Character Conversations: Zyke

Hello again!

So, this week’s character is a little more mysterious, so I couldn’t get to much out of him in the interview. XD


Me: Hello, Zyke

Zyke: *does a head nod* What’s happening?

M: *doesn’t know what to say* Um…well, I’m interviewing you today?

Z: *doesn’t look up* Shoot.

M: …Okay, so can you tell me a little bit about your past?

Z: I grew up north in Kleftis. I figured my parents didn’t want me so I ran away and joined forces with something bigger.

M: Something…bigger?

Z: *grins* Yeah.



M: Okay then, moving on…How did you and Celthic meet?

Z: *scratches head* How did we meet? Oh, it was about 5, 6 years ago, I met him on a mission. He was kind of the strong, silent type, but I got to know him and we’ve been tight ever since.

M: *nods* So are you the one helping Celthic kidnap Paige and Markus?

Z: *eyes widen slightly, but still smiles* Maybe. Maybe not.

M: *whispers* It’s definitely a maybe.

Z: *overhears, smile vanishing* What?

M: Nothing, just mumbling to myself.

Z: *leans back in chair, an eyebrow raised*

M: *avoiding gaze* Next question. What is your most prized possession?

Z: *reaches behind back and pulls out a monstrous sword* Probably this.

M: *pushes chair back slightly* Where…Where’d you get that, huh?

Z: *smirks* Like it? It’s magic too. Got it from-  *stops abruptly*


M: From where? Who?

Z: *doesn’t say anything, slipping sword back in scabbard*

M: *groans internally but composes self* Do you have any hobbies, then?

Z: *ticks off fingers while speaking* Spearing, fencing, archery, darts…*pauses a moment*  And traveling… *looks distant*

M: *smiles* Really? Do you travel often? Around Nore?

Z: *train of thought breaks, stares at me* Did I just say that? *laughs* Stupid me, I meant to say grappling.

M: *blinks* Okay, how about some parting questions? Do you have a favorite color? It’s tradition for me to ask.

Z: *scratches chin* Orange, I believe. It’s the color of my magic.

M: *hmmm* Okay…Do you have a favorite food?

Z: *spreads hands wide* All food is good. Any food is good.

M: Do you like cats?

Z: *blinks* …What? You go from asking do I like food to cats…?

M: *smiles* Alright, thank you, Zyke, for having me interview you.

Z: *smirks* I’m sure the pleasure is all yours.

M: *rolls eyes*


What’d you think? Do you like him? Or is he too proud? He’s a great character, and super fun to write. 😀

Also, I hope you’re all enjoying the interviews. They’ve certainly been really fun to write. 🙂


Character Conversations: Celthic

Hello again! I really hope you’re enjoying these. I sure am! 🙂

WARNING: Celthic is one of my favorite characters. Be prepared for freakish fangirling.


Me: Hello, Celthic.

Celthic: *narrows eyes and grunts*

M: …You’re eyes…are filled with different colors. How did that happen? When did-

C: *glares sharply*

M: Okay, moving on…Where are you from?

C: *eyes narrow still more* Nore.

M: Um…could you explain where that is exactly?

C: Do I have to?

M: What if I said yes?

C: What if I said no?

M: *grits teeth but is secretly delighted* Okay, fine. How old are you?

C: *groans* Must these questions be so personal?

M: *rolls eyes* Just tell me or leave.

C: *mutters* I would gladly.

M: *kicks him from under the table*

C: Fine, fine! I’m 20. There, happy?

M: Yes. How did you come to know Paige and Markus?

C: Not that it’s any of your business, but I met them when I was sent to this horribly boring world. Seriously. Everything here is so dull.

M: *tries to force self to frown, but can’t hide a smile* Well s-o-r-r-y. I hadn’t realized.

C: Well, how could you have, stupid Worlder? You’re just as clueless as Paige and Markus. *rolls eyes, annoyed*

M: *mutters* Really? Because I wouldn’t be so sure about that…

C: What?

M: Absolutely nothing at all. *looks him up and down* So, I’m told you have phenomenal cosmic powers or some such thing?

C: Yes, I’m glad you asked. *leans in close, banging his hands on the table* You see these? I create and destroy, heal and kill, with these hands! I could destroy you in a matter of minutes. Seconds!

