The Imprint Trilogy + Erase (NaNoWriMo 2016)


Hey guys! Okay, so I thought it high time to finally delve a little deeper into what I’m actually writing. And since I wanted to share a bit about Erase, my NaNo novel this year, and it being the last book in the trilogy, I kinda have to bring the others in.

This story…Oh my word, this story.

It’s consumed me for the better part of nearly two years, but I don’t care because I love it so very muchly. 🙂 I got the idea back when I was like nine or ten, but it’s been a persistent little bugger. So finally, after trying to begin it several times, (without an outline, which I believe was a huge mistake for me), I finally wrote an outline and in the summer of 2015, I wrote Imprint during JuNoWriMo.


It was so. much. FUN. I found that I really like the challenge of finishing it in a month, (translation, I needed motivation to write otherwise I just…wouldn’t.) It was my first experience actually writing. I had, of course, started about a bajillion stories before, but I’d never finished them until now. I felt professional, basically.

About the actual story…I’m terrible at blurb type things, so I’ll just paraphrase a bit.

Paige lives with her family in Fallcoast, a pleasant little town in Minnesota. She’s never wished for anything more.

But lately, she’s been having strange dreams. And one day when a cashier at the grocery store attacks her, she knows something is up.

That very night, Paige is transported to a mystical world called Nore, where she has been cast as the main character of a fairytale.

Enlisting the help of her friend Markus, she is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. And she soon finds herself entangled in an evil scheme she’d only dreamt possible.

And here’s snippets. Because…why not?

“Um…” he said examining the box. “You…you wouldn’t want to help me…would you? I just need you to come in the back for a minute.” He seemed to hold his breath.

Paige noticed she was holding her breath too. “Um…I’m sorry, but…but I shouldn’t go places with strangers.”

The man blew out a relieved breath and nodded like he was expecting her to say that.

“That is a very good rule,” he said still nodding.

Paige painted on a smile, nodding.

“Yeah…But I’m gonna need you to come with me anyway.”


“Why are you here? It doesn’t make sense…”

“But it makes sense that you’re here? I don’t think so!” Paige snapped.

Markus held his hands up defensively. “Hey, I wasn’t saying it did!”

“You’re acting really weird!”

“Me? You just slapped me!”

“I said I’m stressed out!”

“Fine!” Markus said, getting up from the bed. “We’re both weird. Whatever!”


Markus stood in the doorway, dripping with ink. “Didn’t know how much more of this I could take,” he replied with a weak smile. He locked the door behind him, saturating the knob in ink.

“You look…”

“Wet? I could say the same for you,” he rubbed his arms up and down, in the process, slathering himself in ink.


 A little about the characters maybe? As they’re my favorite part of this story. 🙂

  • Paige ~ Back when I first got the idea for this story, I had a really hard time with the characters, so my main character was essentially…me. Well, that was creative… But I decided I needed to change that (thankfully…I don’t think anyone would want to read an entire story with me as the MC). She still has some aspects of me, but I made sure she wasn’t a Mary Jane. And she’s just plain awesome. 😉
  • Markus ~ Markus’ name changed a lot during this story. First it was James, then it was Write, and finally, we ended up with Markus, which I think suits him nicely. He’s the humorous one of the duo and I sometimes take inspiration from my brother and use it as material. But he’s also the really sweet and sensitive type. There may or may not be some crushing going on between him and Paige… ❤
  • Celthic ~ During the beginning stages of the story, Celthic wasn’t even going to be a huge part of the story. Just another henchman for the bad guy, (and he was actually originally a character for a different story.) Well, that’s not how things went, and now he’s one of the major characters, and I’m so glad of that. He’s snarky, stubborn, and an all-around joy to write. (Possibly because I’m snarky and stubborn…Just possibly…)
  • Zyke ~ Another henchman gone major character. I apparently really like fleshing any and every single character in my stories, so…That kinda makes for a larger cast, but that can be fun, right? 😉 He’s much like Celthic in ways, but then not at all in others. Celthic is the quiet, introverted type, while Zyke…He’s quite the opposite. But he is stubborn, that’s one thing that remains the same between them…
  • Drilidric ~ Okay, so this character kinda just crept into the story without me even noticing. Like for real. I was writing a prologue and it was just BAM. There he is. And that is a very good thing, because he is an AWESOME character. Like a strange mix of Sherlock and Iron Man… Yeah, it’s hard to explain, but trust me, he’s great. Maybe I’ll have a CC post about him…


This book is where things start picking up. After the…ahem, events…that took place at the end of the last book, things got a…crazy? Is that even the word I mean? I don’t know. But I tell you, this book is for real the problem child out of the three. I started it in my first attempt at NaNo, and I…didn’t do so hot. But, I was well prepared when JuNo rolled around with nearly 14,000 words ahead of my goal. And that went well. I didn’t finish it, but I’m pretty good with the progress I’ve made so far.

