The Many Problems Of A…{Writer}

The Many Problems Of A...

This is a post I feel like most of us will relate to. I could be wrong, but most you amazing peoples that follow me are writers. So this one’s for you! 😉

That amazing plot twist that you CANNOT find a way to incorporate into the middle of your story for the life of you.

 reaction angry frustrated upset pissed off GIF

It’s going in, one way or another. Even if I have to shove it haphazardly between chapters so it ends up making no actual sense, IT’S GOING IN.

You have like have your document open, but…the internet.

 internet computer spongebob squarepants technology GIF

YouTube and Pinterest are evil, blood-thirsty time-suckers.

Subtle nuances that only make sense in MOVIE FORM.

 angry mad furious jeff sessions GIF

I have legitimately considered giving up my writing career to go on and produce movies. No joke.

Falling in love with characters, but…you’ve already planned their deaths.

 spongebob squarepants sad reactions crying cry GIF

Okay, so…maybe I don’t kill him. *sighs sadly* But what must be done must be done. *grabs sword-pen*

Doing important research…


What? Looking up info about the first time people discovered mincemeat is totally important to my story! Really!

That brilliant story idea you get…right before falling asleep.

I guess a plus is that you get really good at writing in the dark. But then again, it usually doesn’t make sense…

 reactions wtf muppets ineedthisforreactions freaking out GIF


Making the weirdest facial expressions while writing, so you know what it looks like and how to write it.

I have a secret fear that someone is going to walk in on me making faces at my computer screen and then think I’m a total nut job.

 weird GIF

When you absolutely LOVE with that one character, but s/he doesn’t do anything in the story, and you have no literal idea why you love them so much.



What name have I not used yet?

 what kids sweet child i dont know GIF

There are millions and millions of names and I apparently have managed to use every single one of them at least once. HELP ME.

Well, those are some of my writing troubles. What about you? Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “The Many Problems Of A…{Writer}

  1. I agree with all of these. My problem is that I tend towards dreams that would be awesome in book, so then I wake up and put it in the book for no reason and… it doesn’t work. XD

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  2. YES YES YES. These are all soooo true!!! Especially the name thing! And if I find a cool name that I haven’t used yet, I end up reading another book that uses it or, even worse, I meet someone in real life that has that name who ruins it for me. XDDD And the internet… *sigh*
    Also, YES to the movie one!!! If I could just record what I see in my brain and project it into the book somehow…

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    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! Yesssss, it’s so frustrating! It’s like all the good names are taken! Funny story, my cousin recently had a baby boy and named him Jason…well, Jason is the name of one of the bad guys in my superhero trilogy…Awkward…XD That darn internet. *shakes head*
      Seriously, inventors need to get on this! They would become BILLIONARIES if that kind of technology could be invented!! 😛

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      1. Oooh, yes… awkward. XD My cousin just had a baby boy, too! O.o But his name is Raylan, and I don’t have any characters by that name (although it’s an awesome name 😀 ).
        Yaaaaaas!!! *wishes I was an inventor* XD

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  3. THAT PANDA GIF!! WHAT?! Lol, I love it!
    Also, yes, I agree with this post. I literally had an idea at 11:30 last night when I was supposed to be sleeping (so that I could get up for work in the morning) that would NOT leave me alone, so I wrote it down. And it still wouldn’t leave me alone! Sigh. What did we do to deserve such a fate?

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    1. ISN’T IT GREAT?! 😀
      Haha, late night ideas happen to me too often. You’re just on the verge of falling asleep…and then BOOM. Story idea, and you’re wide awake. XD Yes, and then they STILL don’t leave you alone! *shakes head* I’m not sure what we did. But I take it back, whatever it was! XD


  4. You speak the truth! The beloved-but-impossible-to-place plot twist, movie form stories, facial expressions, the dear but doomed characters, and late night ideas- I know these things all too well.

    But still, writing is worth all these troubles, isn’t it?

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