The Many Problems Of A…{Pianist}

Hello fellow bloggers!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been working on adding some new pages to my blog, so go check them out! 🙂

Here’s for all the pianists out there! ❤

1. Wearing shoes unfit for pedaling


It’s so annoying when your foot slips and the pedal decides to make this horrible banging sound. And you just like…sorry…

2. When a piece is so long it doesn’t fit on the rack

I know I’ve taped pages to the wall before just to be able to see all of them…

3. Messing up at a performance only because you’re nervous

reaction to disney bought star wars gif

Please no. Why. WHY?

4. When you mess up in the middle of Bach and have no idea where to start

GIF - When you walk into a room and forgot what you were gonna do <--- Seriously.

Um…Let’s just start here in this measure…nope, not happening…how about…here? Oh hang it, I’m starting over.

5. When you’re music book won’t stay open because it’s too thick

PLEASE. JUST. STAY. OPEN. Is that so much to ask? It’s not like I have to deal with page turns too! Oh, wait… XP

6. Hitting a key, but no sound comes out/Sticky keys

friendship is magic my little pony gif

It’s especially bad on old pianos…which I own…UGH.

7. People asking you questions or talking to you while you’re playing…

And you’re just like…

So there are the problems I face as a pianist. Do you feel me? Leave me a comment and tell me your piano pet peeve! ❤




3 responses to “The Many Problems Of A…{Pianist}”

  1. Yusss!!! Oh and another thing I hate… getting so caught up in the music I forget where I am… and where I’m going. O.o I just kinda stop and have to figure out where the heck I am. ^_^ I think part of this is brain overload since it tends to happen when I get lost in singing the song I’m playing, my mind just focuses so much on the words it forgets about the music. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! This happens to be all the time! Brain overload… XD I get that a lot…
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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