The Lost Secret: Part 6

Here’s part 5! Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Dirt and rocks littered the ground and Brock was shocked when he thought he saw snakes.

“What?!” he leapt out of the way of a passing snake. “What’s going on?”

Much to Brock’s revulsion, Jules appeared to be fingering the snakes and picking up the rocks very carefully, as if cherishing them.

Brock took a step back, then another. “Good, Jules, now that you have your…rocks, let me go.”

Jules looked up, eyes crazed. “Are you crazy? Gold and riches beyond comparison! And you want to leave?!” He leapt up in Brock’s face. “Are you mad?”

Brock thought for a moment. He had shaky grasp of what was happening.

“Oh…I-I see…” Brock figured that what each of them was seeing was totally different.

“What…what’re you guys seeing?” Brock turned to the other men, standing awkwardly off to the side.

Gilroy spoke up. “Nothing. There’s nothing here.”

Jules laughed. “You’re all mad, crazy, lunatics!”

“No,” Brock said shoving Jules out of his face. “They’re not. They haven’t done anything to see what you and I are seeing.”

Jules looked momentarily confused. “What…?”

Brock cleared his throat. “You’re good luck shows you something different than my bad luck. I should’ve known this place was cursed,” he muttered under his breath.

“Cursed? Is that what you said?”

Brock and Jules whirled around to face a young-looking man, with dirty, torn clothes. His hands rested indignantly on his hips.

“Sure it’s cursed, but that doesn’t mean I’m not as hospitable as any other guy off the block.”

Brock blinked. “Who are you?”

The man sighed, throwing his hands up in frustration. “I’m the King of Asteka!”

Jules immediately got down on one knee. “My apologies for this…rapscallion’s terribly rude manners. Forgive me.”

The man rolled his eyes. Brock liked him immediately.

“Your Majesty…” Jules began.


“Jeshua. I come bearing good luck. I come for riches and power.”

Jeshua laughed. “Don’t we all? Get up off of the floor; you’re freaking this other guy out.” He gestured at Brock, who was staring in disgust at the snakes writhing around Jules feet.

“Spiders, right?” Jeshua said, roughly yanking Jules to his feet.

“No, snakes, actually,” Brock replied, clenching his fists.

“Huh. It was different for the last guy…”

“That last guy was me!” Jules shouted.

Jeshua took a step back, and then circled Jules, studying him.

“Yep, you are. Though you looked different,” Jeshua said finally.

Jules gritted his teeth. “Luck will do that to you.”

Jeshua raised an eyebrow. “Good luck, at least.”

He turned away and looked to Brock, noting the ropes.

“Here, let me untie you,” he said, stepping closer.

“No!” Brock and Jules shouted at the same time. They looked at each other.

“Don’t touch me!” Brock took another step back.

“Yes, don’t touch him!” Jules agreed.

Jeshua crossed his arms. “Well…why don’t you tell me why he’s tied up in the first place?”

Jules cleared his throat. “He is the bearer of bad luck. I was bringing him here to be killed, thus ending the dreadful curse once and for all.”

Brock’s jaw hung open. He eyed Jeshua tentatively. “I…he…please, I…”

Jeshua took a step toward Brock. “Give me the Safira.”

Jules shoved Jeshua out of the way. “No! Put it in the opening!”

“What opening?!” Brock shouted. He angled the Safira at Jules. “Don’t move.”

Jules hesitated. “Go ahead! Why should I care?”

Jeshua shoved himself in the middle of the two. “Okay now, both of you shush!”

Jeshua glared fiercely at Jules. He turned to Brock. “Give me the Safira. I will make sure it is kept safe.”

Brock glanced over at Jules. “Oh…” he said suddenly, “That makes sense now.”

“What makes sense?”

“I’m gonna guess that there’s two holes, aren’t there?”

Jeshua cocked his head. “You… are very smart.”

Brock leaned back against the wall, gripping the Safira, ignoring the snakes wiggling around his feet. “So, if that’s the case, tell me what’s going on.”

“I already did!” Jules shouted.

Jeshua nodded. “Whoever puts the Safira into that space,” he pointed at a hole up high on the wall, dust and cobwebs growing inside. “They will get amazing powers and riches.”

“And if you put the Safira in that space,” he pointed at the opposite side of the room, where a pristine-looking hole sat. “Things will return to normal. No luck of any kind for you, or Jules.”

Brock could practically hear Jules grinding his teeth.

“So, if I might add, I have the idea that if Jules gets his hand on this thing,” he fingered the Safira, “He’ll lose his luck, and his chance of becoming rich and powerful.”

Jeshua nodded. “Yes, how did you know?”

Brock tapped his head. “It’s what I do. Practically in the job description. Plus he did seem a bit wary of the thing.”

Jeshua’s eyes widened, fascinated.

“And I also figured out that things will revert if he takes the Safira, leaving me with good luck.” Brock cocked his head. “So putting this thing in the ‘normal’ space won’t really solve any problems. Because you’ll still be here.”

Jeshua shut his eyes and nodded.

Jules fumed. “Brock Sternberg, put that thing in the empty space now.”

Brock stared angrily at Jules. “I have a better idea.”

Hefting the block up high, Brock threw the Safira with all his might in Jules direction.

Gasping, Jules ran out of the way. The Safira hit the wall and shattered into a million little pieces.

“No!” Jules shouted.

The ground started shaking.

Jeshua opened his eyes. “We should probably get out of here.”

They all ran out of the crumbling building.

“No, no, no!” Jules yelled, staring at the temple. “All that gold…Power!”

Brock gasped as the golden door trembled and then collapsed, covering them all in a thick coat of dust.


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