Pitiful Prose // The Lamp


Hey guys! This month’s installment of Pitiful Prose is here! I wrote this when I was trying to come up with an Aladdin retelling (I was obsessed with Aladdin at the time…Can’t really say I’ve changed. XD ) I hope you enjoy this silliness! 😀

It was quiet. I was alone by the Well by the edge of our property.

I had wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle. Mother and Father had planned a big celebratory dinner for the King, and I, naturally hating confinement, ran out into the hot desert night.

I decided to head into town, see what goods the merchants passing through the Kingdom of Alyssia had brought with them to sell.

I figured if I was almost sixteen and just going to the market for a bit, it didn’t matter.

I took a sip of water from the well and started off. It took a bit to get to the city, so I was determining whether or not to ride there. I decided to walk.

Hoping I wouldn’t be noticed by the coming and going guests, I slipped onto the old road to town. Once there I smelled the wonderful food and saw all the beautiful jewels.

But then I noticed a man walking away stealthly with something in his hands.

This caught my Curiosity and so I slowly and quietly followed the man.

The man had a look to him that I didn’t like, which only made me all the more curious. He was going quite fast and I was soon almost ready to give up for muscle strain and heat, but I held on just a little longer.

Suddenly, the man stopped, me being quite thankful. I had no Idea where I was but we were in some sort of ruin with rocks scattered about. No one was around.

I was beginning to feel scared, but I just had to know what that man was doing. I hid behind some rocks. I soon saw what the man had had in his hand.

It was a beautiful lamp.

I couldn’t see quite what it looked like but I knew it was a lamp because then the man picked it up and started rubbing it.

A magic lamp!

I’d heard about them, but I had thought they were just fairy-tales. I sat hidden, watching in awe.

Well. That was interesting. I was pretty proud of it at the time. What do you think? Does it have story potential? XD Let me know in the comments down below!