My 2017 Recap


Well guys, it’s that time. 2017 has come to an end and 2018 looms ahead. Anyone else shocked at how fast this year has flown by? No? Just me?


The writing scene has been interesting this year, to be sure…

// I finished editing Imprint and gave it a few close friends and family for a prescreening. I’ve only gotten feedback from one person so far, but hopefully the others will be able to finish and tell me what they think.

After that, I’ll go through their notes, do a teensy bit more editing, and then I’ll be sending it to some beta-readers!! *confetti, cheering, merriment* 😀 I don’t know for sure when I’ll be ready, but let me know down in the comments if there is the slightest bit of interest reading it over. 🙂

// I did JuNoWriMo for a third (fourth…?) time! It was really fun because I decided to go rebel and work on several different projects. I wrote a total of 36,227 words that June! Even though I didn’t win, it was still really great finally getting some of these ideas in my head into rough outlines. 🙂

// I also attempted to do NaNoWriMo again! Though I fared much less successfully than JuNo. I had been going back and forth about what idea to go with, so I ended up deciding on writing a Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood Press Contest.

Well. That didn’t work out.

I think I was just so burned out from work and other matters that I just didn’t have the motivation. So I quit. Still a bit sad about that, but what’s done is done, right?

// Over the course of the year I came up with not one, not two, but FOUR NEW FULL FLEDGED IDEAS. And now I’m drowning in ideas help. XD

bunny rabbits bunny island
Plot bunny invasion. Spoiler alert, that girl is ME. XD

Two of these ideas I shared with you back in June. Crown of Thorns and Pickpocket. They were only baby ideas then. Ha. Ha. Haha. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The other two ideas will remain a mystery for now, though I will tell you that I’ve tentatively titled them The Ink Slinger and They Sit in Darkness. I’m so excited about them guys. But I should also probably work on all the things I’ve already started first. Just maybe. XD


RIP: The Novel, Literature, and Everything Else via Bookriot :: a tragic loss.

// I haven’t really announced this, I think I’ve mentioned it a few times in other posts, but towards the end of the summer I got a job at my local library! I work as an aide, shelving mostly, but also checking in books that come in the book drop and putting requested books that come from other libraries on the shelves. Some days are slow, while other days are WOW PEOPLE. XD I’ve gotten to know a lot of the regulars who come in though, and that’s nice. 🙂

// I got two new cousins this year! Two weddings last year, and now two new friends! 😀 For privacy, I won’t give their full names, but their first names are Jason and Jameson. They’re both boys and they are both adorable. ❤

// I watched a bunch of good movies this year! Some old for the first time and some new! A quick rundown:

Cars 3 | This was really, really good! I thought it was a perfect closing for the Cars trilogy. 5/5.

Spiderman Homecoming | GAH. I JUST. THIS MOVIE. TOM HOLLAND. *flails* SO. GOOD. 5/5.

Jumanji (1995) | I’ve always liked the book, but I hadn’t seen the movie up till now. Robin Williams did SUCH a great job! It was a really entertaining watch. 5/5.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Though I didn’t like this one as much as the first, it was still REALLY GOOD. It moved Peter’s storyline along nicely and I can’t wait to see these guys in Infinity War! 😀 4.5/5.

Thor Ragnarok | EASILY MY MOST FAVORITE MOVIE THIS YEAR NO JOKE. Though Spidey gets a close second. JUST. THE BANTER. LOKI. THAT EPIC DOCTOR STRANGE SCENE. *screams for 564984 years* 5/5.

tumblr_otipygVsWj1tberpco2_500.gif 500×259 pixels

The Phantom of the Opera (2005) | I was recommended this movie by one of my coworkers and though there was too much singing for my taste (what was I expecting though, really?), it was still a solid movie. Phantom is so creepy… 3/5.

Divergent (2014) | Can you believe I hadn’t seen this movie yet? It was awesome. Four is awesome. Everything was just awesome. Yeah. XD 4/5.

Arrival (2016) | SO. FASCINATING. I loved this movie TO BITS. The atmosphere, the characters, the setting, it was all just so…fascinating. That’s the best word I can think for it. 5/5.

Nearly All the Bourne Movies (various release dates) | I’ve been watching these with a friend and they are SO. INTENSE. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. My favorite one so far has been the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner. SO GOOD. 😀 4.5/5

Also, I just started watching Merlin and OH MY GOSH WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO. I just started season two but GOSH THAT SEASON ONE FINALE. EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO TO MELT INTO A PUDDLE. O_O

I love that gaius just let's him walk out when he says this!!!

// Reading scene was a bit weak this year. I read a grand total of thirty books this year. Sad, I know. But I’m not disappointed! Goodreads tells me that my average rating for the year was 4.5 stars. THAT’S PRETTY GREAT. It was the year of good books, I guess. XD

I won’t list all of the books, but here are a few high lights of the year:

Five Magic Spindles by various authors | LITERALLY SO GOOD. All the stories were so creative and AMAZING. 5/5.

Wires and Nerves by Marissa Meyer | I mean. It’s about Iko. And it has the whole Lunar Chronicles cast. What’s not to love? 5/5.

