The Lost Secret: Part 7

Hello, hello!

Well, today is the last part of TLS… 😦 I really loved writing this story, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! 🙂

Falling over and coughing, Brock gazed at the destruction.

“Sternberg? Are you okay?” Gilroy came up behind him, tentative to touch Brock.

Brock slowly got up and dusted himself off. He grabbed Gilroy’s hand. “Thanks,” he smiled, shaking Gil’s trembling hand.

Gilroy studied their touching hands in amazement. “I…It doesn’t burn.”

Brock tried to scowl, but he couldn’t keep a smile from creeping up his face.

“You! You’ve ruined everything!” Jules cried, getting up, dust circling around him.

“Ruined? He fixed everything,” said Jeshua, rising to his feet. He studied himself with new eyes.

“…After all these years, nobody was able to see my imprisonment! I look so different…you’ve freed me.”

Brock cocked his head. “You don’t look different to me.”

Jeshua smiled. “I suppose you were seeing me for who I really was.”

Brock nodded. He turned to Jules, who appeared less handsome than before. Serves him right. Brock glared at him.

“Halt in the name of the law!” a voice said.

Brock whirled around and saw a cop aiming a gun at them. Brock held up his arms. “Who called the police?”

Everybody turned to Albert, who had a cellphone in hand, looking triumphant.

“I’ll get power somehow or other!” Jules shouted, “This isn’t over!”

The cop cuffed Jules and they all followed him back to the police car.

“Isn’t that what they all say?” Jeshua whispered to Brock.


Brock opened his apartment door. It didn’t break apart.

He walked over into his kitchen and saw the mangled phone. The power was back on and the cracked screen lit up, ringing. Leland, it read.

Brock picked up. “Hello?”

“Brock? Is that you? The phone isn’t crushed, is it?”

Brock rolled his eyes. “Well, it is, but from earlier.”

“Oh.” It was silent on the other end.


“Look,” Leland sounded distressed, “I…I don’t need pay anymore…I really don’t.”

Brock nodded. “Understandable, yes. I don’t have any to give anyway.”

“No kidding?”

“No. The…the block was destroyed.”

“Brock, I’m thinking I need to hear this story.”

“Yeah, probably…tomorrow? Work?”


Brock hung up and then turned to look at Jeshua, who was standing awkwardly in the doorway.

“I understand you need a job.”

Jeshua listed his head. “That would be nice.”

Brock went over and shook his hand. “Consider yourself hired.”

“Can you do that?” Jeshua asked.

“Well, no, not technically…” Brock smiled. “But I’m feeling pretty lucky.”

The End.


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