Twinepathy // A Review

Hey all! Today, I have a review of Twinepathy by C.B. Cook! 🙂

Initial Reaction

*flails like a dying seal* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. But seriously, like, where’s the next book?

“Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have spent years successfully hiding their 26793603telepathic connection. But when a girl falls unconscious at their doorstep, the girls learn that they might not be the only people in the world with extraordinary powers and that a memory thief is on the loose. As the twins try to help the girl find her memories, they discover that the superhero world might be bigger—and more dangerous—than they ever imagined.”

High Lights
– All the action that’s happening! Everything is so well-paced!
– BLAZE. Enough said.
– Denver and Ezra’s relationship. *squeals with delight*
– The suspense! It was killing me the entire. time. *dies*
– Also Maddie’s adorable-ness. ❤ ❤ ❤
– The amazing idea! I mean, memory theft? How awesome is that?!
Low Lights
– Virtually none, thought I may be a bit biased… 🙂
– Albany did kinda do silly things sometimes, but it all worked out in the end.

Favorite Quotes
“She’s in the middle of something really important. What do I tell her?”
“Tell her she gets to hack into the CIA’s system. She won’t be able to pass that up.”

“I’d prefer silence and random jokes about the passing billboards and scenery, but I know how he likes music. I just hope he doesn’t start singing.”

“Antarctica. You know, that giant continent at the bottom of the earth that’s ruled by penguins and seals.”

“Can you please explain this?”
“That would ruin the suspense.”

C.B. Cook is a really talented author who can really transport you into a story. I actually followed the serial story of Twinepathy on her blog before she was published. I congratulate her on her success of publishing and I can’t wait to read on!



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