I’m Back! // Describe Your WIP in Three Words Tag

Well, hello, peoples! Wow…I didn’t really anticipate this hiatus of sorts…I guess March had a lot more goings-on than I had originally thought. So, sorry for deserting you, but I’m back! And with a tag too! I saw this a bit ago on Deborah’s lovely blog, and thought it looked like a lot of fun. The original tag was on Twitter, but instead, she did it on her blog.

Imprint ~ fairy-tale, written, inky



The D ~ dangerous, deceitful, villainous



You Could Say ~ whimsical, strange, mystical



Sciamachy ~ icy, intense, quiet



Not Found ~ futuristic, pixelated, black



Wanted for Time ~ dreamy, feelsy, insane



Crown of Thorns ~ sleepy, lethal, heart-wrenching


That’s the tag! It was so much fun trying to describe my novels in just three words…I can barely do it with an unlimited amount of words. XD Also…Did you miss me? 😛


5 thoughts on “I’m Back! // Describe Your WIP in Three Words Tag

  1. AAAHHH I DID MISS YOU! *glomp-hug-attack* I didn’t totally realize it until you posted but YES it’s been a long time and apparently I missed your posts because I made a little happy bounce when I saw this one! 😀

    Also YAY you did this tag! I had SOOOO much fun reading this post! O_O Oh my goodness. Your stories sound (and look) amaaazing! :O I don’t really make collages for my stories which is idiotic because IT LOOKS FUN. XD

    Imprint, You Could Say, and Sciamacy seem the moooost interesting (like I-NEED-MORE-ABOUT-THESE-STORIES kind of interesting) but the rest seem cool too and aaaahh this was so fun! 😀 Thanks for sharing! (Yes, it’s SO hard to describe a book in three words. Collages help though. XD Love them! You did amazing!)

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    • AAGGGHH IT’S NICE TO BE BACK! *hug-attacks back* Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to just up and take a break, but I guess it happened. XD

      YAY THANK YOU! It is suuuper fun making collages. I hadn’t really tried before this tag but I think I’m addicted now.

      Agh, thank you so much for your kind words!! *flails* I need to post more about my stories…*nods* Thank you for commenting! It makes my heart happy. ❤ (It was really hard! But I'm pretty good with the words I picked. 🙂 Collages help a lot, yes. Thank you! ^_^ )

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  2. Woah this are so fun. AND YES I MISSED YOU. IVE BEEN ASKING MY SKULL TO WRITE BLOG POSTS IN PLACE OF YOU. ((His stuff, while impressive for a decapitated bone, is not anywhere close as good as yours.)) I love your collages. ((And Andrew Garfield…😬)) and I really want to read all your stories man.

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