You Could Say


This is possibly one of the most crazy, action-packed story’s I’ve ever thought up… XD It’s a trilogy with lots of curses, secrets, and crazy red hair. Oh, and don’t forget time-travel.

This was one of those times where the idea just randomly came to me, and then everything else just seemed to fall into place. Though, for a long time, I couldn’t figure out a crucial plot point. I felt like something was just…missing. And then one night I got it. Time-travel! After that, everything started clicking together and I felt way more .: confident with this story.

I don’t know much about the main plot line, but I have a pretty good idea. I haven’t really had much time to focus on this trilogy, what with the two others taking up most of my brain power.

Greta, or Margrethe, is our main character in this story. I can’t really say much else about it though. There’s an evil ninja magician, deep dark secrets, and clocks. Lots of clocks… The first book is currently titled You Could Say a Curse, the second book is titled You Could Say a Lie, and the third is You Could Say a Secret.


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