The Bright Empires series by Richard R. Lawhead | THIS SERIES GUYS. So beautifully descriptive and complex and witty and just EPIC IN GENERAL. 5/5.

Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans | So I’ve read the first three books so far and THEY’RE SO ADDICTING HELP ME. I’m itching to finish the rest of the books. SOON. O_O 5/5.

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine | On Goodreads this book has really been looked down upon for not being all that great. But I just LOVED IT. The twists were scream-inducing and the characters were so COOL. I don’t know why nobody likes it?? Like?? -_- 5/5.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Shannon Hale | Okay, if that title doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will. There are footnotes. Three whole pages dedicated to names of squirrels. Text conversations with the Avengers. Still not convinced? 😉 5/5.


I haven’t even started watching Sherlock, but I love this so much. XD

Here are some nerdy stats you are all probably dying to see. XD

I wrote 70 posts this year! (Well, 71 counting this post. 🙂 )

My three most popular posts are my three Silmarillion posts which you can read here, here, and here.

I got 1,064 visitors, 134 followers388 likes, and 640 comments. (Also, a shout-out to my top commenters, Laurel, Deborah, Faith, and Abbey! You guys ROCK! ❤ )

I also have an announcement! This site is going to be going through a bit of renovation. Though I have grown to love the owls that I use as a profile picture and on my banner, I’ve decided that it’s time to retire them and bring in something new. I’m not entirely sure what that thing is yet, but it will be good, trust me. 😉

I’m also going to be redoing some of my pages at the top of the site, throwing some away and adding new ones.

And I’m learning to be very careful to only use stuff that is copyright-free, or that I’ve created on my own. I recently read an article (of course I can’t remember who wrote it now… XD ) about a blogger getting sued for copyright infringement, even though she had given credit and it put things in a whole new light for me. I’m going to step lightly now.

Goals for 2018

I really wouldn’t even call these goals, but I have to have something to go off of right?

My loose plans are to work on outlining a TON. I don’t think these ideas can stay in my head for much longer. I need to write them all out so my brain isn’t so strung up on details. XD


I have no plans to do JuNo or NaNo, but I’m not against it. I’ll have to see how open my schedule is at the time and decided from there.

And as a last goal, I really want to try and not put too much pressure on myself. I’ve found that I am VERY hard on myself and I don’t know when to stop. So if I need to take a hiatus, then I will. If I need to rework my blog schedule, then I will.

And that’s not just for blogging. Reading, writing, and life too.

We’ll see how well this works out. XD

Happy New Year, bloggers! I hope you have a wonderful 2018! Do you have any resolutions? Goals? Let me know down below!



The Bibliophile Sweater Tag

Hello fellow bloggers! Some of you many know that I live in the cold, cold state of Minnesota. And it is with deep remorse, that I must announce…that it is snowing. And not just gentle, fluffy flakes. No, no, no. The wind is pounding on my windowpane and my house is creaking and shuffling around, already settling for the winter.

BUT IT’S NOT WINTER. Did the weather fairy not know that? It’s not supposed to be SNOWING four days before Halloween. -_-

But anyway, I do have a point to this rant. With it being so cold, the time of sweaters and long sleeves have come. And I since Mary over at Sunshine and Scribblings tagged me to do her lovely tag, and it’s about sweaters…Well, it just made sense. 🙂 Thank you Mary! *sends a hug over the internet*

The Rules

– Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them – either works)
– Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic for this tag somewhere in your post
– Pass along the tag to at least five other people
– Wear a sweater (okay, this is optional…but why wouldn’t you want to??)

fuzzy sweater // a book that is the epitome of comfort


Princess Academy by Shannon Hale is the very first ‘big kid’ book I remember reading, and it’s really what got me interested in reading. I’ve reread it many times and it will always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^

striped sweater // a book which you devoured every line of


I like to think I devour the lines of every book, but to be particular, one of the most recent books that I absolutely ate up was The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine. It just tickled me pink in all the right ways. 🙂

ugly christmas sweater // a book with a weird cover


Definitely this cover for The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker. It’s just so aesthetically unpleasing, with the weird pink color and the stock photo frog. It just doesn’t make my eyes happy.

cashmere sweater // most expensive book you’ve bought


*picks through bookshelves* That would have to Wires and Nerves by Marissa Meyer at a whopping $22! But believe me, it was TOTALLY worth it. SO. GOOD.

hoodie // a favorite classic book


I do so immensely enjoy Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It’s a very homey, comforting book, plus, I have THIS beautiful edition.

cardigan // a book that you bought on impulse


I buy a lot of books on impulse… XD But one that I had absolutely no prior knowledge of would have to be The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt. I found it in our old used bookstore in wonderful condition, so I picked it up. While it wasn’t my favorite, it was still cute and enjoyable.

turtleneck sweater // a book from your childhood


I remember getting this book as a Christmas present from my grandparents many years ago. The illustrations (by Gail de Marcken) are whimsical and beautiful and the story (by Jeff Brumbeau) is even more gorgeous.

