2021 Silmaril Awards // The Winner of the Most Epic Hero Award

You approach the large theater hidden in the folds of the dark forest, wrapping your cloak tighter around your shoulders to fend off the autumn chill. As you draw closer, you hear laughter and merriment coming from inside. A ceremony is about to commence, and you don’t want to be late.

You pick up your pace and quietly slip into the echoing amphitheater. Hundreds of people have already filled the seats, all talking and laughing with each other. You find an empty seat in the back, hoping no one will notice you.

The red curtain on the stage begins to lift as the lights dim. Everyone falls into a hush as a spotlight falls on a man standing alone on the platform. His posture and expression command attention. He holds a faded scroll in his hands. You know him to be Strider.

“Welcome to our annual ceremony, friends,” he speaks to the audience. “We’re glad to have you here. I’m sure we are all eager for the ceremony to commence, so I will begin without further delay.” He unravels the scroll and begins to read.

“Let us begin. Our fifth place winner is a man who always has a clever quip at the ready, a man who some might consider rather pessimistic, but a man with a good heart, who cares for his friends and family. Our hero, Nick Beasley.”

You see a furry figure rise from the audience, and you crane your neck to see more clearly. It appears to be a Minotaur-like beast, sporting a shabby coat and vest. Horns protrude from his maned head, while a tail swishes behind him as he walks up to the stage. He doesn’t look thrilled to be in this position.

“I was really hoping I wouldn’t be looking like this for the ceremony,” Nick mutters. “But isn’t that just the way it is.” He reluctantly takes a small bow as the audience gives an appreciative round of applause.

“Thank you for being willing, all the same,” Strider says. “You may return to your place.”

The beast lumbers off the stage, muttering under his breath. You can’t tell what he’s saying, but it sounds disgruntled.

“Thank you, Nick,” Strider says. “And now our fourth place winner. This is a man who has been through many trials. He is as mysterious as he is noble, and despite his troubled mind he continues to push onward, even when his past…well, enough of that. Please welcome, Artham Wingfeather.”

You see a winged man rise, his expression stoic. He slowly approaches the stage, and you notice his fingers end in talons. “Thank you,” he says quietly. He dips into a simple bow to the audience’s applause.

“Thank you for being here, Artham,” Strider says with a smile. “You may be seated.”

The man returns to his seat without a word, but a quiet smile on his face. You can’t help but feel he has been through much more than any man should.

“Our third place winner, we can all agree, is a friendly soul. He is not only good-natured, but quick on his feet, of a sharp mind, and takes his responsibilities very seriously. Our hero, Will Treaty.”

You see a young man leap from his seat and quickly make his way to the stage, waving at the audience as he does. “Thank you all for supporting me,” he says as he approaches Strider. “It’s an honor to be here.”

“We’re all to pleased to have you here, Will.” Strider turns to the audience. “Everyone, please give our hero a round of applause.”

The audience breaks into a hearty applause for Will, a few whoops even being heard. Will bows deeply and then hurries off the stage.

“A fast one, he is,” Strider comments as the audience dies down. “And now, our second place winner. This young man displays a deep selflessness that is hard to come by. He would do anything to protect his family and is unafraid to take charge and be the leader his siblings need. Let us welcome, Janner Igiby.”

You see a young boy stand and make his way to the stage. You note that he is tall and lanky, all elbows and knees. He approaches Strider with a quiet confidence. “Thank you for having me,” he says with a bow.

“Thank you for being here, Janner,” Strider says. The audience needs no encouragement as they break into applause for the boy.

“You may return to your seat,” Strider says, gesturing to Janner. “Thank you.”

The young man returns to his seat, and you notice that he is sitting by Artham Wingfeather. Perhaps they know each other. The thought makes you smile but you don’t have time to reflect, because Strider clears his throat.

“And now, the moment we have all been waiting for. There is only one nominee left. Can you guess who it is?” Strider smiles.

