The 2021 Silmaril Awards // Nomination Round {CLOSED}

Hello guys! You know what time of year it is…that wonderful time where we all come together as fellow book lovers and discuss and debate our favorite fantasy characters to see who wins the famed Silmaril Awards! (Okay, maybe not quite”‘famed” yet. But we’re working on it 😉)

This week begins with our nomination round! And this year, I’ll be presenting…

Most Epic Hero!

What makes an epic hero? Is it the exciting quest they go on to save the world? Is it their charm? Their courage? Maybe their compassion? Or their willingness to face danger head on, even when they’re afraid? I think it can be all of these things and more! But you tell me…who is deserving of the title Most Epic Hero?

Before you head down to the comments, let’s go over a few rules:

  • NO Lord of the Rings characters. Most of them will be presenting the award winners, and, well, how awkward would it be to accept your own award?
  • No previous winners. If you don’t know who those previous winners, check it out on our site!
  • Only fantasy characters are available for nomination. If a solid argument can be made for a certain book or series that you think is technically in the fantasy genre…we’ll allow it (such as The Lunar Chronicles).
  • Be sure to mention which book/series the characters are from. Us mods consider ourselves fantasy experts extraordinaire… but we haven’t read every single fantasy book out there. It really helps us out!
  • Nominate and second as many characters as your dragon-loving heart desires. All you have to do is comment down below! The top 5 MOST seconded characters will go on to the final round, so seconding is important!
  • Authors are NOT allowed to vote for their own characters. But you can definitely encourage your fans to vote for them!

After leaving your pick(s) for the most epic hero down below, definitely go check out and nominate your favorites in all of the other 11 categories!

“Wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “11 categories? I thought there were only 10.”

And you would be right. If this year we weren’t introducing an all new, super exciting NEW category!! (Which we are, in case you didn’t pick up on that 😉)

And, if I can have a drum roll please…

Suspense Anticipation GIF

Our new category, presented by the lovely Sarah Pennington is…

• Most Majestic Ruler!

Here are all of the links to the categories so you can go nominate your favorites!

Who do you think deserves the title Most Epic Hero? Leave your nomination down below! And remember, nominations close the following Saturday morning, so get them in before then! Have fun! 😊


261 thoughts on “The 2021 Silmaril Awards // Nomination Round {CLOSED}

  1. Most Majestic Ruler! PERFECT. I LOVE IT. So excited for all the awards this year!!


    -Nick Beasley (the Afterverse)
    -Janner Igiby (The Wingfeather Saga)
    -Thomas Fawkes (Fawkes)
    -Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
    -Mor Bo-Lidere (The Weaver Trilogy)
    -Malachi (The Door Before + 100 Cupboards)
    -Henry York (100 Cupboards)
    -Cyrus Smith (The Ashtown Burials)
    -Farrendel (Elven Alliance series)
    -Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl)
    -Zero (the City Between series by W.R. Gingell)

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  2. I nominate
    -Matt Bannister from Children of the Bard
    -Walter Foley from Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard
    -Artham WIgfeather from the Wingfeather Saga
    -Brant from Minstrel’s Song
    (I hope this can count) -Nugget from the Wingfeather Saga
    -Aethelbald from Tales of Goldstone Wood
    -The Black Prince from Inkdeath
    -Burndee from Tales of Ambia
    -Makaidos from Oracles of Fire and Children of the Bard

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  3. I nominate:

    -Kaladin from the Stormlight Archives
    -Adolin from the Stormlight Archives
    -Elend from the first Mistborn trilogy
    -Waxillium Ladrian from the second Mistborn trilogy
    -Raoden from Elantris
    -al’Lan Mandragoran from the Wheel of Time series
    -Martin the Warrior from the Redwall series
    -Errance from Moonscript
    -Smalls from the Green Ember series


  4. I second Nick Beasley, Janner Igby, Thomas Fawkes, Malachi, Henry York and Cyrus Smith!

    I nominate Jace from the Ilyon Chronicles.

    I nominate Leith from The Blades of Acktar.


  5. I nominate:

    Erance (Moonscript by H.S.J. Williams)
    Rhys (Oath of the Outcast by C.M. Banschbach)
    Des (Dawnsong by Bryn Shutt)

    I second:


  6. I nominate:
    -Gen (The Queen’s Thief)
    -Sophos (The Queen’s Thief)
    -Will (Ranger’s Apprentice)
    -Horace (Ranger’s Apprentice)


  7. I nominate:

    -Reuben Eaglechaser from the Rizkaland Legends by Kendra E. Ardnek
    -Rook from An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
    -Tuata from the City Between series by W.R. Gingell
    -Shichiro from The Dragon’s Flower by Wyn Estelle Owens
    -Fiachra from The Dark King’s Curse by Wyn Estelle Owens