homemade knitted sweater // a book that is indie-published


This is a wonderful book published by my blogging friend C.B. Cook. I was following her serial story on her blog up until she got it published. It’s so awesome to be able to hold a physical copy in my hand! ❤

v-neck sweater // a book that did not meet your expectations


I had HIIIIIGH hopes for this one. I mean, it was written by STAN LEE. HELLO. But sadly, it didn’t quite wow me the way I thought it would. 😦

argyle sweater // a book with a unique format


I am definitely saying Illuminae by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. SUCH a cool format! The story is told in documents, chat room conversations, and various other forms of communication. It was so fun to read!

polka dot sweater // a book with well-rounded characters


Okay, so some of you may have seen this coming…BUT SERIOUSLY. SUUUCH good characterization!! I could rave about this series forever. 😀

Alright, now to tag some people! I tag…

Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate

Jenelle Schmidt

Grace @ Pure and True

and Deborah @ The Road of a Writer

Thank you again, Mary for such a fun tag! And FYI, I am wearing a sweater. It’s gray with black and pink sleeves. 😉 How are you all enjoying fall? Has it snowed where you live yet? PLEASE SAY IT HASN’T. Let me know down below!


The Goodreads Tag

The Goodreads Tag

Hi guys! I haven’t done a tag in a while…And since I’m fresh out of ideas (and maybe a bit of a procrastinator XD ) this is what I’m doing. 🙂

What was the last book you marked as ‘read’?


That would be The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Shannon and Dean Hale. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. *flails* But I mean, it’s Marvel. I’m not going to hate it. 🙂 I actually bought this book at a writer’s conference I went to this summer and HAD IT SIGNED by Shannon herself! So…that was pretty awesome.

What are you currently reading?

The book I’m currently reading cannot be marked on Goodreads, as it’s a beta-read of my friend Tracey’s novel, The Brightest Thread. ^_^

What was the last book you marked as ‘to-read’?

I believe it was Unblemished by Sara Ella. I saw Savannah had reviewed the second book and the series looked right up my alley! Plus, pretty cover. *drools*


What book do you plan to read next?


Hmm…I don’t really plan these things, the books just call to me and I give in to one of them. XD I would really like to start on the next book in the Michael Vey series though. I’ve read the first three books and I REALLY need to start on the fourth. 😀

Do you use the star rating system?

Yes! I can usually give a solid rating, but sometimes I have so many mixed feelings and so I include my half-star rating at the bottom of my review.

Are you doing a 2017 reading challenge?


*doesn’t want to talk about it*

Yes. I did set a 50 book goal for myself…but I’m exactly at the halfway point. So unless I can read 25 books by the end of this year…I will have failed my bookish self.

Me, in regards to reading


And I don’t even have the excuse of being busy with work! I just got a new job a month ago. 😛 Oh well. I guess I’ve just been busy writing instead. 😉


Do you have a wishlist?

Does a fish live in water? XD

 john krasinski duh obviously GIF

What book do you plan to buy next?


I do plan on buying Renegades by Marissa Meyer as soon as it comes out. BUT NOVEMBER IS SO FAR AWAY. *cries*

Do you have any favorite quotes, would you like to share a few?

I sure do! ^_^

“Never judge a book by its movie.”
― J.W. Eagan


“A library is infinity under a roof.”
― Gail Carson Levine


“I cannot live without books.”
― Thomas Jefferson

Who are your favorite authors?

Ooh, a tough one. We could be here a while. XD I love…Marissa Meyer, Shannon Hale, Gail Carson Levine, Heather Dixon, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and Kate DiCamillo, to name a few. 🙂

Have you joined any groups?

I’m only in two groups…and not particularly active in either of them. 😛 I am a lazy octopus.

Previous Pinner: "So how's next chapter coming along?" <~ SO MUCH YES.

How many shelves do you have on Goodreads?

Let’s see…It’s 43, including the preset shelves. Wowza… XD How did I end up with so many shelves?!

So that’s the tag! I hope you enjoyed! I’m not tagging any people, since this is such an old tag. But if you think it looks fun, then go for it! ^_^


Reintegration by Ashley Bogner // Cover Reveal!

Books and Such (1)

Hello guys! I have something very special to show you guys today! Ashley Bogner’s new book Reintegration AMAZING cover is out today!

A few details before the cover:

A perfect citizen. A captured rebel. One decision could destroy them both…

“As a Regulator, seventeen-year-old Katherine Holliday’s duty is to protect the people of the Federation from a group of violent rebels who have exiled themselves to the mysterious wilderness. When one of these rebels is captured within the Federation, the government leaders propose an alternative to execution, a procedure they call Reintegration. The procedure involves erasing the rebel’s memory and attempting to make him a member of society. The rebel, a young man named Matthew, is not the violent criminal Katherine expects, and she can’t help but befriend him. A few weeks after Matthew’s Reintegration, Katherine realizes the procedure failed and she is now presented with a choice no one else can help her make. Can she warn her superiors that Reintegration failed, which could mean death for Matthew? Or will she defy everything she knows to help him escape—and risk her own execution?”

