Character Conversations: Kokino

Hello all! Today, I’ll be interviewing that friend of Saymeth’s who was mentioned last week. 🙂


Little Red Riding Hood

Brings treats to her ailing Grandmother

Wanders through the woods

Is deceived by the wolf

Likes the color red

Loves her Grandmother very much


Kokino (Koki) of Koufit

Brings weapons to her conniving Grandmother

Lives deep in the woods, alone

Is in cahoots with the wolf

Still likes the color red 🙂

Has a civil hate for her Grandmother


Me: Hi Koki.

Koki: *sighs, annoyed* Hey.

M: Look, I know you’re not terribly enthused about this interview, so I’ll try (key word, here) to keep it as short as I can.

K: *shrugs* Whatever.

M: You’re friends with Saymeth, right?

K: Yeah, he’s pretty nice. Naïve, sometimes foolish, but real nice.

M: *winces internally* So…I imagine you get upset with him pretty easily then, huh?

K: *rolls eyes* Yeah, he can be a pain, but I still keep him around. He helps me with my business.

M: Your…business?

K: Yeah. I run a secret weapons operative with my Grandma.

M: …You deal in weapons? What kinds? And what do you use them for? Do you work for someone?

K: Ugh, too many questions! Yes, secret kinds, secret stuff, and…yes.

M: *thinks for a minute* Okay. Forget I asked about it. How’s your family life?

K: What? I don’t have a family. Both my parents are dead.

M: *ouch* I’m so sorry…

K: *shrugs* Eh, I barely knew them. I was only four or so when it happened.

M: *shuffles papers uncomfortably* Um…So, do you like your life, living in the woods by yourself? Or do you live with your Grandma?

K: *snorts* If me and my Grandma lived with each other, we’d both kill each other. And yeah, I do like living in the woods. It’s quiet.

M: I’ve heard you work closely with forest dryads. Is that true?

K: Oh, yeah. We needed more operatives, so Grandma bribed them with arugula.

M: *bites back laughter* Okay… Parting questions. Do you play any instruments?

K: I can’t even play a kazoo.

M: *internally shakes head, distressed* Do you enjoy gardening?

K: *laughs* Are you kidding me? I don’t enjoy it in the least. You don’t usually enjoy something you do to stay alive.

M: *gulps* …Do you have any animals?

K: *grins* I’ve got a wolf hybrid.

M: …Thank you so much for answering my questions. Thus concludes our interview.

K: Great. *shoves chair away and swiftly leaves room*


Koki’s an…interesting sort, to say the least. XD I hope you enjoyed the interview! Until next time! ❤