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  8. Forgot a few nominations, so HERE WE GO:
    -Jin-Yeong from the City Between series
    -Captain Grimm from The Aeronaut’s Windlass
    -Benedict from The Aeronaut’s Windlass
    -Rowl from The Aeronaut’s Windlass
    -The Marquis de Carrabas from Neverwhere
    -Kai from The Invisible Library series

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  9. I nominate:

    Lazlo Strange (Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor)
    Javan (The Traitor Prince, CJ Redwine)
    Kellan (The Blood Spell, CJ Redwine)
    Lionheart (Tales of Goldstone Wood, Anne Elisabeth Stengl)
    Jess and Thomas (Great Library series, Rachel Caine)


  10. I nominate:

    Char (Ella Enchanted)
    Olus (Ever)
    Ijori (Fairest)
    Ted (Secret Country Trilogy)
    Patrick (Secret Country Trilogy)
    Septimus Heap (Septimus Heap)
    Alex (The Unwanteds)
    Shade (Silverwing, I hope that counts as a fantasy – if not, sorry, please ignore this suggestion.)
    Theo (The Glass Sentence)
    Daystar (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
    Peder (Princess Academy)


  11. I nominate Lord Hanas Blackwell from Rogue by Moriah Jane, Leith Torrens from the Blades of Acktar series by Tricia Mingerink, and Carthage and Huxley from The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E. Reeder


  12. Seconding:
    – Artemis Fowl
    – Will, Ranger’s Apprentice
    – Kai, The Invisible Library (And if he’s not in the dragons category I shall be nominating him there as well xD)


  13. …Okay, guys, get ready for a LONGGG list 😉

    – Janner and Artham from the Wingfeather Saga
    – Harry Potter
    – Mor from the Story Weaver trilogy
    – Henry York from 100 Cupboards
    – Jaron from the Ascendance Trilogy
    – Cyrus Smith from the Ashtown Burials
    – Artemis Fowl
    – Walter Foley from the Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series
    – Kaladin and Adolin from the Stormlight Archive
    – Elend from Mistborn Era 1
    – Lan from the Wheel of Time
    – Smalls and Helmer from the Green Ember series
    – Gen and Sophos from the Queen’s Thief
    – Will from Ranger’s Apprentice
    – Lionheart/Leo and Aethelbald from the Tales of Goldstone Wood

    – Mendanbar from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles
    – Tellius from the Gateway Chronicles
    – Rand, Perrin, and Mat from the Wheel of Time
    – Kalmar from the Wingfeather Saga
    – Gilan from Ranger’s Apprentice
    – Caleb from 100 Cupboards
    – Nathaniel from Sorcery of Thorns
    – Tor from The Hero and the Crown
    – Corlath from The Blue Sword
    – Cadvan from the Books of Pellinor
    – Bran and Will from the Dark is Rising series
    – Cal-raven from the Auralia Thread
    – Caspian, Eustace, and Tirian from the Chronicles of Narnia
    – Taran from the Prydain Chronicles
    – Kestrin from Thorn
    – Coren from The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
    – Sam and Peter from Outlaws of Time
    – Alistair, Florien, Eanrin, and Foxbrush from the Tales of Goldstone Wood

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  14. I second :

    Sicarius (The Emperor’s Edge)
    Evariste (The Fairy Tale Enchantress) K.M Shea–
    Benjimir (The Elves of Lessa)
    Rigel (Court of Midnight and Deception)
    Killian (Hall of Blood and Mercy)


    • I second:
      Evariste from Fairy Tale Enchantress!
      Rigel from Court of Midnight and Deception
      Killian from Hall of Blood and Mercy
      Farrendel from Elven Alliance


  15. I second Will (from Ranger’s Apprentice), Helmer (the Green Ember), Errance (Moonscript), Walter Foley (Dragons in our Midst), Janner (Wingfeather Saga) and Martin the Warrior (Redwall).


  16. I second Janner, Shade, Mor, Walter Foley, Artham, Errance, Makaidos, Smalls, Picket, Helmer, Jace, Leith, Kalmar, Will Treaty, Horace Altman, Gilan, Jaron, and William Altair.

    I nominate Billy Bannister from Dragons in Our Midst, Apen Shepard from The Silver Eye webcomic (if that counts), Damien Maris from The Ravenwood Saga by Morgan L. Busse, and Daemyn Rand from Dagger’s Sleep by Tricia Mingerink


  17. I second Janner (Wingfeather Saga), Billy Bannister & Walter Foley (Dragons in Our Midst), Caspian & Eustace & Tirian (Narnia), Raoden (Elantris), Jace (Ilyon Chronicles), Daemyn (Dagger’s Sleep), Perrin and Lan (Wheel of Time), and Nick Beasley (Talesend/Afterverse).


