Quick Update // Schedule Change


Hey friends! Just a really quick post today. I know I didn’t post last week, things have just been a bit crazy, and they’re only going to get crazier.

So I’m announcing my new schedule change. Instead of once a week, I’m going to post once every two weeks. It takes a lot of stress off my back and I’ll be able to give you guys better content instead of just quick, thrown-together posts.

I hope you guys understand this change. I’ve still been reading your blogs, too, even though I haven’t commented very much!

Also, who wants to stay glued to a computer screen when outside is so beautiful? 😉 How are you guys enjoying spring? Let me know down below!

New Until Next Time!


10 thoughts on “Quick Update // Schedule Change

  1. I AM ENJOYING SPRING BY DYING OF THE SUN’S FIERY RAYS OF DEATH. *hisses and retracts myself into my dark lair, where it is cool and damp and doesn’t burn*

    Basically the temperature got up in the 80’s today, and I am dead. So. XD

    And this new blogging schedule sounds very reasonable! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY ENJOY THE NICE WEATHER!!! But also put on sunblock because DUDE THE SUN IS TOO BRIGHT ASDFGHJKL,

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    1. NO KENZIE DON’T DIE. HOW WILL I READ YOUR BLOG OTHERWISE?!?? O_O *gasps in relief as I watch you creep back into your lair*

      Wow, that’s hot!! It recently got up into the 80s here, but that doesn’t usually happen until June at least! *is dead with you* XD

      I’m glad you think so! I KNOW RIGHT!!! We so rarely have nice weather here, so we REALLY need to make the most of it!! Yes, sunscreen is a must! Though it doesn’t really help when you’re trying to get a tan…BUT THE SUN AGH SO BRIGHT OMW.

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      1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my word. XD XD XD

        Right??? It’s so weird!!! I think the weather is trying to murder me. It’s finally back to the gloomy, overcast days, so I am a very happy bean!

        Yeah, that’s true… But coming from someone who still looks like a ghost even AFTER I tan. . .the sunblock is a necessity. XD I burn. BADLY. XD LET’S MURDER THE SUN!!!!! *whips out pitchfork*

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