Pitiful Prose // The Impossible Bedroom


Hello all! If you remember, a while ago, I shared with you a bit of my old writing (very, very cringe-inducing), and I thought it was so funny, I would post another piece of writing I started writing.

I wrote this when I was about nine-years-old and around that time we were getting ready to move to the countryside. I was really worried and nervous about it, so I dreamt about it a lot. This is one of those dreams that I rewrote to make more sense (which…it still doesn’t anyway… XD ). It’s totally unedited, so I hope you find it somewhat amusing. 🙂

I sighed as dad walked up the driveway.

“I wish we wouldn’t have moved.” I thought.

Just then dad showed up. and Said “Aw, Honey, why do you look so sad?.”

I shrugged “I guess I’m just not used to it here yet.”

dad gave me a hug “let me show you the house. Its really nice now.”

“Oh well, why not.”

We walked up to the garage door and dad opened it. The garaged looked pretty much like a garage, boxes everywhere, meat freezer, and of course, a car.

Dad opened the door to the house and we were in the entry room. There were to sets of stairs one leading up and one leading down. I looked at the stairs. I had a weird feeling about this house.

“Why don’t you go explore your room?” Said dad.

“Ok.” then I looked quizzcally at dad when he stopped me and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small type of remote. He pushed a button and then the stairs started moving! They moved in a down direction, Towards the first floor.

“Go on, Go!” said dad acting as if nothing was weird about this, then walked into the kitchen (which is on the second floor) to help mom.

When I finally came to my senses, I stood on the stairs and waited in amazment for the ground to come. It was like an escalator.

When I reached the bottom, it was a hallway in front of me. I walked down, Checking all the doors, seeing what was in them, until finally, I came to the end of the Hall.

At the end was a door with a sign on it that said |Madeline and Nathaniel’s Room|

“Great.” I sighed “I have to share a room with my big brother, Oh well.” I opened the door and peered inside and saw the coolest room I had ever seen.

Nathaniel’s side had posters of bands, and a drum set! Also I saw a bed (duh!) and a tire swing hanging from the ceiling!

It wasn’t fair! I stomped in. Nathaniel wasn’t home yet, I could walk around on his side.

“Wow!” I thought sadly, “this is so cool.” I went over to my side. A bed and a wall willed with posters.

“Ok so the posters are Pretty cool, but a tire swing?!”

Just then the Sun caught a door knob in front of my bed. A door knob? I was curious, so I turned the knob and Saw a thing you would never ever expect in a house like this.

I mean some fancy houses might have escalator stairs and might have tire swings haning from the ceiling, but this?


In this house on the 1st floor in MY room was another world.

I slowly stepped in to the door and was in a Grocery Store! I looked around and saw, it had everything a Grocery Store would have, but what got me the most was when I tried to step out the Stores’ door, I couldn’t.

It was locked, and there was nothing outside, just black.

“What is this place?!” I said aloud. Shoppers looked at me like I was crazy.

I couldn’t believe it! A secret door in my room, leading to a grocery store that people thought was out in town, with apparently no way out! This was amazing!

Soon, My Stomach started rumbling. Mom and dad probably had dinner ready, but where was the door? Oh yeah, by the check out.

When I came to the door, I wondered, “What if its gone before I get back?” but still, I went out.

When I was in my room again I smelled chicken and rice.

“Come eat!” said Mom. I hurried up, my stomach grumbling, my mind raceing at top speed.

How did that happen?

I’ll go back tonight I thought, “And figure this out.”

A bit cringe-worthy. Okay, maybe a lot. XD Let me know down below if you ever rewrote your dreams when you were younger (or even now!)