A Spot of Writerly Poetry


when a writer tells a story

riddled with magic and impossibilities,

i stare spellbound, hanging on every word.

the imagination flows from every handpicked word,

entire worlds are created and destroyed by sheer willpower.

right prevails, and the writer earns applause.


what is a comfort in life’s deep throes?


what can have perfect diction?


what is mightier than force from men?




words. pages. heart.

stories can whisk you away.

love. adventure. woe. joy.



you are my novel.

beautiful. tantalizing.

you are my treasure.


what makes a good book?

dream steam.

who knows the write way?

prehensile pencil.

why create the story?

worthwhile smile.


Just a couple poems I jotted down. They probably aren’t the best, but I like them. How have you guys been? ❀


8 thoughts on “A Spot of Writerly Poetry

    • Glad you enjoyed them! I agree, poetry really can be so different. ❀ That's good to hear! I've been doing well. In a pesky writing slump, but writing little stuff like this poetry seems to be helping me get unstuck. πŸ™‚

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