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Hey guys! How has your February been? It sometimes feels like time is simultaneously moving SO fast but so slooow at the same time. My brain is mentally in January as well as March already. 😂

I have a tag for your today! (Because my brain is really having a hard time scrounging up original content 🤪) It was created by The Fairy Tale Central (who do AMAZING spotlights each month all about different fairy tales; seriously, go check them out if you haven’t already), and it looks SO FUN.

So basically how this is going to work, is these 10 questions are all different scenarios that I have to describe how I would finish, or what would happen next. Let’s get into it!


You’ve just heard news that a poor girl has been taken by the king to spin straw into gold or suffer a beheading. Well, you just happen to be able to spin straw into gold and would like to help. The problem? You can only awaken your ability by someone relinquishing their greatest desire to you, thus you never like to use your ability. But if you don’t now, an innocent girl dies. What do you do?

Oof, the pressure. This is so hard, because I would hate to ruin this poor girl’s life by making her give me her greatest desire. So I think I would try to kinda fudge the answer for her. If she said something like, “my first kid,” I might be like… “I’ll take the first baby goat you ever have.” 😂 I would seriously try to find a way for her to keep her desire while also having me help her. It would be really, really hard though.


As crown prince, your father the king gives you a task to prove you’re worthy of the throne. You’re to go slay a witch and rescue a girl who has been locked away in a tower by the witch’s hands. Except when you get there…the girl has absolutely no desire to leave the tower and claims she’s quite fond of the witch. If you don’t kill the witch and bring the girl back, the crown will be given to your ruthless younger brother who will no doubt bring ruin to the kingdom. What course of action do you take?

I might try to pull a Snow White huntsman and bring like an animal heart, pretending it was the witch’s (though how well did that work for Snow White…😅), and maybe find some random girl who wants to live in the palace? Maybe I would just say that I killed the witch, hope that they trusted me, and bring back another girl. Though, if I’m honest, if my brother is ruthless, he may try to steal the throne anyways, so really…there’s no easy solution. 😂


You’re the son of the vizier and soon to marry the princess, your friend whom you grew up with. Only a mysterious Prince Aladdin comes and claims the princess as his own. By luck, you discover Aladdin has a secret magical lamp – but also that the princess is in love with him. What do you do with the lamp and the secret you now know?

I think I would be a little heartbroken, since this princess clearly only sees me as a good friend. But I don’t think I could bring myself to cause ruin in the relationship. Unless Aladdin was, like, a super jerky guy who was clearly not good for her; then I might try to recruit some magical help from the lamp.


As the youngest fairy, you’re still trying to learn the tricks of the fairy trade. When the vengeful oldest fairy curses a poor baby princess, it’s now up to you to give her one blessing that will somehow counteract this curse. What is it?

Well, it would really depend on what the curse was, wouldn’t it? If we’re talking classic pricking a hand on the spindle, I think instead of making her fall asleep for a 100 years (what kind of solution is that?), I would give her the gift of wisdom, so she would be smart enough to realize that spindles are dangerous and she shouldn’t be around them. If the curse was something more generic, like the child will die at a certain age, I might give her an eternal sense of youth, so she never quite ages past the predestined date.


You are living peacefully with your mother and sister in your cottage in the woods when there’s an urgent knock on the door. Upon opening it you find a dwarf, and he’s holding a chest full of treasure. He begs you to hide it for him because a wicked and greedy bear is hunting him down to steal the treasure which the dwarf says are his family heirlooms they have spent generations digging up in their underground home. Not wanting the poor man to be mauled by a bear, you agree to hide his treasure for a time. That evening, there is another knock. It’s a bear. Except he seems quite friendly and says he is simply looking for a warm place to sleep before he returns to hunting down a dwarf who has stolen his treasure. Now you don’t know who to believe, the dwarf or the bear. What actions do you take to solve this mystery and return the treasure to its rightful owner?

Ooh, a mystery! If I were to go about this, I think I would take an extremely methodical approach. If possible, I would have both the bear and the dwarf interrogated, first separately, then jointly. I would work with my mom and sister and discuss reasons for belief in each of them, and come to a conclusion in that way. I think it would be pretty apparent who the liar was once they were scrutinized. (Now I’m thinking a Snow White & Rose Red inspired detective story set in like 1950s noir style would be SUPER fun… 🤯)


You’re a wolf in the forest, minding your own business, when that airheaded girl Red Riding Hood stumbles through your territory again. And it looks like she’s lost on the way to her grandmother’s house…again. Wolf though you may be, you’re not particularly inclined to eating humans, especially little girls, like the rest of your pack. In fact, naive though she is, you’ve grown rather fond of this particular little girl. The problem is, your pack is nearby and will no doubt spot her at any moment. But if you help her, she may get in her head that all wolves are nice and not be cautious around them. Worse, if your pack spots you aiding her, you’ll be shamed and banished from the pack for sure. How can you help Red find her way back to her grandmother’s house without her or the pack knowing about it?

