tumblr_mkyfyamc2q1qk976zo1_500So basically, this is a fantasy trilogy with a TON of characters, fairytales, ink, books, and words. I love it.

I first got this idea when I thought, Hey, what if you could travel into books? Fairytales specifically? This is one of those instances where plot came first. It was really hard finding my characters. But once I did…well, let’s just say they’re awesome and I love them.

Paige is our main character. She lives in a relatively small town in Minnesota, (on an off note, have you ever read any books that took place in MN? Because I sure haven’t seen many…*shrug*) Anyhow, she lives there with her family and friends, and all’s great until a mysterious guy works his way into her life by attacking her (and, little did she know, putting a spell on her)..:

Scared, Paige comes home from the attack, trying to forget it, but when she starts dripping ink and disappearing to another world, it’s hard to ignore. And once she realizes her friend Markus has been disappearing too, she’s set to figure out what’s happening. And turns out, much bigger stuff is going on…Much bigger stuff…

The first book is currently titled Imprint, the second book, is titled Rewrite, and the third and last book, (which I can’t wait to get started on), is titled Erase. I really love this story and I sincerely hope I can try getting it published. ❤

Imprint – Word Count: 53632/50000
Rewrite – Word Count: 45474/50000
Erase – Word Count: 44,721/50000

I love hearing from you! ^_^

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