February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Families

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Hello friends! Have you been enjoying these posts? No? Well, too bad, because I have another one for you, and this time, it’s center around family!


• Best fantasy family

Ooh, let’s see… You know, I don’t know if I can think of an answer for this one! I’m wracking my brain, but I can’t come up with a whole fantasy family, let alone my favorite one… 😐 If you can think of any, let me know down below!

• Best siblings in fantasy

I’m going with the twelve sisters from Entwined for this one. They’re each unique and really care for each other! Plus, their is much sisterly banter and wit, which I love dearly. 🙂

Siblings GIF

• Best fathers in fantasy

I think that would be a tie between Mo from Inkheart and Verrin Schope from The Vanishing Sculptor, (I just realized I haven’t raved about this book on here in a while! GO READ IT. It’s hilarious and wonderful). Both are trying their best to protect their daughters, but feel as though they’re failing. And they’re both in a pretty bad predicaments. And they’re both witty and charming. Oh my word, the similarities… O_O

• Best mothers in fantasy

I really hate to this, but I’m drawing a blank for this one too! Is it just me, or are there really not very many mothers in fantasy? Hmm… Would Elinor from the movie Brave count? If she did, that would be my answer. She’s half the time frustrated with her unruly daughter, but she’s still patient, and the ending…so lovely. ❤

animated movie kiss GIF by Disney Pixar

• Best fantasy friends

CINDER & CO. FROM THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. They kind of skim the line between sci-fi and fantasy, but SERIOUSLY. THEY ARE THE BEST. Their banter gives me life. ❤

• Best mentors in fantasy

Deborah actually just recently did a post about mentors, and I agreed with her on so many of the ones she listed! Gandalf from LOTR, Cosimo Livingstone from the Bright Empires series, Beana from the Tales of Goldstone Wood…so many good ones! 😀

• Why are there so many fantasy orphans?

That is a very good question. I…honestly don’t know.

Emperor'S New Groove Idk GIF

It’s the easiest option? To get the parents out of the way? A tragic backstory? There are so many ways storytellers can make that trope work. I personally don’t mind this trope, but it does get annoying after a while. Parents have good things to say! They can be such interesting plot devices! They can be mentors, sidekicks, the logical ones who say ‘why-in-the-world-are-you-doing-it-that-way-this-way-would-be-faster-and-a-million-times-easier’, they could even be interesting heroes! :O Or maybe the villains? *evil grin*

Well, there you are my friends. I really think there should be more family relationships in fantasy…It would make everything so much more relatable, you know? What do you think? More families? Better parent/child relationships? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “February is Fantasy Month // Fantastic Families

  1. I was going to keep up with these prompts on twitter, but I just have fallen behind and can’t always think of answers to things either. XD Ooh, yes, the sisters from Entwined! I NEED TO READ LUNAR CHRONICLES AAAH. (I’m pretty sure I say that every time I comment here. 😛 ) And that Emperor’s New Groove gif is perfect. XDDD I think we need more families in fantasy. O_O

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    1. Aww, that’s too bad! Yeah, some of these questions are really tough! They are so great!! 😀 OH MY GOSH YES JUST READ THEM ALREADY. XD (Well, I don’t mind repeating that you should. 😀 ) Isn’t it the best?! XD We really do!! They definitely seem to be lacking in the genre… 😐

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  2. Love the alliteration of this post!
    With so many orphans about, it’s hard to find fantasy families. But they ARE out there! Some of my favourites include: The Igiby family of the Wingfeather Saga and the Pevensies siblings of Narnia. Now that I’m browsing my bookshelf (and memory) I see that there are actually quite a few great sibling/cousin stories in the Tales of Goldstone Wood as well!

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    1. Haha, alliteration is great, right? 😀
      It does seem to be near impossible. That’s true! There are some out there! Oh yes! The Pevensies! And how could I forget the relationships in Tales of Goldstone Wood? Thanks for reminding me that they are out there! You just have to look… 🙂


  3. I love these posts!!!!

    There are fantasy parents and families out there, they are just a bit harder to find amidst all the orphans. The Pevensie siblings, the Weasley family (from Harry Potter), the Devinson family from The Last Motley, the family in Beggar Magic was fairly normal, as well. (There are lots of intact families and good parents in my own series, as well)!

    I was joking around on fb/twitter with some hilarious things parents would say if the heroes weren’t orphans:

    “No, you may NOT go save the world! You’re barely SIXTEEN. If I can’t count on you to get up and milk the cows every morning, how do you expect me to believe you’ll manage to get up in time to defeat the Evil Villain of All Evilness?”

    “So you saved the world… but you snuck out without asking in order to go do it, so now you are grounded for all eternity, kiddo!”

    “Seriously? I was there when you tried to cook dinner last night. How do you expect to survive two seconds scavenging for mushrooms and berries and cooking whatever you happen to catch while traveling? Hmmmm?”

    “I don’t care what the sword said to you when you picked it up, I’ve warned you about talking to strange weapons. Put it back, right now! Ew, you have no idea where it’s been!”

    I feel like I see some stories in my future featuring these quotes…. hahaha!

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    1. I’m so glad!!! 😀

      Yes, there are soooo many orphans… I’m familiar with the Pevensies and the Weasleys, but I really should read The Last Motley and Beggar Magic!! (Ack, I seriously need to read your books SOON.) I always love good familial relationships. 🙂

      OH MY WORD THESE. XD Saving the world, and what’s the thanks you get? GROUNDED. XD

      And YES. I don’t feel like bad cooking skills are talked about enough…Like, really, if you can’t even cook dinner and home with all the ingredients you need, how do you expect to live off of mushrooms and berries? XD

      And the GERMS TOO. Think of all the diseases you could get! Touching strange objects, staying nights in the cold, animal-infested forest… XD

      I feel like it would be a lot harder to head off on an adventure with a parent fussing over you! XD Maybe that’s why there are so many orphans… Because if they had parents they wouldn’t let them leave! XD

      YES I would love to see these in future stories!! 😀


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