M: *smiles, holding head in hands* I’m sure you just want to pulverize me, right? But seriously, you wouldn’t anyway. Believe me, I’d know. Now, how’s about telling me a little bit about yourself? Just plain and simple.

C: Simple? Really? Well, for starters, I’m irritated beyond reason with you, I have business to attend to, and I need to be getting back to my master soon-

M: *quirks an eyebrow, smirking* Your master, huh? Who’s that now?

C: *grinds teeth* No one you need to know about.

M: I already do anyway, you can’t just…?

M: *sees menace in his eyes so stops pushing it* Fine. A few parting questions. Do you have a favorite color? Sorry, I ask this of everyone.

C: Dark, deathly violet.

M: Um. Right. So, since you’re from Nore, which is the world of books, I take it, what realm or genre really, do you come from?

C: Fanastasia. Which is what I think you people consider fantasy…*rolls eyes, scoffing*

M: *smiles* Good to know. Okay, last one. Why are you kidnapping Paige and Markus?

C: *stands up abruptly, knocking chair over* I’m leaving. I’ve had it with your questions. *walks away and out the door*

M: *shakes head* That’s Celthic for you. Gotta love him.


Do you like him yet? No, probably not, he’s kind of a jerk…But he’s great, trust me. 😀

Thanks for reading! ❤

Character Conversations: Markus

Hello bloggers!

So, yes, I know it’s not Saturday, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to post tomorrow, so I bumped it down for today. 🙂

This is my other main character, and he’s just absolutely great and I hope you like him too! ^_^


Me: Hi Markus!

Markus: Hey! *smiles* So we’re doing an interview today?

Me: Yep. So, tell me about you’re family.

M: I live with my Mom. My Dad has been gone for as long as I can remember. Mom doesn’t talk about it.

Me: Oh. Um. Sorry, about that. *face reddens*

M: *shrugs* Eh, it’s okay. I hardly knew him anyway.

Me: *clears throat* Okay, moving on. How did you meet Paige?

M: It was years ago at a park. I was six or something and swinging on the swings when she came to swing next to me. She was really shy, but I got her to open up a little. But then she fell off… *grins, remembering* She was lying in the grass, so I gallantly jumped from my swing and rushed to help her up. After that, we were great friends.

Me: *squirms because of adorableness* Okay, okay, back to you. Do you have any hobbies?

M: Yes. I like reading, history, and science. Though lately, I haven’t had much time for reading. I’ve been so busy with…other things.

Me: Those other things being transported to a magical world called Nore?

M: Yeah…how’d you know?

Me: Lucky guess. *winks* So, how’d you end up in that mess?

M: *rubs face in exasperation* It all started with this guy named Celthic…He captured me and put some kind of…spell on me.

Me: So I’ve heard. I’ve also heard it’s really painful.

M: You got that right. That ink is like fire… *grimaces*

Me: What happens while you’re there?

M: I’m cast as a fairytale character. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I’m usually a prince of some sort. Gaudy clothes, jewels, the whole deal.

Me: *nods* So, why do you think Celthic did this to you guys?

M: *shakes his head* I have no idea. But things are getting bad. Paige is…going through withdrawal because-

Me: No, no! Don’t say! *mimics zipping lips*

M: *clamps mouth shut*

Me: So, how’s school going? No, never mind, that’s a boring question. Something more fun. I heard you’ve been experiencing some…magical…abilities.

M: *narrows eyes* Are you stalking me?

Me: Yes. What kind of magical abilities now?

M: It’s a kind of art form. If there are letters and/or words around, I can draw them in, spell whatever I can, and make it become real… Wait, did you say you are stalking me…?

Me: Sounds really cool! I imagine you can’t quite control it yet-

M: Wait up. You’re stalking me. You said.


Me: *waves hand over Markus’ face* I did not say I was stalking you. Trust me.

M: *shoves my hand out of his face, glaring, but doesn’t say anything more*

Me: Alright! How about a few parting questions?

M: Um, sure?


M: …Was that a rhetorical question?

Me: Yep. What’s your favorite food?

M: *tilts head in thought* My Mom makes the best lasagna ever.

Me: Do you have a favorite color? Sorry, had to ask!

M: Indigo. I always thought it was kind of the black sheep color of the rainbow. Nobody appreciates it.

