Character Conversations // Abner

Character Conversations

Hello guys! Sorry for the late interview, I was gone all day yesterday, so I’m giving you one today instead! I hope you like him! ^_^



Me: Hi Abner!

Abner: Good to see you. *shakes hand*

M: So, I know you’re a cop, like Robert. Do you know each other well?

A: You bet. When I was moved from home in Brooklyn to Fallcoast, I met him the first day. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break. His whole day was going messy, so I invited him and his wife over for dinner. Then we were friends.

M: You said you lived in Brooklyn before. Brooklyn as in, New York?

A: Yeah. I’d served there since I was 20 years old, then when I was 34 I was asked to come down to Minnesota.

M: Do you like it here?

A: Your summers are brutal, lemme tell ya. Up to your ears with mosquitoes. Surprised you haven’t all died from malaria.

M: *internally dies laughing* We’re kinda famous for our mosquitoes. So since you’re friends with Robert, when did he tell you about his special talent?

A: That was only a few days after we invited him to dinner. I know what you’re talkin’ about. *grins* How he does stuff with your limbs and body. It’s funny that’d he’d become a cop then, eh?

M: Yeah. He’s really struggling with it…*mumbles* And things are only going to get worse…

A: Whispering is rude you know.

M: I know. So are you a Super then?

A: Nah. Kinda glad about it too. Supers here have nothing but trouble. Pity them, I do. *purses lips*

M: So what’s the most interesting case you ever had to work on, as a cop?

A: That’d have to be the time back in Brooklyn when there was a massive outbreak of Supers. A sudden huge influx of superhumans, you can imagine how the cops were reacting. I was just young and inexperienced at the time. I had no idea what the heck was going on. *laughs* That’s when things started getting more tense between citizens and Supers.

M: Did you have to confront any Supers?

A: Yeah, there were a few creeps I had to deal with. Sure woulda helped if Robert’d been there. *grins* Yeah, there was one kid with some kind of matter control, had to take him out. There was another time where there was a drunk Super destroying the side of a building. That was fun…

M: Didn’t that outbreak end up with the police killing thousands of Supers? I’m not saying that it was bad, it was obviously done for safety reasons, but now that that’s over, the aftermath…Do you think Supers are being treated fairly?

A: Goodness, no! The three big powers here in Fallcoast couldn’t care less about Supers. They want them gone, dead. Too afraid to deal with’em the right way. And with all the stupid staged hero/villain fights they show on TV…It’s plain ridiculous. As if the people feel any better knowing there’s a ‘hero’ out there to help them.

M: I feel you. It’s a good thing there’s people like Lena and Jake, huh?

A: *smiles* You know Lena and Jake. They’re good kids. Can’t help worrying about’em though. Vigilantes have a dangerous job, you know?

M: I know too well. So, a few last questions for you; what is your favorite food?

A: Gotta be thin crust pizza. With the works. Nothing better.

M: Do you have a family?

A: Just me and my wife. So far. *winks*

M: Do you like being a cop?

A: There’s nothing I love better. But when things aren’t fair. *wags finger* Nuh-uh. That’s not cool. Police are all about fairness, giving everyone a shot at redemption. Not all this ‘kill-on-sight’ business.

M: Well, thank you, Abner, for this time.

A: Sure thing, sweets.

Do you like him? He’s a great guy, I LOVE writing about him. What do you think? Let me know below!



4 responses to “Character Conversations // Abner”

  1. He sounds like a great guy. Love it. Your characters are all so real and interesting. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He really is! Aww, thank you so much!! That makes my day! ^_^


  2. Minnesota mosquitoes. *shivers* I relate to Abner in that area.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, they are nasty, aren’t they? XD


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