Captain America: Civil War // A Movie Review

So, I very recently saw Civil War so I thought I would write a short kind of review-type-thingy (actually just me rambling 😀 ) about it (with no spoilers) instead of a Character Conversation. 🙂



This was possibly the most stressful, but complete awesome Marvel movie I’ve yet to see. 😀

There wasn’t really a major plot per se, but I think the fact that the teams are divided and fighting against each other is reason enough to watch.

It was really hard for me, because I felt that Cap was fighting for the right reasons, but…I don’t know. Iron Man just has a special place in my heart. His was the first Marvel movie I ever watched.

But the teams. THE TEAMS. IT WAS SO GREAT.


It was SO STRESSFUL. Spiderman was basically yes, and Ant-man…YES. Vision is also yes. Hawkeye, yes. SO MUCH YES. The banter between the different heroes was hilarious.

Of course, Tony and Steve weren’t doing much of that. It felt like hey were too dead set on killing each other that they didn’t have time for…talking? I don’t know.

Also, BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! YES-NESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT ALSO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having some major feels about him…to. much. feeling. I just…HELP ME.

This face broke me. It's the face of pure agony and, yes, yes, it just fucking broke me.

THE ENDING THOUGH. *chokes and flails* I can’t actually fully process what just happened. Like…wait WHAT?!

So yeah. Stuff happened.


Sweating bullets, Bucky feels, and PAIN. Which we all know means GO SEE IT. NOW. O_O

And if you’ve already seen it we can bawl and freak out together!!!

*fangirls extremely hard*

*faints, whispering unintelligibly about Bucky*


9 responses to “Captain America: Civil War // A Movie Review”

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  2. YESSSSS team Bucky!!! He is the absolute best. I am so not ready (but also kind of) for all the Bucky feels to come. So excited for this movie!! 😀

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  3. PurpleZebra21 Avatar

    *a bit tentative* I chose a team… #TeamCap
    I just saw this movie today, and like, what even! I was SOOO… UGH I DONT EVEN KNOW.
    I’m just stunned. It was a great movie, and at times I forgot it was a Captain America movie. It felt more Avenger-y.

    (Also, love Bucky)


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    1. Team Cap is a good choice…I’m still fighting indecision… XD
      THERE WAS SO MUCH GOING ON. IT WAS CRAZY. But it was so great!

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      1. PurpleZebra21 Avatar

        My decision is based solely on Cap being my favorite Avenger and Superhero 😉

        YES. SO MUCH HAPPENED. I was at a loss for words when it finished. 😛


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  4. I can’t wait to see this!!!! And it’s impossible for me to choose a side–I like them both. 😀


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