Me: *awww* Kind of weird, but still cute. Finally, do you like cake? Just totally random.


M: Who doesn’t? *smiles*


That’s the interview! I hope you liked it! I love Markus. 😀

Tell me what you thought in the comments! ❤

Doctor Strange Trailer!!!

So, I was going to check my email, and then I saw this little thingy in the popular searches sidebar thing. Doctor Strange Movie 2016. So I was like, Huh, it’s probably just the promotional posters that came out a while ago. So in all innocence, I clicked the link.




No, but seriously. I’m so EXCITED!!! 😀 Benedict Cumberbatch + Marvel = YESNESS.


Okay, I think you get the point. 🙂

Are you guys excited?! 😀

Character Conversations: Paige

Hello guys!

I’m really excited to introduce my new segment! I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think of my characters. 😉


Me: Hello Paige!

Paige: Hi!

M: So, I heard your last name is Turner

P: *blushes* Yeah, it’s this running joke in our household…It gets old.

M: *laughs* So, I’m assuming you live with your family?

P: Yes, I live with my parents and little sister, Paisley. I have a lot more sisters, but they’ve all moved out

M: Do their names all start with P too?

P: *eyes narrow* How did you know?

M: Lucky guess… *wink wink* Might I say that you have a fabulous head of curls?

P: Oh, these? *looks at hair in disgust* It can get annoying, always shoving out of my eyes. But I’m always getting compliments. *shrugs*

M: So what do you like to do? Any hobbies?

P: Well, I love reading. Any one can testify to that. *smiles* I also like drawing and listening to music.

M: I love reading too!!! Do you like writing too?

P: Um…I tried once. It didn’t…work out.

M: *grumbles* Fine… I guess if you still like reading. So, some crazy stuff’s been happening to you lately?

P: *nervously looks around* Who told you?!

M: Don’t worry, your secret’s safe. *zips lips*


P: Okay, me and my friend Markus have been…going places.

M: Places, you say? *strokes chin* Tell me more.

P: *looks slightly frustrated* Well, it all started with this jerk, Celthic… He must have put a spell on me or something. And now I get transported to a weird fantasy world via this painful talking ink and when I’m there I’m all these fairytale characters and-

M: Woah, woah, woah, hold up. What now?

P: *sighs* I said, I sometimes get covered in this dark black ink. It’s like a really painful tattoo with changing words on it.


P: It’s true! And then when I read the words, it sends me to this strange fantasy world called Nore.

M: *nods* I see. And you said you…are these fairytale characters?

P: Yeah, see, it’s like when I’m there, I am suddenly just thrust into the story as the main character. Like this one time, I was Rapunzel and-

M: Okay, yes I know. *whispers* Don’t spoil anyone now…

P: Huh?

M: Never mind. Tell me about the jerk that started this mess.

P: *glowers* I’d rather not…

M: *makes pleading eyes* Please??? He’s like my favorite character! Um. I mean…Okay, just tell me. Please.

P: His name’s Celthic. He has these weird rainbow-colored eyes and he’s super annoying. That’s all I know about him.

M: *whispers* Not for long…

P: *crosses arms, irritated* Why are you always whispering?

M: Because. Now, a few random questions. What’s your favorite color?

P: *raises an eyebrow* For real?

M: Well?

P: Fine, it’s blue. I really like lighter shades of it.

M: Are you more introverted or extroverted?

P: Definitely introverted.

M: What are you thinking right now?

P: I hope I don’t get inked during this interview, because that would be really embarrassing.


That’s the interview! I hope you got some enjoyment from it. Tell me what you think! 😀

P.S. I really want to get some snippets of Imprint up really soon. I know I haven’t been the best at posting about my writing, but I really want to better about it.

Thanks for reading! ❤

Short & Snappy Blogiversary

Well, it’s been officially one year since I started Short & Snappy. Can you believe it?

It’s been a crazy year. I’ve posted so much, and yet it feels like so little. XD I’ve had a great experience, reading all of your comments, discovering new blogs, and making new friends. It’s been great fun. ^_^

And so, to celebrate, I’m thinking about adding a new segment called Character Conversations, where I’ll (try) to post an interview of my characters every Saturday! What do you guys think?

Thank you guys for making my first year blogging a great one! ❤