Character Conversations // Brett

Character Conversations

Hi guys! Today’s character is…well, maybe a bit of a jerk. But, as you may have seen from previous conversations, I kinda like writing those kinds of characters! XD



Me: Hi Brett…

Brett: Hi. Is this where you’re interviewing me?

M: Yeah…Is this spot okay?

B: Fine I guess. *sits down impatiently* Are you going to get on with it?

M: I’m sorry, is there somewhere you need to be?

B: Yes, as a matter of fact. I just so happen to run the entire Fallcoast News Center, which includes the paper and TV station. I’m supposed to be there in fifteen minutes. You’re lucky I took this time out of my day to see you.

M: *frowns* Gosh, I hadn’t realized you were this important.

B: Well, now you know. *smiles*

M: *eye-roll* Okay, so what’s it like working at the news center? What does your job entail?

B: I’m the commander-in-chief, so to speak, so I look after every area of the facility. I make sure the paper is being printed, that the journalists and reporters are doing their jobs correctly, and that all of the facts used in our media are right.

M: Hmm…Okay. If I can be frank, I know for a fact that some of the stuff you put into your media is not true. *frowns* Care to explain?

B: *scowls* All of the facts are checked by me personally. Are you calling me a liar?

M: Yes, actually.

B: *indignant* How dare you! *pauses, calms self* Fine. So maybe some things I’ve been a bit…lenient on. But straight facts would never work. We embellish. There’s nothing wrong with having our writers add their own personal flair.

M: Except…It’s not their flair, it’s yours.

B: Madeline, may I explain something to you?

M: *waits*

B: Business is like a big ladder. It creates order, which in the end, is better for everyone, right?

M: Where do you stand on this so called ‘ladder’?

B: I’m second-in-command. I execute my superior’s requests through my employees.

M: Earlier, you said you were commander-in-chief.

B: Irrelevant. But all this business talk must be boring you. Allow us to speak on a different subject.

M: Fine. Tell me about your family? *mumbles* Or do you even have one?

B: I…am not married. Yet.

M: I wonder who the lucky girl will be. *thick sarcasm*

B: You don’t think I could get a girl? Is that what you’re saying?

M: Just never mind. You’re clearly married to your work anyway. Moving right along, do you know the Meredith’s?

B: Yes, I work very closely with Jason Meredith. He runs the FIBS. The bank in town, you know?

M: Yes, I know. So…do you know any of his kids?

B: I thought he only had one girl…Lena? Was that her name? She’s a bit snooty, in my opinion.

M: Your opinion is a bit skewed. But let’s wrap this up. What’s your favorite food?

B: I mostly live off of coffee and ramen noodles.

M: I said favorite food. But, okay…Do you play any instruments?

B: I don’t. Though I’m sure I would be great at it.

M: I’m sure. And lastly…Do you know Aidan?

B: Aidan? Coel? She’s…my boss. How did you know that?

M: There was a big welcoming party in her honor? She was in the paper? She’s kind of hard to miss. But anyway, thanks for coming out, Brett. I appreciate it.

B: I’m glad you enjoyed my company. *gets up and struts away in a hurry*

So…Yeah. A bit jerky. But you’d be surprised how fun it is to write these kinds of characters. XD Let me know what you think of him down below!




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