Character Conversations: Saymeth

Hello all! Today, I have a very interesting character for you…


The Big Bad Wolf

Tricks Little Red Riding Hood

Sneaks into Grandma’s house

Hungry beast

Clever and sly

Tries to kill Little Red, Grandma, and the Huntsman


Saymeth of Koufit

Sweet and honest (which is sometimes not the best thing, given his position)

Would never dream of breaking into someone’s house


Clever, but not so sly

Is in cahoots with Red Riding Hood


Me: Hey there Saymeth!

Saymeth: Oh, hello. Nice to meet you.

M: So, let’s start off, shall we? Tell me about your relationship to Red Riding Hood.

S: Red riding what? Oh, you mean Koki. She does wear a lot of that color, but I wouldn’t call her Red.

M: Do you know her well?

S: Um… yes. I wouldn’t call it a relationship though. Just friends is good. *has a dreamy look on face*

M: You seem to…how shall I put this? Like her.

S: *blushes profusely and turns away* We’re really jumping right into that? I mean, I like her, of course. We’re good friends.


M: *grins* Alright, then. What kind of work do you do?

S: *relief plainly visible on face* Oh, I work with Koki. We help capture miscreants and bring them to…

M: …?

S: …To our boss. He takes care of them then.

M: So…this boss of yours wouldn’t happen to be the same boss who Celthic and Zyke work for, would it?

S: *eyes widen* How do you know them?

M: We’re tight, trust me. So how exactly do you do your work? You aren’t saying you…

S: Kidnap people? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Though Koki’s approach is different than mine. I try to be nice and befriend them before swooping in. But she…she just goes for it.

M: You’re a…villain?

S: *shrugs* Villain is a strong word. I just do whatever I’m told.

M: Huh…Okay, well, you must know Celthic pretty well then, right?

S: *stiffens* Not anymore.

M: *raises eyebrow* How so?

S: Never mind how so. He’s disloyal to his friends. *scowls*

M: Okay then…Parting questions. Do you have any special abilities?

S: Well…*looks uneasy* I’m not supposed to tell you, but since it seems pretty open here, why not? I’m a telepathic wolf animorph.

M: A…what now?

S: *looks nervous* Can’t that be enough?

M: *le sigh* Fine. Do you like music?

S: As long as it’s not high pitched…*shudders*

M: *holds back laugh* Do you have any family members?

S: *looks very sad* Not that I remember.

M: *smiles sympathetically* Thank you for answering my questions, Saymeth.

S: Oh, you’re most welcome. *smiles*


There we are! How’d you like him? Doesn’t seem the villainous type to me. What do you think?

Until next time! ❤

2 thoughts on “Character Conversations: Saymeth

  1. He definitely doesn’t seem like a villain… but rather like someone who could be easily tricked into doing villainous things, perhaps? Just because he’s so innocent?

    I like him! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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