A Trip Down Memory Lane // A List of My Favorite Old TV Shows


Hello all! I was recently looking up some of my favorite TV shows from when I was little, and I got extremely nostalgic. (Yeah, I’m only 16, but I can get nostalgic, okay?) So I thought it’d be fun to share some of my childhood with you all. Maybe you remember some of these shows too…


This was my all-time favorite show as a kid. I knew most of the episodes by heart and I’d always get excited when the little number would roll onto the screen, meaning it would be a new episode!!

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Another great show. I remember I would always get frustrated with Cleo and Mac, and I remember thinking that Birdwell Island being shaped as a bone was the coolest. thing. ever.


This show legit taught me math, not even kidding. XD And I remember loving the episode that was a huge Harry Potter rip-off (though I didn’t know that at the time XD ). It was one of those shows that I always watched everyday, without fail. That, and Arthur.

Dragon Tales

I loved this show too much. XD I like to think it inspired my love of dragons and fantasy, but you just really can’t know. I always wanted to be like Emmy and have Casey as my dragon to fly around on in Dragon Land. *sighs* Good times… XD

Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman

This was a half-real, half-cartoon show that I would eagerly wait to come on. I loved it because it was real kids, who got to do really cool stuff. I always wanted to be on the show.

Kim Possible

She was the superhero that I looked up to in my youth. (I…actually still kinda look up to her… XD ). Her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, was hilarious and I loved that he was the confused, scared one who had no idea what to do. I relateΒ to him a lot… XD

Maya & Miguel

My upgrade from Dora the Explorer. XD No, but seriously, this was a great show! I always wanted to be friends with Maya. She just seemed so perky and friendly. I also love now that they included such unique characters. (Andy, anyone?)

PB&J Otter

We’re going waaaaay old school here. I remember this from when I was only a wee little one. Butter was always hilarious to me. And so was Flick Duck. “Cheese and quackers!”


Without fail, I always watched this at lunch time, sitting in the living room with my lunch. My favorite part was when the “Who Could it Be?” song played, and you had to guess which animal would appear at the end. πŸ™‚


This was like the show you watched if you were cool. At least, in my opinion. XD As with most of the shows, it was always my dream to be on it, doing cool experiments and being in each of the segments. πŸ˜›

Well, that was my childhood in a nutshell. What about you? Do you remember any of these shows? Which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments down below!



8 responses to “A Trip Down Memory Lane // A List of My Favorite Old TV Shows”

  1. It was such a great show!! I DO remember the dinosaur episode! Where T-Bone finds the big bone at the end? πŸ˜€
    Super Why! That was when I was a little older, but I still remember it! πŸ˜€



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      1. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

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  3. Oh, what a great list! Arthur was and always shall be my favorite kid’s show. I also watched Zoboomafoo, Cyberchase, DragonTales, and Clifford religiously. Every day wasn’t it DragonTales, then Cyberchase, and then two episodes of Arthur?
    And Maya and Miguel! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that remembers that show! I still have the theme song memorized. Everyone I talk to about old kid’s shows doesn’t remember it, though.

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    1. Thanks! Oh, good, so I’m not alone. πŸ˜€ Yes, I always remember that DragonTales was in the morning, and Cyberchase and Arthur were in the afternoon-ish, I think…? XD
      Yes! I LOVED that show! Haha, I just looked it up recently, and MEMORIES. ❀ Yeah, I have a few shows that nobody seems to remember either. Makes me wonder if I just imagined it all… πŸ˜›


      1. Yeah, that sounds right! I always remember watching Arthur in the 3:00 hour and then the Cosby Show would be on at 4:00 on another channel.
        Haha, I know, right? I always thought I imagined the show about the Chinese cat, but that was a real show!

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        1. I always thought I’d imagined that show too!! But then I remembered what it was called and so I had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t crazy or something. XD


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