Wow…I don’t know about you guys, but this book sounds AWESOME! 😀

A little about the talented author:


When Ashley Bogner was in third grade, she decided she would be a published author when she grew up. Ashley is a homeschool graduate and has lived in seven different states. She completed a year of Bible college and in the fall will begin pursuing a degree in Communication Studies. After college, her plan is to work in the Christian publishing industry. When not writing, she can be found baking, posting book reviews on her blog, and watching her favorite movies over and over to the point of memorization.

Be sure to check out her blog and add Reintegration to your Goodreads TBR-pile!

Okay, okay, you all probably want to see the cover now…

Building the suspense…



Here it is!

Reintegration.png (front only)

ISN’T IT GORGEOUS?!?! *gazes in delight*

I’m so glad you joined me for this cover reveal! I’m super excited about Ashley’s book, and I’m so glad I got to reveal for her! Let me know what you think of the cover down below!


Lightporter by C.B. Cook // Cover Reveal!

Books and Such (1)

Hello guys! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you. C.B. Cook’s new book Lightporter HAS A COVER!! 😀

And I’m here to share it with you!

So, without further ado, here it is!

Um, where is it? I thought I put it right here…

Oh, here it is!

lightporter cover


I know I’m excited for this book! You just don’t see many superhero novels around, especially ones that are clean, but C.B. Cook gives us just that with her IDIA series!

And if you haven’t read the first book in the series, Twinepathy, the e-book version is currently on sale for $0.99 on Amazon! You should definitely go check it out. It’s AMAZING.

Here’s all her linky-links:

Lighterporter on Goodreads

Twinepathy on Goodreads

Twinepathy on Amazon

C.B. Cook’s Blog

C.B. Cook on Pinterest

C.B. cook on Goodreads

IDIA Group Board on Pinterest

And be sure to share this fabulous new cover with all of your friends with this handy-dandy banner.

lightporter banner

Thanks for joining me today for this cover reveal! Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! For sticking it out this far, here, have a bacon cookie. (Heh, heh, inside jokes are fun. 😉 )


The Prettiest Dresses of Fantasy

The Prettiest Dresses of Fantasy

Hello all! Today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite fantasy book covers!

There is so much you can do with the cover of a fantasy book. Though perhaps not my most favorite route, lots of designers use girls in pretty dresses to attract people’s eye.

When I was younger, I always thought it’d be fun to wear a big fancy dress and go to a ball and meet a prince. (Prince Eric, from The Little Mermaid, in particular, in case you were wondering. 🙂 ) Not much has changed, (though, I maybe wouldn’t be too excited about going to a ball…), and princess dresses will continue to make me happy.

So in honor of pretty dresses, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite dresses on fantasy covers. ❤


This book was so fabulous, so it only makes sense that the cover would be gorgeous! I love the autumnal colors and falling leaves. Autumn is my favorite season. ❤ The dress is simple, yet pretty. I love the lacework at the hem, and the loose, flowing fit. It rather looks like a wedding dress! Though, I wouldn’t go barefoot at my wedding, especially if it was in autumn…


I haven’t read this book yet, but I know it’s about Lady Daylily (who always annoyed me…so we’ll see how I like it…) But I have to give her props for her gorgeous dress. It kind of looks like it’s colored in an ombre style, and it looks really cool with the sleeves and train blowing in the breeze.


This dress transports me to a steampunk age, with ruffles and hair in buns. I wouldn’t have minded if there’d been some cogs or clockwork designs somewhere on the bodice or hem. I’M ALL OVER STEAMPUNK STYLE. I think in a previous post, I shared a picture of this book with my pair of goggles wrapped around the pages. Can we modernize steampunk clothes? Please?


The edition of this book that I read looked like this, but Goodreads shows me the paperback version, which I don’t like as much as this one. I love the patterned and loose sleeves. Though, that corset looks a bit uncomfortable. But all for the sake of style, right? Though, knowing our main character, it won’t look that nice for long… XD


These books were recommended to me by Goodreads a looong time ago and I’ve still never read them, BUT LOOK AT THOSE COVERS. What more can I say? They just look so COOL. I believe these are historical fiction type books, and the first one is about the Titanic. THEY LOOK GOOD, both cover-wise and synopsis-wise.


Another book/series I haven’t read yet. From what I’ve heard of it, it looks REALLY good. Plus, how could you go wrong with a cover dress like that? I’ve always been a fan of the black and white combination, so I LOVE this dress. Plus bows = cute.


Deborah has mildly flailed over this book over at her blog and I thought it looked SUPER AWESOME, so now it’s on the TBR-pile. I love the warrior-princess type look going on here, with the hefty crown and the shield. I’m all about simplicity, and this dress looks both practical and pretty.

Well, those are my favorite dresses on fantasy covers. What are some of your favorites? What about other books, not just fantasy? Let me know down below!



Five Magic Spindles // A Review

Books and Such (1)

Hello all! I just finished this fabulous collection of stories, so I thought I share my review! All spoilers are in white text. 🙂


Okay, now what am I supposed to do with my self?

Initial Response
Emma is absolutely hilarious!

Emma, a good-hearted midwife, rushes to warn a neighbor about the hired gunman headed to his ranch but can’t prevent the catastrophe in store for his daughter.