  18. I second:
    Thomas Fawkes (Fawkes)
    Farrendel (Elven Alliance)
    Jace (Ilyon Chronicles
    Leith Torren (Blades of Acktar)
    William Altair (Ilyon Chronicles)
    Will (Rangers Apprentice)
    Horace (Rangers Apprentice)
    Peder (Princess Academy)
    Gilan (Rangers Apprentice)
    Caspian, Eustace, Tirian (Narnia)
    Taran (Prydain)
    Daemyn Rand (Beyond the Tales)

    I Nominate
    Alex (beyond the tales)
    Nikolai (Grishaverse)


  19. I guess my previous comment didn’t go through, so I’ll re nominate these guys!

    Beowulf from the Beowulf poem

    Gilberec Moth from the Moth and Cobweb series by John C. Wright

    King Arthur from the Arthurian legends

    Jacin and Wolf, both from The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Myers

    Doctor Elwin Ransom, from the Space Trilogy by CS Lewis

    Gabriel Syme, from The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton


  20. I nominate:

    – Edan (Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim)
    – Jayden (Dana Illwind and the Growing Shadows by Arthur Daigle)
    – Gabriel Draven (Seventh Realm trilogy by M.L. Little)
    – Madnes Hatter (Madness Solver in Wonderland by E.E. Rawls)
    – Prince Colin (Tales of Ambia by Allison Tebo)
    – Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones)
    – Crispin Beasley (Afterverse by Kyle Robert Shultz)
    – Bardon (DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul)

    Just so many good heroes out there!

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  21. Epic heroes! I love them!
    I second:
    Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Remus Lupin, & Newt Scamander (Harry Potter/the Wizarding World)
    Char (Ella Enchanted)
    Will (Ranger’s Apprentice)
    Taran (The Prydain Chronicles)
    Aslan, Caspian, Eustace, & Tirian (The Chronicles of Narnia)
    Nikolai (Grishaverse)
    King Arthur from the Arthurian legends
    CARSWELL THORNE (nope, I’m not biased towards one specific person. Why would you ask?), Jacin, & Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles)
    Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones)
    Ravin and Justin (The Pirate Hunter Chronicles)
    Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)


  22. I second zero (city between)
    Tuatu (city between)
    Not sure if he’s been nominated yet, jinyeong (city between)
    Nick Beasley (afterverse)
    I know I had more in mind but I forgot, I will be back later


  23. Janner & Artham Wingfeather (Wingfeather Saga)
    Burndee (Tales of Ambia)
    Kaladin & Adolin (Stormlight Archives)
    Leith (Blades of Acktar)
    Taran (Prydain Chronicles)

    Jack Selby (Knights of Tin and Lead)
    Verity & FitzChivalry Farseer (Farseer Trilogy)
    Hadrian Blackwater & Royce Melborn (Riyria Revelations)
    Shianan Becknam & Luca (Shard of Elan)
    Erik (Annals of Alasia)

    And, if The Scorpio Races counts (fantasy wild, flesh-eating horses?? I mean, come on!), than I also nominate Sean Kendrick


  24. I nominate—

    TAKKAN from Six Crimson Cranes (ladies, do yourselves a favor and go meet Takkan.)

    Carrot from the Discworld series

    Eugendides/Gen from the Queen’s Thief (unless this was already nominated?)

    Aeric from Shadow Light

    Rhys from The Dragon Keep Chronicles

    Sean from the Dragon Keep Chronicles

    Jonah from Forbidden Flight (Windwalker)

    Jacin from Winter

    Dammerung from Plenilune


  25. This is going to be a really long list, but here we go.

    Janner Igiby, Artham Wingfeather, Nugget and Kalmar (The Wingfeather Saga)
    Malachi (The Door Before)
    Henry York and Caleb (100 Cupboards)
    Cyrus Smith and Rupert Greeves (The Ashtown Burials)
    Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl)
    The Black Prince (Inkdeath)
    Martin (Redwall)
    Will, Horace and Gilan (Rangers Apprentice)
    Caspian, Eustace, Tirian and Aslan (Narnia)
    Sam and Peter (Outlaws of time)
    Beowulf (The Beowulf Poem)
    Gilberec Moth (Moth and Cobweb)
    King Arthur
    Dr. Elwin Ransom (The Ransom Trilogy)
    Gabriel Syme (The Man Who was Thursday)

    Wiglaf (The Beowulf Poem)
    Dustfinger (Inkheart)
    Mo Folchart (Inkheart)


    • Seconding:

      Beowulf (Beowulf)
      Wiglaf (Beowulf)
      Gilberec Moth (Moth and Cobweb)
      King Arthur
      Dr. Elwin Ransom (The Ransom Trilogy)
      Gabriel Syme (The Man Who was Thursday)
      Dustfinger (Inkheart)
      Mo Folchart (Inkheart)


  26. I second Reuben eagle chaser from rizkaland
    I second farrendell from elven alliance
    I nominate ma yong hwa from lady of dreams
    I nominate corlath from the blue sword
    I think that’s it this time, no guarantees though


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