Character Conversations: Celthic

Hello again! I really hope you’re enjoying these. I sure am! 🙂

WARNING: Celthic is one of my favorite characters. Be prepared for freakish fangirling.


Me: Hello, Celthic.

Celthic: *narrows eyes and grunts*

M: …You’re eyes…are filled with different colors. How did that happen? When did-

C: *glares sharply*

M: Okay, moving on…Where are you from?

C: *eyes narrow still more* Nore.

M: Um…could you explain where that is exactly?

C: Do I have to?

M: What if I said yes?

C: What if I said no?

M: *grits teeth but is secretly delighted* Okay, fine. How old are you?

C: *groans* Must these questions be so personal?

M: *rolls eyes* Just tell me or leave.

C: *mutters* I would gladly.

M: *kicks him from under the table*

C: Fine, fine! I’m 20. There, happy?

M: Yes. How did you come to know Paige and Markus?

C: Not that it’s any of your business, but I met them when I was sent to this horribly boring world. Seriously. Everything here is so dull.

M: *tries to force self to frown, but can’t hide a smile* Well s-o-r-r-y. I hadn’t realized.

C: Well, how could you have, stupid Worlder? You’re just as clueless as Paige and Markus. *rolls eyes, annoyed*

M: *mutters* Really? Because I wouldn’t be so sure about that…

C: What?

M: Absolutely nothing at all. *looks him up and down* So, I’m told you have phenomenal cosmic powers or some such thing?

C: Yes, I’m glad you asked. *leans in close, banging his hands on the table* You see these? I create and destroy, heal and kill, with these hands! I could destroy you in a matter of minutes. Seconds!

M: *smiles, holding head in hands* I’m sure you just want to pulverize me, right? But seriously, you wouldn’t anyway. Believe me, I’d know. Now, how’s about telling me a little bit about yourself? Just plain and simple.

C: Simple? Really? Well, for starters, I’m irritated beyond reason with you, I have business to attend to, and I need to be getting back to my master soon-

M: *quirks an eyebrow, smirking* Your master, huh? Who’s that now?

C: *grinds teeth* No one you need to know about.

M: I already do anyway, you can’t just…?

M: *sees menace in his eyes so stops pushing it* Fine. A few parting questions. Do you have a favorite color? Sorry, I ask this of everyone.

C: Dark, deathly violet.

M: Um. Right. So, since you’re from Nore, which is the world of books, I take it, what realm or genre really, do you come from?

C: Fanastasia. Which is what I think you people consider fantasy…*rolls eyes, scoffing*

M: *smiles* Good to know. Okay, last one. Why are you kidnapping Paige and Markus?

C: *stands up abruptly, knocking chair over* I’m leaving. I’ve had it with your questions. *walks away and out the door*

M: *shakes head* That’s Celthic for you. Gotta love him.


Do you like him yet? No, probably not, he’s kind of a jerk…But he’s great, trust me. 😀

Thanks for reading! ❤


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