Pitiful Prose // I’m a Princess?


Hello everyone! Just a short post today. And it’s a little something different. You’ve gotten a taste somewhat of my writing style, so I thought I would share with you what my style was like say, five or so years ago. It is cringe-worthy, but since I’m allowed to poke fun at myself, I’m sharing it.

This was a short story, based on a dream I had (yes, I remember that far back!), about…becoming a princess? I have no idea honestly. XD It was an odd dream…

(All names have been changed for privacy. 🙂 Oh, and this is completely unedited. I only tabbed where I thought it looked best.)

*shudders* Here we go…

Are you going down or what? said Samantha. I looked to see if it was safe and Slide down the Giant Water Slide at the Gershwin-Muller Community Center.

“Closing time.” Said an employee.

We all scrambled to the door as fast as we could and then went out. We all started giggling as we walked home. When the Split roads came we all Said Good-bye and went home.

But me? as I walked home I came to pass a dark shadow in the field. All the sudden, I saw a glowing sun, along with More Shiny lights. The lights soon Shaped in to a Castle.

I Watched in awe and decided that I’d go take a look. I went in to the ditch that lead to glowing castle. I got closer and Closer and CLOSER, till I was stopped by a butterfly of some sort or was it?

I looked a little closer and saw a tiny face and tiny hands and feet. It was a fairy!

“I’m your fairy godmother,” said the fairy “and I’m going to teach you how to be the princess that you are.”

What? Suddenly I was whisked away to the luminous Castle.

As soon as we were in I was put on a smooth silver convaer belt. “You must be Mistaken” I said, but the fairy said “No, you are a Princess”

“Am I a really a true princess

“yes, but your Certainly not dressed like one

I looked down at my fushia pink and black swimsuit. Finally the convaer belt stopped. The fairy waved her wand and when I looked down I saw a breathtaking Gown. It was a fluffy pink, with lovely Puffed sleeves and laced edges

“Cool!” I said.

“Next up Jewels.” said the fairy. The convaer started up again and I was off. A few minutes later, the enormous convaer stopped once again. At that moment the fairy had waved her wand and I had Necklaces, braclets, rings, glore.

“Wow! this is amazing!” I said. The fairy just nodded her head and started the convaer again.

My final stop was a Colossal Stage.

“Get on.” Said the fairy “Don’t be shy.”

I stepped on to the gigantic stage and thought “I wonder what it will be like to be a real-live Princess.”

The End

Well…that was painful. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my younger writing life. I’m thinking about making this a monthly segment. What do you guys think?


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