Character Conversations // Alex

Character Conversations

Hello guys! Today, I have for you a very interesting character. He’s changed a lot from my original idea, but I’m quite happy with how he turned out. (Even if he is somewhat of a villain…shh, don’t judge. πŸ˜‰ ) He’s not a talker though, so I just barely managed to squeeze this interview out of him…



Me: Welcome, Alex.

Alex: Yeah, sure.

M: So…Your full name is Alexandro Valdez, correct?

A: Yes.

M: Um…cool. Can you tell me about your daughter, Kass?

A: *sighs* She’s a feisty little devil. Can’t blame her though, since that’s how her mother was. Before she…

M: I know. You don’t have to talk about it.

A: …?

M: Never mind. Tell me how you became a Super.

A: It’s pretty obvious I am one, isn’t it? With all these scars.

M: Enlighten me.

A: Fine. I was on an airplane one time, and I was worried I wasn’t going to make it to my meeting on time. And to make things worse, it turned out there was a group of terrorists on board. I didn’t know that until too late though. They had poisoned all the food and water with something I later learned was glytaecin. My body reacted aversely, but I lived.

M: So, you didn’t die on the plane? I’ve never heard of glytaecin. And what about the scars? How’d you get those?

A: Slow down, first of all.

M: *scowls*

A: I did make it off the plane alive, but I’m not going to bother telling you how. I’d never heard of glytaecin either. And the scars…every Super has them.

M: I knew that last bit, I just wanted to annoy you. *smiles* All Supers have them and they glow when your powers are in use. Yours just look like normal scars right now.

A: I’m told I look quite fearsome when I’m all glowing.

M: *mumbles* Who told you that…?

A: *angry face*

M: Oh, heh, you heard that, did you?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I have very sensitive hearing.

M: Super senses, right? Is it annoying sometimes? Not quite being able to shut them off?

A: *shrugs* Yeah, I guess it can get annoying. Kass thinks it’s super annoying.

M: I can only imagine she would. So, I’ve heard tell your a villain around this here Fallcoast.

A: Villain is a strong word. I think I’d prefer anti-hero.

M: …Anti-hero as in, you’re against heroes? Or, like, an actual anti-hero?

A: Whichever one fits my mood that day.

M: Right. You seem like a nice enough guy. Why would you choose to be of the villainous type?

A: *eyes harden* I didn’t choose. I was forced too. Nobody likes Supers. Thinks they’re only out to get people.

M: I know a few people who know exactly how you feel…

A: You’re talking about Lena and Jake, right?

M: He’s perceptive too! What can’t this man do?

A: *frowns* You’re lucky I’m not angry. Because if I was…

M: Let’s not think about that, huh? I’d rather ask some parting questions. What’s your favorite food?

A: *blinks* …Kass is a good cook, even if she won’t admit it. She makes really good lasagna.

M: *smiles* Do you have a job?

A: I don’t know for how much longer, but yes. I do. I’m a psychologist.

M: That makes sense. Okay…Do you own a cat?

A: *eyes widen* Don’t you even bring up that subject! You know I-

M: Alright, Alex, thanks for the interview! You can leave now. No cheesing off in my office, please. *smiles*

What’d you think? He’s a little cranky, but I still like him. He’s a great character write and I really love his backstory. Let me know what you think of him down below!



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