And the Winner is…


Welcome to the Most Epic Hero Silmaril presentation! Today, we will be having our very own…


Son of Arathorn II, crowned King Tar Elessar Telcontar, 39th Heir of Isildur, 65th in the Numenorian line since Elros, and brother of Elrond.

Lord of the rings, lol he looks so much like my dad.=]:

So without further ado, here he is!

Thank you Madeline, for such a warm introduction. And thank you all for coming to attend the first annual Silmarillion Awards Ceremony!

*cue the round of applause*

I am surprised that you would choose me to present this award. I feel I am not worthy of such an honor, but I will try my best to accept it.  I surely hope presenting this award will be easier than battling in the fields of Pelennor…

*cue laughter*

You’re too kind an audience. *smiles* I would like to expound on the nature of the award being presented. The Most Epic Hero Silmaril will go to the hero who is brave in times of trouble, who goes out of his way to help people, who always tries to do the right thing, even when it may not always seem like it at the time.

The winner of this award certainly deserves this honor. He has proven steadfast and true in his fight to free the people from an oppressive king. He may be a wanted man, but he more then makes up for his supposed crimes by giving his aid to the people of…*pauses* Oh, I probably shouldn’t say from where just yet. *smiles* 

So without further delay, I am most proud to present that the winner for the Most Epic Hero Silmaril is…


Robin Hood on a rock photo RobinHoodonarock.jpg:

Sir Robin Hood, please step forward to accept your award!


Oh, thank you all ever so much everyone! *grins* I can’t believe I’ve actually been considered a hero. I’m just trying to make the world a better place, you know? Thank you, thank you! *bows*

We are all very happy for you, Robin Hood. You’ve truly proven to everyone that you are a most epic hero. Enjoy your award and thank you all for attending!


Here’s a list of the other bloggers’ posts. I’ll keep updating it as more posts go live:

Oh, and in case you were curious of the results of the other nominees…

Robin Hood (The Adventures of Robin Hood) 31 / 26%

Westley (Princess Bride) 29 / 24%

Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia) 26 / 21%

Peter Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia) 18 / 15%

Prince of Farthestshore (Tales of Goldstone Wood) 17 / 14%

Thank you guys for all of your nominations and votes! We couldn’t have done this without your participation, and we hope to see you next year! Until next time! ❤