I suppose I can try at another blurb thingie…

Since her incident in Nore, Paige has been carrying a few too many loads than she should.

But with her friend in danger, having to go to public school, and trying to handle all this magic stuff, can she be blamed?

And when good and evil seem to mesh together, Paige must get the help of a new friend, along with some old pals, to stop the evil from ravaging her home.

And some snippets…because…snippets.

“You’re the boy,” Jack said hefting his sword up into the air, “Where’s the girl?”

Markus ignored him. “May I ask why you’re here? And what of the beanstalk?”

Jack barred his teeth. “Kaidan, he’s being offensive, attack!”

Markus stumbled back. “Whoa, wait, what?”


Celthic glared. “I trust them more than anyone else right now, seeing as how it’s you who’s keeping me locked up in here.”

“Following orders,” Zyke replied.

“Following orders?” Celthic was raising his voice now, but he didn’t care. “So following orders means betraying your friends?”

Zyke gritted his teeth. “Now you’re just trying to mess around in my mind!”

Celthic could’ve laughed. “Or, I don’t know, maybe that’s a little cricket trying to tell you something?”

“Oh, shut up!” Zyke snarled.


“Markus, this is Vasi. He’s from Nore. In fact, he’s a main character.”

Vasi nodded. “I’m the Pied Piper? I think?” He held out his hand for Markus to shake.

Markus took it, but not without a hint of worry. “And why are you here?”

“I could ask you the same question young man.”

Markus bit his lip shut.


We’re introduced to a few new characters, most of which I’ve interviewed, but here’s a bit of background.

  • Vasi ~ Fairytale characters weren’t originally going to be major characters in the story, but that changed once I started writing Rewrite. Vasi is one of these examples. And the snippet above provides that he is actually the Pied Piper. He’s a super nice guy, and he just wants things to be right. But because of problems in Nore, that’s not something that’s possible right now.
  • Tizini ~ Oh Tizini… XD If you remember from the CC post I did with him, you’ll know that he has a bit of an attitude…to say the least. Nonetheless, these characters tend to the be the most fun to write (for me at least…is that saying something…?) And of course Tizini is no exception. I will say, he softens up quite a bit as the story progresses. 🙂
  • Saymeth ~ Saymeth was a troubling character to come up with. I felt he was lacking in creativity when he first appeared in the story, so I’ve definitely tried to flesh him out a bit. If you’ll remember the interview, I believe he stated he was a ‘telepathic wolf anthromorph’ or some such thing. Also, he has silver eyes. He’s a huge softie though…quite the opposite of Tizini. XD
  • Koki ~ Koki is the yin to Saymeth’s yang. She’s the quiet type of girl that looks like she wants to hurt you. And probably does. Which is why, of course, I had to put her and Saymeth together. I really love the ‘opposites attract’ troupe. But Koki herself is a really fun character to write because she comes off as very cold and cruel, yet that’s not who she is. It’s a complicated thing which makes her really interesting to write. 🙂

Now, finally, we can get to the actual novel I’m writing…*drum roll*


Ta-da! I’m actually feeling really daunted by the task of this book. I mean, it has to resolve every problem and be believable…*nervousness* But outlining has been super fun so far, and since I only have FIVE DAYS LEFT GUYS I’m hoping to finish it in time.

Watch me attempt a blurb for a third time…

Paige’s worst fear has come about. She has found herself trapped in Nore!

And not only that, but she’s being hunted viciously on all sides by the evil ruler Zedidiah, who will stop at nothing to see her dead.

As she makes her way through Nore, she comes across many new friends, as well as enemies.

But Paige is not herself. As the wizard has finally Rewritten all of Fanastasia, he will now stop at nothing to see Paige Rewritten herself.

How can Paige and her friends end Zedidiah’s reign and save all of Nore? The answer is more complicated then you would think…

Not to bad…hopefully. XD Writing blurbs is hard! But I thinks this gives a pretty good general idea.

Now, a few new characters. I don’t know much about their personalities yet, but I bet I can describe them all somewhat with three words.

  • Pyrallis ~ Friendly, independent, and curious.
  • Fasaria ~ Inventive, condescending, and withdrawn.
  • Prince O ~ Charismatic, argumentative, and a quick-thinker.
  • Queen Kako ~ Artistic, competitive, and sensitive.

I’m both excited and nervous to begin this NaNo season, but I hope to remember that the most important thing is to have fun! If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, I will cheer you on heartily! And if you would like to be buddies with me, you can follow this link to my profile page.

So, are you participating in NaNo? And if you are, what are you writing? Let me know down below! ❤



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  1. OOH, your story sounds SO good! Good luck reading the goal :).
    I’m doing NaNo, too – what’s your username? I need to add you as a buddy! (unless I already did, in which case I’ll just say that I have the memory of a goldfish. Which I do XD.)

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