The audience begins to chant. There is so much noise you can barely tell what they are saying. But you manage to pick out the name:

Zero! Zero! Zero!”

The amphitheater vibrates with excited energy, and you strain to see the winner in the commotion. A man with spiky white hair and frigidly pale skin emerges. He looks intimidating, with his piercing gaze and blank expression.

“Is all this really necessary?” the man says as he approaches the stage. He crosses his arms and glances out into the audience before looking to Strider. “I don’t think this is necessary.”

Strider just laughs as he hands Zero the gold medallion.

“It appears the people have spoken,” Strider says with a grin. “You are the most epic hero of the 2021 Silmaril Awards.”

As the crowd wildly claps for their winner, Zero’s face remains emotionless as he accepts the medallion. But you can tell the man is secretly shocked he was chosen. Maybe he isn’t as cold as he first seems?

Strider pats Zero on the shoulder and gestures for him to return to his seat, where you see that he is sitting with two other men, both with smirks on their faces. Zero ignores them.

“And now, we have come to the end of it.” Strider takes a bow. “I am always so grateful to host this award, and I thank you all for coming to the ceremony. We appreciate all of you. To heroes!” he adds with a shout and a raising of his fist.

“To heroes!” the audience returns, raising their fists together.

“To heroes,” you say in a whisper, smiling to yourself. You rise to leave, quickly, before the mad rush of people.

Hiding under your cloak, you exit the theater into the cold breeze of the forest. You smile up at the moon as the leaves crunch under your boot steps. Maybe someday, your character will be awarded the most epic hero medallion. Who knows? Anything is possible. πŸ˜‰

Thank you to all of you for participating and joining in the fun this year! This wouldn’t be possible without all of your support. Give yourself a round of applause! And feel free to congratulate Zero in the comments. I’m sure he’ll love it… πŸ˜‚

Plus, be sure to head on over to Sarah’s blog tomorrow to see who the winner of the Most Majestic Ruler award is!


24 responses to “2021 Silmaril Awards // The Winner of the Most Epic Hero Award”

  1. Brilliantly written Maddie!

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  2. I really enjoyed the way you put us, the reader into the moment. And I particularly resonated with that last line. Perhaps one day one of the characters I’ve written will be deemed worthy enough to win this award. Well, at least it’s pleasant to dream.

    Thanks for hosting and presenting all these awards down through the years. And now they’re once again almost over. Ah, I shall miss all the craziness, the whirlwind, and dizziness which is the Silmaril Awards. But there’s always next year!

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    1. Thanks, DJ! I thought it’d be an interesting POV to explore. I had hoped the last line would resonate with all my fellow writers πŸ™‚

      It’s always such a blast! Thank you for helping put it together! It feels like it all happens so fast, I hardly have a chance to catch my breath, haha. I can’t wait to see what next year brings πŸ™‚


  3. Very nice ceremony!

    I agree with DJ Edwardson, the last line made me smile. That’s always been a dream of mine, ever since the Awards started.

    (But oh my golly GOSH, City Between is absolutely SWEEPING the Awards this year, and I know nothing about it whatsoever.)

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    1. Thank you!

      I’m glad it got a smile out of you! It’s a dream of mine too πŸ™‚

      (I knooooow, it’s crazy! I’ve only just started reading the first book, and I love it so far XD)


  4. HUZZAH for Zero! I would’ve been happy with any of the finalists getting the award this year, but I was especially rooting for him. He deserves it! (Also, it makes me really happy how well the City Between has done this year β€” they’ve either won or been second place for every Silmaril they were a finalist in. Given that this is the first year I’ve really seen them nominated much, that’s very impressive!)

    Nice job with the ceremony!

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    1. YASS. (It’s crazy how you well City Between is performing, honestly. And for seemingly its first year being nominated too! I’m not complaining though :))

      Thanks! ^_^


  5. Awww, Madeline! I LOVED THIS. The way you wrote it in second person made it so very immersive. I totally felt like I was THERE enjoying the epic ceremony! And that last line was absolutely precious. ❀

    All the applause for our finalists! Though I was totally rooting for Nick. *grins* One day he's gonna get this thing!

