Five Glass Slippers // A Review

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I’ll review each story separately, because I have so… many… FEELS… on all of them. I’ve marked the spoilers in white text, so highlight the space between the ellipses if you care to see!

WHAT EYES CAN SEE by Elisabeth Brown
Initial Response
*squeals* So. stinkin’. ADORABLE.

Painfully shy Arella begs her stepmother to let her stay home from the prince’s ball. But kindly Duchess Germaine is determined that her beautiful stepdaughter should be presented at court along with her own two daughters. So, dressed in a gorgeous gown and a pair of heirloom slippers, Arella catches the eye of the crown prince . . . and finds her life suddenly far more complicated than she ever desired.

High Lights
– I really love that the stepfamily is portrayed in a good light. Germaine is kind and considerate, Anastasia and Drusilla also.
– Back when I first read this, I had only rated it 3 stars. Silly me! The reasoning for it, I think, was because I didn’t really understand Arella. And I think that was because… I didn’t know she was in love with another man. …But she is a sweet character and very endearing to me now. 🙂
– Drusilla is my favorite character out of this story. She’s witty, wise, and…  I’m just really glad she ended up with Frederick. I think they’re an adorable couple. ❤
– The writing style was really nice and flowing, and I got a perfect image of what was happening in my mind.

Low Lights
– Sometimes I found Arella’s shyness a bit overdone, even though I relate and am a quieter person myself.
– The ending was a bit abrupt for me, but I quickly got over that.
– I found Frederick’s shallowness somewhat upsetting… How could you love a girl for her beauty only? Though I suppose that is very similar to the original story and I’m glad that it was addressed in a different light.

I ADORED IT. I found myself smiling throughout the pages and though the ending was a bit abrupt for my taste, I was still more or less satisfied.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

BROKEN GLASS by Emma Clifton
Initial Response

The slipper fits . . . but on the wrong girl! Rosalind never once danced with Prince Marius at the ball, for she is in love with his brother Henry. If only Rosalind and Marius would stop bickering long enough to invent a scheme, perhaps the three of them can find the real mystery lady. But they must work quickly, for dark deeds are afoot, and the kingdom is poised on the brink of disaster.

High Lights
– THE SASS. Oh, the sass.
– Henry is my favorite and he’s just wonderful and nobody can tell me otherwise. *nods*
– Rosalind and Marius are HILARIOUS. There is much banter and wit and yes-ness.
– WORLDBUILDING. Like, how do you have such great worldbuilding in a novella?! It was fabulous.
– The COUPLES!… At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole ‘I thought I loved you but I don’t actually’ thing, but I’m muchly satisfied with it now. Mostly because Rosalind and Marius are ADORABLE together. And Henry and Evelyn are cute too. 🙂
– Just the story in and of itself pretty much. The whole thing. Everything about it. Yep.
– THE EPILOGUE…. DARCY. Seriously, ‘Mine will be the last face you see for a while…’ YOU CAN’T END A STORY ON AN ELLIPSIS HELP. Where’s Corroded Thorn. Because I need it DESPERATELY. *dies*

Low Lights
– I…can’t really think of anything, honestly.
– How about…IT’S TOO SHORT I NEED MORE. No? Okay.

I simply adore this story. The wit and humor is wondrous and hilarious, especially between Rosalind and Marius. And I just really love the idea behind the story. I thought the twists were done very well, and I was sitting on the edge of my seat by the end. Corroded Thorn is now on my tbr-pile!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

THE WINDY SIDE OF CARE by Rachel Heffington
Initial Response
…Wow, that was…intense. O_O

Alisandra is determined to have her rights. She knows that she is the king’s secretly dispossessed daughter, the true heir to the throne. Prince Auguste is an imposter, and if she plays her cards right, Alis will prove it to the world! That is, if charming Auguste doesn’t succeed in winning her heart before she gets her chance…

High Lights
– The humor in this story is fabulous. Alis is a plucky, hilarious main character.
– Auguste is the best. Period.
– I really liked the other characters as well, especially Ellen-Best and Lord Humphries. At first I had a sneaking suspicion that he was the evil sort, but the more I got to know him, the more I liked him.
– The writing style is very rich in descriptions and metaphors, which I applaud any writer who can write those with ease. Because I certainly cannot! XD
– The ending was witty and wonderful. Just, yes.

Low Lights
– At times, I felt like the original Cinderella story was lost. Which, even though I enjoyed the story, I was still hoping for more of a retelling rather than a whole new story. Just a minor thing.
– I didn’t like the king and queen very much. Once I knew what they had done, I disliked them even more.

This was a really enjoyable tale. Though not my favorite in the collection, I still thought it was a really good, well-written story. Even though it slightly veered away from the original tale. But don’t let that stop you from reading it!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

A CINDER’S TALE by Stephanie Ricker
Initial Response
That. was. EPIC!

It’s a dangerous life, yet Elsa wouldn’t trade this opportunity to work at Tremaine Station, mining cendrillon from the seething surface of planet Aschen. Nevertheless, when a famous deep space explorer and his handsome son dock their starcraft at the space station, Elsa finds herself dreaming of far galaxies beyond Aschen’s blistering heat. There is no time for dreaming, however, when danger threatens the space station, and Elsa and her fellow miners are tested to the limits of their courage.

High Lights
– The whole premise! Cinderella…IN SPACE! 😀
– Elsa is such a spunky, witty main character who I love very much.
– Also Jaq and Gus and Bruno. ❤
– All the hidden references!! Jaq and Gus? And Bruno? Also, Jaq’s last name is Perrault. Charles Perrault wrote the original Cinderella story! I love me some hidden references. 🙂
– Despite being mean and nasty, I really liked Nebraska’s character…. She’s a cyborg! How awesome is that?
– Karl is adorable and Elsa and him need to be a thing. ❤

Low Lights
– I…can’t think of any, if I’m being honest!
– I guess one thing was that the glass slippers, even though they were mentioned, weren’t really a part of the story. But that’s a totally minor thing to a fantastic story!

I LOVE this story! There’s nothing more I can say really. It’s just FABULOUS.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

THE MOON MASTER’S BALL by Clara Diane Thompson
Initial Response

After her terrifying experience there several years ago, the one place young housemaid Tilly longs to avoid is Bromley’s Circus. But when kindly Lord Hollingberry begs her to deliver a message to the mysterious Moon Master hidden away among the circus dwellers, Tilly can’t refuse . . . and finds herself ensnared in a web of enchantment cast by the loathsome Mrs. Carlisle and her beautiful goddaughter.

High Lights
– Tilly is just such a great main character. I really love her personality.
– Mystery is my favorite, and I ADORED the suspense. Even though it was killing me. XD
– The Moon Master is awesome. Just, yes.
– The writing style was really easy to read and I loved the autumnal setting.
– Magical… evil …circuses are always fun.

Low Lights
– RODGER…. Seriously Tilly? You went for Jasper instead of Rodger? I mean, I’m not saying Jasper isn’t awesome and such, but YOU’VE KNOWN RODGER YOUR WHOLE LIFE. I mean, come on. Plus he’s just great, period. :\

This was a delightful, whimsical tale! I loved the mystery, suspense, and magic. Even though some THINGS happened…I’m still really pleased with the story. A great way to wrap of the collection!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This book is AWESOME! If you love Cinderella retellings, or any kinds of retellings, I highly recommend this collection.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !


8 thoughts on “Five Glass Slippers // A Review

  1. Loved hearing your thoughts on this collection! I love Cinder’s Tale soooooooo much, it was definitely my favorite of this group (though I loved them all). So excited that the continuing story is now available in paperback!!! Yay!!!!

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