High Lights
– I really love the setting in this story. The old west is always a fun place to write about.
– Emma is actually my favorite in the whole world. Really. (Although, I was kinda picturing her older than she actually was…?) Her internal monologue is yes.
– Rosalind is the perfect choice for a sleeping beauty. She’s so gentle and quiet and I really loved her in that role.
– Palmer. Enough said. Surgeon/Gunman that is also incredibly sweet and gentle. What’s not to love?
– Victor is actually pretty awesome too. He will stop at nothing to ensure that Rosalind is safe. I love strong familial relationships.
– …VICTOR AND EMMA. Totally adorable couple!!

Low Lights
– Mrs. Mortimer is basically the bane of my existence. She is so preposterously horrible, I just can’t. (Which, I realize is what the author was going for, but still.)
– Yeah. That’s all I got.

This may be one of the shorter stories in the book, but it is ADORABLE and AWESOME. Palmer is the nicest person on the planet and I could relate to Emma in scary amounts. This is a great kick-off for the anthology!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Initial Response

Palli, the prophesied daughter of a king, is fated to rescue her people from the destruction called forth by a vengeful priest.

High Lights
– This is such a creative idea!! That Palli can still see what’s happening around her and even interact with people even though she sleeps. YES.
– Palli is such a brave main character. I love how actually nice she is. I mean… she helps some freaky golden-eyed woman get some food. I would be running the other way if I were her.
– NERIYA. He is literally the bravest man that there ever was in the history of ever. Seriously. Giants? No problem. Snakes? Scorpions? Nope, this guy just keeps going. Insane evil sorcerer? COUNT ME IN.
– The world-building is amazing! It’s not an easy thing to incorporate into a short story, but the author does it so amazingly well. I really got a feel for where I was and felt entirely immersed in the story.
– Perakha is goals as a mother. Just saying.

Low Lights
– Ashui annoyed me to no end. I found myself glaring at the page whenever she was around. (Again, that was the point, but still.)
– Shokorru was SO. FRUSTRATING. *shakes head* I couldn’t stand him.
– Likewise with Etlu-kashid.

I LOOOOVED this story!! The setting was wonderful, the characters delightful (for the most part 😉 ), and it was an all-around fabulous read. BRAVO!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Initial Response
*hugs story forever and an eternity*

Roselee, a ghost with a faulty memory, flits through the halls of an insane asylum in search of the mortal boy who can help her save the day.

High Lights
– FRANZ. He’s an adorkable little honey roll that is actually really smart and knows things and is a logical bean. He’s wonderful, in short.
– Roselee is a poor little ghoul that is in dire need of a hug and some hot chocolate. I sympathize with her A LOT.
– Paisley is actually really sweet and I feel kinda bad for him, poor thing. …I personally think he’s too good for Maralyn. Like, really.
– The magic system was really well thought out and it made SENSE. I loved it.
– Kingdoms on pins are pretty awesome.
– I actually really liked the setting. What with it being an insane asylum, I thought I wouldn’t like it as much as I did. But LOVE IT I DID.
– The three fairies. So. Much. Yes.

Low Lights
– Lady Mara is the perfect personification of evil. Which naturally means that I hated her to the utmost ends of the earth. …I honestly wished the Slavering Swamp Beast had accidentally killed her or something. Am I a bad person?
– Um…yeah, I can’t think of anything.

POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE STORY OUT OF THIS COLLECTION. You really just need to read it to understand. It’s epic, to say the least.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Initial Response

*ahem* Yes. Edmond is delightful. Quite so.

Arabella, a living spirit trapped in her own comatose body, helplessly watches from the realm of dreams as her usurping cousin plots to destroy her once and for all.

High Lights
– Well, Edmond, duh.
– …
– What else is there to speak of?
– Oh, okay, well, I really like Martin too. He was great.
– Arabella is SO. BRAVE. If I were stuck in a tower for a hundred years, I would totally go insane. I mean, I already am insane, so that probably wouldn’t help matters.
– Lona is the perfect crazy fairy who kinda doesn’t make sense but is still so lovable and hilarious. She’s great.
– DRAGONNNNNNNN. I loves it.
– But seriously, back to Edmond, he’s awesome. He can fight like nobody’s business, (I LOVED all the fight scenes), and he’s the picture of chivalry.
– Can I have him? XD

Low Lights
– Lady Rhoswen is absolutely despicable.
– Nicol too. I dislike him so much. …I wish he’d stayed a frog.
– Nothing. A story with Edmond in it can’t have low lights.

Characters were fantastic, (I really like Edmond, in case you couldn’t tell), setting was super neat, and it was just such a fun little read!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Initial Response
Tomb raiders! Sci-fi tech! Long asleep princes! YES!

Tanza, a tomb raider on a distant planet, struggles to make a living and doesn’t need a long-lost prince to complicate her difficult life.

