JuNoWriMo Update // Week 3


Hahahahaha look at that I’m late AGAIN. -_- Anyways, I just have a short update for you today.

Outlines – 23,825 total words

Yeah, not very impressive, but I’m having fun! That’s all that matters, right? And writing outlines is nice because I don’t have to feel guilty doing my research instead of actually writing. Because 90% of an outline is facts and straight-forwardness. So…yeah.

  • Outline with most amount of words – Crown of Thorns: 16,057

  • Outline with least amount of words – Pickpocket: 1,100

Blogging – 4,320 total words

Blogging has been FUUUUUUN. I’ve nearly got July covered post-wise, and I’m starting to spill into August. So get excited for some fun posts! 😉

Yeah, so that’s the gist. Told you it was short. 😉 I may not win this JuNoWriMo, but it’s been a blast so far! How are you and your writing doing? Well, I hope. Let me know down below!



Adventures at the Writer’s Workshop // +Writing Update


I got the wonderful opportunity to go to a Young Writer’s Workshop in Minneapolis this week, and I thought I would share with you my great experience! (That’s also my reason for posting late this week. I’ll give a little update, but I’m tired, guys…It was a busy week. 😉 )

It was no Realm Makers, but it was still a lot of fun! I now have a notebook chockfull of helpful notes, and I plan on turning a lot of them into posts with tips about writing, for you lovely bloggers. 🙂

Another highlight, was that I got a one-on-one critique with…guess who? Shannon Hale! She was so sweet, and I was so grateful that I got the time with her. She read the first three pages of my prologue from Imprint and she told me I was a skilled writer. Yeah, I was happy for most of the day. ^_^ (Of course, I wasn’t picked to have the editors look over my work, but hey. I’m not mad.)

Other fun things were listening to Wayne Thomas Batson talk in a class about themes in your novel, which was super enlightening and helpful because I’m horrible at working those into my books. XD

I was also in Sabaa Tahir’s writing sessions and I learned a lot about story structure, worldbuilding, and how to get your book published, (hint, you need an agent.)

And lastly, I was in a wonderful critique group with four other writers and we wrote notes on each others writings and it was extremely insightful and I feel I got a lot out of it.

Anyway, that was my experience in a nutshell. But since you’re all probably dying to know…

Crown of Thorns – 16,053 words

Yeah…I fell behind quite a bit. You wouldn’t think a workshop on writing would distract you so much from…writing. But it did. And now I have to deal with the consequences. XD

Pickpocket – …

How about we don’t speak of this. I don’t really know where I was planning on taking this, so I’m only at like…1,000 words? Maybe more? I don’t know, it’s fallen a bit to the wayside. But I’m okay with that, because I’m having a lot of fun with the other outlines, and that’s really all I wanted to do. To have fun. 😉

Wanted for Time – 2,426 words

Still painful to write, but I’m loving it all the same. Drilidric is my little precious but I just…*dons evil authoress crown* It must be done.

Breakthrough – 3,459 words

This one’s made a wee bit more process. It’s been fun, these backstories, but also kind of sad and…painful. XD Whatever, it all works out in the end. I just have to keep reminding myself. 😛

All other projects have yet to be started. Still. But it’s cool. I gave myself permission to work on them, but that doesn’t mean I will. I probably will eventually, but this week is not that week.

Yeah, so that was a little smidgen of an update. Are any of you going to any writer-related events this summer? (*cough*Realm Makers?*cough*) I hope you’re all having a lovely June thus far! ^_^


JuNoWriMo Update // Week 1


Hello to all! So, here’s a bit of a weekly update for you. You know. In case you were curious where I’ve been.

Crown of Thorns – 15,139 words

This outline is going quite swimmingly, actually! I love the characters so far, and the setting is a lot of fun. And hey, there are only a few near death experiences so far! So…that’s good.* Jerrick, my MC, is an absolute darling to write, and Rayven, my li’l princess, is a sweetie. Everton, my mean, huffy commander-in-chief, is…interesting. XD

*It doesn’t matter there are only more to come…right?

Pickpocket* a.k.a Magic Trench Coat – 1,100 words

This one is one is…a bit slow going. It’s just an underdeveloped little plot bunny, so I’m having trouble working on the outline when I…don’t really know what’s going on. At all. XD But Sydney’s a hilarious, snarky MC, so that’s fun. I’m trying to work out some form of a storyline, so we’ll see how much progress on make on this outline.

*Yes, I have a real name for it now! And it goes so. perfectly. with what the elements of the story!!