    But WOW. The City Between characters have taken the SilmAwards by storm this year! I totally meant to read those books this year but…other books ended up taking priority. I am DETERMINED to devour them all next year. Clearly they are epic and I totally want to meet all these awesome characters! πŸ˜€

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    1. THANK YOU! I’m glad the second person POV has been a hit! I was a little worried it would be too outlandish, but it was a lot of fun to write anyway πŸ™‚

      Yesss! I did vote for Nick too… Maybe someday! *fingers crossed*

      They really have been just dominating, haven’t they? I just started reading the first book and I am LOVING the humor and the snark πŸ˜€


  6. Whooo hooo! Huzzah for Zero! (And I’m so glad I know who he is now… I’m reading through the series at breakneck pace and it’s sooooo fun!) Wowzers, we must have a LOT of City Between fans amongst our readers, because they are SWEEPING this year’s awards! That’s so fun!

    And I also love love loved how you explored the ceremony from the POV of the attender! And that last line…. I’m not crying. I’m not. (okay, I am a little).

    Brilliantly done!

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    1. Yay!! (I am too! I just started reading the first book and I am LOVING it.) It seems so! It’s cool seeing them just dominate this year!

      Aww, thanks! I won’t lie, writing that line made me smile, thinking of how amazing that would be πŸ™‚

      Thank you!



    *shouts* Congratulations, Zero! Sorry for all the attention, but you deserve this award!

    I was wholeheartedly rooting for Nick and voted for him, but I’m also thrilled that Zero won! City Between is just doing AMAZINGLY this year! Guess I picked a good year to read them. XD (I’m going to be campaigning hard for Nick next year, though…:) )

    That last line, Madeline…<3

    SUCH a beautiful ceremony!

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    1. YAY!

      He is very disgruntled about it, but I agree, he deserves it XD

      I was too! City Between has done amazingly this year! I just started reading the first book, and it’s so good so far πŸ˜€ (Saaame! He needs to win… :))

      Glad you liked it ^_^

      Thank you!!

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  8. I loved it! It didn’t really have a lot of action like the others, but that can be good (especially with henchmen, villains and dragons running around). I enjoyed it very much and it was a nice change of pace from the other ceremonies. Although honestly, could you expect anything to go wrong with Aragorn there? It also helps that everyone there were heroes. But I really (really) enjoyed how you put the reader into the story, I like things like that. And yesssssss! I really hope someday my characters will make it into the Silmaril Awards (when my books are published) (:

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    1. Yay, I’m glad! I decided to go with a calmer, more atmospheric approach this year, and I’m glad people are liking it! (I mean really, Aragon whips everyone into shape XD) Second person POV is a lot of fun to write, so I’m super happy you liked it! Wouldn’t that be awesome? We can dream πŸ™‚


  9. Congrats to Zero!! And well done, Madeline, for surviving the hundreds of nominations this category gets. πŸ˜‰ We both lived to tell the tale!

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    1. Yay for him!! Aww, thanks! It’s definitely a lot, but we powered through! And with minimal damage πŸ˜‰


  10. Wow, I really loved your ceremony, Madeline! The quiet, relaxed tone to it was . . . oddly comforting, in a way. I’m going to echo what others have said and point out two particular things I really liked. One, I enjoyed the fact that you put us as the reader into the story. It really added a different dynamic to the whole thing. And secondly, the last line was a very nice touch. I do hope one day that some of my characters will be worthy of being nominated. Well done, I say! ^_^

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    1. Thanks, Josiah! I’m glad it had a nice vibe πŸ™‚ It was a lot of fun to write in second person! I thought it’d be a little different, but a neat way of doing it. The last line seems to be a highlight for a lot of people (myself included!) We can dream, right? Thank you again!

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