High Lights
– AUREN, FIRST OF ALL. He’s so innocent and confused and I loved him so very muchly.
– Tanza is epic and doesn’t need any help whatsoever. (Haha, just kidding, she needs MAJOR help, but she’s still awesome.)
– I loved how the roles were switched, (it’s a sleeping prince, instead of a princess). I thought it a very fascinating twist.
– Auren’s…out-of-it-ness. XD …He wakes up like a hundred years in the future and has absolutely no idea about anything. I don’t know why this entertains me, but it does. Immensely. XD
– I really loved the concept of virtue names. It was a neat little world-building bit.
– Auren and Tanza need each other. Really badly. …And I’m SUPER glad they didn’t die. ‘Cause, you know, that would ruin the whole being together thing.

Low Lights
– Keffer made me super mad most of the time. …Especially when he SELLS AUREN to BERIMAC. *growls angrily* … Which brings me to…
– Berimac. I cannot even begin to express how annoyed I was with him. He’s nothing but a cowardly old buzzard that cares nothing for anyone but himself. Needless to say, I disliked him immensely.
– But yeah, other than that, I got nada.

Auren is my favorite, Tanza is an adorable little spitfire, and basically this story was a whole lot of YES. A perfect way to end this collection.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

WHY DID YOU HAVE TO END?! I WANT MOOOOOORE. *cries* I really loved this collection so very much and I’m so glad I own it in paperback so I can hold it and be a happy little bookworm. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this book. (I also recommend the other two collections by Rooglewood as well. They are AMAZING.)

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

That’s the review! I hope you enjoyed and tell me down below if you’ve read or are planning to read this AMAZING collection! ^_^


Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag // Book Photo Shoot!

Hello guys! Just a short post for today, but it was so much fun to do. 😀 I saw this tag a while ago and thought it looked like a fun photo-op. These are all pictures I took and edited using Pixlr. I hope you like them! 🙂

~ Best Color Combo On A Book Cover

I know I’ve gushed over this cover before, but I have to do it again because it’s just so PRETTY. The colors of maroon, gray, and white look just lovely together and the detail work is so neat and intricate.


~ Best Typography/Font On A Book Cover

I love, love, love the title font! It’s so swirly and curly and the contrast with the author’s name is really well put. ❤


~ Best Simple Cover

I’ve had this book since forever. I remember really sympathizing with the MC, who’s a homeschooled girl. XD Story aside, the cover is stunningly simple and so delightful! ❤


~ Best Endpages

Okay, so, this is the hardcover edition of Winter. And all the rest of the books I own in the series are paperback. Naturally, this very much annoys my OCD tendencies, but I think I can live with it, considering how cool the endpages are. 😀


~ Best Map

I loooove maps in fantasy books. And this one is no exception. The world of Six of Crows is so cool and we get to see a lot about the culture of each place. And, you know, the sea creatures lurking in the water is an added bonus. XD


~ Best Naked Hardback

Even though I didn’t enjoy Illuminae as much as I thought I would, I have to give credit where it’s due. This is an AWESOME cover. The dust jacket is suuuuper shiny, which was a bit troublesome during the picture-taking, but it looks really cool with or without it.


~ Best Back Cover

I picked up this book at a local bookstore…I maaay have just bought it because of the pretty cover. I know, shallow, but it can’t be helped. In this case, I think I like the back cover a smidgen more than the front, if only because of the abundance of time-like words. 😀


~ Best Chapter Headers

These headers aren’t the fanciest by any means, but I love them anyway. I adore cogs and clockwork and the like, and it’s just so pretty and simple. I love me some steampunk! 😉


~ Best Illustrations

This is another book I may have bought purely for the cover. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy the story too much, the illustrations are EPIC. All actiony and stuff. XD And yes, that is a Loki staff necklace and a mini replica of Thor’s hammer. I am quite proud of them. 😀


~ Best Spine

This book is MASSIVE. But I still love it so much. The spine is so nice and smooth and the font is twirly and fun. And it has that nice, buttery feel to it, so that’s a plus.


~ Favorite Cover On Your Shelves

Yes, I came back to Six of Crows. What can I say? IT’S SUCH A COOL COVER. The way the crow’s wing melts into the city, creating an illusion… I LOVE it.


There we go! Wow, it was so much fun taking those pictures! I loved experimenting with props and such. 🙂 Do you have any favorite book covers? Let me know down below!



My Favorite Fantasy Couples // A Shout-Out List


It’s Valentine’s time! (If a little late, but shh that doesn’t matter) And, of course, now is the prefect time to gush over share my favorite fictional couples. So, fitting in with the theme of February is Fantasy Month, I have a list of no less than 24 of my favorite fantasy couples.

{WARNING: There are moderate to severe spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution. Or if you’re into that kind of thing, read with reckless abandon. Which ever you prefer.}


Cinder + Kai

From the first chapter, I knew that this was going to be one of my favorite couples ever. And I was not wrong! These two are so ADORABLE together!! I’ve found that couples who can banter wittily back and forth with each other are my absolute favorite kinds of couples. Cinder and Kai nail that aspect, to be sure. XD


Scarlet + Wolf

This is one of those mushy-gushy couples that kinda make you want to throw up a little, but, in a good way, you know? Wolf is just such an over-protective little wolf pup and Scarlet pretends she hates it when she actually doesn’t and they’re basically SO CUTE.


