Imprint Release Day // IT’S FINALLY HERE!


I feel like I’ve been working on this book for way too long, and I am SO HAPPY that this project of mine has finally been released to the world!

Can she survive the deadly chase?

Like so many bookworms, Paige Turner loves escaping into the world of stories. However, unlike other bookworms, she can literally escape into the world of stories through the ink on the pages.

When two strange men set out to kidnap Paige and her friend Markus, she is terrified. So used to hiding from her problems in the world of books, Paige doesn’t know what to do when the trouble begins to spill into her real life. And when the danger looms and threatens the safety of her family, she realizes that terrified or not, she must fight back. And to do that, Paige and Markus must use the gifts to discover why these strange men are after two innocent teenagers.

But the truth turns out to be far stranger than fiction, and it twists their entire world upside down. Can Paige find the strength to battle her anxiety and use her extraordinary gift…or will she lose everything and everyone she ever cared about?

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I CAN’T BELIEVE MY BOOK IS OUT! Feel free to freak out with me in the comments, and then be sure to order a copy immediately after 😉 Thank you to all you guys, who support and encourage me! Your excitement and enthusiasm is invaluable! 💖