly annoying.

M: *raises an eyebrow* Really?

T: To be sure. First he disrupted me by violently shaking my lamp like a possessed man. Then he asks me to find his friend, Paige, I think it was. And then after that, he forces me to help him and her save Nore from some evil wizard!

M: Evil wizard, huh?

T: Yes. Isn’t anyone considerate anymore? Do they really think I want to get tangled up in that mess? Honestly. *tosses his head in the air*

M: Well, since you seem so worked up, I suppose I’ll finish up with a few parting questions. Do you know how to whistle?

T: *stares* I am a genie. Of course I can.

M: Do you like to cook?

T: Ignorant! I have no need to cook. I am…

M: A genie, yes. Got it. If you’re a genie, you can obviously use magic. But can others use magic against you?

T: *narrows eyes* No…How did you know that?

M: Well, that’s all for today, thank you very much Tizini.

T: Finished? What kind of an interview was that? You didn’t even ask any prominent questions!

M: It’s my interview, thank you. Goodbye!


Thanks for reading! Until next time! ❤

Character…Comparisons: Vasi

Hey all!

So, this technically still is a Character Conversation post, but I thought it would be fun to do a comparison because this today’s character is actually another character…Shall I explain?


“The Pied Piper” by Elisabeth Alba. This story, about paying those who are due, reflects a historical event. The Pied Piper may be a symbol of the children’s death by plague or catastrophe, or refer to Nicholas of Cologne, who lured away a great number of children on a disastrous Children’s Crusade. A recent theory ties the departure of Hamelin’s children to the Ostsiedlung, whereby a number of Germans left their homes to colonize Eastern Europe.:

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Lures the rats out of Hamelin with his magic pipe

In the same way, leads the children away from Hamelin to there doom

Greedy and vengeful

Wears colorful clothes

A charismatic fellow who attracts lots of attention


Vasi from Avialist

Hates rats

Loves children and would never dream of hurting them

Kind, curious, and a rule-follower

Not into colorful clothes, but they’re all he owns

A shy, but sweet fellow who doesn’t like attracting a lot of attention


As you all wanted, here’s a bit of a conversation with Vasi… 😉

Me: Hello, Vasi!

Vasi: Oh, hi, hello…*laughs awkwardly*

M: *smiles* So, you’re from Nore, right?

V: Yes, born in Avialist, which is a province in Paramythi.

M: Interesting…Tell me about yourself.

V: *eyes widen* Um…well, I’m-I’m not really that good at it, but, I’ll try. I live in an old, rundown cottage out in the countryside. I try to stay away from the people. They don’t really like me…

M: *how could they not like you?!* Why don’t they like you?

V: Well, I guess I do kind of…kidnap their children…But it’s not my fault! I can’t help it. It’s how the story goes. Do they really think I like dealing with all those rats? *shudders* Ugh, I hate rats…

M: Uh-huh…So, you don’t have any children of your own then? Why else would you really kidnap other children?

V: No…I honestly don’t mean them any harm…I actually do have a child of my own, a daughter… *looks distant*

M: *gives a prompting look*

V: *returns* But, um. She’s…She’s gone now…along with my wife…

M: *stares at feet* I’m…I’m so sorry…

V: *leaps up from seat* No, no! Not that kind of gone…She and I…we’re-

M: Divorced?

V: Well, kind of…

M: *shuffles through notes, desperately wishing to move on* Okay, well, how…how about a few parting questions?

V: …Sure?

M: Do own any animals?

V: No, no, I’m not much of an animal person.

M: Okay, do you play any other instruments, besides…

V: *shuffles awkwardly in seat* No. Just the pipe.

M: Sorry…Okay, lastly. Do you think of yourself as a leader?

V: *laughs* Only if I were completely out of mind would I consider that true.


Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time! ❤