Cress+ Thorne

Ah, yes, my favorite couple in the Lunar Chronicles. Thorne is the epitome of the bad boy, space adventurer, aka, Han Solo. Cress is a spunky, not-quite-as-fragile-as-you’d-think, yet she still manages to be totally adorkable and lovable. It takes a bit longer for Throne to see that Cress is what he needs in life because, obviously. But they’re definitely high on the list of best fictional couples.


Winter + Jacin

Winter is such a tortured little thing, and I can’t imagine a better person for her than Jacin Clay. He’s such a rock-solid, no emotion, kind of guy (for actual, legitimate safety reasons), and Winter is…Winter. Impulsive, cheeky, and adorable. They’re like polar opposites, but clearly opposites attract in this instance.


Ella + Char

My first ever ship. I read this when I was like 9 or 10 and I remember thinking ‘Will Char just propose to her already?’ Of course, this arrangement gets mess up, leaving me an angry heap. Things work out though, and they’re eventually together, after much frustration and secret-keeping. And even though I love the movie adaption, I still think the romance is better told in the book. They left out a lot of little touches that just make it so much more cute, in my opinion.


Alice + Jonathan

We don’t really get to see much interaction between these two, but I still think they’re adorable together for the, like, 10 pages we see them together. *nods*

Anna/Hannah + Lockwood

Oh, how do I begin to explain? I suppose I’ll just have to sum up. Lockwood is the most awesome pilot to ever grace the pages (well, except for maybe Carswell Thorne…maybe…) He pretty much pretends to have no emotions, and then along comes Anna, and…well, things change obviously. She’s not enticed with his fake charm, and instead actually gets him to open up. And the result is SO CUTE.


Liddi+ Tiav

Lesser known book that I just read, but I LOVED. Not just for the great story, but obviously for Liddi and Tiav’s amazing relationship. And trust me, it’s amazing when a girl can’t even say two words to this guy and they still manage to be the cutest couple. Communication is clearly not a problem here!


Wilhelmina + Engelbert

We see more of Mina and Etzel’s relationship in the second book, where they’re running a successful coffeehouse together. At first, I wasn’t sure how I liked them together. But the more I read and saw how much Etzel respected Mina (and surprisingly too, because it’s in older times and generally women don’t get respected like that), I started shipping them. Hopefully it’s a relationship to last. I can’t say what Mr. Lawhead will do with them. *nervousness*


Rose Red + Lionheart

This is the classic, guy-doesn’t-know-if-he-should-go-with-girl-but-girl-is-lonely-and desperately-loves-guy-but-guy-also-loves-girl-but-is-so-flighty-and-indecisive-that-he-ends-up-running-away-and-leaving-her-to-her-lonely-self. Um…okay, so maybe that’s not classic, but such is the case. Lionheart does make amends, though, and lucky for him. I might’ve had to shake him half to death and demand he return to Rose Red if he hadn’t. XD


Imraldera + Eanrin

SNARKY COUPLE. I loves them. Sarcasm literally oozes from Eanrin, while Imraldera tries to beat any kind of sense into him (which doesn’t work, by the way). Also, Eanrin is a cat half the time, which could explain his I-couldn’t-care-less attitudes. They’re totally amazing together, in short.


Ginger + Halcyon

So, technically, Hal is half-cat, which…I suppose makes things a bit strange, BUT THEY’RE JUST SO PERFECT TOGETHER. They’re both sarcastic, which is a total win in my eyes, and they both are so headstrong, they basically try to out headstrong themselves, which doesn’t usually end well for either participant, but it’s okay because they care too much for each other. They’re perfect. Now, if only there was someone for Azrael…


Catherine + Jest

They both share an affinity for food, which is definitely taking great strides and leaps to a great relationship, in my opinion. Catherine is perhaps a bit whiny and needy, but Jest is amazing, so it’s okay. And perhaps if they had had the time to actually get to KNOW EACH OTHER, Cath could’ve grown a back-bone. BUT NOPE. THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED. AT ALL.


Inej + Kaz

This is one of those romances that I wish would’ve been just a touch more fleshed out. I mean, we’ve come to the hand-holding stage by the end of the duology. What. KAZ YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PROFESS YOUR LOVE FOR HER WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Ahem, anywho…They’re still so cute together. I’m not complaining. Much.

Nina + Matthias

This relationship is so…how shall I put it? SAD. No, no, something nicer, maybe…DEVASTATING. All kidding aside, they’re pretty adorable. ❤ Except for that thing that happened. The thing that kinda ruined everything and crushed my heart. But anyway, it’s totally true love if he gets you a box of chocolate cookies to help you get through withdrawals and he knows just the ones you like. Just saying.


Drusilla + Frederick

At first, I really thought Frederick was a jerk, but I soon found that he was just a poor misguided soul that needed someone like Drusilla to steer him right. And now they’re an adorable couple! Yay! 😀

Rosalind + Marius

The first time I read this story, I didn’t know how I liked their relationship. BUT NOW IT’S MY FAVORITE. *aggressively ships* Couples who constantly try to out wit each other are my favorite.

