The Lost Secret: Part 5

Here’s part four! Hope you enjoy. 🙂 Sorry it’s so short, but next time is going to be a massive two part ending!

Jules himself led Brock back to his apartment, where Brock grabbed the Safira.

“Don’t point it at me!” Jules said hastily. Deftly moving out of the way, he guided Brock back out of his mangled apartment.

“Now,” Jules said when they were all standing at the entrance door, “I’m going to show you to a hole. What you are to do is insert the Safira into that empty block-shaped hole. Got it?” He spoke as if speaking to a child.

Brock clenched his teeth. “What if I say I wouldn’t help you? You surely couldn’t stop me,” he said taking a step forward as the group collectively took a step back.

Jules held his hands up. “No, we most certainly could not.” He looked up, spitefully. “But I’m guessing you will anyway, if I’m lucky.”

Brock didn’t try to argue his point further. What was the point? He was stuck doing whatever Jules wanted, stuck with this stupid curse. There was no hope for him.

Defeated, Brock gripped the Safira tighter. “I guess it’s your lucky day.”

“Son, everyday is my lucky day,” Jules replied, eyeing the Safira warily.

Brock noticed. “Are you scared of this thing?”

Jules scoffed. “What are you talking about? I wouldn’t be afraid of a thing that gave me such power.”

Brock nodded his head. “Uh-huh. Of course. Why would you be?”

Jules pinned his gaze on Brock. “I don’t like your attitude.”

“I don’t like your face,” Brock retorted.

“Albert! Tie him up!” Jules shouted at one of his men.

The man, who Brock assumed was Albert, whipped out a rope.

Brock watched him with a look of indifference.

Albert didn’t appear to know what to do. “I don’t know…”

Jules sucked in an angry breath. “Tie him up! And lead us to the Asteka!”

Albert nodded nervously. Brock had his wrists tied again, much to Albert’s loathing, who complained that his fingers felt like they were on fire.

Brock just couldn’t place it, but he had this inexplicable feeling that Jules was scared of the Safira.

Even now, he was watching Brock’s every move.

“It will take a bit to get there…” Albert trailed off at Jules angry gaze.

“I. Don’t. Care.” Jules said still watching Brock.

So off they were. Jules made Brock trail the back. But Brock had an idea forming in his head. All the way to the Asteka, he worked out the complications.


Before long, Brock was facing a gigantic golden door. It had many ancient readings that he couldn’t decipher, very similar to the Safira.

Malfermita Sesamo,” Jules said grandly.

Brock made a guess that to some degree, that meant ‘open sesame.’

The door slowly started shifting open, its hinges protesting with age.

“Finally,” Brock heard Jules whisper.

When the door finished opening, Jules marched ahead of Brock into the darkness.

Brock’s eyes darted nervously across the cavern.

Standing tall, ropes and all, he strode into the dark. But once he stepped in, the blackness appeared to recede and before him stood an ancient temple.


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