2021 Silmaril Awards // Voting Round!

Wow…I’m proud to say that this year’s nomination round turned out to be my most commented-on post EVER. That is INSANE! Thank you guys all so much for all of your nominations and second! The Silmaril Awards wouldn’t be possible without all of your participation.

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But enough of that, let’s get to what everyone really cares about…who are the nominees?

Drum roll!

For the Most Epic Hero category, the nominees are…

Janner Igiby from the Wingfeather Saga! Janner is deeply selfless and would do anything to protect his family and the people he loves. He takes his responsibilities seriously and acts as a leader, someone to look up to, for his siblings. He can usually be found reading or daydreaming about places and people he misses.

Nick Beasley from the Afterverse! Nick is always ready with a witty or sarcastic quip, and most of the time, he’s simply done with everything and everyone. But despite being a skeptical grump, he has a good heart deep down and he cares deeply about the people he loves.

Artham Wingfeather from the Wingfeather Saga! Artham is a noble defender, extremely loyal to his family, despite coming into conflict with them at times. He suffers from the darkness and shame of his past, but this poet chooses to keep moving forward, working through his struggles.

Will Treaty from the Ranger’s Apprentice! Will was made to be a Ranger, having the skills and the strength necessary for the taxing job. He is good-natured, very friendly, and a quick-thinker. Though he may be young, he takes the responsibility of being a Ranger very seriously.

Zero from the City Between! Zero is a half-fae, half-human with a cold, emotionless facade. But deep down, he is extremely protective and loyal to his friends. Though he may look intimidating (he’s nicknamed the ice man!), he has a solid heart and cares very much for those who are close to him.

Now that you have the ballot, be sure to vote! Follow this link and vote for who you think should win in each category. Follow these links to see the descriptions of all the other nominees this year!

And may your favorite characters win!

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Thanks again for such a wonderful turnout this year, guys! I’m still blown away by the amount of comments I received. Have fun voting, and don’t forget to visit all the presenters’ blogs to find out who the winners are, starting on the 20th!


22 responses to “2021 Silmaril Awards // Voting Round!”

  1. Oh goodness gracious, this is going to be a difficult choice!!!! I’m so excited to see who wins…. (and eep! I’m so happy you got to house all the heroes this year! Hosting the counselors has definitely been easier than last year by FAR. XD)

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    1. Yes, they all sound so EPIC! I am too! (Yeah, it…was rowdy at times…but yeah definitely an adventure… XD Oof, yeah, I can imagine! No evil doers causing mayhem this time XD)


  2. That’s so cool you had so many comments! Wow! And eeeep! I’m so excited to see Nick and Zero here!! And Will! This is going to be so hard to vote on! But what a great line-up of heroes! 😀

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    1. I was so shocked! I agree! The line-up this year has only made me want to read all of the books these characters are from XD I’m excited to see who wins!

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  3. Normally this would be an easy choice for me — I love Artham and will support him in anything — but I also love Zero SO MUCH and I’m hoping for as many City Between Silmarils as possible. At least I know I there are two possible winners who would both make me very happy. xD

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    1. I just started reading City Between and so far Zero has been the literal best XD It would be so awesome if he won!


      1. AH YES. TBH, I’m hoping for many City Between victories this year. 😀

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        1. That would be so awesome! 😀


  4. This may be the one category that will be easy for me to vote on, as I’m only super familiar with one of these characters, miracle of miracles! But they all sound SO AMAZING and worthy of the Silmaril indeed!

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    1. Haha, same, I’m really only familiar with Nick, but I’ve just started reading City Between and Zero is becoming a fast favorite! RIGHT? 😀


  5. SO MANY TRULY EPIC HEROES. The people have chosen wisely.

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  6. Janner! Artham! ZERO! NIIIIIICKKKK! Oh, my goodness, what an AMAZING list!!

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    1. Sooooo many good ones! I think a lot of people are going to have a hard time choosing for this category…XD

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  7. Oooh, I think I know who I’m voting for, and he’s from an old favorite series of mine! I’m sure you’re feeling extremely safe and protected with all these heroes hanging around, haha.

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    1. I feel SO protected. It’s like I have my own personal set of bodyguards around me at all times XD


  8. So, perhaps we can declare 2021 Year of City Between. Seems like there is a character from that series on every list and I have yet to read it. Well, I don’t expect that to be the case next year as it has shot up high on my TBR.

    Can’t wait to attend the ceremony as this is, in many ways the equivalent of Best Actor for the Oscars and it is truly an honor for a character to win this award.

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    1. It does seem like that! I’ve actually started reading it and I am finding it hilarious so far.

      Heroes are one of the best things about a story, so I hope I do whoever wins justice while presenting this year!


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