New Segment

Hello bloggers!

A bit of news; I’m thinking about writing some micro/flash fiction a few times a week!

I’m trying to think of weekly posts, so I can a set time of sorts on when to post. And I’ve kind of been running a blank for creative posts, and other stuff has been in the way of blogging and writing and such. 😛

So I thought I would ask you guys. What kind of posts do you like to read? Bookish posts? Writing-related posts? Something totally different? If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!  🙂

Also, thank you all for reading my blog! You guys are great. ❤


5 thoughts on “New Segment

  1. Hey Madeline! \(^.^)/ I would love to read writer related posts and bookish posts! =D And I totally get what you’re saying. I’ve been so busy with work and school and life I haven’t been posting as much =/

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