Subtlety. I would have to be very sneaky about it. Maybe casually emphasizing a sign when the girl isn’t looking, or leaving a trail of flower petals when my pack isn’t watching. It would be so hard though! Though honestly, if my pack is super fond of eating people and I’m not about that, then maybe it would be a good thing for me to be banished. Then I could be a lone wolf, start a new life, maybe among the humans. I wouldn’t have to secretly guide Red, but rather be her protector and guide wolf.


As a fairy godmother, you keep track not only of deserving individuals, but of delinquent ones as well. You’ve heard rumors of a spoiled prince deep in the woods and decide to check out those rumors yourself. When you arrive in disguise as an old beggar woman, he sends you haughtily away with a variety of insults to boot. What punishment -if any- will you bestow upon him to give him a lesson?

I don’t think I could bring myself to be really harsh, but I would definitely teach him a lesson. Maybe make an elaborate curse that involved people being brought to his home everyday, and unless he was kind to them—actually, truly kind to them, not just faking it—they would be trapped in his house. So he would have to learn his lesson. And everyday that he wasn’t nice, he would become uglier and uglier on the outside. I think he’d learn. 😂


The prince whom you love has turned into a frog and tells you that only the first kiss of his true love can break his curse. However, you never told him that a fairy cursed your first kiss to be to the man who will destroy your kingdom. What do you do?

AGH I don’t know! Maybe the definition of “destroy your kingdom” could mean something else. Maybe he’s eternally clumsy and always messes things up, and that’s what that means. So just don’t have him do anything involving the kingdom. If he were to become evil and destroying my kingdom became his goal…I don’t know what I’d do. I might seek the aid of whoever cursed me and try to talk it out with them, see if we can come to some sort of reconciliation for the sake of me and my kingdom.


After your engagement to the prince is announced, you learn that his mother, the Queen, put a pea under your mattress to check if you were really a princess. You’re upset and decide to get some revenge on this petty royal family. You declare you must prove that the prince is really a prince. What will your test be?

I would pick a really, really stupid stereotype that he had to fulfill, like “your teeth must glimmer in the light,” or “your hair must blow majestically in the wind.” It would be hilarious to see how ridiculous that would be, and how stupid the test is to begin with. 😂


As the king you have 12 daughters you wish to teach how to run the kingdom. Your days are numbered and you must leave the kingdom to one of them. However, your daughters are mysteriously dancing every night and are so exhausted during the day they fall asleep through all their lessons. What do you do?

Well, I definitely wouldn’t promise my daughters to whichever prince can uncover the mystery. I would seek to figure this out myself, because I care about them. I would stay up and observe what they do, what happens, how it happens, and try to discover a cure. I might seek magical help, or maybe medical, depending on the circumstances. 😂 But I would be so determined to save my daughters from their exhausted fates.

Well, there you go! That was so much fun! If you want to do this tag, please feel free! The FTC post link-up is active till the end of February, but they encourage you to answer the questions anytime you’d like! What would you do in these situations? Let me know or link your post down below so I can see your answers!


2 responses to “the “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Fairy Tale blog tag”

  1. You did the taaaag! And oh my goodness gracious, I am grinning so hard over here reading your answers. These are GENIUS solutions! I choked on laughter over the “I’ll take your baby goat” thing. Hahaha! YES. That is so perfect! And oooh, a Sleeping Beauty with eternal youth. Now that is a clever, and brilliant solution right there!

    ALSO. A Snow White & Rose Red detective story set in noir style??? WE WANTS IT. WE NEEDS IT.

    Your answer to the Beauty and the Beast one is now making me think of the Beast having to turn his castle into a Bed and Breakfast and constantly putting up with disagreeable guests. XD Oh my goodness, that would be HILARIOUS. Being a hotel concierge could definitely straighten a person out quick. XD

    I just loved all your answers so, so much. This was a delight to read! Thank you for joining in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss, and it was so fun!! Aww, haha I’m glad you found it amusing. XD All of these really kinda make me want to write stories about them now… XD

      RIGHT?! That would be SOOOO fun to write!! O_O

      I was trying to think…what would REALLY make him change quick? Yeah, working in customer service, that’d fix things. XD

      Thank youuuu! I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for having it!


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