The D


I always wanted to write a superhero story, and so that desire is where this story came 44e3ed4a5ce56b69af6504a3f4ad1884from. There’s lots of danger, villains, and insanity, but don’t judge. 😛

I don’t have the plot tied down for this story yet, but I know I want it to be a trilogy. I only have snippets of scenes, vague ideas, and such. But I’ve found that I really like juggling a large cast of characters, The D is no exception. XD

In case you’re wondering What kind of name is The D? Well, I’ll tell you. The D stands for the beginning of the tentative titles of each of the books. The Dangerous, is the first book, then comes The Desperate, and then The Delirious.  :

Lena is our main character, (a friend of Paige’s 😉 ), who secretly fights the crime that’s being ignored by the authorities in town. A new kid, Jake, has just moved to town, and Lena befriends him. But when she realizes why he’s really there…trouble abounds.



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