Evelyn + Henry

This is just such a sweet, gentle romance. I immediately loved Henry from the start and my love only grew the longer I read. And when he met Evelyn for the first time? *sighs happily*

Alis + Auguste

Auguste was by far my favorite character in this story, so it would make sense that I was rooting him and Alis the entire time. Even if they couldn’t see it right from the start, they were clearly meant for each other. 🙂

Elsa + Karl

I only got a very small taste of what their relationship could be. But I definitely liked what I saw! They each have such big dreams and they’re both so passionate, and I just really need to read The Battle of Castle Nebula now…


Cecilia + Pepin

YES. THIS COUPLE. GAH, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. *smiles dreamily* So what if maybe halfway into the story I suddenly felt the urge to slap Pepin really hard? THEY’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER SO IT DOESN’T MATTER…Right?

Bet + Corwin

I just really appreciate this couple. A lot. Bet is so plucky and energetic, and Corwin is…well, he’s more laid-back, cautious. And given the circumstances, I’m very glad he’s cautious and overprotective of Bet. They’re wonderful together. ❤

Karyna + Barend

Karyna is the sweetest thing in the world. And Barend is…not. BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER. Barend is literally a half-bear, but Karyna loves him anyway and I just really love that they love each other, you know?

Bellenya + Ritter

I did NOT see this coming, honestly. It was hinted at a little by a few flashbacks from childhood, but I was not expecting it. They’re super adorable together though. Ritter is the best of ever and I just love him and Bellenya together.

Phew, that’s my parade of couples! It’s probably a jargled mess of nonsensical raving, but oh well. XD Do you have any favorite fictional couples? And how was your Valentines day? Let me know down below!

P.S. Question: how many times did I use the words together, adorable, and love? Answer: too many. XDuntil-next-time-1

Life Lessons Learned From Fantasy Tag

February Fantasy Month Banner

Hello bloggers! Sorry for the slight hiatus; life matters got in the way, but I’m back with a tag! Jenelle very recently tagged me to do this, and since it’s February is Fantasy month, I thought it would be the perfect thing to do!

Here’s the rules:

1. Link back to my blog

2. Use the image above

3. Tell us 5-10 lessons you’ve learned from reading a fantasy book (or watching a fantasy movie) – lessons can come from multiple sources, as well, of course

4. Tag 2-4 other bloggers to keep the game going

Let’s begin!



The Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl7069751

This is probably my favorite modern allegorical fiction to date. I love all of the subtle nods to the Gospel and how each character plays an important role in each book. Lionheart, especially, is one of my favorite characters, showing the picture of man and flesh. (Though, he does turn around in the end, but…spoilers… 😉 )


6741865The Real Life series by Nancy Rue

These are technically not fantasy, but they have one very special aspect that makes them more on the fantastical side. They’re also for real the only books that have ever made me want to cry. I love how relatable all of the people are, how even if you’re going through a rough time, there’s always hope. In this case, in the form of a living book. The Living Book. I love all of them so, so much, but my favorite will forever be the first one, which tells the story of a girl with ADHD. They are touching stories that I hope I’ll never forget.


The Neverending Story by Michael Ende27712

I read this for the first time a couple of years ago and I simply LOVED it. There are so many interesting places and moments, that I couldn’t possibly recount my favorite. But I do remember while I was reading, I was always waiting for the moment when Bastian would return home. And that filled me with a realization. That even though ‘going on adventures’, and ‘befriending dragons’ is lots of fun, home will forever be where you belong and where your heart will yearn to be.


607014Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

I read this when I was really young, and I remember thinking it was the best book I’d ever read. Now that I’m older, my thinking hasn’t changed by much. Ella’s such a fun, spunky, lovable character, and she really taught me that even if things seem tough right now, things will always turn out in the end. Even if that end is hard to see and ridden with evil-stepsisters and man-eating ogres. 😉



The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo76920

This was another childhood favorite, and I still love it to pieces. There are so many lessons buried deep in the story, but the one that caught me most was forgiveness. It’s so easy to fall into the ‘everyone else should be apologizing to me’ thinking, and totally disregard forgiveness. It makes you humble. And in God’s eyes, ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. It’s not hard to see why this masterpiece won a Newbery Award.


24605019The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis

I love this book so much. I loved all the bookish themes and near allegories sprinkled throughout the entire book. The one that really jumped out at me is the allegory of the Author. As in, in order to let the Author regain control of the story, we must allow ourselves to be written into His grand story, that is the life He has for us. And that means letting Him guide us by His Spirit. And in my opinion, this book desperately needs a sequel. Please?



Whew, that’s the tag! And it was a lot of fun! As for tags, I tag…

Elise @ E.E. Rawls | Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings | Winter @ Winter’s Falling Fast | Bernie @ Bernie’s Musings and Doings |

Thanks again for the tag, Jenelle! And if you’re reading this and want to participate in the Fantasy Month fun, I encourage you to do this tag! Or if your in a writing mood, Jenelle has a short story contest on her blog with a link-up. I’m considering a story, and hopefully I’ll have it up sometime this month!

What about you? Have you learned any lessons from fantasy? If so, what are they? Let me know down below! ❤