Character Conversations: Markus

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So, yes, I know it’s not Saturday, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to post tomorrow, so I bumped it down for today. 🙂

This is my other main character, and he’s just absolutely great and I hope you like him too! ^_^


Me: Hi Markus!

Markus: Hey! *smiles* So we’re doing an interview today?

Me: Yep. So, tell me about you’re family.

M: I live with my Mom. My Dad has been gone for as long as I can remember. Mom doesn’t talk about it.

Me: Oh. Um. Sorry, about that. *face reddens*

M: *shrugs* Eh, it’s okay. I hardly knew him anyway.

Me: *clears throat* Okay, moving on. How did you meet Paige?

M: It was years ago at a park. I was six or something and swinging on the swings when she came to swing next to me. She was really shy, but I got her to open up a little. But then she fell off… *grins, remembering* She was lying in the grass, so I gallantly jumped from my swing and rushed to help her up. After that, we were great friends.

Me: *squirms because of adorableness* Okay, okay, back to you. Do you have any hobbies?

M: Yes. I like reading, history, and science. Though lately, I haven’t had much time for reading. I’ve been so busy with…other things.

Me: Those other things being transported to a magical world called Nore?

M: Yeah…how’d you know?

Me: Lucky guess. *winks* So, how’d you end up in that mess?

M: *rubs face in exasperation* It all started with this guy named Celthic…He captured me and put some kind of…spell on me.

Me: So I’ve heard. I’ve also heard it’s really painful.

M: You got that right. That ink is like fire… *grimaces*

Me: What happens while you’re there?

M: I’m cast as a fairytale character. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I’m usually a prince of some sort. Gaudy clothes, jewels, the whole deal.

Me: *nods* So, why do you think Celthic did this to you guys?

M: *shakes his head* I have no idea. But things are getting bad. Paige is…going through withdrawal because-

Me: No, no! Don’t say! *mimics zipping lips*

M: *clamps mouth shut*

Me: So, how’s school going? No, never mind, that’s a boring question. Something more fun. I heard you’ve been experiencing some…magical…abilities.

M: *narrows eyes* Are you stalking me?

Me: Yes. What kind of magical abilities now?

M: It’s a kind of art form. If there are letters and/or words around, I can draw them in, spell whatever I can, and make it become real… Wait, did you say you are stalking me…?

Me: Sounds really cool! I imagine you can’t quite control it yet-

M: Wait up. You’re stalking me. You said.


Me: *waves hand over Markus’ face* I did not say I was stalking you. Trust me.

M: *shoves my hand out of his face, glaring, but doesn’t say anything more*

Me: Alright! How about a few parting questions?

M: Um, sure?


M: …Was that a rhetorical question?

Me: Yep. What’s your favorite food?

M: *tilts head in thought* My Mom makes the best lasagna ever.

Me: Do you have a favorite color? Sorry, had to ask!

M: Indigo. I always thought it was kind of the black sheep color of the rainbow. Nobody appreciates it.

Me: *awww* Kind of weird, but still cute. Finally, do you like cake? Just totally random.


M: Who doesn’t? *smiles*


That’s the interview! I hope you liked it! I love Markus. 😀

Tell me what you thought in the comments! ❤


2 responses to “Character Conversations: Markus”

  1. Aaahh, so cute! I really like Markus! 😀 So intrigued about this story, again… o.o Indigo, black sheep of the rainbow — love it! XD Lasagna is glorious. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      He’s great right? 😀 Quite the quirky one… 😉
      And yes, lasagna is wonderful. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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