Character Conversations: Zyke

Hello again!

So, this week’s character is a little more mysterious, so I couldn’t get to much out of him in the interview. XD


Me: Hello, Zyke

Zyke: *does a head nod* What’s happening?

M: *doesn’t know what to say* Um…well, I’m interviewing you today?

Z: *doesn’t look up* Shoot.

M: …Okay, so can you tell me a little bit about your past?

Z: I grew up north in Kleftis. I figured my parents didn’t want me so I ran away and joined forces with something bigger.

M: Something…bigger?

Z: *grins* Yeah.



M: Okay then, moving on…How did you and Celthic meet?

Z: *scratches head* How did we meet? Oh, it was about 5, 6 years ago, I met him on a mission. He was kind of the strong, silent type, but I got to know him and we’ve been tight ever since.

M: *nods* So are you the one helping Celthic kidnap Paige and Markus?

Z: *eyes widen slightly, but still smiles* Maybe. Maybe not.

M: *whispers* It’s definitely a maybe.

Z: *overhears, smile vanishing* What?

M: Nothing, just mumbling to myself.

Z: *leans back in chair, an eyebrow raised*

M: *avoiding gaze* Next question. What is your most prized possession?

Z: *reaches behind back and pulls out a monstrous sword* Probably this.

M: *pushes chair back slightly* Where…Where’d you get that, huh?

Z: *smirks* Like it? It’s magic too. Got it from-  *stops abruptly*


M: From where? Who?

Z: *doesn’t say anything, slipping sword back in scabbard*

M: *groans internally but composes self* Do you have any hobbies, then?

Z: *ticks off fingers while speaking* Spearing, fencing, archery, darts…*pauses a moment*  And traveling… *looks distant*

M: *smiles* Really? Do you travel often? Around Nore?

Z: *train of thought breaks, stares at me* Did I just say that? *laughs* Stupid me, I meant to say grappling.

M: *blinks* Okay, how about some parting questions? Do you have a favorite color? It’s tradition for me to ask.

Z: *scratches chin* Orange, I believe. It’s the color of my magic.

M: *hmmm* Okay…Do you have a favorite food?

Z: *spreads hands wide* All food is good. Any food is good.

M: Do you like cats?

Z: *blinks* …What? You go from asking do I like food to cats…?

M: *smiles* Alright, thank you, Zyke, for having me interview you.

Z: *smirks* I’m sure the pleasure is all yours.

M: *rolls eyes*


What’d you think? Do you like him? Or is he too proud? He’s a great character, and super fun to write. 😀

Also, I hope you’re all enjoying the interviews. They’ve certainly been really fun to write. 🙂


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