Pitiful Prose // Robots and Nonsense


Hello bloggers! This month’s installment of Pitiful Prose is here! Fun fact: this was actually the story that inspired The D trilogy. Very hard to tell, I know. XD But it was based on a dream I had and then wrote out in elaborate detail. I hope you get a laugh. 🙂

Why had he smiled? Why did he say thank you? Wait, was he just throwing me off? he, was, I’ll bet.

Right? I couldn’t help but notice…

“May I have your ID.”

Huh? “Um, I’m not old enough.” I said turning around. It was a police man. I looked at his name tag. He didn’t have one.

“May I have your ID.”

“Look sir,” I said backing away slightly, “I don’t have one, so good-bye.” I start to walk away, but the man grabs my arm.

“May I have your ID.”

“NO!” I scream and run, but he’s still holding on.


“Get away! Is that all you can say?! ‘May I have your ID?!'” I push his arm away and he falls flat on his face. I gasp. The man looks up, but half his face is off! Half his face is off?

The other half looks like a robots’.

“May…..I….” and then he’s out.

He was a robot. Where did it come from? I looked around. Nobody. I move closer to the robot and see sparks coming out the back.

Panic! I have to hide it! Should I take it to the police? That could raise suspiction. But what other choice do I have?

I drag the robot all the way to the police station. Not an easy task. Especieally when you’re trying to go unoticed.

Finally, I get there.”Mr….Hanson?” I say, trying to look exhausted. “This man, er, robot was in the streets impersonating a police man!”

“And you dragged him all the way here?”

“um, well, it was close by,” I stutter.

“I’ll have him, er, it, sent to the science lab immediately.” he said. “Thank you, Alicia”

The police tem know me. Shocker.

I walked out feeling a littler better, but who was that guy, er, robot, er ARGH! Sciborg? yes, Sciborg, we’re good. Phew…

The Cringe™…*shakes head* This is actually really fun sharing these little snippets with you guys! At first, I thought it might be a little too embarrassing and boring, but you all seem to enjoy them! Let me know what you think of this snippet down below! 🙂


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