Wanted for Time – 1,956 words

This book…It’s killing me, I’m pretty sure. It’s just so hard, because it’s a prequel kind of thing, so I know what’s going to happen to these characters later on and I just… -_- HOLD ME. *sobs* I’m torturing myself. Help.*

*Yes, I’m that evil of an author that I manage to torture myself. Pretty amazing evil authoress skills, huh?

I have yet to start on Sciamachy or Not Found, so that’s that. I’m sure I will eventually. The nice thing about writing a bunch of things at once, is that when you get stuck in one story, you can jump to another one and let the other be pushed aside for the moment! It’s quite nice. 🙂

As for the two short stories…

Breakthrough – 2,825 words

I’ve started on this one, so you can be proud of me. It’s taking all of my willpower not to turn all my short stories into novels, so…yeah. I don’t think this one in particular will turn into a novel, thankfully. However, I’m scared Addicted will and I don’t know if I can deal with the responsibility of another novel…So, I haven’t started it yet. XD

Blogging – 492 words (a.k.a. this post)

Well. I got this post up. Is that good? XD I haven’t focused too much on scheduling posts yet, but I have some great ideas, so we’ll see how many I get ready.

Finishing/Editing Imprint.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA let’s not talk about this. This should probably higher on the priorities list but, LET’S NOT INSTEAD.

So, that’s my little update for you. I hope you found it slightly amusing and/or interesting. I’m a little behind on my word count (if you added up all the numbers) but, hey. I’m working on it. What are writing this June? Let me know down below!


Pitiful Prose // Robots and Nonsense


Hello bloggers! This month’s installment of Pitiful Prose is here! Fun fact: this was actually the story that inspired The D trilogy. Very hard to tell, I know. XD But it was based on a dream I had and then wrote out in elaborate detail. I hope you get a laugh. 🙂

Why had he smiled? Why did he say thank you? Wait, was he just throwing me off? he, was, I’ll bet.

Right? I couldn’t help but notice…

“May I have your ID.”

Huh? “Um, I’m not old enough.” I said turning around. It was a police man. I looked at his name tag. He didn’t have one.

“May I have your ID.”

“Look sir,” I said backing away slightly, “I don’t have one, so good-bye.” I start to walk away, but the man grabs my arm.

“May I have your ID.”

“NO!” I scream and run, but he’s still holding on.


“Get away! Is that all you can say?! ‘May I have your ID?!'” I push his arm away and he falls flat on his face. I gasp. The man looks up, but half his face is off! Half his face is off?

The other half looks like a robots’.

“May…..I….” and then he’s out.

He was a robot. Where did it come from? I looked around. Nobody. I move closer to the robot and see sparks coming out the back.

Panic! I have to hide it! Should I take it to the police? That could raise suspiction. But what other choice do I have?

I drag the robot all the way to the police station. Not an easy task. Especieally when you’re trying to go unoticed.

Finally, I get there.”Mr….Hanson?” I say, trying to look exhausted. “This man, er, robot was in the streets impersonating a police man!”

“And you dragged him all the way here?”

“um, well, it was close by,” I stutter.

“I’ll have him, er, it, sent to the science lab immediately.” he said. “Thank you, Alicia”

The police tem know me. Shocker.

I walked out feeling a littler better, but who was that guy, er, robot, er ARGH! Sciborg? yes, Sciborg, we’re good. Phew…

The Cringe™…*shakes head* This is actually really fun sharing these little snippets with you guys! At first, I thought it might be a little too embarrassing and boring, but you all seem to enjoy them! Let me know what you think of this snippet down below! 🙂


Lightporter by C.B. Cook // Cover Reveal!

Books and Such (1)

Hello guys! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you. C.B. Cook’s new book Lightporter HAS A COVER!! 😀

And I’m here to share it with you!

So, without further ado, here it is!

Um, where is it? I thought I put it right here…

Oh, here it is!

lightporter cover


I know I’m excited for this book! You just don’t see many superhero novels around, especially ones that are clean, but C.B. Cook gives us just that with her IDIA series!

And if you haven’t read the first book in the series, Twinepathy, the e-book version is currently on sale for $0.99 on Amazon! You should definitely go check it out. It’s AMAZING.

Here’s all her linky-links:

Lighterporter on Goodreads

Twinepathy on Goodreads

Twinepathy on Amazon

C.B. Cook’s Blog

C.B. Cook on Pinterest

C.B. cook on Goodreads

IDIA Group Board on Pinterest

And be sure to share this fabulous new cover with all of your friends with this handy-dandy banner.

lightporter banner

Thanks for joining me today for this cover reveal! Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! For sticking it out this far, here, have a bacon cookie. (Heh, heh, inside jokes are fun. 😉 )